Monday, September 27, 2010

Week in Review: 9/19-9/25 (Wed-Sat)

Alright, finally get to the rest of last week! There is a lot to get to, so no witty intro today. (And yes, some stuff will get skipped. If I didn't talk about it this week, I hope to talk about it next week)

UNDERCOVERS: I'm not totally sold on this one, however I liked it a little more than I expected to. Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw are both gorgeous and talented indivudials. I really like their chemistry together and with the rest of the supporting cast. And when I started to fade at the end of the episode, Gugu loaded a rocket launcher with one hand while driving and then put it out the window and blew up the bad guy she was chasing. Bad. Ass. JJ Abrams likes his chics bad ass, and she definitely lives up to that. Speaking of JJ Abrams, you know how I knew he directed the pilot? Two words: Solar. Flares. Seriously, the guy LOVES them. Final word: still watching it. Interested to see how the first non-exposition episode plays out.

BETTER WITH YOU: Positives: Joanna Garcia, Kurt Fuller, Josh Cooke and the rest of the cast (those are the 3 better halves of each couple, IMO). Some jokes are very funny. Negatives: Some jokes are really bad. Laugh Track. And that last one is a BIG negative. Final word: I'll give it another episode. Either the funny will outweigh the laugh track, like HIMYM, or not. We'll see.

HELLCATS: How do you know you are a big fat nerd? When on a CW show a pretty blonde cheerleader gets a law class assignment with the name Kobayashi in it and the first thing I said (to myself on the couch) was, "It's a fake test! There is no way to win it!! But I bet she's gonna go all Captain Kirk and find a loop hole!" And was I right? Yep. Did it make it less entertaining? Nope. Speaking of the law class, Gale Harold is playing Marti's professor - did anyone else notice something non-professor/student like going on there? Just me? Maybe I've been watching too much LUX and PLL. Ok then. In another relationship: can we please end the love triangle with the "adults." No one cares. Oh, and there is no way that Jeff Hephner is 6 years older than Sharon Leal.

MODERN FAMILY: Hurray! The best comedy on television is back (according to the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences). And they are better than ever. I loved the storyline with Cam and Jay trying to keep Mitchell from helping build Lily's princess castle. Why? Because Mitchell is the most dangerous man ever to hold a tool. Just ask Jay. He says building shelves with Mitchell "It was my Vietnam. And I was in Vietnam." I could list so much more, but needless to say, the point is this show is still on fire. They didn't start phoning it in because they won a bunch of awards. If you somehow have never watched this, please do. Unless you hate to laugh. Then don't.

(STILL) COUGAR TOWN: Or so says the tounge in cheek title card, on the second half of a very funny hour of television on ABC. If you like the funny and tune in for Modern Family, stay for Cougar Town. I discovered my new favorite game on the season premiere. The two movie game. For example: A group of kids solve mysteries in a van in racially charged Brooklyn is Scooby Doo the Right Thing. Get it? Love. And the premiere was extra fun for Friends fans, because Jennifer Aniston starred as Jules' crazy ass therapist. Grayson and Jules are still going strong. Even if Jules won't let him be alone for 3 minutes. But it turns out, even if she does give him space, he just misses her anyway. Because they are adorable. If you like ridiculously child-like adults who still manage to be good people (unlike some other sitcoms) you'll love this. It brings me joy for 22 minutes every week.

THE DEFENDERS: This was cute. I really like Journee Smollet (the ex-exotic dancing lawyer) and Natalie Zea (the prosecuter). Jerry and Jim are both good too. Not sure if I like it enough to keep tuning it. We'll see, I guess.

COMMUNITY AND 30 ROCK: I could literally just transcribe both of these shows right here. I just laughed my ass off for the entire hour. (I haven't gotten to The Office yet, but to be honest I didn't miss it even half as much as I missed these two). These shows make up what is officially the most meta hour of television. Between lines on Community like "That was so season 1" or on 30 Rock Liz Lemon waking up and saying, "Season 5. Here we go!" This shows are aware of their place in pop culture, and pop culture's place in their show. It's fantastic. And the seasons are just going to get better: 30 Rock is going live (with Jon Hamm!!) on October 14. And Community has a zombie Halloween episode, and a claymation Christmas episode on the way (like the old Rudolph and Frosty cartoons). If Modern Family and Cougar Town are the hours of television that make you think "oh good, other people are crazy like me too", Community/30 Rock makes you think "oh thank god I'm not that crazy." And yet, you love all of them!

BONES: YAY!!!!! Bones is back!! And Booth! (See what I did there? I wasn't talking about the show, I was talking about the character. Anywho....) Cam is in trouble because she can't prove the remains she found are those of a missing boy, so Caroline, the greatest DA ever, gets the gang back from all the corners of the earth. Bones and Daisy are on a dig in dlkjflsla (does anyone ever actually catch the name?). Booth is in Afghanistan. Hodgins and Angela are still in Paris. And Sweets is in a piano bar. With a hat, longer hair and a goatee. So cute, Sweets! Anyway, of course they solve the case. Or cases as it turns out. But what's important is that A- Booth has a girlfriend now and B- Ang is knocked up. Let's go good news first: how cute was Bones' reaction to Ang telling her she was pregnant? I expected something almost clinical, but she was genuinely excited. Some growth! As for that other thing.... well the only good news is that whether or not Bones realizes she is jealous, her face shows that she is. She loves Booth, and I just don't think her mind has caught up with her heart yet. My favorite moment of the episode is when Booth said he was going to be like a flea and Bones got the look of a teenage girl when her crush says her name. But, best line was:
Bones: Booth fell in love in Afghanistan.
Angela: Oh, Sweetie, I'm so sorry.
Bones: Why? Are you in love with Booth?
Angela: Well, a little bit. But that's not what I mean.

