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Week in Review: 8/22-8/28 (And the Emmys!)

Hi friends! So, from this point on I'm probably just going to be doing Week in Reviews. Though I will try to get a special blog in for the season finale of True Blood. (Guess what... I don't think Eric dies!) And yes, I know this one is super late. BUT the Emmys and school starting sort of threw off my schedule. Anywho, let's get to it.

MAD MEN: The very start of the episode was Don Draper's assistant doing a crossword. Rubicon has me thinking she is going to find some sort of crazy code and then kill herself. Which Don would probably be ok with since she is the worst assistant ever. This episode had my jaw on the floor the entire time. Between the horrible parenting of Betty Draper and Rogers horrible reaction to the Japanese owners of the Honda Corporation, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Although that is not to say there weren't some laughs. One was unintentional- Patricia Bethune as Sally's therapist? Bon Temps's local drunk, Jane Bodehouse, should not be around children, let alone providing them therapy! This exchange was an intentional laugh, and one of my favorites of the week:

Honda guy (in japanese, while looking at Jane's breasts): How does she not fall over?
Jane: Not very subtle are they?
Japanese translator (looking at Jane's breasts): No they aren't.

DROP DEAD DIVA: This week the two cases were the "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" storyline and a guy so depressed his wife died he dresses like a clown. You read that right. Let's go with case one. Doesn't matter the details, all you need to know is that it was a re-do of the 2004 ABC Family movie "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" starring Jason Preistly, Emma Caulfield and BRADLEY COOPER! Why ABC Family does not re-air this all the time is beyond me. Anywho... the first case dealt with that but had Camielle Gauty in Emma's role, Matt Letsher in Bradleys and (gag) Jake Pavelka in Jason's role aka The Bachelor role. Quite a stretch. The clown in the other case was played by Barry Watson (7th Heaven, What About Brian?). I love Barry Watson, so glad to see him, but wish we actually saw him. The storyline was sweet. This show is good at that- cheesy yet sweet.

LEVERAGE: While I enjoy this show, especially Christian Kane, I usually find it kinda silly. However, this week's episode where they one by one explained how they did (or actually) didn't steal a dagger five years ago was very clever. I did see the "twist" that they were all in each other's backstory from the first time Sophie went through the scenario. And I knew who was going to be which character - Parker is always the caterer, Eliot is always the guy in the glasses, etc. But it was a fun episode to watch. And I think we all knew where it was going (Nathan did it!) but I enjoyed the ride more than usual.

SECRET LIFE... : The week before this episode, at the very end it was revealed that everyone forgot Amy's birthday while she was in NYC. It was the very last moment of the show, so I was mad because how can they have a show that star's Molly Ringwald and do the "forgotten birthday" story without acknowledging that connection. Thankfully, at the start of this episode when Ricky let's everyone know they forgot Molly's character says this, "It is a big deal! Everyone forgot my sixteenth birthday and it stayed with me my whole life." Literally the best thing ever on this series. It can't be topped.

WHITE COLLAR: Tiffani Theissen without a green screen! Hallelujah!!! I squeal in delight! This was another great episode, especially because of all the Moz fun. Like learning one of his hideouts is named Tuesday because he goes there on Wednesdays. Classic. I'm glad they are putting Moz more in the fold instead of just keeping him in Neal's apartment.

COVERT AFFAIRS: LOVED this Auggie-centric episode. Christopher Gorham is great on this show, and I'm glad we got to see a little bit more about his character. It seems to me that the show will eventually go the Auggie-Annie love connection route, but I'm glad that they are taking the long way around to get there. In the meantime, I am enjoying their very innocent flirting and Annie's flirtation with Jai. I'm interested to see where the game Auggie is playing with the reporter goes. Seems like someone is going to get hurt!

FLIPPING OUT: Love the chic that owns Casa Verde. Just have to say that. Although how much are those margaritas?!?! Insane. Speaking of insane, that house in NorCal?? Jeez! That place was unbelievable.

MEMPHIS BEAT: Already the season finale? Really? The opening of the episode showed Dwight having a dream within a dream.... hmmmmm..... was his idea to take another look at the case of the missing girl Inception??? Did the top stop spinning? HA! Speaking of the dream- what is with the strange sexual tension that is going on with Dwight and Lt. Rice? Am I the only one picking up on that? It's freaking me out. Make it stop.

PSYCH: Kevin Alejandro is dreamy......

BURN NOTICE: How did this episode not begin by everyone saying "I told you so!" to Michael about keeping the truth from Jesse. I'm glad he knows and I'm glad that Fiona and Mom had a chance to try to talk some sense into him. Not that it will do Michael any good now that he is dying on the side of the road after Jesse shot him (to save him) and then Michael flipped the car he was in with Robert Patrick. It's not looking good for him. Except for the fact that Jeffrey Donovan is the star of the show and also a producer, so I'm thinking he will survive....

ROYAL PAINS: Finally the truth about Eddie R. Lawson is revealed: he is trying to get out of his own troubles with the DEA by getting evidence against Boris. That bastard!! Eddie is a pain in the ass and Boris, for all his faults, is a good man. But at least Boris knows that Hank and Evan weren't in on it, thanks to Rena Sofer. But now what? And what up with Divya and the hot super awesome photographer guy? She can't leave and go to London with Raj, so I hope this is what keeps her around.

That's it for the week, but let's talk Emmy's for a minute.  Jimmy Fallon did a great job! Especially that opening number! Even if it did have Kate Gosselin in it. But Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Lea Michelle, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Joel McHale, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Jorge Garcia and Nina Dobrev more than make up for her. If you didn't see it, please check it out:


Also fantastic: Ricky Gervais. I almost peed my pants. You MUST watch this! He gave out two award, but you have to watch both (go ahead and skip the awards part if you want. But now when he announces):

But they also gave out some awards, so I suppose I'll talk about that now. But not all of them, because that is just craziness. In general- pretty happy with them. Good for Temple Grandin except I thought that the ones it was up opposite The Pacific, The Pacific should have won. But oh well - I'm biased anyway. And hurray for Top Chef finally beating The Amazing Race. Although, SYTYCD should have been up. Anyway, on to the ones we care about! I split it up comedy/drama.


Support Actor: Eric Stonestreet got this one. I know we were all pulling for NPH, and I really wish he had won. However, in this category, as long as it wasn't Jon Cryer, I was happy. I LOVE Modern Family. LOVE IT, and I think Eric is genius on it, so it was a well deserved win. But next year, for the love of God, give it to NPH.

Support Actress: Jane Lynch. If it hadn't been Jane Lynch I would have given up television. That is how sure I was it would be her. It was ridiculous that there were even other nominees. Just plain silly. Sue Sylvester is the greatest character on TV, and we all know it. And if you don't well.... I'm just sorry for you.

Actor: Jim Parsons! BAZINGA! Joel McHale should have been up, but he wasn't so we will move on. I think that Jim does an amazing job with Sheldon. A lot of Sheldon is in the delivery, not just what is on the page. He could be such an awful character to watch, but he is fantastic, and I was very happy with this win. And NO TONY SHALOUB! Woot!

Actress: Edie Falco. And here is where the Comedy category lost me. I don't watch Nurse Jackie, but I have seen bits and pieces. Is she the funniest/best comediec actress on right now? Nope. Now, I think Courteney Cox should have been up for Cougar Town. And Busy Phillips, in support now that I mention it. But as for who was up, give it to Amy Poehler. She is the heart and soul of Park and Rec, and show that got so much better this season there aren't words. Or Lea Michelle - the girl works her ass off on Glee. Sigh...

Comedy: Modern Family. We all knew it came down to two nominees, Glee or Modern Family. I'm not suprised this is the way it turned out. The Emmy voters are old fashioned and would go with the the more conventional comedy of the two. However I do not think that is a negative. They are both equally deserving in my book. Two of my favorites of last season. And unless one of the new comedies really stands out this year (I'm thinking not so much) these two will be right back at the top of the list next year. But hey, Emmy voters, why don't you knock Curb and Office off that list and make room for more deserving shows like Community and Cougar Town. Just saying...


Support Actor: Aaron Paul. Here's my thing with this one.  He may very well deserve this (many, many critics had him as their pick) however I have not seen much of Breaking Bad and I don't think it's really my thing. BUT I have agreed to get it on Netflix and check the first season out. EVERYONE I trust in the TV world loves it, and who am I to say they are wrong without giving it a chance myself? Soooo... I reserve judgement on this one. However, if I had to choose, it would have been John Slattery for Mad Men all the way!

Support Actress: Archie Punjabi.  GO KALINDA!!! If you read my "returning favorites" blog you will know that I am completely happy with this win. I LOVE Kalinda. BUT I would have been equally happy with ANY of the nominees and this is the only category I can say that. Ellen Byrne on Damages has grown into an amazing actress. Christine Baranski is genius as always on Good Wife. Elisabeth Moss has gone through so many changes on Mad Men and done them all so well. Sharon Gless is the highlight of every episode of Burn Notice. And Christina Hendricks... well if it had to go to someone else I guess I wish it was her. Christina and her character Joan Holloway are they greatest thing on TV. Love love love Joan. But, sooo happy for Archie!!

Actor: Bryan Cranston. You know all that crap I said about Aaron Paul. It doesn't count here. Three years in a row is way too many. And Kyle Chandler, Jon Hamm and Hugh Laurie are Emmyless? And Matthew Fox and Michael C Hall are equally deserving this past year as those three. I am sure Bryan is fantastic on Breaking Bad, obviously. But give it too another guy. Kyle and Jon are perfection each and every week. Give them the award!!

