Thursday, February 25, 2010

LOST: Lighthouse

I love this show.  People complain about questions and answers, but I've always been willing to take this show as it comes.  And I think the episode was a set up to get some pretty big "answers" in the near future.  It can't be too far off, right? The show is over in 3 months. [chokes back sobs] So let's take a look at the first Jack-centric episode of the season.

As always, I'll be splitting up the "realities" because it is easier.

2004 aka The Sideways Reality
We wake up with Jack (sigh.... sorry. I just had a moment) in his nice place. He goes into the bathroom, shirtless, and takes extra notice of the scar on the left side of his belly. Those paying attention will remember that Jack had his appendix out on the island which is where the scar comes from on our Jack. Jack calls his mommy, who tells him that he had his appendix out when he was 8, which he claims to kinda remember, but it is clear that the memory is hazy at best. Because I can link anything to something in the Whedonverse, I must say this reminded me of everyone's memories being altered at the very end of Season 4 of Angel when he gave up his son, Connor, so that he could live a normal life. Anyway.... speaking of sons... Jack has one! His name is David and he is played by Dylan Minnette whom I love on Saving Grace. Hurray for him! Jack and David's relationship is, well, crap. They do not communicate and have that sort of awkward divorced parents relationship we have come to know and love on television. It should be noted that David is reading the Alice in Woderland stories - fitting, no? David was listening to something on his iPod and says, "you wouldn't know them" when Jack asks who.  I'm assuming based on the rest of the episode that it is Chopin, but I wanted it to be Driveshaft! Jack leaves David to go help mom find Christians will (by the way, dad's body is still nowhere to be found - this is apparently what will always happen to Christian, but we will talk about that again in 2007). While looking Mom points out to Jack that maybe David sees him the way he says Christian.  In other words, stop being a douche of a dad, Jacky! They find the will, and guess who gets a shout out.... Claire Littleton.  Aka Crazy Pants.  Oh wait, thats in 2007... we will get to that in a minute. Jack goes home with a pizza (aka "trying to be a good dad" dinner) but David is gone.  He goes to find him at his moms (who is the mom?? Why wasn't she there?! Why Darlton, why!?!) but instead discovers that David is really into classical music and has an audition for a conservatory that night. I want to point out that the adorable photo booth pics of Jack and David are probably the closest we have ever come to seeing Matthew Fox peek through in Jack. Jack goes, David does lovely, Dogen is there with his slightly creepy child, and David and Jack bond.  Jack tells David that he "has what it takes" which we know at this point is important, but in my blog timeline does not make sense because I separate the realities.  Yeah me! At the end of the episode I kept thinking, well this reality has to have some truth in whatever the end of the show is because they can't "kill" this kid.  He is Jack's redemption, and isn't that where the show has always ultimately been leading to?

We start on the island with Jack and Dogen talking about the pill and being infected is bad. Jack also tells Sayid that they wanted to kill him, but we don't see him explain why.  Does he? Hurley and Miles play Tic Tac Toe.  Apparently the Temple doesn't have a game room.  Lame. They get hungry and Hurley goes on a mission for food, but instead happens upon Jacob. Jacob has a mission for Hurley to help someone else get to the island. It's a long plan because Jacob tells him to get a pen, apparently getting paper wasn't possible, because Hurley writes the instructions down on his arm.  Oh, Hurley! Hurley is exploring a hallway with a bunch of glyphs on the wall, and when Dogen sees him snooping he tries to stop Hurley. At first Hurley's comback includes being "a fan of Indiana Jones" but Jacob pops up and tells him to say, "I'm a candidate and I can do what I want." That sure scared Dogen off! Jacob tells Hurley that he needs Jack to come with him, but Hurley points out that getting Jack to do something that he doesn't want to isn't a good plan.  However, Jacob has an ace up his ghostly sleeve - telling Jack "you have what it takes".  Jack reacts with crazy eyes, and off to the jungle they go. On their way they bump into Kate, who has a moment with Jack.  I don't think Kate will ever really love anyone, but Jack will always love Kate. Hurley apologizes for messing with Jack's game, which I thought was adorable. And then they stumbled onto Shannon's inhaler! I freaked out at this point. I love throw backs to season 1, so you can imagine my mild attack when they realized they were at the caves and they saw "Adam and Eve" and Christian's empty coffin.  Hurley made a kinda joke that Adam and Eve could be some of them! YES! I've been saying it's Rose and Bernard for awhile now, and would like that to be true eventually. Just also want to point out that in this reality Christian's body is also missing and always has been.  Will they ever find it in 2004? Anyway, they finally get to the lighthouse, which is awesome, by the way. They climb to the top (no elevator?!) and there is a large dial with all the degrees numbered.  Jack figures out that they are the numbers and that Jacob has always been watching because when they get to Jack's number in the mirrors we see Jack's childhood home. Some info on this scene - Jacob wants whoever is at 108, but we don't see who that is. Number 51 was Austen, as in Kate. She was not crossed out.  So she is a number just not one of the numbers. Jack FREAKS out and smashes all the mirrors - like that is going to stop Jacob! He goes off to contimplate the ridiculousness of his life on the cliff while Hurley and Jacob talk it out. This was always Jacob's plan, because you can't be straightforward with Jack. Hurley doesn't like to be used, but is still with Jacob - this leads me to believe that Jacob is good, because Hurley could never be bad.
Also on the island - Crazy Claire takes Jin to her campsite. She gets the Temple guard too.  She thinks they Temple people have Aaron. They have all been chasing eachother for 3 years. Claire has had some help from her father and "her friend".  Creepy.  But not as creepy as that bassinet!!  Even tho Jin tells Claire that Kate has Aaron and has been raising him she still kills Temple guard, at which point Jin realizes Clairs is SUPER crazy. She says that if that was true (Jin later says it was a lie) that she would kill Kate. Which is bad, cuz Kate is on her way to find Claire and tell her the whole story.  Good times.  Last scene: Un-Locke coming in to see Claire and Jin saying, "John!" and then Claire saying, "That's not John. That's my friend."  Cue LOST flying at you on screen!


My fave quotes of the night:

Hurley: I just lied to a samurai!

Claire: If there's one thing that will kill you around here, it's infection.

Jack: Why do you think we never saw it before?
Hurley: Guess we weren't looking for it.

Jacob: You have ink on your forehead.

And my favorite...

Hurley: This is very old school. You and me trekking through the jungle. Going to do something we don't understand. Good times.

Oh Hurley, this show may have been Jack-centric, but it was all about you, my friend!