Aren't we all a little bit in love with Booth? Or a lot a bit? Oh - and I hope they keep the Wooly Mammoth.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: First things first: ALARIC!!!!! Oh, how I've missed your pretty face. And so has Aunt Jenna, but she played it cool. Until the end when he laid a big fat kiss on her. (adorable) Alaric goes on a road trip to Duke with Damon and Elena, who is not happy for all the time with Damon. But Stefan is busy doing vamp training with Caroline (more on that in a second). The road trip is to Duke to find Isabella's research to get more information on Katherine and what she could possibly want. At Duke they get help from Isabella's assistant, after she tries to kill Elena with a cross bow (Damon takes the shot. swoon). Damon tries to win back at least a little of Elena's friendship, after that whole almost killing Jeremy thing. But in the end, he admits he didn't see the magic ring, but regrets it and is glad Jer is okay because he couldn't have lived with himself otherwise. All this doesn't move Elena - she says their friendship is lost forever. Don't count on it, Elena. This show would be sad if there was no Damon/Elena fun. As for the other Salvatore brother, he was a busy man. First he had to convince Bonnie to make a magic ring for Caroline (bonnie is such a pain) and then he has to train Caroline to not be such a super jealous neurotic, epsecially with Matt.  It doesn't work. She ends up nearly killing Matt, and then deciding to force him to break up with her. Poor Little C. (I'm changing her name since she appears to have stolen Little J's makeup artist from GG). Oh... and Mason is a werewolf, and chances are so is Tyler (when he turns 18, perhaps?) and a were bite can kill a vamp. EEK!

BIG BANG THEORY: This show is still funny. And Mayim should be back full time. That's all I got this week. :)

GREY'S ANATOMY: This show is still on fire following the phenomenal season finale. Derek is messed up - but still functioning a little, as he finally quit being chief and gave Webber his much deserved job back. The Twisted Sisters (as Owen calls them) are the two that still haven't been cleared for surgery. But that doesn't mean they aren't doing alright. Christina is hiding in her wedding to Owen (so sweet) and Mer has yet to tell anyone that didn't already know about her miscarriage (including Der). One of the best parts of the opening for me is that April and Jackson are now just part of the crew. No more Mercy West/Seattle Grace separation. So glad for it, by the way. I like Sarah Drew, and would be happy to like April, and we all know how I feel about the hotness monster! My favorite part of the episode was when Lexie finally tells off Alex for being a total douche. I cheered. Alex needs a swift kick to the nuts.

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Ummmm.... it was a good episode, but I don't have much to say. Although I totally called Sam and Addison still together and just not talking about it. So hurray? Whatever. These people are so messed up!

FRINGE: I Love Olivia and was genuinely sad when she started to fade and Fauxlivia started to break through. But I loved, Henry, her cab driver and was glad to read he would be on more episodes. But none of that sadness on the other side measured up to the way my heart broke when Pacey, I mean Peter, gave Fauxlivia a kiss. I'm dreading this weeks episode because. Oh, and the director of the episode, Joe Chappelle, apparently went to the JJ Abrams (creator of the show) school of directing - the episode was very  solar flare heavy!

NIKITA: The episode was good, and I really liked guest star Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars, Eli Stone). But the best part was when the tech guy said he was like "River Phoenix is Sneakers." Bonus points for that awesome reference.

SUPERNATURAL: I'm SOOOO excited this show is back. You have no idea. Well, I know a few of you do. Anyway, that being said, this episode was not the best. The montage at the start that went back and forth between Hunter Dean and Domesticated Dean was great and made me sad. I was even more sad later when I realized just how much of Domesticated Dean we would be getting. My biggest issue was that there was just a whole lot of Dean saying "Wait, what?" or some form of that. I felt so bad for him when he realized that even Bobby knew that Sam had been back the whole time. And I will say that seeing Lisa going the way of Mom and Jessica (ceiling, bleeding, fire) was upsetting and made me giggle. (I actually like Lisa, but I want her gone so I can get Dean back!) It was also creepy seeing Azazel again. But I liked all the throwbacks to the old stuff. Biggest question: WTF is up with Grandpa Campbell (and the cousins)?! Why didn't he kill that chic? What is going on there? Considering Sera Gamble, Eric Kripke and the rest of the crew have been saying "it's back to monster of the week," this episode seemed to be going the route of mythology. That is not a bad thing, by the way. Just curious as to where it is going....

SNL: Amy Poehler rocked it! So great. And so was Katy Perry in the Brooklyn Beat skit. So fabulous!! Also loved Jimmy, Tina, Maya, Rachel and, of course, Justin Timberlake!!

Alright, friends. What did you think of this past week? Let me know!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week in Review: 9/19-9/25 (Part 1)

Welcome to the official start of the fall season! Since I watch approximately 387532 shows (give or take a few) I've decided to try splitting up my blog. This one will have what I watched Sunday - Tuesday, and then this weekend I'll cover Wednesday-Friday. Or that is the plan. I don't always watch when shows are on, so if your favorite Sunday - Tuesday shows don't make it into this blog and you know I watch them, look for them this weekend.