Actress: Kyra Sedgwick.  She is a lovely woman. I think she is great. I really really do. But she should not have won. For the love of all that is holy, it should have been Connie Britton. Hands Down. No Question. My heart breaks she didn't win.

(Speaking of all this Friday Night Lights love - check it out starting on Tuesdays on ABC Family next week! From the beginning!! It's SOOOO good!!)

Drama: Mad Men. I'm torn here. I think that last season was possibly the best yet for Mad Men, so I'm not sad to see it recognized. However I don't think it should win three years in a row. I think there should be a two year limit. My choice: LOST. If not just for the amazing final season but for the series as a whole. If not, The Good Wife, just for being so very good. Actually my real choice: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! WATCH IT!!!!!!  DO IT!!!!  CLEAR EYES! FULL HEARTS! CAN'T LOSE!! (sigh......)

So there it is. Sorry it wasn't more. But do comment away and I will try to comment back!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Season: Returning Favorites

I've decided to go ahead and talk about some of my returning favorites. Not all of them, because who has that sort of time, but a good amount. I'll tell you when they are returning, the time slot (because many have changed) and what's coming up, or what I want to happen on this season. I'm going to split it up by network again. And once again, if I don't watch it, don't expect to read about it here. Sorry CSI fans. :) I'm selfish like that.


CASTLE (Mondays 10pm, Premieres Sept 20): Nathan Fillion finally with a show getting a third season and doing well in the ratings! I wouldn't expect too many changes to this show that has the formula down pretty well. More weird cases, more "aha moments" for Castle and Beckett, more ridiculous little boy behavior from Ryan and Esposito, more fun at home with Alexis (who is getting a boyfriend!) and Martha, and more sexual tension between Castle and Beckett. As for said sexual tension - I wouldn't expect any release for that tension any time soon. Castle is back with his ex, Gina. And Beckett is getting her own new love interest. Of course neither are going to be happy about the other's love life, but don't expect anyone to act on it, yet. However if you are hoping to have a Castle and Beckett love fest one of these days - stay tuned. Creator Andrew Marlowe has said it's something he thinks they will work towards.

MODERN FAMILY (Wednesday 9pm, Premieres Sept 22): If you watch one half-hour comedy (on a network) it should be this one. Frankly, you should watch more than one, because I would have a hard time giving up some of the others, but this is probably the best half hour comedy on TV right now. The Pritchett and Dunphy clan are some of the most interesting and hysterical characters I have seen on a "sitcom," though I hate to use the word. From moment one they had me hooked - I fell in love with every single one of them. This season, I expect more ridiculous behavior from all of them and nothing more. Nathan Lane is guest starring on an episode this season, which guarantees the laughs. Watch it and I promise you, you will thank me.

COUGAR TOWN (Wednesday 9:30pm, Premieres Sept 22): After a whole lot of back and forth, they decided to keep the name of this show the same, and I'm ok with that. Sure, it really has nothing to do with the show anymore, but does that matter? No. Much like it's lead in, Modern Family, this show is made up of a group of characters that I loved instantly. The three stand outs, for me, are Busy Phillips as Laurie, the ditzy friend/coworker of Courteney Cox's Jules; Dan Byrd as Travis, Jules's son, who this season is off to college, only 20 minutes away from home; and Carolyn Hennessey as Barb, another sort of friend of Jules who pops in unexpectedly all the time with an incredibly dirty one liner. Carolyn Hennessey is fab, and I love the 20 seconds she is on! Travis is especially funny as the voice of reason amongst a clan of crazy/drunk adults. This season Jules and her neighbor Grayson, continue their still new relationship. And I'm sure the fact that Laurie and Grayson slept together may come to light. Also, some actress you may have heard of, named Jennifer Aniston, is guest starring in the premiere as Jules's shrink. I wonder how she got the job......

GREY'S ANATOMY (Thursday 9pm, Premieres Sept 23): Last season ended with a whole mess of crazy when a widower came through the hospital and shot just about everyone. In case you forgot the mess: Charles and Reed (two Mercy Westers) were both killed, Alex was shot and declared his love for Izzie (poor Lexie), Derek was shot and nearly died which stressed out poor Meredith to the point that she miscarried the baby she had yet to reveal to Derek. If I'm remembering correctly Owen also was shot, but not as bad as the rest. The good that came from all of this: Arizona and Callie apparently worked out their problems, and according to Shonda Rhimes, it put an end to the dreaded Christina/Owen/Teddy triangle once and for all. So when the series starts up next month: about as much time has gone by for the docs at Seattle Grace as has gone by for us. They are all on the mend, some better than others. James Tupper (Men in Trees) has joined the cast as a counselor helping them deal. And possibly, cuz he is pretty, making sexy time with one of them. Also Sarah Drew (April) and the Hotness Monster himself, Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) have been promoted to series regulars. Let's hope for a shirtless Avery scene!

PRIVATE PRACTICE (Thursdays 10pm, Premieres Sept 23): Because Shonda apparently didn't want the rampage at Seattle Grace to overshadow the docs at Oceanside Wellness, she decided to go ahead and kill Del in a car accident, orphaning his daughter Betsy. Why, Shonda?? WHY?? I loved Del, and not just because he was on Veronica Mars! When the series returns, Betsy's home life will be dealt with. Also, now that Pete and Violet are together, it has left it for Sam and Addison to be together. So those two couples, and the effect they will have on the other docs, mainly Naomi, I'm sure will be the source of much drama. That and, inevitably, lots of pregnancies and births that will lead to babies dying. Shonda must hate babies.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (Sundays 9pm, Premieres Sept 26): At the end of last season it was revealed that one (or two) families on Wisteria Lane are part of a baby switch mix up at the hospital. Thankfully, this mystery will be solved by the second commercial break of the premiere. Hallelujah! As for what else is happening this season, I'm sure it can be summed up in one word: DRAMA. As always. Vanessa Williams and Brain Austin Green are both coming to Wisteria Lane this season. And let's not forget that Paul Young returned at the end of last season. I'm sure everyone will be oh so happy to see his creepy face.

BROTHERS & SISTERS (Sundays 10pm, Premieres Sept 26): I have a feeling this will be the final season of B&S. Half the cast is leaving. Rob Lowe exited at the end of last season, Balthazar Getty is gone (again), and Emily Van Camp will only be on two episodes. Plus there are rumors about how many episodes series star, Calista Flockhart, will be on. But despite the behind the scenes drama, I do enjoy this show. Even if it has become lesser than what it was. All that matters is that Sally Field continues to be the best. And she can't help but be the best, right? Also helping matters: the yummy Giles Marini has been upped to series regular. More pool side scenes with him please!


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (Mondays 8pm, Premieres Sept 20): Well, there is just one thing I want from this season: THE EFFING MOTHER. And I think we can all agree on that, right?? There are only so many times that Ted can tell those poor kids who have been sitting on the couch for years listening to their father tell this never ending story "but that wasn't your mom." Fine, Ted, GET TO IT THEN! On a good note: from everything I've read we are this close to the reveal. Make it happen Carter Bays! Besides that, we will get lots of Marshall and Lily baby-making, in which I am sure the other three will be way too involved. Also Barney will be suiting up and being adorable. Plus the return of Robin Sparkles, including a whole new song and video. Hurray! Basically - as always, they are bringing the funny. But hopefully they bring it better than they did last season.

THE GOOD WIFE (Tuesdays 10pm, Premieres Sept 28): This was my favorite new drama last fall. And to be honest I thought I would, at best think it was OK. I watched because it had Chris Noth (Mr. Big, forever and always) and Matt Czurchy (Logan on Gilmore Girls). I also have had a crush on Josh Charles since Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and I think Christine Baranski is one of the funniest actresses around. However my hopes for the show itself were minimal. I'm happy to say I was wrong. This show is engaging on all levels. The "case of the week" is often interesting, and almost never completely obvious, something that often bothers me on other law/cop shows. But it's not the case of the week that really matters, it's the characters. Best new character of last season: Kalinda, the PI at the law firm. She is sassy, funny, great at her job, and beyond mysterious (sexually and otherwise). Following a close second would be Eli Gold played by the genius Alan Cumming who has been promoted to a series regular. This season a lot of the focus, I'm sure, will be on the fallout of whatever decision Alicia made at the end of last season (answering Will's call or getting on stage with Peter. CHOOSE WILL!). Plus Cary's decision to work with the enemy after being let go. Lots O' Drama. And not the cheesy kind. If you haven't checked this out yet, I very highly recommend it.

BIG BANG THEORY: After catching up with the last three season over the past few months I am happy for this one to return. Last season ended with Sheldon going on a date with Mayim Bialik's character, Amy. That story will continue and be a focus this season. As for the rest: well I expect a lot of physics based jokes, references to sci fi pop culture, Penny thinking the guys are crazy and, of course, Bazingas! Do we really need anything else?


90210 (Monday 8pm, Premieres Sept 13): This series ended with possibly the worse season finale of all shows last season. They said it would be EPIC and it was blah at best. Hoping they get back on track this season. What is to be expected: More tension between Annie and Liam. The fallout of Naomi being raped by her teacher after already accusing him of sexual harrassment and then admitting she lied. Adrianna and Navid drama. And one of the guys struggling with coming out of the closet. If you don't know who it is yet, I won't spoil it here. However I will say this: When it was announced a male character was gay on the show I knew it was without a doubt. Also, they will deal with the sudden disappearance of dad/principal, Rob Estes.

