Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week in Review: 1/23-1/29

Things I've learned this week: I am far to invested in televisions shows aimed at people at least 10 years younger than me. Also, I know how to pick actors that are awesome early in their careers. And by saying "I know," I mean that Joss Whedon knows because my highlights of last week come from two shows starring (swoon-worthy) Whedonverse actors. Let's get started.

CASTLE: This episode was huge. Major. In case you didn't see, and why wouldn't you, Castle and Beckett kissed. Sure, it was to throw off a security guard, but we all know that they felt something beause, well, the love each other. For me, the kiss wasn't even the biggest moment. The most important moment of the show was the converstation between Castle and his mom. Mom worried for him because the case involving the murder of Beckett's mom was getting very dangerous and she pointed out that he didn't need to be there anymore because he had more than enough research to write a whole series of Nikki Heat books. But as we all know, and Castle finally admitted out loud, it's not about the books for him anymore. And while he didn't specify what that meant, it seemed to be as much about his relationship with Beckett (they acknowledged he is her partner, and not just the "plucky sidekick") as it is about the work itself. He is beneficial to every case he participates in, and he enjoys doing it. He wants to do the work. Now if only they would get him licensed to carry a friggin gun!

GREEK: I realize most of you don't watch this, so I'm probably writing this for myself, but this was my favorite episode possibly ever of the series. The show mostly focuses on Casey and Rusty Cartwright, a sorority girl and her little brother who both go to school at ficitional college, CRU. The show mainly deals with their issues and the people that immediately surround them. One of the secondary characters, Beaver, a frat brother of Rusty and Casey's main loveinterest, Cappie, is normally just around to serve as comic relief. This week, the entire episode was Beaver-centric. He was in almost every scene. He even "sang" the opening credits, which is normally just a ten second musical ditty over the title card (a la Grey's Anatomy). There are no lyrics so he just said "Greek, greek greek, greek, greeeeeek" a bunch of times to the tune. I don't think it translates well to this blog, but trust me - it was adorable. The show only has about 7 more epsiodes and I think the saddest part to that is that it took 4 1/2 seasons to get to this episode where we discovered the idiot frat boy, Beaver, was actually a thoughtful and sweet man. I hope we see more before this series is gone.

SOUTHLAND: Oh boy. After the opening segment (which always takes place at the end of the day for the episode) I knew it was going to be a tough one. Watching Shawn Hatosy sit a cry in a hospital waiting room covered in blood was enough to tell us what was about to happen - his partner Nate, played by Kevin Alejandro was going to die. It was so hard to rewind the 20 hours to the morning and see Nate having a moment with his family, wishing he would pay more attention to the goodbyes, because he didn't realize those would be the last moments he would have with his family. What is worse is the case they had for the day dealt with a man who was shot and killed in front of his kids while picking up a birthday cake for his son. And the way his character died - a blow to the back of the head by a gang member. It was unexpected so SO horrifying. If only he hadn't gotten out of the car.... I know why his character died - Alejandro is very busy in New Orleans on True Blood and season 4 is the "Season of the Witch" and being a brujo, or male witch, on the show he is in high demand over there. The travelling was a lot. But still.... I loved Nate. And his partner was already on the edge. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out for the rest of the season.

THE CW: Well, due to lots of reasons (none very clear) Supernatural (and Smallville) didn't air this week. But everything else was back, so I'll talk about that. First, Gossip Girl. Lots happened, and to be honest, all of them paled in comparison to the glory that is Blair and Dan. I don't care if they ever get together romantically (I'm still pulling for Nate and Dan, honestly) but more scenes of the two of them are always welcome. They are the two smartest characters on the show and their banter is perfection. Excited for their internship to start this week. One Tree Hill was super sweet this week, and that made me happy. Sure their Hangover-esque storyline was incredibly silly (hello, Dave Navarro!) but it finally brought Alex a moment of humanity. Usually she is just a pain, but I have to say I actually liked her this week. I'm sure she'll will ruin it at the wedding. And then there was Hellcats - thank goodness Marti/Savannah are already on the mend. I was only going to be able to stand so much of the ousting Marti storyline. But I miss Dan and his hair. Best of all this week (as always): The Vampire Diaries. Remember when Elena was the stupid girl who kept saying, "I can't deal with vampires. wah wah wah." ? I think I've finally started to let it go. She was great with Rose (if not a little stupid) and handled Damon so well. Not happy Jules finally talked to Tyler. That isn't going to go well. This show had so many twists and turns in the last 5 minutes (Uncle John/Dad! Damon going evil-ish!) I don't even know where we will be going next week. But I know that either way, I can't wait!