I'm very excited about quite a few of the new shows, and very happy with many returning favorites as well, so enough chit chat, and let the celebration begin! [throws confetti and then curses because remembered there is no maid]

BOARDWALK EMPIRE: I'm in. I was in after the first 10 minutes. No, scratch that. I was in 10 minutes before the show started while watching the pre-show. This is the show that replaces The Sopranos. True Blood is completely fabulous, but it is camp and The Sopranos was definitely not camp. This show is also not camp. Even if I hadn't known Scorsese was directing I would have been able to tell. It was perfection, and the montage at the end (specifically the shot of the guy at the record player) was classic Marty Scorsese. Love. Buscemi is more than I could have hoped for, but the highlights to me are Stephen Graham as Al Capone (GREAT introduction to that character, by the way!) and Eddie, Nucky's butler or whatever, made me laugh everytime he was on screen. A great way to break the tension going on in a lot of the scenes. Although Nucky is pretty funny himself, of course. I can't wait to see where it goes. Oh, and really glad the wife beater got it in the end. That guy as disgusting.

MAD MEN: Oh, Mrs. Blackenship, we were just getting to really appreciate you. And then you died. But thankfully that didn't mean the laughter had to stop. As always, Joan stepped up to the plate and helped take care of things, because like Don said, "I'd have my secretary do it, but she's dead." Fabulous. When Joan wasn't busy helping take care of Don's dead secretary, she was getting mugged and then having sex with Roger in an alley (as you do). But she came to her senses (or not) the next day when she pointed out they were both married and that it just wasn't going to happen for them. The episode was titled, The Beautiful Girls, as in those that surround Don. That was really highlighted this with the Sally running away storyline. As Peggy, Joan, Megan and Faye all took turns helping out with Sally we saw how much support Don actually has around him. Unfortunately, Don doesn't always see it or appreciate it. But as all the woman stood in the doorway around Don as he brought Sally out to the ever clueless Betty, I was breathless. Despite the issues, these women have become his family.

CHUCK: HURRAY! Chuck is back!! Over the summer Chuck and Morgan have been on a world wide secret (expensive) mission to find Chuck's mom, who at the end of last season we discovered was a spy. Of course, it just leads them back to LA, much to the dismay of Morgan who has been in charge of the financials. Chuck has also been keeping this mission a secret from Sarah, to avoid having her worry. Meanwhile Sarah and Casey have been on the hunt for this week's big bad, Dolph Lundgren (looking fab for being 110) and that has put a strain on their relationship. But don't worry - Josh Schwartz has told us Chuck and Sarah fans have nothing to fear. The general is eager to have Chuck back as a spy, so she sabotages all his interviews, and rebuilds the Buy More as a CIA cover where we meet the awesomely pretty, Greta, played this week by Olivia Munn. This week, at least. So Chuck is back to spy-hood. Of course both Sarah/Casey and Chuck/Morgan follow leads (to Dolph and Mom, respectively) that take them to Russia - by choice or kidnapping. Chuck saves the day with his ass-kicking intersect skills and everyone is happy. Well, Ellie won't be when she finds out Chuck is a spy again, but besides that... Best of all, I'm happy. Because this show is rocking. And because Linda Hamilton still kicks ass (or at least I think it's her. Hard to tell through the soft focus)

THE EVENT: The pacing of the show may have give me a little bit of a headache, but I like it. Josh Ritter is fantastic. I'm going to enjoy him as the hero of the show. I'm also looking forward to how they play Scott Patterson's character after he went to crash a plane into the president's Miami party. And where did that plane go, by the way? Was Benjamin Linus turning a big wheel at the bottom of a well somewhere? But apparently these questions are already answered by the next episode, so I'm not too worried about having to ask these questions for a long time. One thing I will say for this show, they do know how to build suspense. I almost died when the little girl was grabbed outside her house! (Speaking of that whole family a few little tidbits - Scott Patterson and Josh Ritter have both played love interests to Lauren Graham (Scott on Gilmore Girls and Josh on Parenthood). And the actress who plays Scott's wife, Julia Campbell, played Trinity's wife on Dexter and her daughter on Dexter was played by Vanessa Marano who played April, Scott's daughter on Gilmore Girls. Get all that? No? Doesn't matter, just something that I found amusing and no one else in the world would).

HOUSE: So, we've got Huddy for real now. No hallucinations. Although they did give you a scare there for a second when Wilson came knocking on the door. But we all know Huddy is on, for now. But the other big story this week was the exit of Thirteen so she could go play with Cowboys and Aliens (coming soon to a theater near you). She finally got some closure with Foreman, and then a not so unexpected proposition from Chase. Her leaving forced his hand - apparently he was playing a long game. A little disappointed she didn't take him up on it, because, well, he is hot. And there is the accent. Speaking of Chase, my favorite moment of the episode came when he went to tell Cuddy's assistant that he was a neurosurgeon, so the hospital ER wouldn't get shut down. When the assistant said that Cuddy's first instructions were not to believe anything House or his team says, Chase then said, "I'm not a neurosurgeon?" Fantastic. A little sad to read there won't be more of the assistant.