I can't wait for next week.  A tidbit for those who want to know..... SPOILER AHEAD

We will know what the island is by mid-season. It is 4 letters, and A and E are not in the word. Also, the island must exist, and even more important someone has to be there to protect it, it is imperative for the outside world. No, I don't know what it is.  Just relaying information.

Another spoiler: a certain someone who was unable to come back, can come back now and he/she will be on one of the last 6 episodes (which they just started filming). They are writing the finale this week.  AHHHH.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week in Review

This will be a little shorter thanks mostly to those silly Olympics.  Anywho....

24: It's official: Dana is the WORST storyline ever.  Seriously. Just come clean already.  It's annoying.  You are making me like Arlo, and he is clearly sleazy. And when did Dana and Cole get Southern and New York accents, respectively? We're several hours in, and they just decided they should have accents? Really?  Good thing about this episode: Jack kicked ass as always and looked extra sexy with the open shirt.  Hot. Something to watch out for next week: the 12 year old who is on Cole's team.  Where did he come from? That's a red shirt if I've ever seen one! (How geeky am I with that reference!)

ONE TREE HILL: Joe Manganiello looking all werewolfed out! Is it summer yet? I miss TRUE BLOOD!!

LIFE UNEXPECTED: If this show wants to survive, it needs to move more towards Gilmore Girls and away from 7th Heaven. We all enjoy a preachy show every once and awhile, but this is not what we want from this show. I want these people to be funny and flawed.

LEVERAGE: Congrats to this show! EVERY other show on the night went down in the ratings, including American Idol, but Leverage went up 12%! It was a great finale and Christian Kane looked especially hot this week kicking butt. Also, I've missed Sophie! Can't wait for June for this to start up again. It has improved so much from the start and I'm really going to miss it.

HUMAN TARGET: KEVIN WEISMAN!!! Oh I miss Alias! Watching this episode made me so miss the scene every week on Alias when Marshall would get all excited showing Sydney the new technology he came up with.  Marshall is one of my all time favorite TV characters! And Autumn Reeser was on with a sassy new haircut.  They were both tech savvy, so I am hoping they find ways to bring them back!

INBETWEENERS: Too Jazzy??  AHAHAHA.  Seriously, I can't believe that no one else is watching this! SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!! I can't say it enough! BBC America! Wednesday Nights.  WATCH IT!! DO IT NOW!

THE DEEP END: I'm kinda gonna miss this show when it is not picked up next season. Hopefully the cast gets new gigs.  Especially Norbert Leo Butz.  He's fantastic.  Something that has bothered me the entire time: The top name in the firms title is Sterling which always makes me think: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  And then I get sad and miss Mad Men. 

GREY'S ANATOMY: Great Episode!!  To be honest though, it could have been a horrible episode and I still would have loved it.  Why you ask? MISSI PYLE! GREGG HENRY!! SARAH PAULSON!! And best of all: J AUGUST RICHARDS!!!!!!  Oh Charles Gunn, how I love you! You made a great young Richard.  And Sarah Paulson was so Ellis Grey it was ridiculous! Loved the how Bailey became Bailey story. Also enjoyed the reveal that Karev and Callie slept together, especially the awkward moment when Arizona realized it.  But that storyline made me miss George.  Oh George....  For the future: let's please get Lexie and Hotness Monster to hook up!  Who's with me?!?!

PRIVATE PRACTICE: SARA RUE! Love her! More Sara on everything, please! Question: When did Dell become the voice of reason for these people? And when did they all become COMPLETELY SELFISH!? Especially Naomi.  Yes, she still came to the wedding, but these people have been driving me insane recently.  Ugh.

CAPRICA: This show is so intense and fantastic that I can't put it into words. I don't like the character of Amanda Greystone too much, but even she is growing on me after this week.  And to make the fantastic even better: in two weeks is the debut of James Marsters character.  Spike, I still swoon for you!

I miss my shows! I can't wait for the Olympics to be over and for them to come back.  Also can't wait for the "circle stage" part of American Idol to be over so it will stop being 3 nights a week and BONES can come back!!  I MISS MY BOREANAZ!

Project Runway fans, please join this group!!!! Help us save Season 8!

Psych: Death is in the Air

So I could do a huge blog on this one (including the fact that I just saw this storyline, but it was on an episode of Medium), but instead I will focus on the Shawn/Jules scenario because it is obvious that this whole episode's purpose was to prove that the writers have not forgotten that this storyline is important. Instead of going through the whole thing I will focus on three scenes.

Scene 1: Jules has a date. Shawn is jealous, as Gus points out.  Shawn basically says, yeah, I'm jealous but I have forever to work things out with Jules, so I'm not going to worry about it.  My reaction: Well this will obviously come back in the episode, because it is too good a tidbit to just be useless at the start of the show.

Scene 2: The reveal that crazy drunk lady had thornberg disease, a deadly virus. My reaction: Either Shawn or Jules will get the virus prompting Shawn to grow up and realize that he needs to man up and tell Jules he loves her.

Scene 3: I bet you can guess..... Shawn going to tell Jules he loves her.  Let me give you a play by play of how I watched the scene:

Shawn tells Gus he is going to tell her-- Me: YEEEEESSSSSS!!!
Judd Nelson tells Gus Jules is fine-- Me: OK, just as long as we keep it to ourselves for a minute.
Gus interrupting Shawn-- Me: NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! DAMMIT GUS! SHUT UP!!!
Shawn saying he still wants to talk to Jules-- Me: Whew!!
Gus getting the "Really?!?!" face and walking out-- Me: Slightly insane laughter because I have far too much invested into the characters.
Shawn's comparison of Jules to the prize at the bottom of a cereal box-- Me: Puddle of goo.
Shawn unable to spit out the word love a la the Miller commercial-- Me: COME ON, MAN!!
Lassie coming in and completely ruining the moment--  Me: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Shawn and Jules sharing a moment as he leaves the room-- Me: hopeful sigh.

As you can see I have an inappropriate level of reaction to the show because I'm neurotic. Whatevs.  I don't care. I love the episode and I'm hoping that Shawn tells Rachel Leigh Cook to go straight back to Africa when she comes back. Boo to her.  Let there be more Shawn/Jules development, please!

