Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST: The Package

And what a lovely package it is, Brutha. We will get to that in a bit. It's hard to follow an insta-classic episode like Ab Aeterno, but this one was still interesting. I have always liked the Jack/Sun relationship, and this episode had a few good scenes with them, so that made me happy.

I'm not going to do the full recap this week. Let's just cover the highlights:

In the sideways reality we saw that Sun and Jin, while not married, are still totally doing it. Sun wants to run away with Jin. Ahhh... sweet love. We also found out how poor Jin would up in the fridge. Mr. Piak, Sun's dad, knew that Jin and Sun were doing it, and being an incredibly old-school Korean guy, was sooo not having that. The money that Jin brought over with the watch was payment for Keamy to kill Jin. The money was confiscated at customs, so Keamy's partner, Mikhail (aka Patchy, but in this reality, sans Patch) took Sun to get the money from her own account. Daddy is too smart for that though, and closed the account. We hear Sayid's badassery from inside the fridge this time and he comes in and doesn't exactly seem too eager to help out Jin. Instead he just hands him a box cutter. Nice, Sayid. Mikhail and Sun arrive empty handed and after some gunfire, Keamy ends up dead for reals, Mikhail ends up with a hole for an eye (tada!) and Sun ends up shot in the belly. Which sucks, cuz she is preggers. This sideways reality isn't winding up any better than their island one!! WTH?
Back on the island, we first see that someone is watching UnLocke's camp. It's Widmore's people, as we find out soon enough. UnLocke tells Jin he is going to go find Sun and bring her back to him, though Jin doesn't seem to thankful. Duh. Sayid tells UnLocke that he doesn't feel anything - dude, we know. As if the cold blooded killing of Dogen and Lennon wasn't enough, the just sitting there while Claire tried to kill Kate sort of clued us in! After UnLocke goes off to get Sun, the entire camp is drugged with nifty little tranq darts and then Jin is taken... by Widmore's people. Back at the beach... (remember back in the old days when it was the beach vs the caves? Life was simple then.) Sun gets frustrated with Ilana's plan to wait for Richard. She goes to sulk in her garden (memories.....) and Jack tries to give her the "destiny" pep-talk but Sun is all "shut up, I just want my husband and to go back to my daughter." Jack backs away slowly and then UnLocke comes and tells her that Jin is with him, so to come along. Sun knows that's a bad idea, and runs. Later, Ben finds her knocked out in the jungle, where she can understand English, but can only speak Korean. Oy. On Hydra, Jin is locked in that brain testing room from House, I mean Room 23. Zoe wants him to explain the electromagnetic magnetic maps from his time in Dharma, but instead he decides to talk to Widmore. Widmore shows him pics of his daughter (single tear). Jack and Sun make up and Jack promises to get her and Jin off the island. Then tells his minions to go get the package. UnLocke is back at camp, finds everyone passed out and Jin gone. With Sayid in tow, he goes to Hydra, faces off with Widmore who set up a nifty fence ala New Otherton. Sayid hangs in the water and spots the package..... it's Desmond!!! (hurray us, Annette!)

Ok.... thoughts. 
First of all, I'm really worried for Jin and Sun. Here is why: next week's ep is Desmond-centric (WOOT!) and is titled "Happily Ever After." Desmond and Penny solidified their place as "couple meant to be" on the show in the episode The Constant, and I think next week is just going to further prove that. So where does that leave Jin and Sun? Are Team Darlton really going to let TWO couples live happily ever after? They are sweet, but ultimately fairly tragic. I'm not seeing the happy ending here. At least not in both realities.
Kate seems to be all but a goner by the end, right? She is no longer a candidate. She has no real romantic ties anywhere. And UnLocke told Claire she is free to do with Kate what she will once UnLocke is done using her to get all 6 candidates on the plane. Oh Freckles....
Also, thought I'd share a theory Kev and I have discussed about the sideways/island connection. When Juliet was dying she seemed to be going into the other reality as opposed to "going into the light" or whatever it is you do when you die. Perhaps the sideways is their do over. If things don't work out on the island, they get to try again, because it turned out the island didn't need them afterall. This doesn't necessarily mean happy endings all around. Things are not looking so hot for Kate, Jin and Sun so far in Sideways or Island reality. Whatcha think? And by the way, I'm fairly sure I'm 100% wrong.

My favorite/interesting quotes of the night:

Sayid: I don't feel anything
UnLocke: Maybe that's best Sayid. Help you get through what's coming.

Miles: Unless it's covered in bacon grease, I don't think Hurley can track anything.
Frank: Heeeyyyy. Don't talk about bacon.

Ben: Why don't you believe me?
Ilana: Because you're speaking.

Room 23 video: Everything Changes

Sawyer: Can't you just turn to smoke and fly to the other island?
UnLocke: If I could do that would I still be on this island?
Sawyer: No. Cause that would just be ridiculous.

Miles: She hits her head and forgets English? We are supposed to believe that?
Frank: Says the guy who talks to ghosts.
(These two should hit the road as a comedy team if they ever get off the island!)

UnLocke (to Widmore): A wise man once said war is coming to this island. I think it just got here.

Keamy (to Jin): Some people just aren't meant to be together.
(Dammit Keamy!!)

and finally... the doozy of the night:
Widmore: If he gets off the island, your daughter, my daughter, everyone we know and love would simply cease to be.

So, thoughts? Ideas? Tears over the bagpipe version of Amazing Grace that played over the scenes for next week? Comment away, fellow Losties.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Week in Review: 3/21-3/27

This week is probably going to be missing a few things that I would normally put in because I am still catching up on the DVR. Amazing how a three day trip out of town can cause such a huge list on their! So sad...  Something I would like to point out about this past week's programs: Two (!) shows ended with someone jumping off a bridge! I don't point this out because I am overly sensitive about these things. Just that I find that even with the large number of shows I watch, two seems like a high number for one week! Just saying...

Anyway, on to the shows.  The majority of which do not end with bridge jumping. Woot!

THE PACIFIC: Sigh... this show is fantastic. I barely breathe while watching. The fact that any of these guys are alive is amazing! The highlight of Part Two: The badassness of Basilone (Jon Seda). When he picked up the barrel of that machine gun while it was still burning hot and then took out the entire platoon of Japanese soldiers.... Holy Crap. He went Jack Bauer in the jungle, and it was insane. That guy deserves his own statue somewhere. And then the fall- his friend, Manny, was killed. Sad doesn't begin to describe that moment when Basilone finds Manny in the jungle. One thing I will say about this and the Band of Brother series is they always know how to end an episode. Part One ended with the squad singing Happy Birthday to one of the soldiers while marching into the jungle. This week was even better: Leckie (James Badge Dale) and three other soldiers being served coffee on the boat that finally came to get them out of Gudacanal. As they sip their coffee (a gourmet masterpiece they treasure compared to the rice and maggots they had been eating) the crew member tells them they are heroes back home. An idea they clearly can not understand. Perfection.

LIFE: I looooved Planet Earth! I thought it was breathtaking. This is somehow even better. It's amazing how much technology has evolved that the cameras are even better. I hope you are all watching this, and in HD. It's awe inspiring. Those who did watch it: Am I the only person who got all weepy over the Octopus?

CHUCK: Negative: probably one of my least favorite episodes of the season. Positive: it was still totally awesome. Chuck is set to take the test to become a real spy. When he said he loves taking tests, and then yelled "Scantron!" I almost died. Love it. Sarah is the proctor of the test, which made for some fun. I particularly liked Chuck's stakeout ambiance to try to win Sarah back. But despite successfully completing part one of the test, Chuck finds out he is not a real spy - he needs to complete his Red Test aka killing a guy. First of all: why do all chases end in a train yard? I have seen at least a dozen train yards on TV and movies in the last month! Enough already! When it comes time, Chuck hesitates, but Casey, is there to pull the trigger for him. I love the moment when Sarah sees Chuck over the dead body, thinking he did it. It was a call back to the scene in season 1 where Chuck first sees Sarah kill someone. Made them both question their love for each other. I'm just hoping they both figure it out. Bonus to this episode: Shirtless Zach Levi. What. Up.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: This was classic HIMYM as it was about why these guys are all friends. Two highlights for me: When they kept calling Robin one of Ted's skanks. Anne Dudek! Why didn't we get more Anne Dudek?!?! I want more!!

GOSSIP GIRL: Ummmmm...... Little J has never seen Dirty Dancing?? Seriously?? It's not like Serena is 15 years older than her. She is 3 years older!! Ridiculous. I knew I didn't like Jenny! Excited Jack Bass is back. Not because I like Jack. He's a total douche. But I do love the actor that plays him: Desmond Harrington. Super nice guy, and so glad he is doing well! (When does Dexter come back?!) .................................Chace Crawford is pretty. sorry. couldn't resist.

24: Is there anything better on 24 than when Chloe gets her super annoyed face! Glad she saved the day, I was worried it wouldn't work out. Especially enjoyed when she told Hastings that she "doesn't do well with praise." No kidding. As for the idiot field agents that got killed: If Jack Bauer says to do something, you do it. Or you die. You both are stupid and deserved to die. Just saying... So happy Renee is back to save the day! She rocks! And I'm also kind of glad that Dana turned out to be evil. Still hate her and the storyline, but I'd rather she be evil than just plain stupid. Hope Cole gets to kill her in the end.
As for 24 getting cancelled. Good. I love this show, even through its ups and downs, and those downs have been waaaaay down. But it is time to let it go. 8 seasons is more than a lifetime for most TV shows. And now we can get the Jack Bauer movie. Kev and I have decided that there should be a spinoff: a half hour comedy focusing on Jack and Renee living in a condo in LA near Kimmy and fam. Jack is president of the HOA, Renee is in a book club. Hilarity ensues. Until the book club reads Anna Karenina and all the Russian crap gives Renee a PTSD episode and she kills everyone.