GOSSIP GIRL (Monday 9pm, Premieres Sept 13): Long Live Chuck Bass! Despite being shot in an alley at the end of last season, I don't think it would be a surprise to any of you to hear that Chuck Bass is alive and mostly well at the start of season 4. Don't expect too many changes from the standard super crazy Upper East Side drama of past season. Chuck and Blair will have to deal with each other, eventually. But before that he will be romancing a new french girl (Fleur from Harry Potter). Serena finds a new man to add to the mix of her already crazy love life - Sam Page (Mad Men, Desperate Housewives). Dan is dealing with being a dad to Georgina's baby (or so we think... I'm still questioning). And Nate... well he is Chuck-ing it up, as it were. Best part of this season: very little Jenny! HAZZAH! This show may be the definition of guilty pleasure, but I'm not afraid to admit I enjoy every guilty little bit of it!

ONE TREE HILL (Tuesday 8pm, Premieres Sept 14): You know how I just said that Gossip Girl is a guilty pleasure? I lied. THIS is a guilty pleasure. It takes cheesy to a whole new level. Last season ended with Haley finding out she is preggers (and so is the actress!), Julian and Brooke finally getting back together (thank goodness), Chase and Alex hooking up, right when Mia texted she wanted Chase back,  and Crazy Crazy Sarah/Katie shooting Quinn and Clay, you know, cuz she is crazy. As for where this season is going: I don't know.... crazy drama town? This show is known for it's ridiculous storylines: psycho nannys, psycho stalkers, heart-eating dogs. You know, the normal stuff. So just look for more of that. Just one request: keep Julian and Brooke together. That poor girl has been through enough. Also, if this really is the last season, get P. Sawyer and Lucas Scott back to town, would ya? Like they would miss Haley having a baby or the inevitable Brooke/Julian wedding!

VAMPIRE DIARIES (Thursday 8pm, Premieres Sept 9): This was my surprise show of last season. I watched it because A- Vampires and B- Ian Somerhalder. I didn't expect to love it. And to be honest, at first I didn't. I thought Bella, I mean Sookie, I mean Elena was a really pathetic character. But then she finally got over her vamp issues and became kind of a badass, if not a little stupid at times. And then Nina Dobrev started playing Katherine as well in flashbacks and totally won me over. I think this show is a lot of fun, and can't wait to see the tamed down (compared to True Blood) vampire goodness they have to offer this season. First up: dealing with the aftermath of the finale (one of the best finales of any show last season). Jeremy is upstairs, possibly turning into a vampire after drinking Anna's blood and then trying to kill himself. Downstairs, Katherine just kissed Damon then stabbed Uncle John in the gut. Then Elena walked in. Ruh roh. The fallout of Katherine's return is going to be the major theme this season, and I for one, can't wait to see it!

SUPERNATURAL (Friday 9pm, Premieres Sept 24): Honestly, I feel like anything I say here is going to be redundant just because I have discussed it ad nasuem via text with my Supernatural buddy, Katie. But since I love it so much, let's talk about it here too! Last season, the boys stopped the apocolypse when Sam/Lucifer and Adam/Michael ended up going into Hell so Lucifer could be locked back up in his cage. Since then Dean has been playing husband/father to his ex, Lisa. and her son, Ben. Bobby has been back to hunting. Castiel has been in Heaven dealing with the mess the Apocolypse left behind. And Sam, well it turns out he is back from Hell, and I guess hunting as well. This season marks a reversal from the start of the series. Sam is now the jaded hunter and Dean is the one who is settled and moved on from that life. Sam comes back to get Dean back into the family business. It must work, because otherwise we don't have much of a show, do we? The series is going back to "monster of the week" format, unlike the last couple of season that have been one major storyline going through the entire season. The past several years have left a large wake of dead characters, which kind of sucks. But it also means the focus will be on the 4 boys (and the Impala) and is there any more that we can ask for? I CAN NOT WAIT for this show to come back. Jensen Ackles!!! WOO!


HOUSE (Monday 8pm, Premieres Sept 20): So.... Huddy. That's what this series has become about, for better or worse. And that is where the season begins. After many seasons of making each other miserable/happy, House and Cuddy are finally a couple, for real. Look for that to be the focus of the season, or at least the first half. How do they function as a couple outside and inside the hospital? How is House coping with the leg? How does House deal with Rachel (Cuddy's adoptive daughter)? And if anyone cares, how does it affect the team? Speaking of the team, Thirteen is gone for awhile because Olivia Wilde is off filming a movie with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig directed by Jon Favreau (no offence, House, but I'd leave you for that too!). In her absence, Amber Tamblyn (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, GENERAL HOSPITAL!) will be a new member of the team. Always fun to watch new people adjust to all that is House. Also look for the return of Jennifer Morrison as Cameron at some point.

GLEE (Tuesday 8pm, Premieres Sept 21): I'm not sure if you heard, but there is going to be a Britney Spears episode of Glee this season. What? You've heard? A lot!? Well then I'll move on from that. After last season's devastating loss to Vocal Adrenaline at Regionals, the kids of New Directions are starting over. There are new kids - an exchange student who gives Rachel a run for her money at Top Diva, and a new football player who rumor has it will also be the boyfriend we have been waiting for Kurt to find. Cheyenne Jackson will also be guest starring as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Rachel and Finn will be a strong couple all season, something I appreciate Ryan Murphy allowing. So often shows put couples together just to screw with them right away. Let's just let these two be, mmmkay? In the not so happy couple department: Will and Emma are going to have their share of problems, mostly in the form of John Stamos - Emma's dentist/boyfriend. And don't worry Uncle Jesse fans, Stamos will be singing at some point. For sure in the Halloween episode which is Rocky Horror Themed! Woo! As for what else: lots of singing!! But not as much as the second half of season 1 had. It will only be about 5 songs an ep this season. Coming back some point this season: guest stars Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth and Jonathan Groff. Hopefully NPH as well.
BONES (Thursdays 8pm, Premieres Sept 23): One of my favorite shows ever! Just saying. I love Bones. And Booth. And Angela and Jack and Cam and SWEETS!  What I'm saying is I love this show. While it can be frustrating (Really, Booth has a girlfriend??!!?!?!) it makes up for it in great writing and acting. The characters are all wonderful and make me happy. This season, Booth and Bones are called back from their different jobs around the world after 9 months (instead of the year) to help solve a case that effects one of their own. But, as I mentioned, Booth comes back with a girlfriend. Say it with me now: Booooooooo! But since Bones has no idea how to function normally in society, it doesn't seem to bother her. I will say this: I have a feeling this relationship won't stick. Everyone kows Booth and Bones are meant to be. Except maybe Bones. Darn her and her in ability to function in social situations. Whatever happens, I will be there because this show never upsets me. Even if it does seem to upset everyone else!

FRINGE (Thursday 9pm Premieres Sept 23): At the end of last season the gang went to the "other side" where we found alternate versions of all our favorite Fringe Division friends in another universe. After a series of crazy events, Olivia and Fauxlivia switched places, much Olivia's surprise/dismay. So we start the season with Olivia trapped in the Alternate Universe and Fauxlivia infiltrating our world. This season, or at least the first half, is going to run differently than previous seasons. Odd number episodes will be in Alt-Universe and even number episodes in our world. The good: getting to see the range of acting of (almost) all the actors. The bad news: Peter only has one version, so he is only going to be on even numbered episodes. I need more Pacey than that! My biggest fear: that Fauxlivia will be able to infiltrate our world too easily. Peter and Olivia had a moment when in the alternate universe, and I just don't see Peter being so stupid that he falls for Fauxlivia without question! Dear wonderfully genius execs: DON'T BLOW IT! Thanks!

HUMAN TARGET (Friday 8pm Premieres Oct 1): This show got a reprieve, and I'm so happy it did. Is it the best show: no. Is it a fun hour of television: yep! Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley make an unlikely and very amusing team. And the season ended on a heck of a cliffhanger, so I'm glad we will get some resolution. Hopefully said resolution includes the return of Amy Acker as the girl we know didn't really die in that boat explosion. I also hope the producer realize they probably won't get more than these 13 episodes and make the most of them. Give this show the ending it, and the 12 of us who watch it, deserve.


CHUCK (Monday 8pm Premieres Sept 20): Once again Chuck fought to stay on the air and won. Thank you NBC. You screw up so many things, but thankfully you keep giving Chuck a chance. This show is well produced, written and acted - it deserves so much more viewers than it gets. Watch it! This season Chuck starts a new adventure. After promising his sister, Ellie, he would leave the CIA, he then finds his father;s incredibly extensive "lair" that is going to lead Chuck to find his mom. Mom is going to be played by the quintessential action hero mom, Sarah Connor herself, Linda Hamilton. Bring on the ass kicking. Also new this season: the character "Greta" which is actually a rotating character played by someone new each week and is there to help train Morgan and Chuck as a partnership. First two Gretas: Olivia Munn (Attack of the Show, The Daily Show) and Isaiah Mustafa (The Old Spice Guy). What could become a stupid shtick, I feel will actually work out well on this show. If anyone can do it, it's creator Josh Schwartz. Can you believe the same guy that does Gossip Girl and The OC came up with this show? I heart him!

PARENTHOOD (Tuesday 10pm, Premieres Sept 14): With this show, basically, expect more of the same as last season: family drama. Julia wants another baby, much to her househusband, Joel's surprise! We will see more of Adam's workplace, including his boss played by Billy Baldwin and a warehouse employee played by Kevin Alejandro (!!) both of whom will be love interests for Sarah, because Lauren Graham apparently demands that she always has multiple hot guys as love interests on her shows. And good for her! Amber gets a new (rich) BFF. And Crosby deals with how his relationship with Jasmine and Jabbar. It's a good show, but I hope it gets better this season since I can't not watch something starring Lauren Graham.