Other random fun from the episode:
-The reveal that Shawn hates Patrick Dempsey because he is jealous of his hair.
-Anything that is added on to the running gag of Jules saying, "You were right, Shawn." And Shawn responding with something ridiculous like this week's, "About what, Atlantis?"
-When Shawn called Axe Body Spray catnip for women and Jules gave him the "you are totally right" look.
-Calling the scientist Doc Brown and asking if the lab was shut down for getting the clock tower struck by lightning.
-Shawn saying the phrase, "Melissa, how many sexual partners have you had?" Just because I like when people say my name on TV, and in that context it was especially funny.

This could have been an awful episode (which is wasn't) but I still would have liked it for the progress in their relationship.  Woot.  I'm such a girl!  Looking forward to next week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

LOST: The Substitute

And the season is finally REALLY started! So glad we didn't have to wait too long for the Locke-centric Sideways! Let's start with the sideways reality:

How sad for Locke - he is stuck on the mechanised ramp on his van.  And instead of asking for help (because as it turns out HELEN aka Peg Bundy aka Katey Segal is waiting inside) he decides to jump it like he's on skis. Then to add insult to injury, once he is face flat on the grass, the sprinklers turn on. Sad sack Locke! But Helen takes him in and gets him in the bath. Hurray for all you Locke lovers, I guess. Which brings me to the first WTF moment of the episode. Helen and Locke are planning their wedding (woo!) and she is so overwhelmed with the details she says why don't they just get her parents and his DAD (?!?!?!?!) and elope.  HIS DAD?!?!?! And he didn't immediately punch her when she said it, so I'm guessing we are good with Anthony Cooper in this reality. So then how did Locke become paralyzed? Going to go ahead and assume it wasn't from Dad pushing him out a window this time! While John continues to soak in the tub, Helen finds Jack's card and prattles on about "destiny" and I half expect John to jump out of the tub (please don't! don't want to see little john!!) hollering in agreement, but nope.  He practically rolls his eyes at her. John goes to work, where it is discovered he didn't go to that convention but instead tried unsuccessfully to go on a walkabout. (Kate may have face murder charges with the no plane crash reality, but John has to go back to work and face his boss!!) Randy the douche fires Locke, who rolls out of the building to find his van is being blocked by a big yellow Hummer.  It is only a surprise to people who have not been paying attention the last 6 years when Hurley comes out of nowhere to claim ownership to the Hummer.  Hurley points out that John could have just pointed in the handicapped spot, which John, again, basically rolls his eyes at. I have to point out that super happy "everything in my life is perfect" Hurley kinda freaks me out. He sends John to a temp agency he owns where we find Rose.  I had all but forgotten that pre-island, Rose had terminal cancer. I cried a little at the re-reveal. (I cry at everything, to be fair. I get a little misty seeing Emilie de Ravin's name in the credits again!) It seems this John is willing to take a healthy dose of reality when she says he can't go work at a construction site.  Though didn't we all expect the "Don't tell me what I can't do!!" battlecry? Don't worry, cuz we will get to that. At home Oceanic delivers Locke's missing metal suitcase which can only be holding a weapon of some sort, so I'm a little surprised at Helen for being so shocked when she opens the suitcase to find a whole mess of knives! Has she never seen a movie? Anyway, Locke explains the walkabout debacle, and in a big change from original-recipe Locke, he agrees that he couldn't do it.  Crazy. This reality is nuts. Last, we see Locke as a substitute teacher and who should he come upon in the teachers lounge but his ol' island frenemy, Benjamin Linus.  Wearing creepy glasses. I'm scared.

We start this reality with crazy-ass SmokeyCam. He checks in on Sawyer, but makes his first visit to Richard. I have never seen Richard look so scared.  He always seemed slightly indifferent. MIB tries the "join my team" speech on Richard, but he ain't having it. MIB sees what is possibly the creepiest kid ever in the woods with what looks like bloody hands and looks freaked out about it. But, I'll get back to my toughts on the kid later. Richard runs and MIB decides to go see Sawyer instead. Back at the beach Ilana is in the foot cavern crying over her dead friends.  When she asks Ben what happens, he tells her, but the whole "Locke turned into a black smoke monster and killed them" seems like a ridiculous story and I can't tell if Ilana really buys it. They (Ilana, Frank, Sun and Ben) decide they need to go to the Temple to be safe, but Sun, being the wonderful woman she is,  says they can't go until they bury the real John Locke, who is looking increasingly gross as he bleaches in the sun. The crab crawling on his head was a nice touch.  Ick. As they approach the island cemetary, I get a little weepy again thinking of all the people buried there.  I miss Boone, Shannon, Eko, Libby, even Ana Lucia! I don't miss Nikki and Paulo.  Even Team Darlton doesn't miss them! Anyway, as always there is the awkward moment of who is going to eulogize the most recent dead person.  This time it is fittingly Ben, who probably knew him best, "John Locke was a believer. He was a man of faith. He was a much better man than I will ever be. And I'm very sorry I murdered him."  Well, um, awkward! Classic Ben. Though nothing is better than Frank's reaction, "This is the weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to."  Ain't that the truth, Frank! Anyway, back to MIB and Sawyer.  Sawyer has gone down the tubes since Kate left mere hours ago. He is looking like crap, as much as Josh Holloway can look like crap anyway. In possibly the best moment of the episode, besides the reveal, of course, Sawyer cuts right through the BS and tells the man in front of him that he is not Locke.  Fantastic! Ben and Richard, arguably the two most knowledgable men on the island, spent days thinking it was Locke, and drunk Sawyer spots him as a fraud in 5 minutes! Takes a con to know a con, I guess. Since Sawyer is drunk and depressed he willingly follow MIB into the jungle. While out there they spot the kid again, and MIB is surprised that Sawyer can see him --- interesting! Thoughts on who the kid is? My immediate two thoughts: Aaron or Jacob. The kid is blonde, for one. And Aaron and Jacob seem to be two of the most important people on the island.  MIB chases the kid into the jungle and the kid says, "You can't kill him."  Creepy! Is Jacob not really dead? And in a fun twist, MIB's answer is, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" CHILLS! Meanwhile, Richard finds Sawyer and tell him that MIB just wants to kill him and everyone he cares about.  Let me just say here, I call foreshadowing.  We are hurdling towards the finish line here, and it's not like the actors have contracts that go beyond May 23.  They can start killing anyone and everyone.  There is no guaranteed happy ending for anyone on this show. Remember I said this in a minute, cuz I have more to say about it. Sawyer still follows MIB, albeit with a slightly more weary face. They head down a cliff and Sawyer nearly dies on the shady ladders. I'm thinking MIB set it up to save him, to help earn points.  When they get to the cave there is a scale with a white and black rock in balance.  MIB tosses the white rock (jacob) out into the water. Sawyer asks what that was about, and MIB answers, "Inside joke." HA! Once they are in the cave we find the names of everyone written on the walls, most crossed out.  All but six.  Which are numbered. 