LONE STAR: I'm trying not to get attached because the ratings SUCKED, but I found this show completely charming, as was the lead. I'm interested to see where they want to take it - how long can this guy conceivably lead two lives and con everyone without being found out? But I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not going to get to find out... and if I don't, someone please snatch up James Wolk quick. Perhaps as Kyle Chandler's brother in something?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: SO excited this show is back, and already better than last season. What we learned: Marshall tells WAY too much to his dad. Lily is scared she won't be able to have kids and therefore disappoint an already very invested Marshall. Robin has not taken the break up with Don well. But cleans up real nice! Ted remembers that Cindy's (Rachel Bilson) roommate just may be (is!!!) the one. But that wasn't the chic in the bar - that girl, as it turns out, was Cindy's one. Ted is so awful, he turned poor Cindy! LOL. And Barney, well Barney still wants to find his dad. And thinks Robin is really hot. Speaking of..... Are we all on the same page about what was happening in the flashforward at the end of the show??? We are right?? If you aren't on the same page, then get on it, because I'm right. I know I am. Seriously, I have confirmation. My reaction: SQUEE.

GOSSIP GIRL: One word: Swoooooon. Ok, more than one word? Chuck Bass, you heart breaking bastard. The scene towards the end of the episode literally broke my heart. I'm a big Chuck/Blair fan, however I know they need to not be together right now. But let me put down the wonderful words of the end of the conversation, just because I rewound and watched it like 5 times, (partially because that dress was super fab):
Blair: I don't love you anymore. But it takes more than even you to destroy Blair Waldorf.
Chuck: Your world would be easier if I didn't come back.
Blair: That's true..... But it wouldn't be my world without you in it.

Sigh... Anyway, there was more than just these two. (And thankfully Chuck went back to being Chuck at the end). Dan still doesn't realize that Georgina is gone, but is back with Vanessa thanks to a nudge from Nate and his new girl. Poor Serena, left out again because she took too long to decide. Best line of the night goes to the super fab (and shady!) Katie Cassidy: "The life of Serena Van Der Woodsen is like the most complicated Jane Austen novel ever." Yes, yes it is. And really, we wouldn't want it any other way.

90210: Man, these kids are effed up. I really don't have anything else to say. :)

CASTLE: My Nathan Fillion is back on TV and all is right in the world. Well not really, since Castle didn't call his buddies at the precinct and they are none too happy about it. But charming as he is, he gets back into their good graces by helping solve the case. Even more adorable than how obviously hurt Beckett was by not hearing from Castle, was the damper it put on the bromance with Ryan and Esposito. I especially enjoyed the moment when Beckett and Castle, once again, said "I know who the killer is" in unison. The look on Beckett's face said she was a little sorry she let him back in, but knew it would happen. And the look on Castle's face was, well, charming, of course. A little arrogant, because he knew he would win this game, but also a little relieved because even if he is back with his ex wife, we all know Beckett is his girl. By the way - I'm a little too in love with Fillion to ever judge this show objectively. Thought I should finally admit that now that we are into season 3.

HAWAII 5-0: Are you done humming the theme song yet? No? That's ok neither am I. But I despite the new constant soundtrack in my head, I looooove this show. So much fun. The chemistry between all four main characters is really great, especially between Alex O'Laughlin as McGarrett and Scott Caan as Danno. It's key these two play well together on screen, and thankfully they did. Scott is especially funny. But my favorite part was, of course, James Marsters as Spike, I mean, I honestly don't remember because I kept calling him Spike in my head. And then when he fought with McGarrett, I will admit to being just a little disappointed because Spike would have totally kicked Mick St. John's ass in a vampire battle! Yes, I did think about this during their fight scene. Yes, I realize that is sad. Whatever. Point is, I liked the show. Isn't that enough for you??

GLEE: Oh sweet Glee, I am so happy you are back. Have I mentioned that? Because I really really missed you. And I was so not disappointed. Every musical number was great. Even the rapping for Empire State of Mind didn't upset me too much! Speaking of, can not tell you how much I enjoyed the meta moment when "Jew Fro" (what is his name? I never remember) asked Mr. Shue how he felt about everyone on the blogs hating his rapping. Dear Ryan Murphy and Matthew Morrison, thank you thank you thank you for having a sense of humor!! So let's see. Tina is now with Mike Chang (and his abs). Poor Artie. Finn and Rachel are still together, and somehow Finn is okay with that. Quinn is thin again, and with the loss of baby weight, her head-cheerleader-ness returns. Santana ain't happy about it. Brittany spent the summer in the sewers? And there is a new football coach - Ms. Bieste. Love her! But it's about the songs right? Love the new guy. (The exchange about balls in his mouth almost made me pee my pants). And then there is Sunshine. Wowza. If you youtube Charice, you will see that she is famous for singing Listen from Dreamgirls. And I can see why. When Amber Riley sang And I'm Telling You my reaction was, that was amazing, but Jennifer Hudson was better. As far as Charice/Beyonce, they are tied, in my opinion. That was insane. And Finn's face as he realized what it was doing to Rachel was classic. Rachel was at a new low this episode, and I hope they make her likeable by next week, because I love her. But as far as I'm concerned she made up for it with her rendition of What I Did For Love. Soooo fantastic. And used in the correct context! Hurray!!