CASTLE: For those who read my Psych entries, you know that the season finale stood out to me because finally the case was difficult and it was more intense. Castle followed suit this week with Part 1 of a two-parter. Dana Delany proved to me that it is just the character, Katherine, on Desperate Housewives that I don't like and not her. She was so much fun. We also learned that the reason Castle's mom lives with them is because her ex took all her money! And thank goodness, because this show would be significantly less fun without Susan Sullivan, who was able to make use of those old Incredible Hulk episodes! I know Beckett isn't dead --- duh --- but the end had me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait for part two!!!

JUSTIFIED: The only thing better than a convict band playing at your party is requesting that the convict band play Freebird! Oh my God, I love this show! The characters are fantastic. Somehow this episode was even better than the first. And Kristin Bauer (Pam from True Blood) was on it, proving she is a fantastic actress because her character here was polar opposite of Pam. Can't wait for the next episode tomorrow.

DAMAGES: Wow. This show is on fire. I don't even care that they are adding what seems to be a completely unnecessary storyline with the Frobisher movie. Unlike other shows with useless storylines added in - this one is great. And it led to a great line between Frobisher and his son, Owen:
Ted: Not everything is black and white. We live in grey areas.
Owen: Not in Hollywood.
Couldn't be more true, and yet this show is the exception that proves the rule! Love Keith Carradine as The Architect. I can't wait to see what is hiding behind Patty's walls. Little thing that stands out to me on the show and I appreciate: Ellen still has that picture of her and David on her desk. I miss David. And then the end.... turns out Tom wasn't murdered. He appears to have killed himself. (Jumper #1)

90210: Yeah, I watch this show. So what? It's fun. Up front: I don't like AnaLynne McCord, who plays Naomi. She has always bothered me. However Naomi is growing on me. Especially when she says lines like this, and means it, "Check his email. Monitor his cell. Follow him around. You know. The usual."  Oh Naomi....

MODERN FAMILY: This show is full of gags that I can't possibly explain on here. You just have to watch. However this one is too good not to try. I still giggle thinking about it. Phil (the husband) likes to watch nature shows with his noise cancelling headphones on. He leaves them on the couch when he has to go help his wife with the kids. Then the youngest, Luke, who is, well I don't want to say dumb.... he's ummm.... anyway.... he goes and puts on the headphones and then starts saying, "I have these on so no one can hear me. Hhaha. I'm so smart and you are all so dumb." Funniest. Gag. Ever.

UGLY BETTY: Betty finally loses the braces. But of course, this is Ugly Betty, so it can't be easy! She first has an It's a Wonderful Life-type dream where she finds out what life would have been like if she had been born with perfect teeth. Highlight- at one point she slept with Daniel! Ha. Also fun: her "tooth-fairy-godmother," played by Kathy Najimy, wanted to give Betty the dream-like effect so she would make mystical "woooooo" sounds. Awesome. And in case you were wondering- this was all just a way to prove how pretty America Ferrera really is!

COMMUNITY: I want to watch Abed and Troy in the Morning! Make it happen, NBC!

PARKS AND REC: This show gets better every week. April is quickly becoming my favorite. The picture of her and Andy on the cover of the Parks and Rec guide... so sweet! Plus she gave the best line of the night. There was a slide of Tom holding an espresso cup and he had a thougtful look on his face and when asked what is he thinking, without skipping a beat, April said, "Why is my cup so small?"  Love.

30 ROCK: Um, there is no way to describe everything that was funny this week. If you didn't watch, for the love of God, hulu this! Great throwaway line, "They are Boston Irish Catholic. They mate for life. Like swans. Drunk angry swans."

CAPRICA:  JAMES MARSTERS!!! Having fun in this Spike-like (teehee) role. Also, it appears Mrs. Graystone died (jumper #2). Not really sad about it, because I did not like her at all. Sorry.  Big huge monster shout out to Alessandra Torresani as Zoe. She is wonderful. I think playing an Avatar of a dead girl stuck in a robot is probably pretty complicated.

Alright, that is all for now. You're welcome. :)

And for those who care about what I have to say, other than TV stuff: here ya go.

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LOST: Ab Aeterno

WOW. Right?? What a fantastic episode.  Nestor Carbonell and is beautiful eyelashes totally rocked it last night. Just amazing. This week we didn't have any of those pesky Sidways Reality stories, so I my recap will be more straighforward. Woo!

(Oh, and for those of you who wanted to know, the title, Ab Aeterno, is Latin and literally translates to "from the eternal." It refers to something that is from the beginning of time, or before time existed.  You're welcome.)

We start back in "the real world" with a scene we have seen before. Ilana all covered in bandages (Why? Did she look like someone else before? Is this why no one, including Richard, knows her? Or have we already discovered this and I just forgot?!) in a hospital bed with Jacob (in black?) coming to ask for her help. He wants her to protect the 6 remaining candidates. And once she finds them, Richard will know what to do. This is interspliced with a really funny scene on the beach as Ilana, Ben and Sun recount all that has been going on to Jack and Hurley. Including the whole "Locke" fun. When they all turn to Richard to find out what to do, he just goes into a fit of crazy giggles, because he doesn't have a friggin clue! Of course! It's so hard to find good help nowadays, Jacob! He tells them that they are all dead and this island is hell. (No it's not, Richard. Kristin's clue said that there was no "e" in the word!) Richard decides it is time to stop listening to Jacob and start listening to someone else, which can only be MIB, which seems like a bad idea, Richard! But he wanders off into the jungle. Hurley wanders off and starts speaking in Spanish to someone. Jack mistakenly thinks it's Jacob, but Hurley tells him, it's not always about you, Jack! So needy, that surgeon! Hurley wanders off into the Jungle too.
And cut to Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1867! (For those who don't want to do the math, that puts Richard on the island for 140 years. Oy. He must be sick of warthog and mangoes.) He enters a hut where we find poor Isabella (who isn't Salma Hayek's sister, but I was convinced that she was the entire episode.). Isabella is Richard's love, and she is dying of that mysterious disease all people die of in movies and TV that have them coughing up blood into a hankercheif. Richard promises to get the doctor to help her no matter what, so off he rides to see him. The doctor lives in a huge mansion like he is the king of this island, and being that he has all the medicine, he essentially is. And is a total dick about it. Richard offers the doctor literally all he has, including Isabella's necklace, but the doctor still says no (dick!) so Richard shoves him and the doctor hits his head just right on the table and dies. The butler guy comes in and sees so Richard grabs the medicine and dashes off, back to Isabella. As fate would have it, it was all for not - Isabella is already dead when Richard arrives, and he is carted off to jail.
While waiting in the prison cell the priest comes to see him. He has Richard confess, and then says he can offer no forgiveness because he does not have time to do all the praying he needs to do to God in order to gain his forgiveness before he is going to be hung tomorrow, so off to Hell with you! Apparently being a dick was contagious on the Canary Islands in the 1800s! As he is blindfolded and heading off to the gallows, he is stopped by a Mr. Whitfield who asks if he speaks English, which Richard reveals that he does (he had been practicing with Isabella so they could go to the New World) he buys him as a slave for his ship... The Black Rock! As we already knew, The Black Rock gets caught up in a storm, and crashes on the island. As they approach one of the other slaves sees the big statue with 4 toes and says "The island is guarded by the Devil." In the morning they all wake up to find themselves in the middle of the jungle. Whitfield comes down to the slaves and kills them off one by one because he knows they will eventually try to turn on the officers. Right before he can get to Richard, we hear that familiar sound of Smokey. He kills all the officers, including Whitfield, and looks at Richard for a bit. He spares him, but doesn't unlock him either, because Smokey is funny like that. Richard spends who knows how long trying to get a nail free from the floorboard, and once he does he is so tired he can't even dig out his chains. Then he wakes to a warthog eating another slave (ew.) and when the hog runs away, he knocks the nail just out of reach. Darn those warthogs - can't live with them, can't survive on the island without them for food! And then Isabella arrives, or at least Richard sees her. She says that they are both dead and this is Hell and she is here to save him before the Devil returns. But Smokey comes and gets her, of course, because she is dead and MIB is a tricky fella! MIB finally shows himself to Richard (we've missed you Titus Welliver!) and brings water, because he isn't completely evil. He tells Richard that he is a friend and will unlock Richard if Richard does what he tells him to. He wants Richard to "kill the devil" aka Jacob (man, he's been at this awhile!) and gives almost identical instructions that Dogen gave to Sayid... Don't let him talk or it will already be too late and all that jazz. MIB tells Richard that he is Smokey, but it was the Devil that took Isabella. So off into the Jungle Richard goes, to find the statue that, thanks to The Black Rock, is now only a foot.
And here is where it gets really crazy! As Richard approaches Jacob, Jacob gives him a beating and quite easily takes the knife away. To be fair, who knows how long Richard was chained up! Jacob asks if Richard talked to a Man in Black and wants to know what he said. Richard said that he is dead, this is hell and the devil took my wife. Jacob refutes all of this, and to prove he isn't dead, Jacob tries to drown Richard. When Richard begs him to stop, Jacob asks why and Richard yells, "Because I want to live." Then Jacob says "pffftthhh! so there!" Ok, maybe not, but he should have. They sit down on the beach to enjoy a bottle of wine. The MOST IMPORTANT BOTTLE OF WINE EVER! Jacob tells Richard he is not the Devil, he is here to protect the island. The island is like the CORK in the wine bottle, and the wine is the darkness or evil (hell). The cork/island keeps the evil bottled up. I'll put the full and totally rad quote in my quotes section at the bottom. Jacob brought the ship here. MIB thinks that people are all sinners and corruptable, however Jacob believes in freewill and that people can make their own choices, and their past doesn't really matter. (Redemption, people!! I told you this is important!) Jacob asks Richard to be his intermediary on the island. Richard wants Isabella back or absolution for sins, which Jacob can not provide. Instead he gets the prize behind door #3: eternal life. Richard returns to MIB, with a white rock in hand, because Jacob is a cheeky bugger. MIB tells Richard that Jacob can be convincing, but if he ever (and since the whole eternal life thing happens, he means EVER) changes his mind, MIB will be there. He leaves, and Richard buries Isabella's necklace at the foot of a tree.
Back to 2007! Richard is digging up the necklace. He yells (to UnLocke, where ever he may be) that he has changed his mind, and does the offer still stand? Instead of UnLocke, Hurley appears in the woods. Bring out the hankies people, because here come the water works. He has a message from Isabella, who is with them. She, through Hurley (though to make it more powerful we only hear her) tells Richard that it is not his fault she died and that he has suffered enough. He tells Isabella that he will do anything for them to be together. And she tells him to stop MIB from leaving the island or bad bad things will happen! Cue UnLocke looking extra creepy while watching on from a distance.
And back to 1867 - MIB and Jacob are on the beach. MIB tells Jacob he wants to kill him so he can get off the island. Jacob says if I die someone will just replace me, to which MIB responds, that he woud just kill the replacement. Nice. Jacob walks off. MIB looks at the wine bottle as the wine (darkness) swirls around inside and then in the most chilling moment of the season, breaks the bottle on a rock. Seriously... major chills when that happened!