COMMUNITY (Thursday 8pm, Premieres Sept 23): One of the more underrated comedies of last season, Community is back this year and looking to do more of the same. But the one difference: Spanish Class. Last season we learned that Professor Chang was not legally able to be a professor, so he is now a student, and our favorite study group is moving on. One of their new classes: Anthropology. Their new teacher: Betty friggin White! It has awesome written all over it. I'm sure there will be more of the same antics between Troy and Abed a lot of theme-episodes, much like last season. And somehow Joel McHale will end up practically nekkid again once or twice, I'm sure. Oh, and I guess we will also be dealing with the Jeff/Annie kiss from last season. That will be interesting.

30 ROCK (Thursday 8:30pm, Premieres Sept 23): Don't worry everyone, Kenneth is coming back. Of course! And hopefully, so is Matt Damon! As for what else is going on this season, I really don't know. But I can tell you this: it will be off-kilter and the jokes will either be completely over the top or so random that they are hard catch. Whatever happens, it will be funny because Tina Fey is one of the funniest women on TV today.

THE OFFICE (Thursday 9pm, Premieres Sept 23): This is the final season of Michael Scott. And while I think that is going to be sad, if they handle it right, I don't think it will have to mean the end of the show. But I'm going to be honest with you. Of all the Thursday night comedies, this is the weak link nowadays. (Except now instead of Parks and Rec in the 4th slot, it's Outsourced, and based on what I've seen/heard of that show, it is by far the weakest link. Hopefully it will be gone soon and Parks and Rec can come back early) But this season we will have Holly Flax (the incomparable, Amy Ryan) back in Scranton, thanks to Kathy Bates. Also on an episode this season: Timothy Olyphant as Pam's ex. As in the guy she was seeing when Jim was dating Karen. I guess those documentary guys don't catch everything! The show is always funny, but hopefully it goes back to be on par with the rest of the NBC Thursday night lineup!

Alright, that's it! Hope I was able to get some of your returning favorites in there too! Looking forward to September! Pay attention to those premiere dates. The CW and Parenthood start earlier than most.

Comments always loved!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Season: New Shows

Well, we are almost there - the new fall season. Summer series are wrapping up within the next few weeks, if they haven't already. So it is time to get ready to set up some new Season Passes on the DVR to make up for all the shows we lost last season (RIP Lost, 24 and more!) Plus we have all of our returning favorites. But you probably know about those. If you want, I can write another blog about that, but for now lets focus on the new stuff. Now I obviously haven't seen the new pilots. But I have read a lot about them via the critics that have viewed them.  I'll just give a brief rundown of the show, who is in it, who made it, and if I can some video. Also, I'm just going to focus on shows that currently have a premiere date. There are some that I am excited for that are not on the calendar yet (probably scheduled for mid-season debut) so I will get to those at a later date. So if you are wondering why I don't have something that screams "Melissa would watching this!," such as Mr. Sunshine (starring Chandler Bing, I mean Matthew Perry), well that is because it isn't starting in the fall! I'm also not going to discuss EVERY new show. Just ones that I'm interested in. So if you want to know about Sh*t My Dad Says or Outsourced, look elsewhere! :) If you are paying attention to old/new shows, you will realize that Thursday at 8 are ridiculous. I literally can't watch everything. Thank you networks for making so many of your shows available online!
Alright, let's get to it. To make it easier, I'm going to break this up by network. 


NO ORDINARY FAMILY (Tuesdays 8pm, Premieres Sept 28): This is one that I am really looking forward to. It stars Michael Chiklis (The Sheild), Julie Benz (Dexter, Angel) and Romany Malco (40 Year Old Virgin, Weeds). Also Autumn Reeser! It's basically The Incredibles - a family of "supers," except unlike the Pixar movie, this family wasn't born super - they got it while on a trip where their plane crashed in some mysterious water. Mom has super speed, Dad has super strength, the daughter (Kay Panabaker) is a telepath of some sort (based on the preview, it seems a bit more like Anna Paquin in X-Men as opposed to Anna Paquin on True Blood) and the son, well, they haven't specified in the promo exactly, but they've alluded to some sort of super smarts.  I think it looks like a lot of fun. And with the cast, I have to give it a try! Plus since the producers of Heroes quickly made what could have been a great show into something incredibly frustrating I'm looking forward to a new superhero show. Hope this one doesn't falter as quickly

BETTER WITH YOU (Wednesday 8:30pm, Premieres Sept 22): I'm not going to lie. I'm still not sure about this one. However, it's on the ABC comedy block that I enjoy (it's the lead in to Modern Family and Cougar Town) and it has a great cast. Joanna Garcia, even in the worst show, is completely charming. If you read my Psych blog, you know I love Kurt Fuller. I also enjoy Debra Jo Rupp and Josh Cooke. The critics have found this to be a solid comedy, so I'm willing to give it a try. And I like the differing dynamics of the couples - one brand new, one in the first years of marriage and one been married forever. However I'm not sure how long that shtick will hold up. Hopefully being plugged into ABCs very popular comedy block will help it out, but it better hold up it's end of the funny.

MY GENERATION (Thursday 8pm, Premieres Sept 23): Sooooo..... I'm also not totally sold on this one yet. However, I love the cast. Julian Morris and Mechad Brooks (Eggs!) are both adorable. And, while I don't necessarily want to admit this is a public forum, I enjoy cheesy shows like this. So, I'm giving it a shot. I enjoy the docu-style shows, and I am surprised it hasn't been used in drama form yet. So we are giving it a shot. Sometimes I just like to watch cheesy dramas, and occasionally I would like they to be about people that aren't 18 and living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. But I watch that too. :) Anyway, the show follows a group of kids. They were filmed as they graduated HS, and now the documentarians are back. One thing that does bother me about these docu-style shows: the longer the go, the crazier the documentarians seem. Are they NEVER going to make their movie? How much footage do they need of that office in Scranton, PA?!


MIKE & MOLLY (Monday 9:30pm, Premieres: Sept 20) Ok, I don't have much to say about this one. I didn't think the promo looked great, however those that have seen the full pilot think it is really cute. It stars Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy (Sookie from Gilmore Girls!). I will watch the pilot and judge from there. In the meantime, you can judge the promo for yourself:

HAWAII 5-0 (Monday 10pm, Premieres Sept 20) : Do I really need to pimp this show out to all of you? You are all going to watch it, right?? If there was one show that I would say is guaranteed to be a hit, it is this one. It's the right cast (Alex O'Laughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim and Jean Smart) and from the promo, the right tone. Even the support/guest cast is shaping up nicely. The coroner (it's a cop show, so you knew there would be one) is being played by Masi Oka (Hiro from HEROES) and James Marsters (SPIKE!!!!) is in the pilot. Plus it's exec produced by Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci. Names you may or may not know, but I promise you that you've seen some of their stuff, and it's quality. I don't know what else to say to you. Seriously. Watch it, or you'll be the only one who isn't. I can't stress this one enough. Book 'em Dano.

THE DEFENDERS (Wednesday 10pm, Premieres Sept 22): Again, I'll be honest and say I didn't think this would be great. I mean it's a lawyer show starring Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi. Doesn't scream winner to you either, I bet. But the promo seems charming enough, and the critics don't hate it. May be a fun one to watch. But I'm not sure I forgive Jim for According to Jim yet.  We'll see.


HELLCATS (Wednesday 9pm Premieres Sept 8): CW is keeping it simple this year. Their shows last year performed well, except for Melrose Place, but I think we would all like to forget about that one, so they only have two new shows for Fall. First up is Hellcats. It's a college dramedy starring Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) and Aly Michalka (another Disney girl) about a cheerleading team. Think 90210 meets Bring It On, in college. I've heard a range of reviews from "blech" to "love it," so I think this one really depends on your taste. Do you like other CW crap like 90210 and Gossip Girl? Then check this out. Do those shows make you want to jump out windows? Then skip it. This promo doesn't show too much, but I didn't want to post the 6 minute version.

NIKITA (Thursday 9pm, Premiers Sept 9): The other offering from CW this Fall is more likely to be a winner. It is yet another remake of La Femme Nikita, in case the title didn't clue you in. It stars Maggie Q as Nikita. The rest of the cast is made up of a lot of actors I have enjoyed in the past Shane West (ER, Once & Again), Melinda Clarke (The OC), Lyndsay Fonesca (Desperate Housewives and the daughter on the couch in HIMYM!), Xander Berkley (24), and Ashton Holmes (The Pacific). The show is very Alias-esque, so if you were a fan of Alias (good for you! I approve) then chances are you will like this one. Maggie Q seems pretty badass. I have high hopes for this one.


LONE STAR (Monday 9pm, Premieres Sept 20): This is one I have heard some good stuff about, but again, if it is as good as they say, I don't think the promo is doing it justice. It's a little bit Dallas (it's hard not to compare a Texas based drama to Dallas, right?) and a little bit, I don't know, Don Draper from Mad Men? The guy has a wife.... and a fiance. He is running the longest of cons, and I'm sure at some point it will all begin to unravel. Highlight to me is that one of his (not so) lucky ladies is played by Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Supernatural).

RAISING HOPE (Tuesday 9pm Premiere Sept 21): This one has gotten mixed reviews, but I think the promo looks hysterical. Basically, it's Raising Arizona. While the father of Hope is played by a relative unknown, Lucas Neff, his parents are played by Martha Plimpton and Garrett Dillahunt and his grandmother is played by Cloris Leachman. Win, win, win. This show was created by Greg Garcia, the warped mind behind My Name Is Earl, which I thought was great and was cancelled way too soon. This show seems to have that same trailer park sensibility. Love it.