4- Locke
8- Reyes (Hurley)
15- Ford (Sawyer)
16- Jarrah (Sayid)
23- Shephard
42- Kwon (Sun or Jin, it's unclear at this point)

THEY ARE THE NUMBERS!! AHHHHH!!!!  Crazy. It's not only what the numbers mean, but why they are all here.  (Now, those numbers were being put into the computer long before Oceanic 815 crashed, so there must be more to it, BUT STILL!) Notice, that Kate is not on the list. This is apparently the list Jacob made to see who should take over as keeper of the island.  Now remember how I said I think there will be deaths, at least in one of the realities? Well, my fear/guess is that all but one will die.  But who? We're already down one, maybe two, depending on how "alive" Sayid really is.  MIB tells sawyer he can 1- ignore it and see what happens. 2- stay and guard the cave like jacob or 3- go with him and try to get home, wherever that may be.  Sawyer, always the one to go against the grain, chooses 3.  And score one for team MIB.

Can I just say, HOLY CRAP that was a good episode.  My mind was totally blown.  I have no idea what is going on, but after that doozy of an episode I'm more than ever willing to accept what Darlton brings me.  Those crazy lying bastards who told us repeatedly over that past 6 years not to worry about the numbers, we will never get that answer.  Bastards.  But wonderful genius bastards who I will follow to the very end. 

Thoughts, comments? Anything I forgot? It's hard to take notes and remember everything. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Week in Review

Another week - another week this is late.  Though this weekend was crazy with the long weekend and Valentines fun.  Hurray for a magical day on the calendar when I know I will always be able to get Grammy to babysit.  So, sorry this is late again. I'm sure you were all anxiously awaiting its arrival, unable to sleep for the past 48 hours!  Also, you will notice I did not blog 24 this week.  Or Psych.  24 was more that I'm annoyed with most of the season, so I'm demoting it to Week in Review status.  I may still get to psych.  I could write a blog just with quotes from that show. Between school papers and the kids being espcially nutty recently, its been hard getting this all done. But enough excuses - let's get to the highlights of last week.

CHUCK: There was a lot of backlash after this episode because of the Chuck/Hannah, Sarah/Shaw storylines.  First of all, did they not see this coming?  Two attractive people come on the show right after Chuck and Sarah essentially break up - of course they will date.  This does not mean they won't end up together!!  It's Chuck and Sarah! Come on.  Ross and Rachel barely talked entire seasons of Friends, they still wound up together at the end! Besides the relationship crap - this episode brought me the line I was hoping for. When talking about Shaw (played by Brandon Routh) Chuck described him as "Superman-like."  Thank you, Josh Schwartz, thank you!

24: Dana = new Kimmy.  Ugh.  Stupid.  Best part of the episode, of course, is Renee going nuts and killing Vlad with a knife, then turning around and stabbing Jack in the gut when he touches her from behind right after.  He then soots another guy and then grabs the knife out of his belly and throws it across the room into some other guys neck.Oh Jack - if only the show was still really about you!!

HOUSE: Love Lisa Edelstein! I have since this movie. Seriously, how funny is she in that?? More Cuddy all the time!  Good for her this episode. And can I just say that I'm glad that we finally see what a douche Lucas is so we don't have to pretend to even maybe be OK with Lucas and Cuddy. David Shore says: Huddy, it's gonna happen.  Don't be messing us with David. 

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICA TEENAGER: Normally, I wouldn't admit to even watching this, because it is crap and I know it.  But in this episode they introduced a lot more of the parents, including the mom of dumb jock, Jack. She was played by Kristin Bauer, aka Vampire Pam from True Blood. I almost screamed a little when she walked in the room. I don't care how nice she is on the show. She is a scary scary vamp.

CASTLE: Um, duh, it was Ray Wise! He's the Devil for goodness sake!!!  THE DEVIL! Didn't they watch Reaper.  And how cute was Beckett when she met Joe Torre.  Love seeing her all flustered. And if I can't have Nathan Fillion as my husband, can he be my dad.  His relationship with Alexis is adorable.  I say again, swoon.

HEROES:  Season 5 is FINALLY over.  Finally.  IF, and that is a big IF, this show goes on for another season, a few requests: keep Sylar good.  The back and forth is ridiculous. We've done both, and he's always wanted to be good on some level. Get a new villian. Also, have Peter take Sylar's power to be able to gain lots of powers.  Peter used to be AWESOME and now he's meh.  I love Milo, let me love him on the show. Finally, quit the horrible hair on Claire.  It's just annoying.

ONE TREE HILL: BESS ARMSTRONG!!! Anything with even the smallest My So-Called Life link is exciting.

DAMAGES: What's going on?  Beats me. Am I loving it? Sure am! I don't even really know what to say about it! My Tate Donovan connection makes me extra sad that Tom is going to die.  Ah well....

AMERICAN IDOL: I enjoyed Ellen. Whatever haters. Loved the guy who sang Straight Up. And on group night, I'm glad to see the second group that sang Lady Gaga sucked.  They were asses.  But on group day, everyone becomes an ass, history shows us that! Though the fun of group day: morons who forget the lyrics. Looking forward to just getting to the good stuff. Note to the producers: if you want us to remember these people from their original auditions, show us even a couple seconds of them singing.  A soundless clip of them standing there isn't helping me.

COUGARTOWN: Grayson decorating Laurie's lawn in Christmas lights Griswald-style for Valentines brought me more joy the most things on TV this week.

COMMUNITY: Breakfast Club shout out!! Woot!

PARKS AND REC: The progression of the relationship between Leslie and Ron is one of the best of TV.  Don't ruin it by having them become romantic.

GREY'S ANATOMY: The Hotness Monster (I believe the characters name is Jesse) called himself pretty.  Fantastic. Love it! He is.  And I'm liking Lexie as a blonde.  Glad that Sloane girl version ran. Partially because I hated her and partially because the last thing guy Sloane needed was a kid. Good for Bailey for getting a man. And a cute one. Love the actor.  I still miss Eli Stone. Stupid ABC.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Creepy episode! Also really good.  Actually starting to care about more of the characters. Hurray CW.