OK, Quotes before I get to some other thoughts...

Richard: Did you tell your friends that I was trying to kill myself when you found me? Does that sound like someone who has a plan?

Jack: But Locke's dead.
Ben: If it's any consolation, it's not exactly Locke.

Jacob: Do you want me to stop?
Richard: YES!
Jacob: Why?
Richard: Because I want to live!
Jacob: That the first sensible thing you've said.

Jacob: Think of this wine as what you keep calling hell. There's many other names for it too - malevolence, evil, darkness - and here it is, swirling around in the bottle unable to get out because if it did, it would spread. The cork is this island. And it's the only thing keeping the darkness where it belongs.

Hurley: She says your English is awesome!

Isabella: You have to stop the man in black. You have to stop him from leaving the island. Because if you don't we all go to hell.

Alright... so if the cork pops, if you will, who comes to the rescue first - Buffy and the Scooby gang or The Winchester Brothers? Because this island sounds like it is sitting on a Hellmouth/Gate. (That article you sent me, Annette, just added another comparison!)

This episode was fantastical. I loved every minute of it and I'm hoping it is proving to the naysayers that Team Darlton has an obvious endgame in sight. I can't wait, but I'm not sure what I will do when this is over. Thoughts? I always forget stuff, so comment away. (I added the capture to the comments because I was getting spam.)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Week in Review 3/14-3/20

Yes, I realize this is a bit early. I went in time to tomorrow night and realized nothing of consequence was on so I may as well just get this out of the way now. That, and I'm going out of town and I don't know if I'll have time to do it before Wednesday. The only thing that will be missing in Caprica, and I don't think any of you seem to be watching it anyway.

Some new things on the list this week! Woohoo!!

THE PACIFIC: I realize some of you do not get HBO, so you can't watch it as it airs. But watch for it when it comes on DVD, I promise you will not be disappointed! I have read a lot of "It's great, but not Band of Brothers" comments. To those I say: neither was Band of Brothers after the first week. It's hard to compare because I think it is a safe bet to assume that anyone who has seen BofB has seen in more than once. So you have that feeling of comfort with those characters that we just don't have yet with the guys on The Pacific. This week focused mostly on Leckie played by James Badge Dale (He was Chase on 24. Look, he still has his hand!). In case we weren't already sure that he was awesome - he shot that poor Japenese soldier the other American's were torturing. I respect and honor our soldiers, then and now, and WWII was truly the Greatest Generation of soldiers, but there were also a whole lot of ignorant asses. Speaking of soldiers then and now - it's a bit of a disconnect watching Eugene (Joseph Mazello aka the little kid in Jurassic Park!!!!) cry over having a heart murmur and not being able to enlist to the movies about current soldiers like Stop-Loss and the storyline on House where a guy literally cut off his own foot to avoid getting sent back. Makes you realize how much things have changed. Anyway.... LOVE this series. I hope all of you that have HBO are watching.

CHUCK: Wow. Another game changing episode! Apparently Casey didn't get the memo that Robert Patrick is always the bad guy! My heart was racing the entire episode. While we were watching Kevin was sure it was the season finale, it was so intense. And as always, it had the heartfelt moments as well. I'll admit I got misty when Casey told Chuck to go for it with Sarah because he lost his chance at choosing love 16 years ago. Oh, and Casey has a daughter!!! *single tear*

LIFE UNEXPECTED: "I had a boyfriend. Named Bug. That I was going to live with. Yes - I've had sex." Nuff said.

GOSSIP GIRL: A thank you to Dan Humphrey for this line, "Melissa. It's a good name."  Thanks, Dan! Also, Chase Crawford is really pretty.

GREEK: I'm kinda annoyed they seem to be heading towards the "Casey and Cappie are a short story" ending. The season is almost done and then this summer they come back with a 10 episode final season. Fix it, Greek writers! Fun easter egg: Cappie's mom was played by Lea Thompson (the mom from Back to the Future for the 2 people in the world that don't know that) and at the 80's party there was a guy dressed like Marty McFly behind Katherine. Awesome.

HOUSE: The opening scene in the planetarium reminded me of astronomy class at Hartnell. (Hi Brian!) I miss laying down on the seats looking at fake stars. I don't miss the teachers miniscule writing on the white board, especially because the class was in a lecture hall not in a small classroom. Back to the show - when they were giving Abby that crazy brain reading test did anyone else think of the horrible testing The Others did to Alex's boyfriend on LOST? And this was week 2 of No Cuddy Until 45 Minutes In. And only one scene again! Unacceptable!!!!

24: I was kind of hoping we could just ignore Dana this week.  And what is with that insane parole officer?! I've met a lot of parole officers (not because I was personally on parole, just to be clear) and not a single one was so invested in their parolee that they would drive to CTU in NYC in the middle of the night! Other things that didn't make sense - what hotel in NYC has windows that open nowadays? You are just asking for people to jump. And if she had opened the window what was she going to do?? Silly girl. Best part of the episode: Jack telling Omar and his wife they brought this on themselves. Seriously, how many times has Jack sacrificed himself and his family for the country? Get over it Omar!

DAMAGES: The whole Tobin thing is crazy. Also crazy: Craig Bierko's facial hair. WTF is up with that??  Love love love the moment when Ellen tells Patty that Michael and his girlfriend are having a baby. Classic. Oh, and Ellen and Tom in the future are starting their own firm?! Sadness for Tom dying keeps increasing!

SOUTHLAND: Could this show be any more intense. What I love is I really thought that the girl who claimed that her boss was stalking her was going to end up being the crazy one and get poor Ben all sucked up in her nuttiness. But nope, her boss was actually stalking her. This show is the best. It even makes my husband not hate Ben McKenzie so much!

PARENTHOOD: Sad realization this week. Lorelai Gilmore is the Lauren Graham character I wish I was, but Sarah Braverman is the Lauren Graham character I more closely resemble.  Ah well....  I'm really enjoying Dax Shepard, a lot more than I thought I would. Maybe because he plays opposite that adorable little boy. And because I know he is marrying Kristin Bell in real life (VERONICA MARS FOREVER!). And I think it is awesome that anyone who started out as one of the actors on Punk'd can wind up on a quality TV show.

THE GOOD WIFE: Martha Plimpton!! She is the best part every week of How to Make it in America, so I'm excited she is back to her tricks on this show! Plus having her character back means we get more of funny throw away exchanges like this one about her character's newborn this week:
Will: What's her name?
Patti: Bite me.
Will: Is that Dutch?
Speaking of Will, I'm a little sad Alicia and him didn't just do it in his office this week. And then she went home and slept with Peter. I never thought I wouldn't love Mr. Big, but come on! Will and Alicia all the way! And not just because I have had a crush on Josh Charles since Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead. Ok, maybe because of that.

JUSTIFIED: WELL?!?!?!? Did ya watch?! Did ya?!! Amazing, right? Timothy Olyphant is at his best as a charming and a bit off the rails US Marshall.  And is Walton Goggins ever anything but completely scary? This guy makes Shane from The Shield look friendly. Their exchange about the bible.... chilling. And hysterical. Which is why this show is fantastic. It makes you laugh and scares the crap out of you because even if they are ficitional characters, you know these guys exist! I'm not moving to Kentucky any time soon, thankyouverymuch. Plus I'm pretty sure they had Tim drink some real moonshine in that scene! Did you see his face?! I really really hope you are watching this series, because I promise you it will just get even better. And for you guys, Natalie Zea guests stars, and she is hot.

HUMAN TARGET: Hurray for more Autumn Reeser!! If Taylor from The OC was computer smart instead of book smart she would be Layla. Really fun ep, even though I saw the "twist" coming a mile away!

UGLY BETTY: I'm really going to miss this show. Classic moment this week: Hilda telling Betty to love who she is as Justin listens from the steps, because he needs that pep talk too. Loved how they handled the storyline with Justin and Austin. Even if it ended on a sad note (at least for this episode). And Willy is back to the dark side! Fun! What I'm curious about: Original Recipe Betty ended with Betty and Daniel getting together. Sometimes they seem to be heading in that direction... curious.  (And will I EVER get to like Sam Page?!?!?!)

FLASHFORWARD: I'm glad this show is back. I hope it does well and gets another season. I'm losing LOST, what else am I going to watch to give me a headache?! Dominic Monaghan's Simon is officially my favorite character. He is so complex. When he killed that guy at the end.... just wow. Did not see that coming. We also introduced Gil Bellows this episode. (Sorry Gil, I don't care how many movies and TV shows you do, you will always be Billy on Ally McBeal. Just no getting around it.) Is it me or does his religion/cult, Santuary, seem a bit Fellowship of the Sun-ish? And speaking of Vampire shows, is that ring Simon put on (of course he is Zero) the same ring Stefan and Damon put on so they don't burn up in the sun on Vampire Diaries?