RUNNING WILDE (Tuesday 9:30pm, Premieres Sept 21): Creator of Arrested Development, Mitch Hurwitz + Will Arnett + Keri Russell = I have to at least try this show. The premise, from what I can tell, is sort of like Sabrina, if Audrey Hepburn hated the William Holden character upon returning (or Julia Ormond hated the Greg Kinnear character if you prefer, though I'm not sure why you would ). Keri's character used to live at Will Arnett's estate (the daughter of a maid, instead of the chauffeur) and then comes back after saving the world, and he thinks she is hot. She still thinks he is a big d-bag. Because it's Will Arnett and if there is one thing the man can play, it's a big d-bag. But one you love. (I still miss Gob.) I've heard the pilot has been tweaked since it's been screened. I guess this is another "we'll see" but one I will be watching the first few episodes of for sure.


THE EVENT (Monday 9pm, Premieres Sept 20): This has been one of the better received pilots of the new season. As the promos continue to air, I'm becoming more and more intrigued. It's a conspiracy thriller, and the exec producers promise to answer questions. No really, they say they will. I guess the only way to find out is to watch. The cast seems worth the try: Jason Ritter (Parenthood, Joan of Arcadia), Blair Underwood (Dirty Sexy Money, In Treatment), Laura Innes (ER), Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls!) and Zeljko Ivanek (Damages, True Blood).  I'm not really sure what it is about exactly, except that if you see it in the promos, it's apparently "not the event."

UNDERCOVERS (Wednesday 8pm, Premieres Sept 22): The latest TV show from JJ Abrams which means I will be there, no questions asked. JJ has never disappointed me, from college drama, Felicity to complex mythology spy drama, Alias. Love them. The man can tell a story. This show got some extra attention for casting to African-American actors in the lead, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. I didn't see this as a story, and thankfully JJ has never really commented more than saying they were the right two for the parts. Really, are we still there that we need to point that out? Silly. Anywho, it's a spy dramedy about a married couple who left the spy biz to be a normal couple, but that led to the spark leaving their relationship. So when they get pulled back in, they are more than happy to go back to spy stuff. Which leads to the cheesiest catch phrase of the new season: sexpionage. Oy. But enjoy the fun!

There are a couple cop/law shows I haven't included. DETROIT 1-8-7, BLUE BLOODS, OUTLAW, CHASE and THE WHOLE TRUTH just to name a few. Why haven't I included them, because I'm a little over the whole genre, for the most part. I may check some out, and if I do and like them, you can be sure to read about it in my Week in Review blog.

Now, on to a few more Fall premieres. I know! There are more?? But that was just basic TV, how about a few cables that are on those other 39830023 channels your cable or satellite provider offers.


BOARDWALK EMPIRE (HBO, Sunday 8pm, Premieres Sept 19): The pilot is directed by Martin Scorsese. What? You need more than that? Ooookaaaay. It stars Steve Buscemi! It's another Mark Whalberg produced HBO program! This should be enough for you! The series follows some not-so straight laced government officials and mobsters during the time of prohibition in Atlantic City. From what I can see, it is a big production, HBO-style. Fabulous costumes and sets, and probably more swearing, sex and violence than anyone knows what to do with. It looks like a new hit for HBO, which is great since they have really been struggling recently (note my sarcasm). 

THE WALKING DEAD (AMC, Sundays Premieres October 31): I already mentioned this on Facebook, but adding it again here. Just because I like to give out the nightmares. It's a series based on the graphic novel of the same name about zombies. And boy howdy, are they scary. Basic premise: guy gets hurt, wakes up from a coma and the whole world has gone zombie, well zombie's as they are now- victims of a really really bad virus. I'll be watching this one with the lights on.

Alright.... so that's it I think. When the mid-season starts to roll around, I'll do this again, if you like it. Hope you enjoyed the blog. Sorry for it's crazy length! What are you looking forward to? What do you think looks like complete crap? Or are you just giving up on new shows and sticking with the tried and true stuff you were already watching? And do you want a "Returning Favorites" blog?

Comment away!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Another week, another round of craziness on True Blood.  Several things have been revealed this week, so let's get to it. Despite the many reveals, this is gonna be short this week. Sorry for the rushed blog, but I am exhausted for no apparent reason and having trouble focusing. That won't make for a quality blog! :)

"I'm a faery? How fucking lame." Yes, Sookie, you are a faery. And yes, I am spelling that correctly. Fairy is Tinkerbell. Faery is what Sookie is. Look it up. Bill tells Sook that she is a faery, but even though Vampires are drawn to faeries like crazy (and apparently are the cause of the faery population's demise) he says he loves her for her mind, heart and soul. And her delicious, delicious blood. Well, he didn't say that laset bit out loud, but I'm betting he was thinking it. After Eric is done taking care of his will, in which he leaves everything to Pam (much to his exotic dancer's chagrin) he stops by Jason's house (where Bill and Sookie are) to say bye. And to make sure Bill is keeping Sookie up to date on what she is. Sookie tells Eric to go away, but makes the sad face when he basically says he is going to die. Tara and Jason come home and are none too happy to see Bill, but Jason agrees to protect Sookie when Bill goes to sleep during the day. Tara breaks down after the whole "Jason killing Franklin" thing. She tells Sookie all vamps are evil and tells her what Franklin did. Jason tells Sook about killing Eggs, and she tells him to tell Tara. So he goes to check on Tara, she thanks him for saving her, kisses him, goes to run off and THEN Jason decides to tell her about Eggs. Smooth as always Jay. Tara runs off. Somewhere in there Sookie also had a dream about Eric, which she knew was a dream. He told her not to trust Bill, and that it wasn't the dream telling her this, but her survival instinct. Sookie also left the house when Jason was with Tara. Silly Sookie.

Before we get to the end of Sook's story this week let's take a look at what happend with all the smaller story lines. Holly reveals she is a wiccan. Arlene tells Terry she is pregnant with Rene's baby, not his. But Terry wants to raise it anyway. So Arlene asks Holly about those other ways you can "not be pregnant." Instead of taking Calvin Norris to the hospital, Lafayette gives him V. Cal is none too happy about it and shows it by calling Lafayette and Jesus a not so nice word and smacking Crystal. Crystal says she is not going back to Hotshot to "mate" with Felton but Calvin says Jason will never accept her if he finds out what she is. Well, I guess we are going to find out, because later in the episode (after Jason tells Bill that Sook ran off) he hears something in his bedrooms and finds a panther. That turns into Crystal. Surprise!! Also, Lafayette and Jesus do some V together and go on a crazy trip down ancestor lane. We find out they both come from a long line of those who dabble is voodoo. Interesting..... Sam used to rob places and then was conned by some chic and her boyfriend. So he killed him. (Though said chic was played by the actress who was Lindsay, Dean's wife in Gilmore Girls. I hated her, so not so sad to see her die. HA!) Russell has gone waaaayyyy off the deep end and hired a male-prostitute (Navid from 90210!!) that looked like Talbot just to kill him and recreated Talbot's death. You know- so he could be there this time. That's not crazy at all! And in the best news: Hoyt tells Jess he loves her after breaking it off with Summer. Jessica doesn't respond at first, so Hoyt leaves. Tommy follows and Hoyt punches him so Tommy goes all Pit Bull and attacks. Jess throws the dog (not knowing its Tommy) and gives Hoyt her blood to heal him. Woo!

ANYWHO..... Faery Sookie goes to see Eric and be all "what the eff is going on?" And he says Russell is going to kill him and it would be nice if he could kiss her first. He said it better. It was swoon-worthy. But silly Pam interrupted it with  "blah blah vampire emergency blah." Oh Pam! She tells Eric he really ought to sacrifice Sookie to Russell to show his face. Eric says he will not send Sookie to her death (he says she is important and all that, but it's cuz he loooooves her. teehee). So Pam says, well then at least use her as bait, you bastard. You did it for Godric, do it for yourself. So he throws Sookie over his shoulder and locks her in the basement where Lafayette was. Charming, Eric. Really charming.

Next week: More Craziness!!

So what did you all think? Sorry for the crap blog this week. There was a lot of good stuff though! Panthers! Faeries! Killing! Oh My!

Comment away!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week in Review: 8/15-8/21

Well, the husband's in the shower, so let's see if I can bust out a quick Week in Review before he comes out for our Sunday night of Rubicon and True Blood. Shouldn't be too hard to accomplish since we are quickly approaching that lull in TV Land between Summer series ending and Fall series starting....

MAD MEN: Another week, another beautiful episode of this show. I think my favorite part of the season has been the connection between Don and Peggy. They often don't say much to each other besides things realted to work, and yet it is obvious that they have a relationship that goes beyond that advertising world. And I in no way mean sexually, as Peggy made abundently clearly to the quickly unraveling Allison, Don's secretary. My favorite Don/Peggy moments this week were Don watching Peggy play with the wedding ring she was holding and trying it on. And then Peggy watching Don through the windows above the partition between their offices after Allison had a hissy fit in Don's office. Don isn't the only one that Peggy has an "other than business" relationship with - this week we revisited her relationship with Pete after it was revealed that Trudy (I heart you, Alison Brie!) is "with child." Of course we know that Pete already has a kid - with Peggy. Their relationship is fascinating, and I hope we see more of it. Peggy has started hanging out with a new crown (including a probably lesbian girl who works in the building) and Pete is hanging with the "boys club" of old men. Love the dynamic. Ok... went on about that ep enough! But before I go on, the best exchange on TV all week:

Peggy: I have a boyfriend.
New Girl (sorry, forget her name): He doesn't own your vagina.
Peggy: No. But he's renting it.

