Monday, August 2, 2010

Week in Review 7/25-7/31

Man, I have been busy! I'm still not completely caught up on all of my TV. But I guess I should get this out there for the few of you that are interested! :) 

MAD MEN: WOOOOOO!!! So excited that this show is back. There is something just heartbreaking and beautiful about this show. I could literally just watch them sit there and smoke and drink and be completely entertained. Things aren't perfect at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but they are certainly better than working out of a hotel room! I can't wait to see more. Especially just to see what trouble Joan will get into/prevent others from getting into. She is one of the greatest characters on television.  Oh, and also exciting -Sarah Newlin!!

ARMY WIVES: This show is cheesy and all, but I LOVED seeing Godfather from Band of Brothers back in uniform (yes, Army instead of Marines this time, but still... fatigues nonetheless). Only issue: he had his full voice. I miss that Godfather scratchiness.

MY BOYS: While not as exciting as Mad Men's return, the premiere of My Boys brought me much joy. I was nervous because Jim Gaffigan was not back this season, but it turns out the show is just as funny without him. And then handled his departure so well - he took a promotion to China, and then everyone got to do their best Jim Gaffigan impersonation to talk about why they do/don't miss him. This show is just plain fun, but I have to say I'm torn. The two leads have shows on NBC next season.... This means My Boys has to go if these shows get picked up with them still in the leads.  Hmmmm....

ENTOURAGE: I love Sloane. I once saw a poll that had her has best girlfriend on television. I agree. How she puts up with any of the crap the boys pull is beyond me!

RIZZOLI AND ISLES: Normally I do not like Lorraine Bracco. I've always found her grating, but I ADORE her on this show! Maybe it's because I grew up on the east coast and knew those moms. Love it. I also really enjoyed Donnie Whalberg, and now kinda want his show on CBS with Tom Selleck to fail just so he can come back on here. Sorry, Magnum.

HUGE: Nevermind the storyline this week (adorable) the best part of this show was "Phantasma" - this show's version of Twilight, but with a ghost instead of a vampire. They showed about a total of 5 minutes of clips from this fake movie during the episode and it had me CRACKING UP! The chic said "irrevocably" like 5 times. And then they did the scene in the woods where he makes her say what he is. It was great. While I enjoy Twilight, I also enjoy a good Twilight mockery. Because, let's face it, that is a cheesy movie!

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT: The episode: cute. Lauren Gottleib's dancing in her guest appearance: fan-friggin-tastic. She is the best! THE BEST!

LOUIE: I've mentioned before that the show is just plain wrong. Well if you want to understand just how wrong - watch the clip with the heckler from last week's episode.  Wow. Just wow. I was in shock. And then once you get over that - the second half of the episode guest stars Matthew Broderick. Is there any actor more adorable.

WAREHOUSE 13: There was an Original Ray's shout out on this episode. I'm hungry.

WHITE COLLAR: This episode was one of the most fun we've had on the show in a long time. There is nothing more adorable that Neal's face when he is being flattered through imitation. He is very proud of what he does. There is something to be said for that right? Even if what he does is forgery/theivery??  Right? Ah well.... he's pretty, so we let it go.

TOP CHEF: Alex stole the pea puree. I know it, Ed knows it, the other 8 contestants know it, and so does anyone that watched it. Well almost anyone. Last I saw the poll on if you thought Alex stole the pea puree had more than 90% of people saying yes. Did you see his "confessional" footage. He couldn't even look at the camera! He looked and sounded guilty. And there was no footage of him shelling peas, let alone putting them in a blender or pouring them out of a blender or anything!!! But what we did get out of this episode: Ed's a classy guy. Good for him for keeping his mouth shut. After this episode I can't wait for the reunion episode! Andy Cohen is going to be all over this!

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Mia's opening group number (The boys plus Alison to Every Little Thing She Does is Magic) was the best group number this season. Top 3 of the series I think. I really really loved it. As for the results. Glad Jose is gone. As for Billy.... rather him over Lauren/Robert, but wish Adechike had gone instead. As for why Lauren was in the bottom- I think once Cat said she may have been hurt probably hurt the voting for Lauren. Injury=exit on the show, so people probably just gave up.

ROYAL PAINS: Hey! Bill Belamy! Anywho..... that was a fun episode.

PROJECT RUNWAY: It's back! And it's too soon to judge how I feel about the new season.  Quick reaction- favorites: Christopher and Peach. While I didn't like her outfit too much, I also like Sarah because she did costumes for The Guild. Losers: Jason and Casanova. If anyone says different they are stupid. That's right. Stupid. That's all I got. If you want to read a good Project Runway blog, read Jennifer Eolin's blog. She's awesome and funny.

AUSTIN AND SANTINO ON THE ROAD: From minute one I was in love with this show. These guys in the car is worth tuning in for. But then when they were making the dress and Santino told Austin "I don't know how to quit you," well, I almost peed my pants. At least we know if PR ever starts to disappoint, we have these guys to cheer us up!

BOSTON MED: Oh the tears when the parents took baby Michael to surgery.  I'm never having another kid. I can't take it.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: This show can be so hard to watch sometimes. I think I have an ulcer from watching this show it is so nerve wracking! But I adore it. And for all the times it makes me cringe (Looking at you JD and Joe McCoy) there are plenty of laughs. And this week was one of the best - the East Dillon Lions literally covering the Dillon Panther's field with toothpicks sticking out of the grass was the best prank ever. You go, Landry.

Alright.... that's it this week. Comment me so I can feel loved. :)

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erin is awesome said...

Ahhh just watched part of Stand by Me and Wil Wheaton is one of the boys (yes, no suprise to you, but this is me commenting not you, so be shocked for me) and I cannot help but think of how pissed Sheldon would be right now! I too loved Mia's piece and would have preferred Adechike to go over Billy, but I have wanted him to go basically from the start. Saw Boston Strnagler Rizzoli and Isles, I loved Isles pointing out her date had Marfan's. I had a bio project where we had DNA with a problem and MArfan's was mine, so as soon as she started pointing out things I knew where she was going. Swoon for the adorablness that is Santino and Autsin- here's hoping for some Santino originals adn Austin runway walks. I could be a designer on PR is Jason is, I am badass with a staple gun too ;0) PS I have a childhood friend who informed me Christopher from San Fran is a good friend of hers!!!