COMMUNITY: Another great episode. This show is on fire. I almost peed when they had the "No Patrick Swayze" poster in the pottery class and Annie gasped only for Tony Hale (WOO!) to clarify, "I put it up before he died, so it's not in bad taste!" Awesome! Maybe I love this show because I met so many fabulous friends at a community college.  But not Joel McHale, so ultimately, a bit of a diappointment. And I think all my Hartnell friends would agree with me there.

PROJECT RUNWAY/MODELS: I still hate Emilio. I still hate Mila. I still LOVE Anthony. I still think Jay is gonna win it.

Alrighty my lovely readers, that is it for now. I will enjoy Caprica on my own this week.  But know that I will squee when James Marsters comes on. (I heard he was cast in the Hawaii 5-0 reboot. Guess who is totally watching that next season!?) 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST: Recon

Alright, I admit this was a slower episode. And anything following a Ben-centric episode is going to pale in comparison. However, I still liked the episode. Plus, this season has been on its A game from the start, so what was an OK episode for this season was still a great episode over all, right? Plus it had my favorite of the Sideways intros. Speaking of, lets get to it.

Sidways starts will Sawyer in the middle of his same ol' con.  Sleep with the chic, "accidently" open the briefcase full of money, tell her about the business deal, blah, blah. But this time the girl doesn't buy it. She pulls a gun on Sawyer (who I will be calling Jim for the rest of the Sideways story because otherwise it is going to be confusing considering where this one goes.) and Jim pulls a gun back on her. She says his dimples aren't good enough to pull this con (aren't they?) but he tells her she isn't as smart as she thinks. He is a cop and all she had to do was bring the briefcase to her husband who was the real mark. She doesn't buy it, but to prove he is telling the truth Jim says the "magic word," La Fleur!!!!! And in rushes a ton of cops including Miles. When the girl finally realizes Jim is a cop, his answer is "Surprise!"  Indeed!! Notice that the Sidways seems to be the "bad guys" making better decisions? However, one decision that Jim hasn't changed in this reality is his hunt for Anthony Cooper aka Sawyer, Original Recipe. (See- calling him Jim so much easier here). But when Miles sees he is trying to find Anthony Cooper, Jim just says it's for tickets to a game. Miles can tell something is up, but takes Jim at his word. Miles also decides to set Jim up with a chic he knows from the museum (gee.... I wonder who would work at a museum?!) Surprise again! (not really) It's Charlotte, looking fabulous. I miss her. I wonder if she had chocolate before their dinner date. She is an archaeologist in this reality too. Of course. Something tells me she probably still has a Dharma connection too. When she asks Sawyer why he became he cop he said there came a point where he was going to be either a criminal or a cop, and for some reason that I hope we eventually discover, in this reality he chose cop. And this is enough to make Charlotte go home with him. Oh who are we kidding. It's Sawyer, he could have chose criminal and she still would have gone home with him. Back at his place, after the nookie, she looks for a t-shirt, and instead finds Jim's Sawyer file. He is none too happy about it, and throws her out. At 3am. Classy, Jim, classy! The next day, back at the station, we get my favorite sideways easter egg so far this season: Liam Pace (Charlie's brother) trying to bail Charlie out of jail. Good to know Charlie isn't dead yet. I hope. Miles gets rough with Jim since he, of course, heard about his less than gentlemanly treatment of Charlotte. He ran a credit card check and saw that Jim was in Australia not Palm Springs. Jim says it is none of his business and Miles comes back with the not wanting to be partners anymore bit. So, of course, Jim punches a mirror. And then stares in it. Sideways realities always seem to involve looking in mirrors. Maybe seeing their other self? I don't know... Anyway, now alone again Jim goes home and does what any grown man does at home alone. He watches Little House on the Prairie, with the ever insightful Michael Landon, "If you spend your whole life worrying about something that's gonna happen, before you know it, your lifes over and you spent a whole lot of it just worrying... That's what life is all about. Laughing and loving each other. And knowing that people aren't really gone when they die." Did Team Darlton secretly write Little House back in the day just so one day they could use that clip?! It inspired Jim too - he brought a pretty sunflower and beer (but sadly, not Dharma beer) to Charlottes, but she said to get out. He blew it. Awww... The next day he waits outside for Miles and gives him the Sawyer file. Jim tells hijm all about Anthony Cooper and his mom and dad and his plan to hunt down Cooper and kill him. When Miles asks why Jim never told him, he says he was afraid Miles would talk him out of it. And then a car rams into them and someone pops out of it and is on the run. Jim and Miles chase them down and when Jim catches them, he takes of their hood and finds..... Miss Kate Austen. As Jim says, "Son of a bitch!"

Let's go back to calling Jim Sawyer now. So, the reason Sawyer wasn't with the rest of UnLocke's crew at the Temple: he was with Jin back at Claire's camp. UnLocke comes back with everyone, and Sawyer sees Kate. He's a little nicer to her than the last time they were together! Kate sees Claire's creeeeeepy baby. She gets the "Damn, this chic is nuts!" face. Everyone gathers around so UnLocke can talk and give them an update. Flight Attendent Cindy asks what happened to everyone else at the Temple and UnLocke says that Smokey killed them, failing to mention that he is Smokey. Details! Kate takes Sawyer aside and asks what he is doing with UnLocke, and he makes it clear that he "ain't with anybody." As always, Sawyer is the lone wolf. UnLocke tells everyone he wants to set up camp somewhere else. When Sawyer basically says, "Ummm.. WTF?" UnLocke pulls him aside for a one on one. Sawyer wants to know when they are getting off the island, as promised. UnLocke tells him that he is the Smoke Monster and that right now it is either kill or be killed and he doesn't want to be killed, so just follow the plan. He sends Sawyer to go back over to the Hydra island and do recon on the other group. UnLocke's plan is to use the Ajira plane to get off the island. Sawyer gets there and see the cages and finds Kate's dress. He reminices to himself. Aww. He also goes past the garage Juliet worked in. More reminicing. Awww. Back on the main island, Kate goes over to a very trance-like Sayid. Sayid tells Kate he believes UnLocke and when she asks if he is okay, he says no.  You know, cuz he's infected. Then Crazy Claire jumps Kate and holds a knife to her throat. Kate screams to Sayid to help her but he just sits there.  You know, cuz he's infected. UnLocke finally shows up and rips Claire off Kate and when Claire goes off about Kate taking the baby UnLocke said she just did what she had to, smacks Claire and says she is being "completely inappropriate." Understatement! Kate is a wee bit shaken up. Over at Hydra, Sawyer finds the Ajria plane (not hard, cuz it's a small island and a big plane). He sees a trail leading away from it and finds a whole lot of dead bodies. Ew. He hears running and chases down a woman, Zoe. She claims to be the only one left from the flight. Sawyer asks what killed all the people and she says she doesn't know, she was in the jungle gathering wood, heard screaming and found them all dead. On the main island, UnLocke apologizes to Kate because he was the one that let Claire believe that Aaron was at the Temple. He needed Claire to focus her anger. When she asks where Sawyer is, he offers her hand to go and show her. Note that she didn't take it. I'm thinking that was a good thing, since touching Jacob has it's consequences. UnLocke takes Kate to the beach and points at Hydra to show her where Sawyer is. When she points out he could have just said he was on the other island, he tells her he wanted to talk. Men. He says that even though she calls him a dead man, he is not dead. He is just in the form of one. He talks about his mother being crazy and that it resulted in "growing pains" and problems he is still working through! Still!! They need a therapist on the island, not a surgeon! Like all people with issues, he says this could have been different had things been different with his mommy. And now poor Aaron has a crazy mom too. Uh Oh.  Back on Hydra, Zoe is stupid and starts asking too many questions, and Sawyer sees through her con. A few guys come out of the bushes, and they escort him to see Widmore on the sub. Sawyer notes a heavily locked door on the sub. What/Who is in there? Sawyer and Widmore have a chat (Alan Dale rocks!) where Widmore claims he wasnt the one to kill the Ajira passengers. (But who cares since they were all extras! Remember last season this exchange:
Jack: What about all of them?
Ben: Who cares? 
Exactly! Sawyer says that Locke sent him, and when Widmore says that Locke is dead, Sawyer pushes past the BS pointing out that everyone and their mother knows that the man isn't really Locke.  Sawyer agrees that in exchange for safe passage off the island with his people, he will tell UnLocke the coast is clear. They shake on it. Back in the jungle, Claire goes all weepy and apologizes to Kate saying she knows that Kate took Aaron because she cares about her and about Aaron. It would seem that when people are infected that they are still in there somewhere. Or maybe I'm just hoping. When he gets back to the island, Sawyer tells UnLocke that he told Widmore everything, so now UnLocke can be prepared for that. Kate asks Sawyer why he is running errands for UnLocke, and he says that he is playing both sides and then just going to let them fight it out so that he and Kate can get off the island in the sub....

So, it wasn't as exciting as some weeks, but it sure set up a whole lot of island craziness.

Only a few good quotes this week since there was no Hurley and Miles was barely on.

Zoe: Thank God!
Sawyer: Trust me. God's got nothing to do with it.

Kate: That's very insightful. Coming from a dead man.
UnLocke: Well, nobody's perfect.

Sawyer: Alright, Alright. You got me.  Take me to your leader.

Widmore: Do you know who I am?
Sawyer: Of course I do. You're the fella who sent a freighter to the island loaded with guys to kill us all.