BONES: Poor, poor Sweets. That is the theme of the episode. First he gets taken down, psychologically speaking, by the Gravedigger in what turned out to be her last 5 minutes on Earth. Of course she would manage to destroy someone right before dying! Watching down and out Sweets for most of the episode was possibly one of the saddest things ever on the show. He is always such a strong, if not sometimes childish, man-boy. But thankfully Caroline was there to help him through it in the way that only she can. I don't think I've enjoyed Caroline as much as this since the time she made Booth and Bones kiss. (God bless her) The greatest outcome of the Gravedigger being killed: that Max was a suspect, natch, and showed up to claim his innocence. Max is fantastic. He was genuinely disappointed that Bones and Booth aren't together yet (Get in line, pops) even tho his relationship with Booth his difficult to say the least. Even better - he brings out Brennan's innocence. The girl of logic and science allowed herself to believe in the magic of hearing the ocean in the conch shell that Max gave her before he left. And of course that didn't go unnoticed by her meant-to-be love, Booth, who is down and out dealing with the new long-term Big Bad, The Sniper. I can't wait to see where that story goes.

Alright, that's what I've got this week. What did you enjoy this week? Oh, and yes, I am watching Idol. But I hate commenting on auditions, because I really don't feel like paying enough attention to the names or any of that. I'll comment more when we get to know actual contestants. But how creepy is Steven Tyler. Enjoyable and creepy. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week in Review:1/16-1/22

Alright, so let's do this blog thing again, shall we? Before I get started there are a few things I want to put for those that are new to the blog, or have forgotten my rules. First: there will be spoilers in my blog. My rule: if it aired last night, then this morning it isn't a spoiler any more. If I know what happens on tonights Castle and I tell you that is a spoiler. But if I tell you what happened on Hawaii Five-0 last night that is not a spoiler. Got it? If you haven't seen the episode and don't want to know what happens, simply skip the part were I talk about that episode! I label each entry in bold. Mmmm kay? Moving on. Also - I will not be talking about every show I watch every week because, well, I just don't have that kind of time on my hand. I'm going to try to keep it to 5-10 shows, but honestly closer to 5. If I've been skipping something you like for several weeks and you know I watch it, let me know and I'll try to include it. Also, for certain shows, if I know something big is coming this week, I probably won't talk about last week's episode (this means, Bones, Erin. This week is the Gravedigger/Sniper ep, so no talking about the faux purses from last week! LOL). Alright... now that we've got all that out of the way, let's get to the good stuff!

CHUCK: Josh Schwartz is an evil evil man. Finally, Sarah is ready for Chuck to propose. So ready that she helps Morgan and Casey with their "Help Chuck Propose" sub-mission while at the vineyard. And what happens? She gets arrested for treason as a way to get her undercover to take down Volcov and rescue Mama Bartowski. Super sweet of her, but come on!! However, I appreciate this over the "Sarah isn't ready" storyline. Except I hear a new hot agent is coming to fill in for Sarah. Please oh please don't let her be a problem. Chuck always loves Sarah first. You hear me, Schwartz? But no matter what happens with Chuck and Sarah at least we have one of my favorite odd couples going strong: Morgan and Casey. I'm excited for tonight - Casey dies (yeah right) and Linda Hamilton is back!

HOUSE: Good news: Candice Bergen is fantastic as Cuddy's mom. You wanted to hit her, but in a good way. Coming from a Jewish family, I felt a sense of deja vu during the dinner scene. No one does not-so-passive agressive like a Jewish mother. I hope we see more of her. Bad news: Every week I love Amber Tamblyn's character more. Why is this bad news? Because she is done at the end of the season. So upset, not just because I love her but because I don't love Olivia Wilde or Thirteen. I think Amber fits in better and I hope that the reason she is leaving is because she has something great coming up.

LIFE UNEXPECTED: In a few more entries I am going to go on a rant about the series finale of Medium. However this show was given about 5 minutes to come up with a series finale and did an amazingly beautiful job. Not only did everyone get a happy ending, but none of it seemed contrived. Thank you thank you Liz Tigelaar for allowing these characters to shine in the last hours of your underappreciated show. It was a wonderful two seasons, I will honestly miss them and Lux's hats.

