Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Long Overdue Blog

Hellooooo my lovely readers. Have you forgiven me for taking so long to write a blog? Had to get back into the swing of things with school. But it's under control now. I've even written 4500 words of my 50000 word novel. That is almost 1/10 done! Woo! Did you like that math? Impressive, no?

Anywhoooo, since this is covering about two weeks worth, I'm just going to talk about the shows in a random order, and what has been going on in the past couple weeks or so.

MAD MEN: Wow. Just wow. There was a really great episode two weeks ago, but honestly, does anyone want to talk about any episode of Mad Men besides "The Suitcase?" It was the best hour of television in as long as I can remember. If you have been reading my Mad Men posts, you will know that the Don/Peggy relationship is my favorite and that even the littlest tid bits they have been dishing out have been the highlights of the season. So imagine my joy at an episode where almost the entire hour is just Don and Peggy. There rode an emotional roller coaster that night from laughing at Roger's recording for his memoir to the Don receiving the news of the death of Anna Draper. This episode was pitch perfect. I have watched in 3 times. Seriously. While the episode is better if you have been watching for the past 3 1/2 seasons, the episode works well as a stand alone. I don't know how they are going to top it. And while Don and Peggy were the highlight, the moment when Pete saw Peggy and Trudy exit the ladies room together was hysterical. That moment of blind panic that flashed on his face for a split second before he could compose himself was perfection. Nothing like seeing your former baby mama and current baby mama (the latter unaware of the former's status as baby mama) exit that mysterious void that is the ladies room!

RUBICON: Listen, I know this show is slow and quiet. But I kind of like it. When so many shows are in your face (not a bad thing, just saying...) it is kind of nice to have a show that really makes you listen and work for the information. Television can be smart, and this one is. But for as intense and intricate as this show can be - it is also pretty funny. Between Will's ragtag group of analysts (the best being sad sack, Miles) and Maggie's school girl crush on Will there are a lot of laughs. Especially when poor Maggie is so lonely she invites some guy from her class over for a booty call, only to have a scared Will surprise her at her door at 2am to find her with said booty call. So sad. But the most interesting character on the series is Kale, Will's boss who is equally amusing as he is scary and completely unreadable.

COVERT AFFAIRS: Oh, USA Network, you truly never let me down. The past two weeks have been big on this series. Two weeks ago we learned a lot more about Ben as he finally made contact with Annie in order to get her help with an old CI. Unfortunately, said CI wound up dead anyway. And Annie broke protocol which got her in trouble with Joan. But as we have seen all season, despite using Annie to get at Ben (on her husband's orders) Joan is very protective of Annie. They have almost a mother/daughter relationship. Annie gets in trouble, Joan scolds and punishes her, but ultimately loves and will protect her. But there is more than just Joan working Annie to get to Ben - Jai was placed her for the sole reason of using Annie to find intel on Ben. And for that reason he gets himself invited to a family BBQ at Annie's sisters. This moment two weeks ago was a big pre-cursor to the events of this past week's ep. While on vacation with Danielle, Annie recalls that two weeks with Ben. Now that she knows he is also CIA, she is remembering things that otherwise never stood out to her. Such as him talking to a certain guy in a hat. A guy that turns out to be: Jai. Not a huge surprise for us, but a knock out for Annie who has grown to trust (and crushing on) him. Can't wait to see what that twist leads to in the two part season finale this week! And before I finish up my CA portion of this blog a thought for all of you other fans of this show: Kevin and I have, since episode 1, thought that Danielle's husband, Michael, is somehow connected to the CIA or other government agency. Originally there were two reasons: 1- his job has always been bizarrely non-descript. 2- while having "outside family" is nice for Annie's character, it will eventually be dead weight if it doesn't get tied in (see: Alias). But since the pilot additional reason have piled on such as: did he REALLY lose his job? Or has he been on some sort of mission? And how crazy of a coincidence is it that when Annie suddenly has a mission go all crazy in Niagara Falls, Michael suddenly appears, no longer having to do whatever work obligation was keeping him from the trip?  If it turns out to be nothing, then we are just crazy, but if that twist shows up, remember we said it so I don't have to say I told you so!

WHITE COLLAR: There were so many things I was expecting to happen on these last episodes. Almost none of them happened and I am so happy. First I expected some big rift between Neal and Peter. Nope. I expected either Danielle or Diana to turn bad. Nope. I expected Kate to show up. Nope. Hurray for none of these things happening! Also hurray for the reveal of the real bad guy: Paul Blackthorne, who always plays a really great villain. And hurray for a really great cliffhanger: Poor Mozzie getting shot on a park bench outside Central Park. Not hurray for him getting shot, but hurray for a truly unexpected cliffhanger! And let's face it. We all watch a lot of TV- I'd put good money on Moz getting help in time and being just fine when we return in January!