ONE TREE HILL: Well, Hallelujah, Haley was smart enough to look INSIDE the house when she hadn't heard from Quinn. Take note, Nathan! During the episode Quinn and Clay are in some sort of limbo and Clay says Quinn needs to go, with the promise that he will wake up too. Let me say this: if he doesn't, I'm going to be really pissed. Why? Can't these people have a moment of normal? Seriously. Tree Hill is a scary ass town. But when i wasn't cursing the producers, I was laughing at the always adorable Jamie who said that Mia and Chase tried to kidnap him. Love that kid. Speaking of Chase: really?? Alex?? Really? You always seemed like a good kid with a head on your shoulders but the cherry stem in a knot thing was enough for you? Really?? I'm not sure I like you anymore. My thoughts on all of these things are reserved for next week. (BTW: Mouth and Millie again, huh? Ok then...)

LIFE UNEXPECTED: In student and teacher love connection 2.0, teacher is coming off way better than one Mr. Fitz. First, Mr. Daniels doesn't make goo goo eyes everytime Lux walks into a room. In fact he very convincingly acts as if she is nothing but another student. However when he realizes he almost took an apartment where he would be living with her part time, he didn't take it, making her think there is something there. He denies it, but of course, when Lux uses her sad face he eventually admits he totally thinks she is hot and they had a "moment." Not sure where this show is going to go with it. It's not as campy as Pretty Little Liars, so I don't think they will be making out in his car in the rain in the next episode, but who knows. Meanwhile, another Buffy alum is on TV and it brings me so much joy! Baze got a job working for his dad's company, but more specifically, working for Emma, played by the oh so awesome Emma Caulfield (Anya on Buffy). And soon I think Emma and Baze will be doing more than working together if you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Alrighty, that is what I've watched so far from the Sunday-Tuesday field. Whatever I missed should hopefully make it into the blog this weekend. Enjoy! Comment! Avoid telling me I watch too much TV! (I know already)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week in Review: 9/12-9/18

Hello everyone. It's a little late, but I'm here getting my week in review done, as promised! Going to try to do it on the weekends from now on, but no promises on that one. 

MAD MEN: Somehow voice over is more interesting when Don Draper is the one doing it. Another great episode from this series that has been on fire, with no end in sight. And while Don may have been giving the narration, the real highlight this week was the power struggle between Joan, Peggy and Joey. Joey enjoys a good joke at Joan's expense feeling that she is a useless overblown secretary. Joan, frustrtated, gives them a talking to that makes me cheer, warning them that when they are in the jungles of Vietnam they will look back and realize how great it was to just have to deal with her. Peggy decides that is not enough and fires Joey. Joey was a douche, but I will miss Matt Long's pretty face. Joan says all that will do is make Joey and the other men in the office, resent them even more. But more exciting that any of this: Anne Dudek was back as Francine! WOO!

ENTOURAGE: What a long downward spiral it has been for Vincent Chase, ending with the cops finding cocaine in his pocket while in the hospital after getting his ass beat by Eminem and his thugs (classic). I'm very interested in how this series wraps up during it's final season next summer. Hopefully all goes well for the boys we've grown to love. Yes, even Drama. But if something bad happens with Eric and Sloane I will hunt Mark Whalberg down and smack him. Just kidding. If I found him I'd probably just stare at his pretty.

TRUE BLOOD: So, the finale. Well, I liked it. But as someone who read the books, I was kind of left a little unsatisfied. To avoid spoiling anything (or I should say I possibly spoiling anything) I will leave it at this: There are things that happen with Eric and Jason that I want to happen on the show, and they didn't. However that is not to say they won't. In fact Jason being in Hotshot makes it very likely his will still happen. And I believe the thing with Eric has already been confirmed by Alan Ball, so fingers crossed. That being said: I'm relatively happy with the ending of the season. It didn't quite end of the same note that the other seasons ended on (you know, Sookie screaming) but it was still good. My biggest question is not where did Sookie go or did Sam shoot Tommy. It is, what the hell was with the creepy baby doll on the floor of Hoyt and Jessica's new house? Seriously. Of anything that has ever happened on the show, THAT was the creepiest. Also: I miss you Godric. Please come back some more.

90210: The kids of West Bev are back and more screwed up than ever. Annie is off house arrest (Her punishment for killing that guy. Whatever happened to the storyline that she didn't really do it?!), has a new intership and is making kissy face with the yummy Liam. Naomi is going cuckoo for cocoa puffs after getting raped (for reals this time). Silver and Teddy are still going strong, until Teddy is found with a practically naked Naomi. Wasn't what you thought, Silver, but just a hint: it's not going to matter in the long run anyway. Dixon is jealous of his girlfriends new live in old friend, who she does have a crush on, but it doesn't matter cuz he is doing her mom. And then there is Adrianna, right after Javier tells her she is totally useless and she is off the tour, he gets killed. And then she steals his songs. Fantastic. Oh, and there was an earthquake. Whatever, just another day in Beverly Hills.