LIGHTS OUT: I am struggling with this show. First of all, let me say it is brilliant. Truly, a perfectly written, acted and directed show. But it is heartbreaking. And I don't mean, "oh, that's kind of sad" sort of heartbreaking. I mean, "rip your heart out and stomp all over it" kind of sad. I literally watch it with my hand over my mouth, shaking my head in horror at the sadness of it all. I have enough to bring me down in my real life, I find myself wondering why I bother watching this at all. But like I said it is truly brilliant. If you can get through the depression, I recommend it very highly. And I don't like boxing at all, if that is what is turning you off from the show.

USA NETWORK ORIGINALS: Another season of shows has begun on USA. Two returning favorites, White Collar and Royal Pains, and a new series, Fairly Legal. First the returning shows: White Collar is on fire. The bromance between Neal and Peter is strong as ever. And Hilarie Burton as bad ass insurance chic, Sarah, is a great match for Neal. Glad they are giving the guy a possible love interest - it is time to start moving on from Kate. Royal Pains was a lot of fun, and if they hints that Hank and Jill may get back together are for real, then even better. My only complaint: end the Divya madness. We know she isn't going to really move to London, so let's get over that nonsense. Now the new one... Fairly Legal is a prime example of why USA's logo is Characters Welcome. Like many other shows on this network, it really isn't about the storylines, it is about the characters. And the lead on this show, Sarah Shahi is as charming as any of the other pretty boys on this network. Plus Michael Trucco as her ex(-ish) and and Ethan Embry as her brother are two of my favorites and so happy I will see them on a weekly basis. Add in the Wizard of Oz ringtones and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer watch, and I'm sold!

NBC COMEDY NIGHT: PARKS AND REC IS BACK!!!! If you aren't watching this, well, you are missing out. I don't always like when new people come in to a show that I already love because I'm afraid that they will mess with the dynamic, but I can't believe I ever liked this show without Adam Scott and Rob Lowe as Ben and Chris! They bring a wonderful new level of quirkiness to the show. Can't wait to see what is coming this season in Pawnee. The Office was ok (I miss you, Jim) but my favorite part was Erin. She is an odd girl I can't quite get a handle on. But her comments about being happy no matter what happens with Michael and Holly were awesome, if not the least bit frightening. Community.... oh Community. I could just list everything that was awesome about this epsiode but the hightlights were the Cosby sweater reference and the bait and switch ending. Possibly best bait and switch ever. And 30 Rock.... Liz and Jack married has brought me so much joy I can't even put it into words. Truly a brilliant plot twist (if only for one episode). Perfect Couples isn't that fantastic, but my overwhelming girl crush on Olivia Munn has me watching. I'll follow her anywhere.

FRINGE: How heartbreaking are Peter and Olivia? Seriously. So very very heartbreaking. But as much as it hurt me to watch them struggle after the whole Altivia thing, I applaud the writers for making it so beautiful and true to the tone of the show. I've recently had to defend this show to some people in my Science Fiction class who gave up after the first few episodes. This episode makes me glad that I defended it so strongly. The characters have grown and changed over the past several years. I constantly find myself surprised where it goes, and frightened about what each development means. The observers messing with "destiny," if you will, was very unnerving and I'm so anxious to see what it means. Oh, and I hope that Olivia and Peter work it out, because I am a sucker for a happy ending. Although if the rumors I'm hearing about Altivia are true....well.... it seems more and more unlikely we'll be seeing an Olivia and Peter happy moment in the near future.

MEDIUM: I was a casual fan of this show. I loved the marriage of Allison and Joe DuBois. Before Coach and Tami Taylor came along on Friday Night Lights, Allison and Joe were my favorite married couple on TV. Joe was a saint. But I always had issues with the series - why after 7 years did no one take Allison's dreams seriously? And why after 7 years did Allison not realize that her dreams were always changing and to never take them (the first one especially) at face value? Despite this, I enjoyed the show, especially the family dyanmic and the relationship of Allison, Davalos, Lee and Lynn. That is why I was SOOOOO PISSED at the series finale. Joe dies? Seriously? Never mind the whole bait and switch of the middle 40 minutes of the episode. Whatever, I'm ignoring that. What pisses me off is a show that was fundamentaly about the DuBois family, destroys the family at the end of the series? And we get no closure on anyone? Just vague pictures from 41 years later? What happened to Lee and Lynn and their baby? Davalos? Allison spent the next 41 years waking up alone from her dreams??? Awful. I have never been so upset about a finale and I refuse to accept it. I've made up my own ending for the show and it is a lot better than that. Boooooo. (I love you even more, Life Unexpected)