ENTOURAGE: Billy Walsh, please save the day! Vince is a crazy cocaine addict now!! HELP! And Ari, oh poor Ari. Worked so hard to make things right with Lizzie (I'll miss you, Autumn Reeser!) just to get totally screwed over anyway. I have a feeling Mrs. Ari was not too happy!

MY BOYS: This is probably one of the funniest shows none of you seem to be watching. It's just a really great, and I hate to use this word, sitcom. One of my favorite bits this week was PJ discovering the guys like to read Bulge Magazine. To show that it has class, Brendan pointed out that they gave The Hurt Locker "Three Thumbs Up" until PJ pointed out "those aren't thumbs." Ew.

SECRET LIFE...: Awwww..... Amy had a Sixteen Candles moment. Everyone forgot her birthday. But I will say that I liked that they didn't even let us know either. It made the end more interesting. I'm not sure what happened on this show, but I used to think Ben was sweet. Now I just want to smack him across his punk face. Ricky all the way!

RIZZOLI & ISLES: If you didn't know it was Missi Pyle and Brenda Strong when the show started, you haven't been paying attention to this series so far. What do I mean? It doesn't matter how many guest stars you have on the episode, the most famous one is always the killer. (Brian Dennehy! Mark Paul Gosselar!) Two famous faces? Then they are probably working together. But the episode was still cute. As was Antonio Sabato Jr, even if I would have killed him if I was Rizzoli. I miss Donnie Whalberg!

COVERT AFFAIRS: Hurray! Anne Dudek is back. But the poor girl is dealing with a husband who appears to be unfaithful. Of course he isn't, he is just unemployed. Sucks, but glad for Annie's sister that he's still a relatively good guy. That was just the side story this week, the real story focused on Lauren Holly (looking almost unrecognizeable. Hey Lauren's plastic surgeon - learn when to say no!), Anna Camp (Mrs. Sarah Newlin!!) and D.W. Moffett (who wasn't actually the real bad guy, but thanks to Friday Night Lights, I couldn't help but hate). Once again the writers allowed Annie to be both badass, but still learning. It's a fine line, and I have to say it is probably the thing the show does best. Still loving this series, and glad to hear it was picked up for a second season! Can always count on USA for some fun.

WHITE COLLAR: Speaking of USA fun, this was another fun episode, in no small part to the return of Hilarie Burton as insurance investigator, Sarah Ellis. I really hope they bring her back because I think she brings a fun dynamic to the show. I also enjoyed John Laroquette being especially skeevy this week. Really? Scamming adoptive parents and keeping their kids from them? That's just wrong. But I loved how Peter and Neal used that to get everyone to help them, whether or not they wanted to. Even the mob boss thought it was wrong! Fantastic. (Almost completely unrelated side note: Ever since I found out that Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have been together for awhile and have a baby together I thought it was kinda weird. Then I realized they were both technically part of The CW family, and it all made sense. That network is like a matchmaking service!)

DARK BLUE: I think this show has gotten better this season. I enjoy that Tricia Helfer's presence has made Carter more accessible. I also love Dean. His character is basically if Tre (his character from The OC) hadn't gone to prison, but instead got into law enforcement. I like when he gets more focus. But I really do like all the characters. And I try not to hold it against Jamie that the actress playing tried to kill Sam and Dean Winchester on many occassions.

ROYAL PAINS: Are we supposed to be liking Emily Peck?? Are we really????? Because I hate her. HATE. HER. I don't get what is happening. And is the actress playing Divya really leaving?? Better not! Based on the previews for next week it looks like the guy she was flirty with from a couple weeks ago may be coming back, so that may throw a wrench in her wedding plans. Hmmm... Also... SO glad that Evan is starting to question what Dad is up to. I hope Boris takes him down. Dad is awful. Really looking forward to next week's summer finale!

BURN NOTICE: Episode was good, but all that really matter was the last 3 mintues, right?? Really hoping Jesse finds a way to forgive Michael and be part of the team again because I really like him and want him to be around some more. He's technically listed as a series regular, so I'm optimistic that will be the outcome of next week's finale.

Ok.... that's it. Next week is the finale for quite a few shows, so I will be discussing that. I will also try to get that fall preview blog out within the next week or so! There will probably be two - one for returning shows and one for new stuff.

Comment away!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

PSYCH: Viagra Falls

After several weeks off due to either laziness or faulty DVRs, I am back with my Psych blog! Who's excited? Anyone??  Sigh.....

A flashback without Shawn?? I'm guessing that this episode has a little more to do with Henry than normal.

Old chief, Herb, is has been killed, and Henry is sad. But Carl Weathers (Boone) and William Devane (Peters) roll up in a pimpin' car to take care of this. And they seem to be out manuevering Shawn in claiming this is not a suicide, but a murder.

Shawn: He was killed in another location, TBS.
Gus: It's TBD.
Shawn: Then what's TBS?
Gus: It's the superstation.
Shawn: Is it really though?


Herb always went to bed with his Jewish six shooter, and would never "have an affair" with a Beretta, further proving this is a murder. Lassie is thinking of naming his gun now... Mr. Thunderstick. Really? Looks like Shawn has his work cut out for him this week, as the old dudes are really doing well.

Old dudes are not impressed with Shawn and Gus's "malarky, shenanigans or tomfoolery."  Understandable... I love Gus giving Boone the eye and trying to be just like him. Adorable. Also adorable - Boone trying to tell Juliet to get him a fresh cup of coffee and donuts when he gets back. You know, cuz he's old school. And pretty ladies aren't detectives.

Did everyone else just love Gus's "coming in peace" face?  Shawn and Gus are asking the churro lady for information since Boone and Peters were already interviewing the first lead. And if you want information, you ask the churro lady. She says Herb was dating a young lady, Samantha, who works at the shop next to Herb's. But she hasnt been around in the shop for a few days. Hmmmm.... Old guys think it wasn't an affair and tell the boys to think before they speak. Ha! like that will ever happen

Jules says they have a search warrant for Herb's house and to meet there in an hour. Shawn and Gus do their normal "search the scene before the police arrive" bit, but unfortunately Boone and Peters are already there. They like to do things old school. Of course, Peters is looking at papers and Boone is sniffing a model plane, Shawn and Gus start to realize they are these old guys. But now they are talking about fishing. Shawn says that someone was searching for something in the house that Herb was trying to hide. The old guys get mad that Shawn is accusing Herb of inpropriety. But Peters and Boone maybe he was hiding something, but it wasn't at the house. When they turn around and whisper about it, Shawn and Gus realize that maybe the turning around and whispering maneuver isn't as secret as they think since they can hear every word the old guys are saying! (I sense a theme with this episode...) Shawn realizes where the locker is, and separately, but together, go with Peters and Boone to find Herb's locker when Jules and Lassie finally arrive to search the house.

Peters and Boone bicker like Shawn and Gus. After Boone picks the wrong locker, Shawn points out which is the right one, and Gus goes to break into the locker (he had a subscription to safe cracking magazine!). Inside the locker, there is a bag.... of white powder wrapped in plastic. Draw your own conclusions as we head to commerical.....

Back at SBPD, things are looking bad as it becomes more and more likely that Herb was involved in drugs. No one wants to believe it, so they are all in search of a rational explination. The 50 grand that Herb withdrew from his account a few days before he died isn't helping either. Shawn notices that the old guys took a book of matches from evidence and then ran out of here. So they follow them. Of course they are riding their ass, so Peters and Boone tell them to back off. But Shawn and Gus try to convince the old guys to let them help because "between the four of [them] they have over 300 years of crimefighting under their belts."  They agree, and now they are "the grapples." The matchbook was from a club called The Dollhouse (is Dushku there??) and they agree to meet at 9. When they get there, Boone and Peters are already there. Between the info the two sets of guys have gathered they decide that the young girl was using her feminine wiles to hustle Herb out of money.

Jules calls and says that the finger prints belong to drug dealer, Otto, who, guess what, big surprise, owns The Dollhouse! Jules says don't talk to him and don't touch anything in his office, which is basically telling these four guys to do the exact opposite! The four see the staff entrance is blocked by a "Billy Zane action figure" (they love Billy Zane), so after all the ridiuclous ways to get around him are discussed, Gus smartly suggests they just go outside and look for an open window. While searching the office they find a gun with serial numbers scratched off (like on the boat, but to be fair, it's also like any gun in any movie/tv show ever when someone doesn't want a gun to be traced) and a list of dates labeled "second wind" (a phrase Shawn noticed scribbled on a piece of paper in Herbs house), and a bag like in herbs locker. Two bodyguards come in to the office and beat the old guys down and Shawn and Gus run after them.  Shots are fired and Gus, well, leaps about 10 feet over behind a car. It was great. And the shots fired.... went right into Otto's chest. So I guess we won't be questioning him.

At SBPD the next day, Chief is very very upset. Otto's dead and they got nothing (except takeout menus) out of his office. So all four are fired and off the case. Henry is in trouble too. Shawn is not happy to be fired and tells Gus they need to reunite with the old guys because it's obvious Boone took more than just menus. So they go find the old guys (playing checkers in the park, natch) to find what Boone also took. It was a binder with records. Shawn wants to go and get the girl, but the old guys are feeling beaten down after the crazy of last night. Shawn notices that Sara Lynn (the girl) used Herb as a reference on her application at The Dollhouse, so they are back on the case.

The girl they go see says she told the cops everything already. All four answer with "you're lying," but for some extra flair Boone pulls a gun.

Peters: How did you know she was lying?
Shawn: I'm a psychic, Peters.
Gus: How did you guys know she was lying.
Peters & Boone: She's a woman!