And that's it for me this week. I still haven't watched a few things.  And there is a ton of things not on.  Don't even get me started on the next couple of weeks.  Stupid Olympics!!!!  Not even Michael Phelps to watch.  Ah well.... until next week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST: What Kate Does

First, I just want to address some complaints I've heard about this episode, calling it "filler." I enjoy Damon Lindelof's reaction, "Seriously. Watch NCIS Los Angeles." Team Darlton has ALWAYS said they feel this show is about the characters more than anything else, so if an episode gives insight and progress into a character, how is that filler? I'm going to have to go by and trust in what the far-more-intelligent-than-me people in charge of the series have to say. Whatever to the haters.

Alright, let's split up the timelines again so I don't get an even bigger headache.

So we pick up where we left off - Kate holding Claire's cabbie at gunpoint.  Biggest moment for me in this scene was when Kate and Jack had some sort of moment from afar.  He stops his phone call when he sees her and she looks back seemingly unsure of what is happening there.  What was that about? Anyway, after nearly running over Doc Arzt (and he in turn giving his best Dustin Hoffman "I'm walkin' here" impersonation) they get away.  Barely outside the LAX terminal, the cabbie runs, and Kate takes Claire's bag and makes her get out. Kate gets her cuffs removed from a kinda creepy guy at a garage and finds that Claire's bag is full of baby stuff. Including a stuffed killer whale, which by the way, Kate and Jack also had for Aaron when they were taking care of him in that other reality. Kate goes back and finds Claire and takes her to the house of the couple that is supposed to adopt the baby.  However, plane crash or not, it turns out these people were never meant to have Aaron - Adoptive mom turns Claire away because her husband left her.  Hasn't she seen Juno?  You don't need an ass of a husband to adopt at baby from a too young mother! Claire goes into early labor because Kate is around, as this is how it supposed to happen. (I see a theme for the season!) They go to the hospital, because even when being chased by the cops, Kate's a good person.  Who is Claire's OB...... ETHAN!  AHHHHH!! RUN CLAIRE RUN!!! Seriously, I don't care how nice he seemed to be, he is evil.  And saying he didn't want to have to poke her with a bunch of needles - didn't have issue with that in the other timeline, did he??  Scary man.  Obviously Aaron is connected to the island.  I think when it comes down to it, Aaron is probably one of the more important characters on the show.  I've read theories that he (and therefore Claire, and probably Jack) is a decendent of the island (Jacob?). Claire calls the baby Aaron automatically (because that's his name!!) much to her surprise. She later covers for Kate with the cops, and then Kate leaves after a sweet goodbye. Kate goes off, inevitably to interact with another Lostie.  My guess is Jack.

Sooooo.... Sayid woke up and EVERYONE freaks out.  As much as I adore Sayid, Sawyer has a point when he loads on the saracasm and says, "He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitiely deserves another go around." But question is: IS it actually Sayid that is getting another go around? Obviously the MIB can take on the form of dead people.  He's Locke now, and he was Alex to convinve Ben of his plans. There is also the possiblity that he was Christian in the cabin and down at the big wheel. Sayid questions where they are, and Hurley and Jack give him the brief rundown, right before The Temple folk take him off for some "questioning" which turns out to be a hot poker and electrocution.  It was a test - he failed. Turns out Sayid is "infected." We never get a clear picture of what that is, but I'm guessing it is the same "infected" that Rousseau told Sayid about back in the day. Meanwhile, Sawyer decides he's outta here and Kate follows, along with Jin.  (Kate says to Jack that she will take care of Sawyer and he will take care of Sayid.  Kate and Jack have always been the mom and dad of the island.  And Sayid and Sawyer the crazy Uncles) And oh Kate! I just want to smack her! Hasn't she noticed that she always follows Sawyer, but he NEVER follows her?  Unless it was for sex.  Just saying. Anyway, Kate and Jin knock out their Temple guards (deja vu, for one of them, it seems!) and split up when Jin realizes Kate isn't going back.  Jin is more interested in finding Sun anyway.  So here's how the three diverging stories went from there:
Kate: She tracked Sawyer back to New Otherton where she found him in the house he shared with Juliet.  He was none too happy to see her.  He had pulled up a box he hid in the floorboards. In it was the ring he planned to use to propose to Juliet which he then throws in the ocean.  *tears!!* Kate finally realizes that Sawyer is not hers to worry about anymore, and he sends her on her way.
Jack: Asian Leader (Dogen) gives Jack a pill to give to Sayid (since Sayid trusts Jack) that will cure him of the infection.  Of course, Jack knows better than to have blind faith in anyone who lives on the island, so is up front with Sayid, and says he really doesn't know if he should take the pill.  Jack goes back to Dogen and asks what is in the pill (in my head, Dogen answers with "Ancient Chinese Secret" in a horribly stereotypical accent), Dogen doesn't tell him, so Jack in what was possibly the stupidest movie ever, swallows the pill.  Trying to kill himself, maybe?? I thought it looked like he spit it back out when Dogen was performing the heimlich (it's not a maneuver, more of a gesture, really.) but apprently not.  Dogen goes on to explain to Jack it was poison to kill the "darkness" that is growing inside Sayid.  When it reaches your heart you are evil, I guess.  How does Dogen know that? Because it happened to Jack's sister!!! Dun dun duuuuun.
Jin: Jin drinks water from the stream, like Bambi.  Then the two Temple guys sneak up on him, Jin goes to run, gets hit foot caught in a trap (ouchies) and falls down.  Just as the guards are about to shoot him, someone shoots them instead and it's..... CLAIRE (or is it?), in need of a comb and deep conditioning treatment!

So that's where we're at.  Here are my favorite lines of the night...

Hurley: It's the Others, dude.  They captured us.  Again.

Hurley: So, are you a zombie?
Sayid: No.  I am not a zombie.
(There has been a running joke with Team Darlton that eventually there would be zombies on the island)

Jack: Did I say something funny?
Glasses Guy (what's his name?!): I doubt it.  He doesn't really have a sense of humor.

And my absolute favorite of the night.  Or possibly ever:

Jack: What is that?
Dogen: It's a baseball.

I think this exchange is Team Darlton's way of saying that everything on the show does not have to mean something.  A message I'm sure they are hoping people pick up on.  Yes, it's mythology heavy.  (HEAVY!) But it doesn't mean every single thing means something. Sometimes, it's just a baseball people!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week in Review

This week has already started, so perhaps I should get on talking about last week!  Woohoo for annoying school papers that take way long than I intended!!