GOSSIP GIRL: Dear Upper West Siders, Things are still crazy with our favorite friends. Dan is a baby daddy (or is he?) and is about to discover he is a SINGLE baby daddy. Nate has slept with all of Manhattan, but then meets the totally awesome Katie Cassidy who seems cool, but because she is played by Katie Cassidy, is totally shady. Eric seems to missing. Lily and Rufus are still shaky ground thanks to the Chuck and Jenny debacle. Speaking of Chuck, he was saved from the alley in Amsterdam by Fleur from Harry Potter who does not know his name. But now they are in Paris, which is where S & B are. Serena has been sexing it up and Blair has been shopping it up. They fight and make up as always (over boys, Serena choosing Columbia over Brown) and are about to get a bit of a shock when they find Chuck this week. Good times. Oh, and best of all: Little J is still mercifully in Hudson (or wherever) with her mother. Good riddance.

COVERT AFFAIRS: This was sold as a "two hour season finale" but really it was just two episodes blocked together, one of which was the season finale. In fact the first episode, a fun one guest starring Gregory Itzin and Anna Chumlsky, seemed a bit out of order. But whatever. As for the regular season finale, well, that was a good hour of television. It was fun to see Annie and Ben together now, not in flashbacks. Ben is a great character, and I love him. Although Ben and Jai with their constant "protect Annie" bit was annoying me as much as it was her, which is why I am glad she wasn't the one that needed saving in the final battle at the building. But when Ben was shot.... well, let's just say I was not happy. And as my husband pointed out, they didn't seem to be heading to the nearest medical facility! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we haven't seen the end of Ben Mercer. Even if we all know the end of the show will have Annie and Auggie married with kids (is that just in my head?) Ben is too much fun to lose after only one short season.

LIFE UNEXPECTED: For those of you who watched Pretty Little Liars this summer, you may have had a sense of deja vu when Lux met a handsome young man while she was in a bar who then assumed she was of legal age (you know, cuz she is in the bar) and they have a "moment," only to discover on the first day of school that the handsome young man is her new teacher. (Why hello, Aria and Mr. Fitz, nice to see you again!) They did play it differently on this show, and I still like the storyline, so I'm not complaining. Plus, on this show you get to know teacher a little better. While I enjoy Aria and Fitz on PLL, I always felt like he had no personality and his sole purpose was to listen to Aria complain about shit. Anyway, back to LUX. The ex Mrs. Dean Forester of Gilmore Girls, Arielle Kebbel (also the chic Sam shot in his flashback on True Blood) is the new bartender at Baze's bar. Then she set it on fire... turns out she is also Ryan's sister. But she is not the only mystery woman in Ryan's life, there is some woman Julia who sent them a weird vase. Between Paige, Julia and the new co-host, how will Ryan have time for Cate?

ONE TREE HILL: There are so many things I can say about this episode. Love all the Brooke and Julian cuteness. Love the Haley and Nate cuteness. But my biggest issue is WHY THE HELL HAS NO ONE GONE TO SEE WHERE QUINN AND CLAY ARE?!? It's been over 24 hours. When Nate knocks on the door, why doesn't he go around back and check? Aren't their cars in the driveway? Shouldn't that make him suspicious. Obviously you can get in through Clay's bedroom since crazy Katie/Sarah did to shoot them. How long are they going to lay there bleeding out? And how long can they and we actually are supposed to believe they survive?? Seriously!! So mad about it.

PARENTHOOD: Was Jasmine this selfish last season? I don't remember her being this selfish. Oh well, I guess we will see where it goes. I really enjoy this show, and I'm glad it is back. If only because not having Lauren Graham on TV every week after Gilmore Girls ended was killing me a little. Also really glad Minka Kelley was back. I heart her and anyone else who was ever on an episode of Friday Night Lights. My new favorite character is Joel. His arguments on the roof with Zeke won me over.

DARK BLUE: This two part season finale guest starred Johnnt Messner, Seamus Deaver and Todd Stashwick making them my favorite episodes of the season. Also a highlight: all the Jamie and Dean love. They are my favorite, and they have been ignoring their relatioship most of the season. Glad to have them back, at least kind of. Not sure if this was renewed for another season, but if Tricia Helfer is back and they keep going with Dean and Jamie, I'm in,

HELLCATS: Still not totally sold on this show, but this week's was better than the pilot. Love Matt Barr as Marti's friend Dan. I especially like that they don't have him in love with Marti, but instead interested in Savannah. Also just love that he isn't totally psycho like on One Tree Hill. But I keep waiting for that to happen. I find it funny that the moral of this show seems to be "Trashy or Snobby, all moms suck." LOL. Even if Marti's mom redeemed herself at the end of the episode, I can guarantee that won't stick!
VAMPIRE DIARIES: I don't know about you, but I am in love with Vampire Caroline. I can't wait to see how she does with this. I didn't like her all that much last season, but now she is really fun to watch. Not as fun as Damon though, who cracks me up. When he said to Stefan, "Aren't you afraid one day all the forrest animals will band together and fight back? Surely they talk." I almost died laughing. Classic Damon. Also loved that he seems to like Jeremy. And in a way, that Jeremy seems to like him. Their banter when Jeremy came into the house to kill him was great - especially when Damon pointed out how crappy Jer's whittling skills are. Not loving Bonnie though. Listen, witch, Damon may have gave Caroline that blood, but you told him to, and Katherine was the one that killed her, so quit trying to burn the most interesting character on this show alive! One big question/complaint: WHERE THE EFF IS ALARIC??? I miss my Matt Davis.