And on that happy note..... time for this blog to end. Things I'm excited for this week: Castle kiss (I bet it's for show, not for real), The full CW lineup returns, Bones Gravedigger ep directed by David Boreanaz and the conclusion to Being Human's amazing cliffhanger (in a pilot episode no less! Watch this show, people!).

What did you enjoy (or hate) last week in TV? What are you looking forward to? What are you hoping I cover next week? In other words, leave me a comment because I live for your approval.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm baaaack!!

Alright, I know I've been a bad blogger. Last semester was intense with that whole "writing a novel" thing. But I'm determined to get back on track. I won't be doing a full week in review that deals with basically every show I watch because it is just too much. But perhaps 5 shows a week. I wanted to make it a top 5, but then I realized that will be hard to determine what I want to be my top 5 and it will keep me from including some shows that I like to talk about that don't necessarily make it that high up on my list. Plus what about the shows that are crap?? That's fun to talk about too. And just for fun, I'll probably include some General Hospital stuff in there too.

Here are some things I'm looking forward to in the winter season:

ABC and NBC comedy nights. I love my dramas. I obsess over them. But I also LOOOOVE a good laugh, and recently the comedy nights have been bringing them en masse. Cougar Town and Modern Family are both hysterical, and I don't think that Cougar Town gets nearly enough love. What more do you want than a glass that can hold an entire bottle of wine and a animal cemetery with a dove, squirrel and lizard (with a shoe attached)? How about Penny Can? And Modern Family....well..... It's just funny, ok? NBC is the home of meta comedies. Community and 30 Rock bring more meta in one hour than the rest of the networks combined for the rest of the week. Plus Joel McHale in his skivvies a lot. I'm sold.

USA Network. There are a bunch of new shows on the way, starting with Fairly Legal next week. I have yet to be truly disappointed in an original program from this network. Plus Matthew Bomer has such pretty pretty blue eyes on White Collar.

Supernatural: SAMMY HAS HIS SOUL BACK. Something tells me this doesn't mean it's going to be all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows for our Winchester Bros, but I'm still excited about it. (Now about the Samulet.....)

Bones: Bones had The Gravedigger. Booth is going to get The Sniper. And someone is gonna get dead. I think I've figured out who, but I'm still hoping it's Hannah. It won't be. Friggin Hannah!

The Good Wife: More Matt Czuchry. That's all I want, people. I'm still going through Gilmore Girls withdrawls and NBC took away my Jess (rightly so... Heroes turned to crap. But still...).

HIMYM: After the countdown, it's hard to believe that the funny will be back in full force (I'm still drying the tears) but having been on both sides of the "dead family member" fun, so I know that the funny still exists even with the horrible horrible sadness. Besides - with the sadness comes more Alyson Hannigan crying. And she cries better than anyone!

Justified: Ummm.... do I really need to explain this one? We all know I love it. A lot. And feel compelled to pimp it out.

New Shows/Miniseries!!: Some I'm not sure about (Hello, Harry's Law). But some I'm VERY hopeful for, such as Light's Out (FX) and Game of Thrones (HBO). I'm also very VERY excited for Mildred Pierce on HBO because I have just a tiny girl crush on Kate Winslet. Ok, it's a huge girl crush. Shut up. I'm also excited for Off the Map. Three reasons: 1-Shonda makes good doctors. 2-Zach Gilford. 3-Zach Gilford. Yes, that's Zach twice, but for those of you that watched Friday Night Lights, you understand why he gets 2 spots. Matt Saracen forever!! Sigh......  Ahem. Anyway, there are more, but these are just a few.

There are so many more shows I am looking forward to starting/coming back. This is my problem and why I have no life besides my graduate work and kids!

So, what are you all looking forward to? Anything you desperately want me to talk about in the blogs?

(And while I have you here---- how AMAZING was the finale to the Yin/Yang trilogy on Psych? I love you, James Roday.)