This girl tells them how she worked at the Pacific Treasures shop - someone dropped off a bag, and she delivered it to Otto at The Dollhouse. She was supposed to find a replacement girl, and found Sara Lynn. Shawn figures out that Second Wind is the boat the drugs would come in on, and the girls were essentially mules. Sara Lynn reminded Herb of his daughter, Caroline, and was trying to protect her. He didn't want Sara Lynn to get caught so he was trying to buy her freedsom (the 50K) and took her last delivery (the cocaine in her locker). Shawn figures out Sara Lynn is at Herb's house. He notices a bunch of keys from his memory, I think he's going to explicate what happened soon. And he should hurry up with that because the killer has Sara Lynn in the house at gun point.

Thankfully after the long commerical break (just kidding.... I'm watching this on the DVR. It took me 5 seconds to FF) we learn these 4 aren't stupid and know that Sara Lynn isn't alone in there. Peters suggests the break in a back window and light a grease fire in the bathroom (aka Shawn and Gus style). But Shawn suggest teh Bark and Mark (aka Peters and Boone style). It works. Crazy drug dealer says that they should leave. They distract drug dealer for awhile, and then Peters and Boone take him down. Lassie and Jules are around the sides of the house and finish up and arrest him. Boone finally gives Jules some props. When druge dealer escapes Peters and Boone knock him out cold (it is Carl Weathers, afterall!)

Shawn: Man, do you think we will still be able to knock dudes out cold when we're in our sixties?
Gus: We can't knock dudes out now.
Shawn: I hear that.

(Next week.... Chi McBride!!!! Kevin Alejandro!!!!! Who's excited?? Based on exclamation point useage, I'd say me!! Man, Kevin Alejandro's agent has been working overtime recently!)

Chief congratulates the four and chooses to ignore they were all fired. Boone tries to adopt Gus, but Gus points out he's in his 30s and has parents so......

In the psych-outs, Corbin Bernsen gets a red card. So I guess this was probably filmed somewhere between June 11- July 11. :)

Ok.... that's it for now. Fun to see "future Shawn and Gus" and I enjoyed Carl Weathers and William Devane, so I wouldn't be opposed to bringing them back.

For those wondering, they are writing the second half of the season now, probably to start airing early 2011. Plus there will be the annual holiday episode in November/December. Somewhere in the second half of the season, I'd assume most likely the finale, they will deal with the Yin/Yang cliffhanger from last season. The episode will once again be written and directed by James Roday, so guaranteed to be classic. He is quite the talent. Why does he not get recognized for that?? Lame. Also I'm hoping they deal with the Jules/Shawn thing. Seriously. They should be married with 2 kids by now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Week in Review: 8/8-8/14

I am still catching up on some of last week's shows, but I have seen most, so I'm just going to go ahead and put this together now. I have nothing else very clever to say here, so we will just get to the shows! :)

RUBICON: I'm still interested in this show, but hoping it goes somewhere quickly. One thing that I think makes the show stand out is the conversation style. It is much more natural than most shows. For example, when Will met his brother-in-law, Evan, at the coffee shop, the conversation wasn't forced ahead. There was a lot of silence. And it was only inferred that Evan was in some sort of institution - you had to read between the lines to figure it out. I appreciated this, because in real life the guy who is embarrassed to be in an institution is not going to say it outloud, and neither is his brother-in-law who is already uncomfortable. It gives the show a more original feel.

MAD MEN: I love the original Mrs. Draper, so I was very excited to see her this week. But so sad to hear she was dying. That entire sequence was very beautiful and reminded us that even tho Don can be a bit of a cad, he is a very sweet and caring man as well. I also have to commend the director of the episode for the use of stage lighting to show the progression of night to day when Don was sitting on the living room couch. It was sort of out of place in the series, but yet fit perfectly for the moment. And is there a way that I too can get Jon Hamm to come and paint the rest of the rooms I need painted while wearing only a tshirt and boxers? That would be great! The second half of the episode was something else entirely. While the first half belonged to Don, the second belonged to Lane Pryce. His mix up with Joan was hysterical, and made me love Joan even more. But his night out with an equally depressed Don was so funny that I just spent most of that part of the episode laughing. Especially when Lane stands up in the restuarant and proceeds to place his steak on his crotch. Love it.

ENTOURAGE: Sometimes Ari Gold has a way with words and the episode last week highlighted that with this response to his secretary asking if he wanted to accept any calls: "I don't care if Justin Beiber calls and wants me to negotiate the rights to his viriginity." We got it Ari--- don't interrupt. But the best part of this episode- the return of Billy (William?) Walsh. I think the one thing that will save this "meh" season for me will be if the one who saves the day for Drama and Vince is Billy Walsh. Please let this happen.

MY BOYS: The main theme of the episode was what it means to be a man, so Mike and Kenny decided to create a Man Sack (everyone agreed this name should have been changed) filled with things that are supposed to represent being a man. Things like changing a tire, getting punched, taking a punch. This gag could have gotten old really quick. But it didn't and I wish it could have gone on for another episode! And it is an idea I would love to make a few guys I know do.

SECRET LIFE.....: Remember how I said I love the natural flow of conversations of Rubicon? Well, the antithesis of that is this show. It is awful. Everything is so studdered. And overexplained. I swear that what every the main drama is (for example, not Adrian is pregnant) then it is explained in every single converstation dealing with it. EVERY CONVERSATION that had even a tiny bit to do with that fact has someone saying that Adrian is pregnant, she is keeping the baby and Ben is the father. Good Lord! We know! But the final scene was just Ricky and Amy talking about nothing and I almost rejoiced in the almost natural way that conversation flowed. Maybe the writers will learn from that scene, but I'm guessing not.

COVERT AFFAIRS: This episode was guest stars galore! Eion Bailey came back as the mysterious Ben. I can't wait to learn more about him, and have to say I like him so far. Eriq LaSalle aka Peter Benton as an ex-CIA agent who Annie lures back for a case. Gregory Itzin aka President Charles Logan as Jai's dad. (really?)  I enjoyed this episode because it provided a bit of insight into Jai. Have to say, not hating the guy. And obviously neither is Annie since she keeps flirting with him, but I love that Jai (and Augie) keep pointing that out. But if Ben returns.....?????

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Well, as soon as Ian returned the other week, I was pretty sure he was A. And when he was on this week, and they showed the flashback that revealed just how mad Allison was when she saw Spencer and Ian kissing, it seemed even more clear. My thing is.... he hasn't been back in town the whole time, so someone must be helping him, right? Also excited that Aria and Mr. Fitz are back together. It's so wrong, but I love it. I can not wait for this show to come back. And I'm only a little embarassed to admit it. Oh- and have to steal a line from TV without Pity who asked, "Most importantly, did Chad Lowe make it home ok with his cup of coffee??" HA!

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT: The whole thing with the Beals woman is driving me nuts, so except for the fact that I loved Erik Palladino stood up to her, we are going to forget about that. Instead lets focus on Payton. She took ballet classes from Finola Hughes!! For my GH-ers, that's Anna Devane Scorpio!! LOVE! What I didn't love - the fact that Payson is obviously falling in love with Coach Sasha. Someone put a stop to this before it gets any more awkward please!

FLIPPING OUT: I love this show. And I love Jeff Lewis. Yes, he can be a total ass, but let's be honest, the people who work for him are only half competent anyway. I'm also glad to see he is doing better after the whole Ryan thing. I always like Ryan, so I didn't want to believe he knowingly wronged Jeff, but the evidence sure points that way, and if what Jeff says is true about clients calling him with stories about it, well... I guess he is better off. Can't wait to see what shenanigans they deal with this season. Especially Jett and Zoila, my favorite TV Odd Couple.

WHITE COLLAR: OOoooooo..... Hilarie Burton is not P. Sawyer anymore! She is sassy insurance lady. Who else thinks she was watching Rene Russo in Thomas Crown Affair before filming? Because her relationship with Neal is so that movie! I really enjoyed this episode, once again. Hilarie was great and I hope she is back soon. They sure made it out like she would be since she is now in possession of the black box recording from Kate's plane.

LOUIE: The six funniest words in the English language are now "I thought she was with you." Don't believe me? Watch this clip.

PSYCH: Did you see all those pretty cars??  Ooooo... so pretty. Also pretty? Adam Rodriguez, the guy we all knew did it. But boy did they give the guy a good entrance! However I almost missed it because I was still laughing about Shawn's name for Gus this week: MC Clap Your Handz (with a Z). Best one in awhile.

SYTYCD: In case you hadn't heard: Lauren won. Good for her. She is the most deserving girl so far in a long time. Afterwards Lauren and Kent were bombarded my the "are you dating?" questions, which they both answered with the standard "we are close friends" response. However Kent did say that he hopes they do the prom dance on tour because that is 40 cities, which means 40 kisses. Oh Kent...... And if you haven't seen it, and why haven't you, here is Ellen recreating the unforgettable Twitch/Alex routine. But the best part to me - was Ellen's enrance that recreated the Twitch/Katee Mercy routine!

PROJECT RUNWAY: Casanova should have been out. I'm sorry. But that was just ridiculous. Also, I hate Gretchen. But oddly, really enjoy her friend Valerie. Hmmm....

AUSTIN & SANTINO: I love this show so much. I think it shows just how lovely these two men really are. If Santino has a publicist, he is doing cartwheels over this show. They genuinely seem to care for the woman they are making a dress for and her family. They also don't let the fact that they are surrounded by a bunch of ignorant hillbillies hold them back. I assume it is because the camera crew is made up of big burly men who would go to bat  for A&S if the homophobes in the south ever gave them trouble.