NIKITA: Still loving this show. I'm finding it very Joss Whedon- esque. Hot girl who is snarky and kicks ass? Check. Even snarkier tech nerd? Check. Brooding hot guy whose loyalties are in question? Check. It all makes me happy. Wondering how long Shane West's Michael can really keep his loyalties in line with Division. Even if you know you can't beat them, does that really mean you are supposed to stay with them? Speaking of Shane West, I find his brooding face to be very similar to Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester. And his gravelly voice to be like, well, every male character on a CW genre show! Just saying...

Ok. That's it. Next week, the DVR explodes, as will my blog! Can't wait! Already in love with Boardwalk Empire. Looking forward to hearing what you guys all think!

Comment away!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Long Overdue Blog

Hellooooo my lovely readers. Have you forgiven me for taking so long to write a blog? Had to get back into the swing of things with school. But it's under control now. I've even written 4500 words of my 50000 word novel. That is almost 1/10 done! Woo! Did you like that math? Impressive, no?

Anywhoooo, since this is covering about two weeks worth, I'm just going to talk about the shows in a random order, and what has been going on in the past couple weeks or so.

MAD MEN: Wow. Just wow. There was a really great episode two weeks ago, but honestly, does anyone want to talk about any episode of Mad Men besides "The Suitcase?" It was the best hour of television in as long as I can remember. If you have been reading my Mad Men posts, you will know that the Don/Peggy relationship is my favorite and that even the littlest tid bits they have been dishing out have been the highlights of the season. So imagine my joy at an episode where almost the entire hour is just Don and Peggy. There rode an emotional roller coaster that night from laughing at Roger's recording for his memoir to the Don receiving the news of the death of Anna Draper. This episode was pitch perfect. I have watched in 3 times. Seriously. While the episode is better if you have been watching for the past 3 1/2 seasons, the episode works well as a stand alone. I don't know how they are going to top it. And while Don and Peggy were the highlight, the moment when Pete saw Peggy and Trudy exit the ladies room together was hysterical. That moment of blind panic that flashed on his face for a split second before he could compose himself was perfection. Nothing like seeing your former baby mama and current baby mama (the latter unaware of the former's status as baby mama) exit that mysterious void that is the ladies room!

RUBICON: Listen, I know this show is slow and quiet. But I kind of like it. When so many shows are in your face (not a bad thing, just saying...) it is kind of nice to have a show that really makes you listen and work for the information. Television can be smart, and this one is. But for as intense and intricate as this show can be - it is also pretty funny. Between Will's ragtag group of analysts (the best being sad sack, Miles) and Maggie's school girl crush on Will there are a lot of laughs. Especially when poor Maggie is so lonely she invites some guy from her class over for a booty call, only to have a scared Will surprise her at her door at 2am to find her with said booty call. So sad. But the most interesting character on the series is Kale, Will's boss who is equally amusing as he is scary and completely unreadable.

COVERT AFFAIRS: Oh, USA Network, you truly never let me down. The past two weeks have been big on this series. Two weeks ago we learned a lot more about Ben as he finally made contact with Annie in order to get her help with an old CI. Unfortunately, said CI wound up dead anyway. And Annie broke protocol which got her in trouble with Joan. But as we have seen all season, despite using Annie to get at Ben (on her husband's orders) Joan is very protective of Annie. They have almost a mother/daughter relationship. Annie gets in trouble, Joan scolds and punishes her, but ultimately loves and will protect her. But there is more than just Joan working Annie to get to Ben - Jai was placed her for the sole reason of using Annie to find intel on Ben. And for that reason he gets himself invited to a family BBQ at Annie's sisters. This moment two weeks ago was a big pre-cursor to the events of this past week's ep. While on vacation with Danielle, Annie recalls that two weeks with Ben. Now that she knows he is also CIA, she is remembering things that otherwise never stood out to her. Such as him talking to a certain guy in a hat. A guy that turns out to be: Jai. Not a huge surprise for us, but a knock out for Annie who has grown to trust (and crushing on) him. Can't wait to see what that twist leads to in the two part season finale this week! And before I finish up my CA portion of this blog a thought for all of you other fans of this show: Kevin and I have, since episode 1, thought that Danielle's husband, Michael, is somehow connected to the CIA or other government agency. Originally there were two reasons: 1- his job has always been bizarrely non-descript. 2- while having "outside family" is nice for Annie's character, it will eventually be dead weight if it doesn't get tied in (see: Alias). But since the pilot additional reason have piled on such as: did he REALLY lose his job? Or has he been on some sort of mission? And how crazy of a coincidence is it that when Annie suddenly has a mission go all crazy in Niagara Falls, Michael suddenly appears, no longer having to do whatever work obligation was keeping him from the trip?  If it turns out to be nothing, then we are just crazy, but if that twist shows up, remember we said it so I don't have to say I told you so!

WHITE COLLAR: There were so many things I was expecting to happen on these last episodes. Almost none of them happened and I am so happy. First I expected some big rift between Neal and Peter. Nope. I expected either Danielle or Diana to turn bad. Nope. I expected Kate to show up. Nope. Hurray for none of these things happening! Also hurray for the reveal of the real bad guy: Paul Blackthorne, who always plays a really great villain. And hurray for a really great cliffhanger: Poor Mozzie getting shot on a park bench outside Central Park. Not hurray for him getting shot, but hurray for a truly unexpected cliffhanger! And let's face it. We all watch a lot of TV- I'd put good money on Moz getting help in time and being just fine when we return in January!