MASTERPIECE CLASSIC - EMMA: For those familiar with romances set in the early 1800's you know there is always a ball where the heroine and her love interest dance, not always willingly.  This week they had that scene, and it is possibly my favorite ever.  And that is saying something. Serious swoon.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES:  Look it Darla! I mean Rita! I mean Robin! Hurray for Julie Benz finding another gig so quickly after Rita's unfortunate bathtub demise at the hands of the Trinity Killer.  I haven't actually seen that season of Dexter, but you have to live under a pop culture rock to not know that tidbit.  I dread seeing it happen.  RIP Rita, but long live Robin.  Julie Benz rocks!

GREEK: House fire story ended! WOOT! And they watch GH in the ZBZ house.  Those girls know whats up.

HOUSE: House picked up Foreman's brother from jail, much to Foreman's chagrin.  Glad to see Orlando Jones though.  Remember when he was this guy? Good times! Favorite bits from this episode: House doing his Hercule Poirot impersonation (only because it is slightly obscure) and Wilson saying, "you'd never sacrifice the flat screen!" Lucas is a bit of a douche, made more apparent in the episode 5 to 9, but I'll get to that next week.

CHUCK: This episode was quality.  Captain Awesome at his finest (or not, as the case may be) and even the Buy More stuff was funny.  Can't wait to talk about what happened last night because it was even better.

ONE TREE HILL: This was the John Hughes tribute episode.  While the storyline was fairly non-existent as far as moving the show forward, the little touches were great.  My particular faves: Clay wearing the John Candy Planes Trains and Automobiles hat on the pig truck, the avatar on the dating site wearing the underwear and cut off shirt from Weird Science, "Which one of you little maniacs....," Nathan standing by the red porshe.  Plus, CHEAP TRICK!

DAMAGES: Honestly, as always, I have no idea where any of this is going.  Except I saw the Tom and Ellen having an affair story coming since season 1.  PS I still miss David. Just saying....

THE GOOD WIFE: Mamie Gummer was the guest start this week, and was fantastic.  Probably genetic as her mom is Meryl Streep.  Gee, no resemblance at all, is there? The character makes a lot of references to her mother, which kept making me think "Did Meryl really say that?" even though she was speaking about her fictional mother.  I hope they bring her back. 

WHITE COLLAR: Hurray for more Diahann Carroll!  Love her, love the character.  Bring her back more! Best exchange this episode:
Mozzie: Never trust a New Yorker who doesn't take the subway.
Neal: I don't take the subway!
Mozzie: Exactly.

UGLY BETTY:  The winner for most ingenious casting ever: Chris Williams as a drag queen version of Vanessa William's character! And extra bonus: because Vanessa was going to inevitably have to fill in for him at the drag show, she got to sing multiple songs!  Had to get it in since the show is ending.  (BOOOOO!)

BONES: Love Joshua Malina! He got the guest spot by asking Hart Hanson for it on Twitter.  Yeah Twitter! Also, love Rusty Schwimmer (the mom).  Such a great character actress.  A little disappointed there wasn't even a tiny Buffy/Angel reference though. I mean they found a demon for goodness sake! And can I just say I live for the final scene in every episode of Bones where Booth and Brennan talk about the case or something meaningful.  It is always beautiful, makes me a little weepy and makes me want to throw something at the two of them and yell "JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY."  Ahhh... I wish I could sit in a diner and talk about things with David Boreanaz.

THE DEEP END: This show is growing on me.  My big fear with this was that the two girls were going to be rivals (they aren't - in fact they are friends) and the "adults" were going to be asses spent all their time telling the first years how stupid they all are (they are actually all supportive).  Sure, Billy Zane is a douche, but he is Billy Zane.  And for a Billy Zane character he is down right friendly.  Also, the mentor, Rowdy, is hysterical. (Side note: I saw the actor, Norbert Leo Butz, as The Emcee in a tour of Cabaret that hit San Francisco while I was living in CA.  So hurray for me!) Also.... Eggs from True Blood!

VAMPIRE DIARIES: I admit that Elena is growing on me. She is still no Sookie, but she's finally growing a pair. And props to Nina Dobrev - it's like Elena and Katherine are played by two different people. Pretty impressive for The CW.

NBC THURSDAY NIGHT COMEDY: So glad these are all back now.  Community was fun, but the best moment had to be when they all looked at each other while discussing how they were family without sexual boundaries.  Awesome. Parks and Rec: I want a DJ Roomba!! Office had Christian Slater's best role in years!!  And 30 Rock was great - I loved Jack's mom presentation. No. Slow. Go.

FRINGE: I miss it already! Finally, some Olivia and Peter love and then it is ripped away from us because she saw him glimmer.  Oh Walter! I feel so sad for all of these characters.  What a great and truly disturbing winter finale.  Is it time for it to come back yet?

CAPRICA: I'm really getting into this.  It is so well done, I can't explain it.  I didn't watch BSG, so I wasn't sure how it would go, but it is completely it's own show.  I do know enough to catch on to connections - Eric Stolz invented Cylons (good job, buddy! I'll give you a hint - in about 50 years people are really going to regret that you did that). Esai Morale is General Adama's (Edward James Olmos) daddy.  Everyone still says Frak. It's good stuff.  Catch up this week since there is no new episode.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: An "eh" episode, except for this.

And there you have it.  Maybe I will catch up this week.  Probably not.  Also not sure about keeping my 24 blog going since no one seems to care about that one.  :)  And this season is kinda meh.  It would be awesome if it was about Jack more.  I'm thinking about it...  Opinions always welcome. Comment me people.  I live for it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Psych: Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers

Aaaaand we're back! After last week's "meh" episode, this week was back in full force funny. (You know that's right)  In fact the opening in the pet shop alone made up for all of last week's "meh-ness". Who tried to find Did You See the Sun Rise Parts 1 and 2 online?  (in case you are wondering, only season 1 is available on hulu at the moment. booo) 
So, it was pretty obvious "who done it," right?  It wasn't going to be Ruby because last week we arrested Juliet's brother, and it seems wrong to follow that with arresting Gus's girlfriend.  Stacey Kiebler is too hot.  I mean crazy.  I mean obvious.  She was waaaay too obvious.  And the other guy had no purpose except to be the guy who did it.  So... that was fun.  But despite the obvious storyline (and really aren't they usually on this show?) this episode had a lot of great moments.  The running Sampson joke was classic.  In case you are wondering, besides the name of Stu's business partner, Sampson was also a character in a noir film, a British mouse, the dog next door and according to the hilarious coroner, a vacuum you can use in space.  It was of course NOT the guy from the bible.  Cuz that is stupid. 