So... thoughts?  Next week is the Richard-centric episode! I. Can't. Wait.  Seriously. And we get to find out what the island is. I can't believe how quickly this season is flying by. I can't deal with it. I'm getting a little sick to my stomach thinking about it! I need to get out more. Until next week, Losties...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Week in Review: 3/7-3/13

Ok. The Oscars. No I did not do an Oscars blog. I thought about it for 5 minutes, but I just didn't feel like it. I will give it an entry here with just a few things I liked, but aren't we all sick of talking about it by now? Something to look forward to, if I can figure out how to do it, I may live blog the Emmys.  But let's get through the season first! :)

THE OSCARS:  Or as I like to call it: The Night of a Million Surprises. Wink Wink. Congrats to all the winners. Not one real surprise, but all deserving nonetheless. Yes, we all wanted NPH to host, but I think Steve and Alec did a good job. And we still got our NPH opening number. Their monologue (dialogue?) was funny. I liked that they were able to mock without being rude. And I almost died when they told Crisoph "The Jew Hunter" Waltz that he found the motherload of Jews. One thing I loooved that was when Sandy Powell won for Best Costume Design that she gave a shout out to all the designers who do contemporary movies and dont get acknowledged. Always a class act, that Sandy! Overall, a good Oscars. Except for that horrid woman that interrupted Short Doc.  Wow.  Just wow.

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA: An overall good ep, but I'm actually just putting this one in so I can include this quote for Sonya. (I don't know the characters names because one was new and the other I think was a one ep guy.)
Guy 1: I wanted to work this one myself but we booked a gig in Philly.
Guy 2: Ah Man, I love Philly, man. Cool city.
Guy 1: Nah. I'm from Philly. It's miserable.
(You're welcome, Sonya!)

CHUCK: What a great episode directed by Chuck himself, Zachary Levi. Not only was it well done, it was a real game changer! And it included the 3 things we have been waiting for all season: 1- The return of JEFFSTER! 2- Morgan finally learns the truth!! 3- A shout out to the corporate sponser that saved the show, Subway and their oh so delicious $5 foot longs.  The Best Buy guys were fun protecting their store, but nothing was as fabulous as watching Chuck finally come clean with Morgan and then better yet, getting his flash back. I heard NBC is thinking about buying 24 from FOX since they are cancelling it. Don't do it, NBC, just focus on Chuck. It is a far superior show nowadays.

24: Speak of the devil. Isn't it funny how in the end, it turns out Arlo is one of the least annoying things on the show? Best part of the episode was when Jack told the poor kid with the vest that he is Jack Bauer and if he knew anything about him, he would not screw with him. In other words, "I'm Jack motherf#%*ing Bauer, dammit."

HOUSE: Love: the Chase is too pretty story line. Hate: no Cuddy until 45 minutes in, and then only the one scene!

CASTLE: What a fun episode. Love the girls talking about bondage at the crime scene, much to Castle's delight. Plus, Brian Krakow (Devon Gummersall) and Lane Kim (Keiko Agena)!! Hurray for people from two of my all time favorite shows!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Love the "Bang Bang" song. It was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Barney and Robin are adorable! I was a little sad that the superdate was with Ron at the end, but not surprised. But it was more growth for Barney as a character. (Speaking of NPH, one of his songs on Glee is going to be Dream On. Squee!)

GOSSIP GIRL: Welcome back, Upper East Siders!  How I've missed seeing Chase Crawford's pretty pretty face. And it seems trouble keeps brewing all over the place! Lily and Rufus's marriage is already on the rocks. Chuck is obsessed with maybe-mom. Little J is a drug mule. Dan drove Vanessa away with that silly "I love you." But who cares because as I said before Case Crawford is really really pretty.

DAMAGES: I have no idea if Ellen and Patty's game has any purpose in the story or even for the characters, but I don't care. It is fabulous to watch. Also fab: Martin Short's performance in the nursing home. Just give him an Emmy now. He has been wasting his talent all these years doing those silly comedies!

THE GOOD WIFE: I hope that Alan Cumming takes down that nasty little witch, Becca. Loved his threat to get her to stop tweeting about Alicia, "Have you seen 'Drag Me to Hell'? It will be just like that." And winner for most bizzare reasoning goes to Alicia's son who said that hiding the photos of Peter from her was like "hiding Jews in your basement." Nice.

WHITE COLLAR: Is it summer yet? I already miss this show. Neal and Peter may be my favorite relationship on TV. When Neal was going to leave with Kate, Peter was not only sad that Neal was leaving him but sad because he knew that being with Kate was only going to hurt him. Their goodbye in the hanger... so sad! And then the plane blew up! Craziness! If there is some sort of "did Kate stay on the plane?" thing when they come back, I'll be annoyed.

HUMAN TARGET: I missed this show! The characters are all so charming. And this episode had Kris Marshall, the guy from "Love, Actually" that went to America to have sex with lots of women. He was great in that movie and even better on this episode. Best part of the series: that the people Christopher saves each week can come back later. And I hope so many of them do! Highlight of this episode: Winston and Guerrero when they thought the plane was going down! Chi McBride's signature "hell no!" reaction to Guerrero's confession was classic.

MODERN FAMILY: Another hysterical episode. The two best bits: When Cam pulls up alongside Mitchell at the stoplight and gets Mitchell to start singing "Shout" without him realizing it. I was practically crying. And then best line of the night: "I'm Colombian. I know fake crime scene when I see one." Sofia Vergara is the best!!

COUGARTOWN: Who wants to go noodling? Just kidding - I would so not do that! But what I woud want to do: Have Josh Hopkins as my neighbor. Yum!

GREY'S ANATOMY: "This message was brought to you by the Harper Avery Foundation." That Christina is always good for a laugh. Also exciting was Mer telling Owen she would kill him if he hurt Christina because Mer and Christina are a real team. I want Ben's kitchen. Yummy man and a nice kitchen? Marry him, Bailey! So doing the relationship math - if Owen and Teddy hook up and Izzie is leaving the show does that mean that I have to deal with more Lexie and Alex or will I finally get Lexie and Avery? Because hotness monster deserves love too! And Alex needs a time out.

30 ROCK: I don't know if Michael Sheen is going to be on more than one episode, but I hope so. He is soooo awesome.(For those that have not seen Frost/Nixon or The Queen, go rent them!!) When Liz called him pretending to be the Jamacian receptionist was hysterical, especially when she started "going Irish," as Kenneth said. I don't know how long Elizabeth Banks is on, but I adore her and she is great with Alec! More her! Where is Cheyenne Jackson??

CAPRICA: Adore. That is all.

SNL: The episode was "meh" however there were two highlights: Really?! With Seth and Jerry Because, Really?! Eric Massa, Really?! The other was Jude Law allowing them to have one of the skits be him going on a fake talk show and the host asking him about knocking up the nanny. Good for you, Jude.

Alright, that's it for this week.  Reminders: The Pacific started last night on HBO and repeats about 38529 times over the week if you missed it. Tuesday night at 10pm on FX is the premiere of Justified with Timothy Olyphant. Watch it!!! Amazing reviews, amazing cast and AMAZING creator! ;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Psych: Mr. Yin Presents

So, I've been basing my decision to blog Psych on whether or not the episode really inspired me to take notes and pay attention. Well, this episode blew me away. I was literally in awe of it that I almost forgot to take notes, and not out of indifference! Loved every second of it. Before I even get into the plot, HUGE kudos to James Roday for the amazing direction and writing (along with co-writer Andy Berman) of the episode.  Seriously, it was as close to perfection as one can get, I think. He truly took Hitchcock into consideration and the episode was a wonderful homage to his genius.

One other thing I'd like to say. I love Hitchcock. I think he is the master of suspense. Any thriller that followed his movies were influenced by him, whether or not the director did it intentionally.  The only movie I'm not really a fan of is Vertigo. Partly, I just don't like the plot, but mostly it is because of a geographical error that drives me nuts.  When Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak are driving to the Mission at San Juan Bautista from San Francisco they drive through the grove of Eucalyptus trees that all my Bay Area CA friends know is south of San Juan Bautista so there is no reason for them to be driving through them, no matter how well they lend themselves to framing a shot. Takes me right out of the movie every time. Ugh, Hitchcock! Why?!

I contemplated doing a whole recap of the episode similar to my LOST blog, but it was getting to be too ridiculously long that even I was annoying myself. Instead I'll just go through and pick out some of my favorite stuff.  Though I'm going to start with one thing that annoyed me.  In the opening 1989 sequence how did Henry not see that Psycho was also playing? He is supposed to be some amazing detective (as he did teach Shawn everything he knows) but somehow he though the 9 year old boy wanted to go see The Little Mermaid? Kinda of a goof on the part of the writers, but I get why they did it, as it did play well into the opening of the 2010 part of the show where Shawn is walking in to the theatre to see Psycho for what I am sure is the 38075th time.

I love that they brought back Mary. How can we do Yin Yang killer without Mary? He is so super creepy and I think it was genius to bring him back because it set up the "Mary is Yin" misdirect we all knew was going to happen. And good ol' Ally Sheedy as Yang. I think we all knew that her character in The Breakfast Club would turn into a serial killer. The dandruff as snow thing was a dead giveaway.  Get it? DEAD give away. Moving on...

Speaking of Yang, possibly my favorite quote of the season was the line from Yang's book describing Shawn as, "a thick tufted boy genius who ice skates through life on polished blades of snarky eloquence." I wish I was in the room when Roday and Berman came up with that. And let's not forget poor Gus who is "laughing on the outside, crying on the inside."

Ok, a few of my favorite shots/sequences:  The initial shot of the dead waitress with the extreme close up of her head framing Jules in the background - love love! So Hitchcock. Remember the phone in Dial M for Murder? He loved that trick. When Shawn saw the rocks and the camera panned up to show that the corpse was shaped as the wavy line making a Yin Yang... CHILLS! Also loved the duo of the cop in Psycho and Mary falling down the stairs. Roday must have studied hard. The North by Northwest bi-plane bit with Lassiter and a toy. Plus I love that Lassie wanted to cite the kid. Of course he did. Possibly the best throwaway Hitchcock shout out was the grafitti on the building they watched Mary go into -- all the crows looking so menancingly at Jules. Creepiest shot: When Yin gets McNabb as he is escorting Abigail home. The way McNabb's eyes gloss over and his head tilts. *shudder* And last but certainly not least - Shawns crazy dream, if only because it included Lassiter dressed as the "mom" in Psycho.