ROYAL PAINS: Why aren't we all more concerned about the fact that dad was copying Boris's signature?!?!?!?!?!?!? Kevin and I were practically throwing things at Hank when he let this go with his dad. Hey Hank- using the letterhead for party invites is not an excuse to be copying the signature!!!! But Boris seems to be on to Eddie, so fingers crossed it works out in a way that doesn't hurt Hank or Evan too bad. Speaking of Evan, really glad Paige showed up at the end with the rest of the Hamptons! Poor Evan is inevitably about to get his heart broken (again) by his father, he doesn't need it broken by the girl too!

Ok.... that's it this week. Comment away, friends! Fall season starts in a little over a month, so I will try to get a "Fall Preview" blog out for that. I'll include the highlights of the new season - what I will be watching, what I won't, and what you all should try.

Also, this next semester has a fairly intense workload, so I will do my best to keep up on the blogs. But I apologize in advance if I don't do much more than week in reviews!

TRUE BLOOD: Everything is Broken

Ummmm.... wow. So how about that ending? Best ever? I say yes. But I suppose we should take the time to go through what happened in the 55 minutes before we got to that crazy last few minutes first.

This week lets start with everyone favorite Bar owner, Sam Merlotte. Poor Sam is quickly discovering just how much of a problem little brother Tommy is going to be. First he gets a call from a not so happy Terry and Arlene (she's pregnant and needs sleep, you know!) saying that there are some loud "sex noises" coming from Tommy's rental. When Sam goes over he finds a naked Tommy and some chic being very obnoxious. Oh Sam.... think my friend! Look at who Tommy grew up with! What did you expect? Later Tommy and Arlene clash again over Tommy possibly (definitely) stealing Arlene's tip and Sam takes Arlene's side, much to Tommy's dismay.  All of this leads to Sam, well, having some sort of psychotic break when Calvin Norris comes into the bar (we'll get to why he is there is a minute, of course). Not happy with Calvin's attitude towards his daughter, Crystal, Sam takes it upon himself to literally beat his face in, much to the shock of a very crowded Merlotte's. Ruh Roh.

Speaking of Crystal, let's talk about her and Jason next. Crystal is still waiting at Jason's house for him to return from Hotshot. When Jason comes in he finds Crystal's fiance (I can never remember his name). Crystal has told him that Jason kidnapped her. And raped her. Rape isn't funny, but Jason's face when she said that was. Together they knock out the fiance and then tie him up to a tree and call 911 to report it anonymously (and mention that he had a bag of V in his pocket). But the next morning when Jason and Crystal show up at the police station, Rose (the receptionist) is hysterical crying because deputy Kevin got beat nearly to death last night when answering the call that Jason made. Rose also apparently felt Kevin was the only man she ever loved. Great reaction from Andy and Jason to that! Jason suggests that they use this to take down Hotshot, a plan Andy is surprised came from Jason. However, when Jason tells Crystal about it, she is not as excited. In fact she is downright mad/scared, as they are her "kin" and many of them do not deserve to be hurt. Cue Calvin and the beat down I just described. Afterwards she goes with Lafayette and Jesus to take Calvin to the hospital despite Jason's protests. As for what happens to Jason after that.... let's talk about Tara first.

Miss Tara is having a rough time of it. As we saw last week, she is starting to break down after her troubling few days with Franklin Mott. Now she is trying to recover. After talking to Sam about what happened with Franklin, he suggested she talked to someone about it. While Tara refuses to see a shrink (can you imagine??!) she did go to a support group for rape victims. In that group: newest waitress at Merlotte's, Holly. Holly describes her attack and talks about the benefit of having this support group and how it can help her live her life instead of hiding from it. Tara is obviously aware these are important words to here, but this is Tara, and it may take some time to sink it. Later at Merlottes she does have a bit of a breakthrough when she genuinely wishes Lafayette well with Jesus. But her real breakthrough comes outside... when Franklin Mott attacks. The psycho is mad not because she tried to kill him, but because she didn't seem to mourn him when she thought he was dead. Tara tells him he is a psychopath (um, duh) and that she hopes he kills her just so she can be done dealing with him. But before he can take care of that for her, Jason shows up shotgun in hand. Franklin basically laughs him off because what is a shotgun going to do to a Vampire? But you, me and Jason know a hell of a lot - if that shotgun is loaded with Fellowship of the Sun provided wooden bullets. Bye Bye, Franklin. 

I just mentioned Holly, so I'll talk about her other scene with Arlene too before going on. Arlene finally says outloud what we all know - that Renee is the father of her baby. What we also learned is that Arlene feels that mean the baby is evil, and she doesn't want it. While Holly said she would go with her to the clinic, Arlene didn't seem to think that was an option.  So... kind of stuck. I'm interested to see where this goes. Arlene is a pain, and I HATE her in the books, but I enjoy the character in the show, so I'm hoping something works out for her.

Lafayette seems to be in the best place we have ever seen him. His mom is not hating him, even admitting that maybe God does love gays (!). Things with Jesus are also great. They have a lovely night together while mom sleeps it off. Then the next night Jesus came to Merlotte's and ordered a veggie burger with bacon, just to see if Lafayette would make it. (Best line of the night until the end of the show!) Lafayette is smitten with Jesus, and who wouldn't be - Kevin Alejandro is adorable. I must say I'm getting whiplash from all of his recent roles tho.  First a not always nice former boyfriend of Hilda on Ugly Betty, then a detective on Southland, now a gay nurse on TB, and in the fall, a warehouse worker that has a relationship with Lauren Graham on Parenthood. I know there is something going on with his character, and possibly Lafayette too, whether or not Lafayette knows it. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Merlotte's was busy last night - because in addition to everything else I've just mentioned there was also some development on the Hoyt/Jessica front. Hoyt and his very short girlfriend, Summer, came and Jessica was not pleased. And it showed, via her fangs popping out. Poor Jess. When Summer needed a break from talking about herself and how much better a match she was for Hoyt than Jessica, she excused herself to go to the restroom. Jessica came over and she and Hoyt had an adorable talk about how Hoyt hates Summer, but she is better than wallowing in how miserable he is without Jess. Jess started to cry and Tommy gave Hoyt a hard time about being mean to Jessica. I have a feeling this break-up isn't going to last much longer. Who can resist Hoyt??

Back at that other bar, Fangtasia, Nan Flanigan comes to question Eric about the whole Russell Edgington/The Magister thing. Her crazy army (seriously, what was with those outfits?) set up some webcams so that "The Authority" can be part of this questioning. Eric gives them the whole run down of what happened, including his 1000 year old grudge against Russell. Nan  and The Authority aren't sure what to do, so they take a day or two to think about it, putting Eric and Pam on lockdown in Fangtasia. Eric, assuming he is about to reach his final death, says his goodbyes to Pam, saying that she should be a maker if he dies. However, when Nan returns, she says that this whole thing is such a mess, and that AVL and The Authority are going to pretend it never happened, and if he happens to get revenge and kill Russell, well, that never happened either. Woo! Of course, a not so happy Russell (and the incredibly gross remains of Talbot in a crystal urn) sees Nan at Fangtasia and assumes they are protecting Eric. He vows revenge... which he gets. But let's deal with Bill/Sookie first.

After their night of crazy sex and then shower sex, Bill and Sookie go ahead and clean up the dead body from her living room. Something that has become a regular occurrence for them during their relationship, which brings back up all of the issues these two were having. Bill points out it is better than being boring, but Sookie wouldn't mind some boring every once and awhile. And there is the whole "you kept a file on me" issue. Bill says it was to discover why Eric was so interested in her, to which I said "LIAR!" They leave it sort of up in the air when it come time for Bill to go to sleep and Sookie to deal with her day. For Sookie that meant meeting Hadley and her son (we are rushing the books a bit, aren't we??) at the Aquarium. Hadley is shaky at best, and afraid that the vamps are going to come after her. But we discover the real reason she wanted to see Sookie was not to warn Sookie but to see if her son was also "special" aka a telepath. Turns out - he is. And that leads Hadley to run off with her boy in tow and scared to death. Bill meanwhile starts to have a leak in his sleeping area - when he opens the hatch, he finds out he is the mysterious land that Sookie was in during her coma. Claudine finds him there, realizes he is only there because he had so much of Sook's blood, and assumes he killed her. Bill says he didn't and when he approaches Claudine becomes almost entranced with her and tries to bite her. He demands she tells him when Sookie is because Sookie needs to know to protect herself. Back at Sookie's house that night Bill says he knows why everyone is so interested in her - and it's because..... (be patient. We'll find out soon)

And then there is the final scene. Nan Flanigan is in the limo heading to the airport to fly to Portland, Oregon! (I'll meet you there!) She gets hungry, but it turns out even Nan isn't drinking that True Blood crap, she has a half naked girl there to drink from. Convient. On the TV is a CNN-type channel, where the anchor discusses protests about the VRA outside the capitol in Salem, OR (I wonder if my mom was there). There is a noise in the studio hinting something may be about to happen. And boy howdy, does something happen. That something? Russell appearing behind the anchor and literally ripping out his spine. Awesome. Russell gives a stirring speech about how the AVL is lying to the American people - the Vamps are scary scary folks that the humans she very much fear. And that Vamps don't want equal rights because they are in no way equal to people - they are very much superior. So be afraid, be very afraid. And then the best closing line/delivery ever, "Now, time for the weather. Tiffany?" Hey Emmys - shine up a gold statue for Denis O'Hare for next year, would ya? Thanks!

So..... what did you think? Did you all love this ep as much as I did?  Are you happy with the way Alan is taking this season? Did everyone else hope Alcide would show up at some point? I miss you Joe Manganiello!

Comment away. And let me know if you are having trouble with comments!