Other fun stuff:
-The laser pointers.
-Shawn and Gus discussing living next door to each other in houses that are conneceted by a pool.  I use to have this conversation with my best friends.  When I was about 12. 
-A random Chad Michael Murray reference.  I love that his douchey behavior has made him a constant go to on any show looking to call someone a douche in pop culture form.
-This exchange:
Gus: I squeezed him so tight he passed out by accident.
Shawn: Nice.
Gus: Oh and my helmet smashed into his chin by mistake.
Shawn: Ok. We're going to say you muscled up his back and then you put him in a sleep hold on purpose.
Gus: Sounds good.

Anyway....this was a short blog, and really late.  Sorry my peoples.  I will have it together next week!  Em had off from school thursday and friday and it through my week off!

24 9:00pm - 10:00pm

I'm not going to lie - I thought this episode was really lame.  Though I always enjoy when the hours match up to the real time it is airing.  I'm silly like that.

Here's what happened:
Dana made a key card so Kevin and Nick could break into a werehouse to steal impounded money from a drug bust.  Arlo saw her talking to Kevin on the video feed. When Arlo asks Chloe about it she tells him he is a creepy stalker.  He says she is jealous so she makes a classic Chloe face and eye roll and delivers the best line of the night, "Yes, please look at my ass as I walk away."  And he does.  Charming.

Russian brother that is not sick kept making poor Jewish doctor try to heal sick Russian brother, even though Jewish doctor told him in no uncertain terms this is not going to happen.  Daddy sent people to kill all 3 people in the clinic, take them back to the restaurant and then killed sick brother so the healthy one will stay in line. Awesome.

Omar's hair is higher than ever.  He has one of his guys go arrest one of his other guys who is none too happy about it. 

Madame President decides with the help of her two guys that she is going to secretly meet with all the other world leaders involved in the peace talks so they won't back out. She's not telling Omar though.

Renee took one for the team and slept with Vlad.  Ick.  Vlad told his henchman that he was going to take the 5million from Renee's Russian buyer (Jack) and then kill him and make Renee stay with him and make sweet sweet love to her (aka rape her). Gross gross gross.  Renee is not happy.

Jack drives all over Manhattan listening to Renee's horrors.  (Why is it that it took Dana what appeared to be 5 1/2 minutes to get back to CTU from her apartment, but Jack spent the entire time driving all over Manhattan to get to Cole and Renee??)  Jack shows up at the meet with the WORST German accent known to man. Was it that important the guy be German?  Renee is American, why can't her buyer be American??  He transfers the 5 million and then henchman and friends go to shoot him, but Cole and his guys shoot the Russians first.  Jack then gives the second best line of the night, "Did you really think I would come to this meet alone?"

And the end.

NOTHING HAPPENED!  People drove around most of the time!  Whatever.  Hoping next weeks is better.  And I will hopefully have the blog up in a more timely manner. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST: LAX (Spoilers! Beware!)

A brief disclaimer before starting my first LOST blog.  I do not claim to be a LOST expert.  I am just as clueless as the rest of you.  I have no answers.  LOST makes me feel dumb.

I also want to give a little background to my love of LOST.  I think JJ Abrams is a genius, and when I saw he had a new show premiering in 2004, I was all over it.  I knew it would be great.  I'm so happy to have watched from the beginning and experienced the show as its aired.  It is probably the most frustrating and exhilerating TV experience ever, and I feel a little sorry for those who don't get it.  Not watching LOST means you are not really understanding what TV can be.  Losties understand me, don't you? It also introduced us to a parade of talent behind the scenes (Damon, Carlton, Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, Bryan Bryan Burk, Jack Bender, Michael Giacchino and so many more) and on screen (All the ladies thank you, LOST creators, for bringing us Josh Holloway.  And the men thank you for Evangeline Lilly, who before this was only know for her "call me if you are lonely" 1-800 commericals).   But enough about how awesome the show is in general, let's get to the ridiculousness that went down last night.

First we had to watch Juliet hit the bomb again.  Chills!  And we had to endure what felt like the LONGEST white screen ever!  They made us wait 9 months, but that 10 seconds of white felt like a friggin eternity! To make it easier, I'm going to break down the general plot lines into three sections:  The 2004 Reality (AKA Flight 815 lands safe) and the 2007 reality at the temple and the 2007 reality at the beach.

2004 Reality:
This is where that Evil Team Darlton brought us first.  With Jack's eye opening again, but this time, on flight 815.  He talks to Rose (Bernard's in the restroom) and there is turbulence --- here we go again! Or not! It's all good.  Bernard comes and sits back down and Greg Grunberg (the pilot) tells us to keep our seatbelts fastened (literally and figuratively, I think).  One by one we see who is on the plane: Kate is still under arrest, however if you follow all the viral videos released at Comic Con this year, you know it is not for killing her stepdad, but for killing some other random (at least for now) guy.  Hurley still won the lottery, but has endless good luck instead of bad. Boone went to get Shannon, but she is too busy with a film career to show up for the flight (or she wants to stay with her boyfriend. whatever).  Sawyer is still hot.  Locke is still paralyzed.  Charlie almost dies, and in what I think is one of the more profound moments of the show tells Jack (who saved him, natch) "I should have died."  Yeah, Charlie.  We know. And I'm sure we will get to it again.  I'm still crying about "Not Pennys Boat". Jin and Sun are still not happy together, and Jin is back to his old over-bearing behaviors. Doc Arzt is still ridiculous!  Claire is still really pregnant! Desmond is there! Or is he??  How do you lose someone on a plane, Jack? What's equally important is who we didn't see: Michael/Walt, Libby, Ana Lucia.  I think the fact we didn't see them on the flight isn't just because they weren't available, or that Malcolm David Kelly doesn't look 10 anymore. Setting off the bomb did more than just reset the flight - it reset their lives.  And that of the island as well, because it appears to be the new Atlantis.
When the flight lands and they all disembark, I got chills.  Is that what really should have happened?  Things don't get much easier for everyone - Oceanic lost Jack's dad (which led to a bunch of "late for his own funeral" jokes.  at least in my head it did), Kate is on the run (and is holding Claire's cab driver at gun point), Jin was trying to smuggle money and I'm not sure if Sun can speak English in this reality or not. Charlie is under arrest. My biggest question - do they rememeber??  They never acknowledge anything, but they all give each other "looks."  Maybe it's just a "Hey, I'm pretty and you are pretty! Let's look at each other longer than necessary" kinda look.  I don't know.

Moving on...