Normally, Psych is easy to figure out. Much in the vain of Monk, this series is more about the characters and the fun of getting there than actually making a storyline that stumps you. Well this time they really pulled out all the stops, of course it had to be difficult because even Shawn had no idea what was going on. The clues were crazy, and Yin was always one step ahead. Even scarier - Yang said that Yin was worse than she was. Ah! This one kept you guessing, including whether or not they were going to off Abigail. Glad they didn't kill her, but super glad that she is out of the picture. I know we are dealing with a serial killer here, but SHAWN AND JULES FOREVER!

Speaking of Abigail, how fantastic was the sequence where they were both kidnapped and Lassie and Gus went after Jules and Shawn and Henry went for Abigail? I literally was holding my breath. So well done with the back and forth. When Yin came out of the shadows and was standing in front of Shawn I gasped. Since I don't like Abby I kinda wanted him to just attack Yin, but I get why he let him go - both as a character and for the sake of the story. And the scene at the very end where Jules breaksdown.... kudos to Maggie Lawson. I got all misty there. I just wish Shawn had been the one there to comfort her. Hoping when we return she isn't also in the "i don't want to be around Shawn" mindset.

And then there is the last shot....  Who is Yin?  And is that Shawn in the picture with Yang? If so, how does Shawn not remember it? Or Henry? Is it photoshop? Andy Berman said that the picture was fuzzy on purpose. One theory (thanks, Katie) is that Yin is Yang's son and he is jealous of Shawn and his mom's obsession with him. A lot of Twitter people somehow think that Yang is Shawns mom, but ummmm, pretty sure Henry would remember THAT! Berman laughed that one off. I don't know, but is it summer yet?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOST: Dr. Linus

I've decided to go ahead get this blog done right away because if I start school work first, I'll never get to this. In other words, I'm procrastinating.

I was eagerly anticipating this episode, because, let's face it, Ben-centric eps are always best. And good ol' Dr. Linus did not dissappoint. I definitely have a lot to say about this one, so let's get to it!

We start with Dr. Linus teaching his students about Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte being exiled to the island of Elba. Despite having his power stripped, he still held the title Emperor. So many links to this story. Ben exiles Charles Widmore from the island. And in turn, Ben is exiled himself. Though as it turns out - people just can't stay away. We will get to that, of course, later. We then see Ben in the teachers lounge (remember when we were kids and this was such a place of mystery?  Anywho...) with Dr. Leslie Arzt aka blew up by a stick of dynamite guy. Didn't take a genius to see that one coming, no? In comes the principal played by William Atherton. He will always be two roles for me: The reporter in Die Hard and the Prof. Hathaway in Real Genius. (Apparently Team Darlton loooved Real Genius, as I will prove later) The principal assigns poor Ben to detention instead of heading his History Club because of budget cutbacks. This leads to a conversation against administrations in school, and then lowly substitute Locke chimes in with that slightly evil grin telling Ben he should try to take over as prinicpal. That Locke - always trying to get Ben to rebel! Then we see Ben goes home where he is still taking care of his dad played by Jon Gries. It does not matter how many roles this man has on tv and movies, he will always, always, be the guy in Val Kilmer's closet in Real Genius. See, they must love it! I wonder where that closet led to? Maybe it was a Dharma station. Turns out, even in this reality, Ben and Dad were on the island with Dharma but for some unexplained reason (at least for now) they left. Dad wonders what Ben would have become. Well, Dad, for starters, he would have killed you! There is a knock at the door and it is ALEX!! Oh Alex, I've missed you and your insanely pretty eyes! Turns out Alex is one of the 5 members of Ben's history club. And apparently his favorite since she seemed ok with knocking on his door at night. He agrees to meet her at the library to help study for her History AP exam. Still a father like figure to her, because it seems Danielle is a single mom. If it is Danielle. She still has the last name Rousseau, so I'm assuming she is. We see them studying about the East India Trading Company. A nod to Black Rock perhaps? Or to the Pirates of the Carribean movies? Either way - owned by Disney. Alex says that the principal is the only staff to have attended Yale (where she wants to go) and needs his recommendation, but she thinks he is a perv because he is having an affair with the school nurse, on school grounds, when Alex was in the room (granted they didn't know, but still! ick!). Ben promises not to tell, but he gets that scheming Ben look in his eye that we have all come to know and fear. Ben goes to Dr. Arzt to help get some incriminating emails, and being the fine upstanding citizen he is, Arzt agrees to help. For a new parking spot and lab equipment when Ben is made prinicpal. But, as usual for Ben, things do not go as planned. He confronts douchey prinicpal, who comes back at Ben with an email from Alex asking for a recommendation. He tells Ben that not only will he not give her one, but he will trash her to Yale if Ben goes through with his plan. Once again, Ben has to choose his plan or Alex. As it turns out this time, he chooses wisely, and backs off the principal. Ben is redeemed. A theme for the sideways realities. And it seems, in the island reality as well... but we will get to that.  Side note: Alex's backpack appeared to be covered with patches from different countries. Just a fashion statement, or proof mom was still a traveler in this reality as well?

We catch up with Ilana and the gang outside the Temple. At Ben's suggestion the head back to the beach because it is the most familiar ground. (And it plays well with the 1st season throwbacks!) Ilana asks if Miles can read Jacob's ashes because she notices Ben is sketchy everytime she brings up Jacob's murder. Miles does, and the tells Ilana the truth - Ben killed him. As Miles puts it so succintly, "Uh Oh!!" We get back to the camp and I have to say it is sad to see it all destroyed and worn down like it is. This was home for so many seasons that it is like coming back to an actual home and seeing it destroyed in a fire or hurricane. I need to get out more! Ilana hands out orders to everyone, except Ben who gets the silent treatment. Sun asks Ilana how long they have to stay here because she wants to go find Jin. But it turns out, so does Ilana, because she knows a Kwon is a candidate, she just does know which Kwon. Ilana tells Sun she is a candidate to replace Jacob, but what that entails seems to be a mystery even to her. Or she is just playing coy. Meanwhile, we find Jack and Hurley in the jungle. Hurley is quite obviously stalling Jack from going back to the Temple (at Jacob's orders) but Jack isn't having it. Richard finds him and when they ask where he was, Richard responds with the always annoying "you wouldn't believe me if I told you" remark. Try me, Richard!!  And off they go, following Richard, to the Temple, so they think. Back at the Beach, Ben reminices about the crash like it was the good ol' days, and really, wasn't it? When Frank reveals he was supposed to be the pilot, and isn't that crazy, Ben points out he still ended up on the island! Frank gives him a shut up look. Ilana takes Ben to the graveyard, ties him to a tree and tells him to dig his own grave. Miles comes to essentially tease him, and Ben tries to bribe him with that 3.2 million from back in the day. Miles points out that Nikki and Paulo were buried with millions of dollars in diamonds right next to him. Oh Nikki and Paulo! Miles tells him that despite what Ben thought, Jacob was always rooting for him. Poor Ben. Hurley, Richard and Jack reach the Black Rock. They ask why they went here instead of the Temple, and Richard tells them that going back to the Temple is pointless because everyone is dead. But their friends were not amongst the dead, so hope remains for them! (We know they are with UnLocke though, so not sure how much hope!) Richard explains that he doesn't age because Jacob gave him a gift/curse. And now he wants to die. When Hurley mentions that he talks to Jacob still Richard looked a bit freaked out and said not to trust anything he says. Now is that because he is anti-Jacob or because he thinks it is the MIB? Inside the Black Rock, Richard looks at the chains (the ones he was locked in?) and then goes over to the dynamite. He tells them that Jacob said he had a plan for Richard, but now Jacob is dead and there is no plan so Richard feels he has no purpose and wants to die. He can't kill himself, so he wants Jack to do it. Jack, a believer now, agrees. As it turns out, he agrees because he thinks that Jacob or the island or whatever won't let either of them die. Hurley runs, and as Jack talks about the lighthouse mirror and their purpose on the island, the fuse, of course, dies out. Whew. Jack is a ballsy mother#^!%$*!! He tells Richard no it is time to go back to were they started. Back at the beach... UnLocke come to Ben, tells him to run and there will be a gun waiting for him about 200 yards out, and that he can take out Ilana and then join him on the other island at the Hydra station. Ben runs, and Ilana chases, but he doesn't try to kill her. He instead just wants to explain about Alex and feeling hurt by Jacob and being sorry. And then asks to go with UnLocke. When she asks why, he says because UnLocke will have him. And then Ilana (I knew I liked her) says, "I will have you".  And so once again, Ben is redeemed. Single tear. They head back to the beach and Ben helps Sun with the tarp, and we see lots of familiar shots- a log being put on the fire, a greedy man in a tent (this time Miles not Sawyer), and then the best familiar shot of all, in slow motion, with that beautiful Academy Award Winner's Michael Giaccino's score, Hurley and Jack (and Richard) coming around the corner to the beach camp. Sun runs and Hurley lifts her into a hug. Lots of hugs, and "how do you do" handshakes. More than single tears from me now. I find a lot of beauty in this recall back to the events of season 1! And poor Ben looking smaller than ever on the side.... 

Then in the water.... A periscope pops up from a submarine and who is inside but Charles Widmore, of course. Is this who Jacob was expecting?

Favorite quotes:
Ben (in reference to Sayid): He was standing over Dogen and Lennon's bodies with a bloody dagger, so yeah, I'm pretty sure.

(a few minutes later)

Miles (in reference to Ben): He was standing over Jacob's body with a bloody dagger, so yeah, I'm pretty sure.

(Touche, Miles. Touche!)

Frank (to ben): Make friends easy, don't ya?

Ben (to Frank): The island still got you in the end.

Miles: Right up until the second before the knife when through his heart, Jacob was hoping he was wrong about you. Guess he wasn't.

Hurley: Is this like a Terminator thing? Are you a cyborg?
Richard: No. I am not a cyborg.
Hurley: Vampire?

Dr. Arzt: You had me fooled wit that sweater vest. Linus, you're a real killer.

Jack: Wanna try another stick?  
(my favorite of the night!)