PSYCH: So the past two episodes have had a new character: Declan played by Nestor Carbonell. The mysteries of the week have been ok. Honestly, not that interesting. Although I did enjoy the fun casting of Franke Potente in the Bourne episode for the finale. If only John Cena had been able to come back! But despite that fun, I've been distracted by the Shawn/Jules/Declan love triangle that has started. Here is why: Shawn and Juliet have both been acting like 12 year olds when it comes to their relationship recently and playing stupid stupid games. But then the last 10 minutes of the finale happened. Shawn (while still wearing a wire) admitted to Gus that he was upset about Juliet and Declan, but all he wants is for her to be happy and if Declan does that for Jules he can't say anything. BUT, he wants to be happy too, and the only way he sees that happening is if Jules is in his life. A revelation that, while not surprising, was still a shock to hear exit "Serious Moment Shawn's" mouth. It shocked Gus, Shawn and Jules who was listening to the whole thing in the truck!! (Let's ignore that uber-observant Shawn should have realized he was still wearing a wire and that Jules was not at the bust and therefore probably in the truck, because thinking about that ruins the moment!) If that wasn't enough for Shawn-Jules shippers, then there was the last couple minutes. As Shawn gives a rambling and heartfelt speech to Jules upon hearing that her vacation with Declan was 2 weeks (!), a speech that was meant to say "I love you but I want you to be happy" without saying the words, she kisses him. SQUEE! Love the way James Roday played the moment - almost as if he didn't really know what to do. And so the season ends, with Jules going shopping for her trip leaving Shawn with a look over her shoulder of sadness and confusion. Thank goodness this one comes back in November and not January!!

And now that we are done with all the finales (or already premiered) shows, let's look at the few shows who started their fall season this past week:

HELLCATS: This show was OK for me. I liked that Ashley Tisdale wasn't the villain. I liked Aly Michalka. And DB Woodside (Buffy Alum!!). But, I found a lot of the episode almost cringe-worthy. I just wanted some scenes to end. However, I am willing not to judge on the pilot, as they are often not the best the show has to offer. More opinion after next week.

TERRIERS: I wasn't sure what to expect from this one. The previews I had seen didn't show much, but it was created by Shawn Ryan (The Shield), stars Donal Logue (sorry dude, you are always and forever Jimmy the Cab Driver) and Michael Raymond-James (Rene from True Blood), and it received great reviews. Had to give it a try. Glad I did. It is a lot of fun. Basically, it is Veronica Mars with scruffy guys instead of a pretty high school girl. They are PIs, unofficially (like Veronica), help the little guys (like Veronica), are both really snarky (like Veronica) and they get into a big war with one of the rich and powerful men in town (like Veronica). While the similarity may be unintentional it is very apparent to anyone who was a VM fan. And I'm not saying it is a negative. Hardly. Veronica Mars was one of the most enjoyable and smartest shows I have ever seen. And while I'd probably pick Kristen Bell over any actor any day of the week, Logue and Raymond-James are great picks for "scruffy guy" fill-ins. But if they got some VM alum on there I would be extra happy.

NIKITA: Unlike the other new show on The CW, I'm really loving this one right off the bat. Maggie Q is great as the title character, Nikita (don't call her Niki!). As are all of the other leads. Melinda Clarke, once again, playing a madame of sorts - she is the one in charge of "grooming" the girls at Division, the secret government organization Nikita was once part of and is now trying to take down. Shane West is always adorable, and is playing her former handler very well - torn between his love (?) for her and his loyalty to Division. And then there is my Lyndsy Fonesca, the newest trainee at Division. And girl with a lot of mysteries. The action was fun. And Maggie doing a crazy fight sequence in a bathing suit that leaves nothing to the imagination earns her a lot of points from me. And then there was the last 5 mintues which revealed a HUGE twist that changes the course of the show right off the bat. Bravo, writers, Bravo. Not expecting it even a little, and have to say makes me even more excited for this series.

And last but certainly not least (by a long shot!)

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Oh Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, you crazy kids sure know how to make a TV show. Last season you had the best finale of the season. And if you don't agree with that (I accept the argument that Mad Men's "Shut the Door, Have a Seat" was superior overall), it certainly had the best cliffhanger, hands down. How can they top it?? I don't know, but they did! What an insane hour of television. The CW may be a teeny-bopper network, but it is churning out some truly legit programming! First: props to Nina Dobrev. If I didn't know better I would think that Katherine and Elena were being played by two different people! Genius work girl. (And if I'm being honest, she is acting CIRCLES around this years Emmy winner for Actress in a Drama, Kyra Sedgwick. Sorry, Kyra) Then there is the best relationship on this show: Stefan and Damon. The scene on the bench outside the memorial service for the mayor where they discussed how to handle Katherine was fantastic. Their back and forth is always the highlight of any episode. And while the episode was a lot fun (Hello very pretty Uncle Mason, and good bye, I assume just for now, very pretty Uncle Jonathan), the last 5 minutes were EPIC. What the hell?? Kissing, neck snapping, smothering, oh my! Game on, indeed, Katherine. Game! Friggin! On! Is it Thursday yet?

So there you have it. Sorry for the long long delay. I will be back next weekend to discuss what is left of summer TV, and rejoice in the start of more CW programs!

Comment me!! I miss your comments!


Katie said...

It was really hard to read around the Psych stuff! I usually am all for spoiling episodes but Im trying to be good.

VAMPIRE DIARIES! It was so good. Ian Somerhalder was FANTASTIC all episode. I love Nina Dobrev as Katherine. She has to be loving the freedom of Kat over Elena. Bonnie is kinda badass but the end was AMAZING!

I love Shane West and I really liked Nikita. Hellcats is okay, I agree that you have to watch more than the pilot. Ashley Tisdale is adorable and all I can think of when I see the main girls friend is that he is gonna freak out and head to North Carolina to find P. Sawyer.

That's all I've got. I promise to watch Psych tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. On Covert Affairs, so glad to see I'm not the only one who has thought that about Michael. I said something to my son on the first show and he just rolled his eyes at me. I really do hope they tie it in.

And I hope Mozzy doesn't die - he's actually my favorite character. lol


Erica said...

I was really not expecting to like Nikita, but was completely swayed. They really came through at the end! Here's to hoping they keep the stakes high!