2007 Reality - The Swan/The Temple:
Meanwhile - 3 years later on the island, our survivors show up again, thinking Jack/Daniel's (haha, Jack Daniels.  sigh) plan didn't work, or at least not exactly.  They soon realize they are at the hatch and back in at least their own time period. Juliet isn't dead yet, so poor Sawyer has to say goodbye. Again. In what is possibly the greatest meatphor for the show, her final words were, "I have to tell you something. It's really really important....." And then she dies!  WHAT?!  Don't worry, we get our answer to that question in a minute.  (***ADDED THEORY*** I read this and had to come back and add it in.  So, when Juliet is dying she says something to Sawyer about meeting him for a cup of coffee, and he has no idea what she is talking about.  Then she gets this face of recoginition, and looks at him a little sad, and then is kinda happy and says her "I have to tell you something" bit.  I read a theory, from Ms. Elizabeth Mitchell herself via E!'s Watch with Kristin: Juliet was jumping back and forth between the 2004 and 2007 realities.  So in 2004 she was meeting Sawyer for a cup of coffee-- and we know what Eddie Izzard says about a cup of coffee--  and that is how she knew it worked. So.... mull over that one for a bit.  Anyway....) Sawyer is royally pissed at Jack for killing his lady friend, though really, didn't DANIEL come up with the crazy idea in the first place? But poor Daniel is dead at his momma's hand, so.... Sayid is dying from a gunshot wound (Ben's dad shot him when they were escaping the Dharma compound in 1977).   While everyone is helping Juliet, Hurley sees dead Jacob who tells him to bring Sayid and the guitar case to The Temple to save him, but I'm thinking he just wants Sayid's sexy body.  And by wants, I mean wants to use it as is own.  You follow?  (It's Lost, so I get it if you don't) So Hurley gets Jin, Jack and Kate to take him to the temple while Miles and Sawyer stay back to bury Juliet.  Turns out Sawyer wants Miles to stay because he wanted Miles to "talk" to Juliet and find out what that really really important thing was.  And it was..... "It worked."  (Yeah, Jules.  We know!) Hurley, Jin, Kate, Jack and Sayid get to the temple where crazy Cindy the Oceanic Flight attendant and the Flight 815 kids have been hanging for a few years with an Asian guy who hates speaking English.  (Why did it take everyone so long to realize that guy wasn't translating back to English??) Their ticket to not getting shot is a large wooden ankh that was in the guitar case.  Asian guy breaks it open and there is a piece of paper.  Apparently these guys are bouncers, and Jacob wanted to make sure they knew the Losties are on the list! So they go inside and to help save him, the temple dudes drown Sayid, in what I can only assume is some sort of "Fountain of Youth" kinda deal, because for it to work I guess he has to stay under for the entire length of some hourglass timer.  (All I kept thinking in my head was "And like the sands through the hourglass, so go the Days Of Our Lives...") These new Others drag Sawyer and Miles to the party, so they don't feel left out. When Hurley tells the others that Jacob is dead (duh!) they freak, set off a flare (to warn Richard) and put gun powder everywhere (explaining that in a minute) I'll get to what happens to Sayid in a second.  For now let's move to another part of the island....

2007 The beach/What Lies Beneath the Statue
SOOOOO..... For those who didn't watch the recap (WHY?!) here's the basic background on Jacob/Man in Black.  They have been there for what seems like forever.  Jacob likes to bring people here and watch them "progress", but MIB thinks it's stupid because it all goes to crap eventually.  They hate each other, and MIB wants to kill Jacob, but for some reason he can't do it himself.  When "Locke" and Ben go to see Jacob in the finale, Jacob realizes it isn't Locke, but the MIB and that Ben is his loophole - Ben can kill Jacob.  And he does because he is pissed Jacob has ignored him for so long.  OK.... here is where it gets good.  UnLocke tells Ben snap out of it and to go get Richard.  Ben goes out to the beach and pretends it's all OK, but sees that Locke is really dead. (Crazy eyes!) He brings in Jacob's protectors, and UnLocke isn't having that so HE CHANGES INTO SMOKEY!  Crazy. (A shout out to Team Darlton for tackling one of the biggest mysteries in the first ep of the season.) If you remember last season, Ben went to see Smokey and his dead daughter, Alex, appeared and told him to do what Locke tells him.  MIB is a sneaky SOB!  Anyway, back under the foot we discover that apparently Smokey can't get past a line of gun powder (explains the gun powder that went around Jacob's cabin) so one of the guys makes a circle around himself.  This reminds me of Supernatural.  It also reminds me of this Spongebob episode. Smokey is smart and gets his man anyway.  And in case you missed it - the bullet that was fired at UnLocke bounced off him, Superman style.  We discover that even though this guy isn't actually Locke, he does have all his memories, leading to the saddest LOST revelation: Locke's last thought was "I don't understand."  Neither do I John, neither do I!  UnLocke leaves the foot statue and Frank sums up what everyone is thinking, "I'm seeing it, but I'm still not believing it."  Except that's probably not what Richard is thinking - he is thinking "Oh crap!" because apparently he was not buddies with the MIB like he was with Jacob, made obvious by UnLocke knocking him out.

And back at The Temple, Sayid came back to life and said, "What Happened?"   I'd like to know too, Sayid, or whoever you are....

So now the question is - how do these two realities mesh?  Are they simultaneous somehow?  Are they Fringe-style alternate realities? My guess: they are two different realities that will ultimately show us that these people are connected, plane crash or not. Fate, destiny, the island, whatever you want to call it, is not going to be deterred by an H-bomb going off!  (Go watch the movie Sliding Doors.  See how that ends, and you will get what I mean) Who are Jacob and MIB?  God/Devil seems to be popular theory - but can you KILL God?  And where is this home that MIB is so eager to get to?  The island is not his home?  Kevin suggested they may be some sort of fallen angels (wasn't the Devil one, anyway?) and are punished to stay on this island.  Team Darlton does love biblical references - have you seen the promo photofor Season 6?

And what does all of this mean?  I have no frakking idea, but I'm definitely interested to find out!  What I do know - Jack was apparently right (or at least kinda right) when he told still paralyzed John, "Nothings irreversible."

Alright my people, comment away.... I'm taking questions and ideas, because your guess is as good as mine! 

BTW- in case you missed it, Team Darlton announced that the finale is Sunday, May 23.  Because sometimes Stephen McPherson isn't a complete idiot, and knew better than to schedule the finale opposite the final performance show for American Idol! Good job Stephen!