So, thoughts?? Ideas?? ANYTHING?! Ok...I've procrastinated enough. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week in Review 2/28-3/6

TV IS BACK!!!! WOOT! Let's get right to it, cuz there was so much going on this week!

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: I wish Bob and Lee were my neighbors. Partly because my neighbors are annoying, but mostly because Bob and Lee are awesome. More of them, please! All straight men that have been watch DH with their girlfriends/wives were justly rewarded this week, as Julie Benz spent every one of her scenes in lacy lingerie. You're welcome, men! Sorry tho - I can guarantee Robin won't be sticking around, Julie Benz was cast on No Ordinary Family, a fall pilot on ABC with Michael Chiklis and Autumn Reeser. I'm so there! And why am I never allowed to like Sam Page (Bree's crazy new assistant)? He always plays a douche.

CHUCK: Wow.  What a friggin fantastic episode! Shirtless Awesome and Brandon Routh. Zachary Levi gave his best performance to date by a landslide, and that is saying something, because he is always great. Emmy idiots voters, take notice!! And we found out Sarah's real name is Sam!!!! Can't wait for this week's ep directed by Chuck himself! Bring it!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Okay, I love this show. It's friggin hysterical and 2/5 of the cast are Whedonverse people, so score! BUT, how long are we going to have to wait to find out the mother. Bob Saget is telling the longest story ever. Poor Lyndsey and David (actors who play the kids) are old enough to have their own kids by now!! Dear writers: figure out a way to give us the mother! However, HIMYM is winner of funniest/grossest line of the week: " Our girl parts are like a spiderweb. Sometimes you are going to catch stuff you don't want."  Really, Robin? Really??

LIFE UNEXPECTED: This is just one of many shows that proves the hypothesis that the coolest parents probably had their kids at 16. 
DAMAGES: Tom's wife is a bitch. Just saying...  Also, I found the sounds of the subway (clearly filmed on an actual subway, not a subway set) oddly soothing. I miss it. Can't wait to ride those lovely smelly subways in a few months.

24: UGH. Good points: Hastings grew a pair. Omar's hair somehow grows bigger the crazier he gets. That's not necessarily good, just funny. Bad stuff: Dana and Cole were gone the whole hour and no one seemed to notice or care! Really? Why did the kid jump out of a window, clearly break his leg, and Jack couldn't catch up with him?? I know he is old, but he is in good shape.  And you know, both his legs were working!!  Just ugh.

THE GOOD WIFE: Great episode!!!! Matt Czuchry was in great form this week especially taking on Santa. I love him. Hoping we can work out the junior associate thing soon. And because the cast wasn't awesome enough - Alan Cumming is on now! hurray! Bonus to the episode - some mocking of Sarah Palin.  Good times!

PARENTHOOD: I hope you are all watching this show. The cast is A. Maze. Ing. Even Monica Potter, who I normally do not like at all. But mostly, for me, it's about Lauren Graham. She is fantastic. I take this moment to tell the Emmy voters that now is the time to make up for seven friggin years of ignoring LG for and Emmy nod. Give her one, and by one, I don't just mean the nod, I mean the award!!

THE INBETWEENERS: I will not stop mentioning this show until at least one of you watches it, dammit!! BBC America, Wendesday nights. 9:30pm (Or 6:30 depending on your feed.)

COUGAR TOWN: I think the awesomeness of this show can be summed up with this exchange:
Jules (comforting Laurie): We all have embarassing family members.
Bobby (entering the room): Hellooooooooooo!! And that wasn't a coincidence. I was waiting out back for an entrance line.

These characters are fantastic. Love it.

MODERN FAMILY: I can't possibly explain all that is great about the show. If you somehow aren't watching it, just do it. Not having ABC is not an excuse - hulu it people.

PSYCH: The episode was good. I like all the extra Henry, but found him flirting with Jeri Ryan to be a bit icky. It's like watching your own dad flirt! What this show highlighted, for me, is that the show is funniest when Gus/Shawn are silly together. The end where they just stood there harassing Lassiter with the newspaper had me rolling. There hasn't been enough of that this season.  Looking forward to next weeks season finale (already?!) with the return of the Yin Yang Killer! And, unfortunately, Abigail.
SOUTHLAND: This show is finally back (go screw yourselves, NBC) and is better than ever. Regina King is standout. I highly recommend picking this one up. Please give it good ratings so TNT will keep it.  Again, go screw yourselves, NBC!!

WHITE COLLAR: This episode highlighted just how strong this bromance has become. I love how Peter and Neal really do care for each other. And speaking of Neal... Diane Neal was on! Get it? Whatever, I'm tired. 

COMMUNITY: Sigh...... Joel McHale naked! What they didn't warn us about was to see Joel naked, we had to see the scary old man naked too! Highlight of the naked scene (besides the obvious): Annie checking out Jeff. Sorry Britta, I like Annie way better. Speaking of Annie, love love love that when Abed became Don Draper, she was attracted to him. Because we know even though she is married to Pete Campbell, she wants Don Draper. Great Abed storyline this week! This cast is hysterical.

PARKS AND REC: Ron Swanson is the shiz. Nuff said.

THE OFFICE: Instead of really getting into all the baby stuff (John Krasinski, you should have an emmy nom for that performance!), I'd instead like to just address my BFF, who is going to have her first child next month...
Hey Nicole! I have 4 words for you: Do. Not. Be. Pam.  In anyway at all. Seriously. It was like a how not to have a baby movie! I love you and miss you and can't wait to see the nudger!!

GREY'S ANATOMY: Glad Hotness Monster and Meredith were bonding. Because he needs to be her brother-in-law. Am I right??

PRIVATE PRACTICE: I love wheelchair guy. Is it wrong to call him that? I think his name is Fife? I don't know. But he's awesome.

BURN NOTICE: What a fun season finale! In 44 minutes they did so much more than most 90 minute action movies. Garrett Dillahunt was amazing as always.  Fun seeing him so emotive, since I'm still used to seeing him very robotic on Sarah Connor Chronicles.  You know, cuz he was a robot. And a shout out to Sharon Gless. She turned what could have been a ridicuolous and unnecessary character into part of the team. She does fantastic work on this show, and while I know she will never be recognized for it - she totally deserves a ton of accolades! Can't wait for the show to return!

PROJECT RUNWAY/MODELS OF THE RUNWAY: Normally, I leave this to Jennifer Eolin to blog, but I was so mad about what happened here that I had to say: Emilio, you are dead to me! First of all, you should have gotten the boot for that "outfit" and I use the term loosely. But Holly rocked it, cuz she is an Amazon Goddess. And what do you do to repay her for walking practically nude down the runway and probably being the reason for you sticking around another week?? YOU CHANGE MODELS! Go eff yourself you big douche. Silver Lining: Holly was picked by Amy who is clearly the better designer and Alexis (crazy ass evil Cameron Diaz) got auf'd. Seriously, can not believe that happened.

CAPRICA: I don't care if James Marsters is 47 and is biologically old enough to be my young (albeit a young one, but still), he is great and I love him. More Barnabus!!

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: Best. Monolgue. Ever.  Maybe not ever, but in as long as I can remember. The rest of the show - alright. But the monologue was hysterical! Watch it, please. LAUGHTER!!! I had tears streaming down my face. Zach Galifinakis is a comic genius.  Thank you The Hangover for showing America how awesome he is. Oh, and if you want another laugh, watch this digital short too.

And tonight.... The Oscars!! Hurray! So You Think You Can Dance fans, keep an eye out because A LOT of the dancers hired are former SYTYCD contestants.  Woohoo!
Hurray for having TV back.  Ok, I guess I should go do school work now.  Boooooo.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

LOST: Sundown

I'll be honest, as much as I love Sayid, I wasn't looking forward to the Sayid-centric episode as much.  Sayid has always been the loner. While Sawyer is the more natural choice for the "loner" role, it's always gone to Sayid.  Sayid is the one who trekked alone in the jungle and found Danielle. Sayid was the only one that never interacted with the other Oceanic 6 when they left the island. And when they returned - he ended up as the prisoner, not a part of the Dharma initative. And this week, he is once again singled out. Also, as Television Without Pity pointed out, it was also the week where we confirmed the Sayid Jarrah is actually Arabic for Jack Bauer.  Sayid kicks some ass. 

In the Locke Sideways reality, it looked as if he was on the same street that Nadia lived on in the Locke "flashback" story where he was an inspector at her house. (Follow that?) So my hope for this sideways was that we would see Nadia and Sayid married.  Instead, I give you my exact notes from the first few minutes of the episode, "Nadia! And she is married.... to Sayid's brother.... Awkward." So Nadia is Mrs. Jarrah, but unfortunately it's Mrs. Omar Jarrah.  But there is still the connection between Sayid and Nadia, because as we saw and those pesky kids pointed out, Sayid still carries around her picture.  Omar seemed unimpressed with that little nugget of information! Omar is a dry cleaner. But he is not just any dry cleaner, he's a dry cleaner that owes a ton o' money to a loan shark. Because instead of getting a bank loan, he decided this was the better way to go to open a second store.  Nice move, Omar. Now that he is in a jam, he wants Sayid to "take care of it," you know, Iraqi torturer style.  But Sayid said no, he's not that guy anymore.  And your an idiot, Omar.  He didn't say that last bit, but he was thinking it. Sayid is Uncle of the year, and takes the kids to the bus. They ask him to stay and say that "Mommy likes it when you're here." Yeah she does.  (Read that like Joey Tribiani would say it!) Nadia comes out of the house saying that Omar was mugged. At the hospital, Sayid decides to go find the thugs, but Nadia says not to, it is Omar's mess. Sayid goes home to take care of the kids, who broke a vase because Uncle Sayid thought it would be a good idea to bring kids a boomerang home from Australia. Any parent knows that is a stupid plan. We find out that in this reality Sayid pushed Nadia towards Omar because he didn't feel that he deserved to be with her. Say it with me now: aawwww.  The next day some friendly looking guys take Sayid to go meet with the loan shark. They really should know better. Long story short: The loan shark is the mercenary from the freighter, Martin Keamy (aka Alex's killer) because it doesn't matter what reality we are in - that guy is a douche. They try to threaten Sayid but he is friggin badass, and kills them all.  Even Keamy who forgives the debt. Because again, Sayid is badass.  Then he hears someone in the meat locker- it's Jin! Who in case you forgot "No English!"