PSYCH: So the past two episodes have had a new character: Declan played by Nestor Carbonell. The mysteries of the week have been ok. Honestly, not that interesting. Although I did enjoy the fun casting of Franke Potente in the Bourne episode for the finale. If only John Cena had been able to come back! But despite that fun, I've been distracted by the Shawn/Jules/Declan love triangle that has started. Here is why: Shawn and Juliet have both been acting like 12 year olds when it comes to their relationship recently and playing stupid stupid games. But then the last 10 minutes of the finale happened. Shawn (while still wearing a wire) admitted to Gus that he was upset about Juliet and Declan, but all he wants is for her to be happy and if Declan does that for Jules he can't say anything. BUT, he wants to be happy too, and the only way he sees that happening is if Jules is in his life. A revelation that, while not surprising, was still a shock to hear exit "Serious Moment Shawn's" mouth. It shocked Gus, Shawn and Jules who was listening to the whole thing in the truck!! (Let's ignore that uber-observant Shawn should have realized he was still wearing a wire and that Jules was not at the bust and therefore probably in the truck, because thinking about that ruins the moment!) If that wasn't enough for Shawn-Jules shippers, then there was the last couple minutes. As Shawn gives a rambling and heartfelt speech to Jules upon hearing that her vacation with Declan was 2 weeks (!), a speech that was meant to say "I love you but I want you to be happy" without saying the words, she kisses him. SQUEE! Love the way James Roday played the moment - almost as if he didn't really know what to do. And so the season ends, with Jules going shopping for her trip leaving Shawn with a look over her shoulder of sadness and confusion. Thank goodness this one comes back in November and not January!!

And now that we are done with all the finales (or already premiered) shows, let's look at the few shows who started their fall season this past week:

HELLCATS: This show was OK for me. I liked that Ashley Tisdale wasn't the villain. I liked Aly Michalka. And DB Woodside (Buffy Alum!!). But, I found a lot of the episode almost cringe-worthy. I just wanted some scenes to end. However, I am willing not to judge on the pilot, as they are often not the best the show has to offer. More opinion after next week.

TERRIERS: I wasn't sure what to expect from this one. The previews I had seen didn't show much, but it was created by Shawn Ryan (The Shield), stars Donal Logue (sorry dude, you are always and forever Jimmy the Cab Driver) and Michael Raymond-James (Rene from True Blood), and it received great reviews. Had to give it a try. Glad I did. It is a lot of fun. Basically, it is Veronica Mars with scruffy guys instead of a pretty high school girl. They are PIs, unofficially (like Veronica), help the little guys (like Veronica), are both really snarky (like Veronica) and they get into a big war with one of the rich and powerful men in town (like Veronica). While the similarity may be unintentional it is very apparent to anyone who was a VM fan. And I'm not saying it is a negative. Hardly. Veronica Mars was one of the most enjoyable and smartest shows I have ever seen. And while I'd probably pick Kristen Bell over any actor any day of the week, Logue and Raymond-James are great picks for "scruffy guy" fill-ins. But if they got some VM alum on there I would be extra happy.

NIKITA: Unlike the other new show on The CW, I'm really loving this one right off the bat. Maggie Q is great as the title character, Nikita (don't call her Niki!). As are all of the other leads. Melinda Clarke, once again, playing a madame of sorts - she is the one in charge of "grooming" the girls at Division, the secret government organization Nikita was once part of and is now trying to take down. Shane West is always adorable, and is playing her former handler very well - torn between his love (?) for her and his loyalty to Division. And then there is my Lyndsy Fonesca, the newest trainee at Division. And girl with a lot of mysteries. The action was fun. And Maggie doing a crazy fight sequence in a bathing suit that leaves nothing to the imagination earns her a lot of points from me. And then there was the last 5 mintues which revealed a HUGE twist that changes the course of the show right off the bat. Bravo, writers, Bravo. Not expecting it even a little, and have to say makes me even more excited for this series.

And last but certainly not least (by a long shot!)

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Oh Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, you crazy kids sure know how to make a TV show. Last season you had the best finale of the season. And if you don't agree with that (I accept the argument that Mad Men's "Shut the Door, Have a Seat" was superior overall), it certainly had the best cliffhanger, hands down. How can they top it?? I don't know, but they did! What an insane hour of television. The CW may be a teeny-bopper network, but it is churning out some truly legit programming! First: props to Nina Dobrev. If I didn't know better I would think that Katherine and Elena were being played by two different people! Genius work girl. (And if I'm being honest, she is acting CIRCLES around this years Emmy winner for Actress in a Drama, Kyra Sedgwick. Sorry, Kyra) Then there is the best relationship on this show: Stefan and Damon. The scene on the bench outside the memorial service for the mayor where they discussed how to handle Katherine was fantastic. Their back and forth is always the highlight of any episode. And while the episode was a lot fun (Hello very pretty Uncle Mason, and good bye, I assume just for now, very pretty Uncle Jonathan), the last 5 minutes were EPIC. What the hell?? Kissing, neck snapping, smothering, oh my! Game on, indeed, Katherine. Game! Friggin! On! Is it Thursday yet?

So there you have it. Sorry for the long long delay. I will be back next weekend to discuss what is left of summer TV, and rejoice in the start of more CW programs!

Comment me!! I miss your comments!