Friday, December 18, 2009

My Blog Journey Begins...

Hey friends. I say friends because, let's be honest, if you don't know me, you probably aren't reading this. Though I plan for this to be huge - like Julie and Julia huge. And they will make a movie. I haven't decided who will play me yet. Do not say the obvious or I swear I will hunt you down.

Well, to start, I want to address the title, because I have had a headache all week trying to come up with something. There was the literal, "I Watch Too Much Television and I am Trying To Validate It" but that is too long and makes me feel a little sad for me. Or the funny, "That's What She Said" (thanks Erin!) but there are approximately 3829837692 blogs with that title. In the end, I just went with a basic, "I [heart] TV" because, well, I do!

There are those that mock me for my love of TV (you know who you are) and to them I give the oh so mature, well thought out, college educated response of "Whatever!" Television has been huge in my life thanks to my dad's influence. He loved the entertainment industry and passed that down to me. Sure, it's just a way to relax, but I think there is a lot of television that is art - I just wrote an obscenely long graduate paper on the subject, so I have scholarly back up. I [heart] TV and the mockings of people who don't understand just roll of my back because they are dumb. So there.

Now begins the actually blogging. Well, not today, but soon. I am going to blog about certain shows after each episode (give me a day or so!). As of now the list includes Psych, Lost (I apologize in advance for being too stupid to say anything worthwhile there. Team Darlton is way too smart) and 24. I may do American Idol, but since it is on 35 times a week, I'm not sure. I am open to suggestions/requests. I WILL NOT do Project Runway. It is one of my favorites, but I can not top Jennifer (Eolin)'s Project Runway Round Up. She is the shiz. So if you want to read a Project Runway Blog go to her blog: She actually does her PR blog from MySpace, but that won't load right now so I can't get the link. But her regular blog is also hysterical, and will link you to the right place. (Also - for those who care, Carol Hannah is blogging about PR this season on Lifetime's website with footnotes from Logan. Say it with me.... awwwww!) Anyway.... enough about Jennifer's blog! Way to start, Melissa, link them to someone else's better written blog! Woot!

Hope you enjoy my ramblings as they come. I look forward to writing them. Because I am a HUGE nerd! Yay me!!!


Anonymous said...

I am named in your intro (giddiness!)!

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