Back on the island... Sayid confronts Dogen to find out why he was tortured and why Dogen tried kill him. His answer: "For everyman there is a scale. One side is good and the other is evil." Sayid's apparently hanging a little too far on the evil side for Dogen's style. Sayid isn't too excited by the answer since he believes he is a good man (as his sideways reality showed us) so they fight it out. Naveen Andrews' stunt double earned his keep this episode! But while they were fighting the "just a baseball" fell to the ground which causes Dogen to stop and decide to banish Sayid from the Temple. Meanwhile, UnLocke and Claire are chilling outside the gunpowder line. He sends her in to send a message, because as he points out, he can't do it himself. Darn that immpenatrable gunpowder! While Sayid is packing, Miles tells him that he was dead for two hours, and whatever brought him back, it wasn't these Temple guys. Enter Claire.  She tells Dogen that "he" wants to see him outside the Temple, to which Dogen essentially responds with "Are you crazy, bitch?" They lock up Claire for being a whack job. Dogen looks for Jack or Hurley, but when Lennon says they are missing, he settles for the "maybe evil" Sayid. He charges Sayid with the task of going out to the jungle and stabbing whoever he finds that looks like someone he knows who is dead in the chest. And for the love of God, don't let him start talking because you will lose. So off Sayid goes, and in comes Kate. Miles tells her that Claire is here, so off Kate goes to tell her about Aaron, something we know is a bad idea. In the jungle, UnLocke comes upon Sayid, obviously as Smokey first, but we don't see that. Sayid stabs him, but UnLocke seems more annoyed than everything! I'd like to point out that there didn't appear to be any blood on the knife. And in the end, UnLocke talked, promised Sayid his dead Nadia back, and count another one in the MIB column. Sayid goes back to the Temple and tells them that Jacob is dead and if they don't join this other guy buy sundown, they all die. Kate tells Claire about Aaron, and Claire gets crazy eyes. Sayid confronts Dogen and we find out he was a Japanese banker with a kid who played baseball. The kid dies, but someone came and promised him his son would live if he came to the island. Unmoved, Sayid drowns him! And the when Lennon finds them, he kills Lennon too! Nutty!! Bye bye guys, we will miss you! Sundown hits and Smokey comes. CHAOS! Pretty much everyone that hasn't left dies. Miles and Kate split up. Kate goes with Claire and eventually has Smokey go above her and she looks up in awe. Uh oh. Miles is found by Ilana, Sun, Ben and Frank. Ben goes to find Sayid... and finds him evil, so slowly backs away in the most unintentionally funny moment of the episode! He finds the gang, and they hide from Smokey by going thru the same glyph door that Hurley found. The end of the episode involves the most creepy/haunting version of the song "Catch a Falling Star" while Sayid, Claire and Kate survey the damage. And then they join UnLocke, including Kate, who has no idea what she is getting into. Again I say, Uh Oh.

Some quotes:
Dogen (referring to MIB/UnLocke): He is evil incarnate.

Miles (referring to Claire): She just strolled in a couple hours ago acting all weird.  Still hot though.

UnLocke: Now why'd ya go and do that?

UnLocke: You seem to have some idea about that since you stabbed me in the chest without even saying hello.

Claire: I'm not the one that needs to be rescued, Kate.

Sayid: I stabbed him the chest like you told me.  Then I let him talk to me.

So, while not as funny this week, a lot of craziness.  And next week: BEN!  I loooove Ben-centric episodes, so I can't wait to see what we find out about European History Teacher, Dr. Benjamin Linus!

Sorry this are long.  I'm thinking of changing it up. It's hard to break it down without talking about the whole thing.  Oh, LOST what will I do without you??

Monday, March 1, 2010

Week In Review 2/21-2/27

Hallelujah, the Olympics are over! Congrats to the winners and losers and everyone who watched or had anything to do with the games at all. Now gimme my TV shows back. Hmph.

Let's look at the blessed few things that were on, shall we?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES:  Confession: I have a huge girl crush on Julie Benz.  She is awesome and hot. If I was Dana Delany and she was living in my house, I would start liking girls too.  :)

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: Gilles Marini is hot. I hope he stays with his cute accent. I haven't watched last nights yet, so I guess I will know better in an hour or so after I watch it.

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA: This ones alright. I like the two main guys so far, and they already got John Varvatos to cameo as himself-- ah, the power of Mark Whalberg at work! I do enjoy Bryan Greenberg.  Part of me always hoped he would come back and take Payton away from the madness of One Tree Hill....

24: Man, this show is annoying me this season. Cole actually said to Dana that they will work out their personal problems after they secure the nuclear weapons! Seriously?!? How ridiculous. Glad Kevin and Nick are dead, but now the whole "getting rid of the evidence" fun comes. Jack and Renee are awesome, and I hope for more fun with them. And by fun, I don't mean contrived storylines involving Weiss trying turn Renee into a scapegoat for all the crap that has gone down.  24 is also the winner for the award for dumbest question on TV this week:
Terrorist guy: We can't get the rods out of the country. So lets use them.
Farhad: Use them? How?
Really Farhad? How?? As nightlights.  How do you think we are going to use the nuclear grade uranium?? Come on, 24 writers.  Get it together! I miss Nina...

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: I don't need to watch this show.  Really I don't.  And I may have to stop, because Bristol Palin is going to guest star when it comes back over the summer.  She called herself "the most famous teenager mother."  Take that, Jaime Lynn.  First you split with your baby daddy and then Bristol publicly calls you out! Snap!

DAMAGES:  Matthew Davis is back! Last we saw he was collecting tainted water samples for the Frobisher case (or something like that).  Actually, last we saw he was hunting some vampires is Mystic Falls, but that's on an entirely different network...  I LOVE that when the guy told Ellen that someone was waiting for her she asked if it was Wes! What happened to him? Oh yeah, he got his own show on FX! (Watch Justified, people!!) But even though it wasn't Wes, she still slept with Josh.  Cuz he is hot. And then she made cupcakes - why not? Not sure what is going on this season, but what I do know... Ellen and Patty are both cracking up and the Tobin sister is batshit crazy!

ONE TREE HILL: As someone who only has one living parent, that was sooo sad to watch! I can't imagine having my mom die when I'm still this young.  Sad sad sad.  Good stuff: Brooke and Julian back together. Victoria's luhvah is not Paul but Alexander.  Classic.  Speaking of classic - looks like we are going back to the good ol' crazy OTH storylines with Sarah's look-a-like.

LIFE UNEXPECTED: Ryan and Cate said they are getting married on June 26.  That was my parents anniversary. That's all....

AMERICAN IDOL: My ears! My ears! Lord help us if these kids don't get it together. And we get it, Casey James is cute. And as they only member of the judges panel that is into dudes, we must point out the Kara thinks he is hot. Enough. Considering he's practically a lock to stick around quite awhile, it's time to let this joke die. 

THE INBETWEENERS: I can't believe you don't watch this yet! I would pay you all if I could to watch it! How the episode ended: With the 4 guys on a small motor boat, one completely naked and the other 3 surrounding him to keep him warm/keep everyone on shore from seeing.  Also, there was a rather large fish... And I was hystercial.

WHITE COLLAR: I am going to miss this budding bromance when the show is on hiatus. Love that the french wine guy said "You've seen Sideways" when Peter said he enjoys a glass of Pinot.  So true...

PSYCH: After the high of last week's Shawn/Juliet cereal confession, this one was a bit of a let down. Especially because I called every single thing, from the video being a recording to the air vents being turned off. It was still funny, but I was still excited by last weeks, and this one didn't even make the slightest mention of that development.  Ah well, there is always the season finale.  I did love this quote though. It made me giggle, "No one will call me Mr. Spencer. It's Shawn. Shawny if you're feeling a little loose. Never the Shawn Dog because that's just lame. And I've never been one to chase balls."

THE DEEP END: Bye bye, show. I hardly new ya. Though you did have Kevin Alejandro guest star this week which reminded me that I miss True Blood! An open letter to casting directors and producers:
Please hire the underused talent from The Deep End that are now without a TV show. Tina Marjorino, Mechad Brooks, Matt Long, Norbert Leo Butz and all the rest deserve a show.  How about we keep them all together and just get better writers? But whatever you do, get them to work! Kthanksbye.

BURN NOTICE: Carlos Bernard (24's Tony Almeda) with a funny accent!!! Good times

CAPRICA: I think this was the best episode yet.  Daniel getting the cylon (who he doesn't realize is his daughter Zoe's avatar) to tear off her own arm to show his boardmembers their power was insane. And finally, Tamara has purpose more than being a whiny girl in an empty room.  Now she is totally bad ass.  And next week... JAMES MARSTERS!

SNL: Jennifer Lopez OK.  Didn't watch the singing because I couldn't care less. The show on the whole fell flat, I thought. My main reason for writing this is one particular joke. In the "Telemundo's Olympic Coverage" skit, they made a joke where they were talking about the ridiculousness of winter sports saying, among other things "it's like they want to kill themselves." The studio went sort of dead, with some uncomfortable laughter.  Writers, it is too soon to make jokes about the luge being some sort of suicide attempt - I know it's been two weeks, but A GUY DIED!! Have some class. Awkward!

And that was about it for this week. But this week....WOOOOO! Parenthood premieres! Chuck is back! Gossip Girl is back! Southland is back! Pam has the baby! A non-fabric challenge on Runway! The Independent Spirit Awards! (Oscars technically don't count for me in the "this week" category). And did I mention, James Marsters is back on TV??? Suck it, Olympic Coverage! It's time for good TV!