Thursday, July 29, 2010

PSYCH: Not Even Close... Encounters

I've read a lot of good reviews of this episode, so I'm excited to watch!! Plus who doesn't love a good alien show.

Young Shawn in the start of episode flashbacks is starting to get a little too tall to be young Shawn. Wonder what they plan on doing about that. It's like Walt on LOST!

Hmmmm.... while I'm sure this won't turn out to be an alien encounter, I'm very interested to see where this episode goes, because the craziness happening at this rich guy's house (wind, lights, his assisitant getting on some sort of aircraft with an alien looking dude and then flying off) seems pretty Close Encounters to me!

Next morning... Henry is doing a ride-along with Jules and Lassiter. Apparently Lassiter isn't happy about it because he leaves Henry locked in the door. But he leaves the windows cracked, so that makes it ok, of course! These three don't seem to be buying the story, and who would? Oh wait... Shawn and Gus of course! "Ok people, we are going to need a Speak 'N' Spell and seven pounds of mashed potatoes." Shawn and Gus are hired onto the case since they believe him. Henry tells them they shouldn't do it because if they start saying aliens abducted a guy, everyone would think they were nuts and Henry couldn't hire them at the SBPD anymore. Unfortunately all signs lead to alien (broken lights, circle on the lawn), so I have a feeling they may be saying just that, out loud... emphasis on the loud.

Of course, Shawn is smarter than this (he is Henry's son afterall) and tells Gus that of course Toby was not abducted by aliens. It's never the crazy suspect (Like the devil or a mummy in previous cases). But I don't think that it's going to stop them from saying it to anyone else. I'm excited for all the inevitable ear flicking that will come from Gus and Shawn agreeing to flick if the other starts leaning towards alien as the answer. Shawn finds a recording device with the sounds of the "alien spaceship" on it, so they go to consult an expert aka their geeky friend from school.

(OMG, the use of the Close Encounters of the Third Kind music in the scene transitions is making me geek out.)

Geeky friend, Dennis, is.... Freddie Prinze Jr!!  By the way - he's always seemed geeky to me, so I buy this. I mean come on... he's married to friggin Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He's gotta be a little geeky, right?? And on the show he is married to someone equally hot. And he claims not to be a geek anymore. I think he's lying. HAHA. And his secret lair seems to prove that I'm right. Holy crap that is both awesome and scary! Captain Adama's helmet from the original BSG and Geordie's glasses from Star Trek: TNG!! You know how I said I was geeking out before? I lied... NOW I'm geeking out! I love this guy! Anyway, Dennis says it does soud like an alien, but to check he makes use of the National Weather Service Radar he hacked into a few years back. He is handy. Whadda know, something flies across the screen causing sweet Dennis to have an asthma attack.

Gus and Shawn both now believe that Toby was abducted by aliens, but don't want to admit it. That turns out to be too bad because Roy decides to go on the news to announce Toby's abduction and thank Shawn and "Gurton Buster" for their work. "Oh my god. I look like KD Lang" (Shawn's pic on the news is not fab!) Of course, Henry immediately calls them down to the station where he informs them that Roy is a nutcase who has psychotic breaks if he misses his meds.  But Shawn and Gus are staying the course.

Shawn: The only thing we were blinded by was...
Gus: Science! (I wish I could describe the hand gesture that went with this!!)
Shawn: That never gets old.
Gus: Nope!

Not helping Shawn and Gus: Toby is in the conference room saying that he took a cab to his parents house, turned off his phone and went to bed.  Hmmmmm.....

Toby is saying that Roy was muttering something about lights and aliens, but just shrugged it off. Everyone at the SBPD are laughing at Shawn and Gus. Lassiter is doing a little dance in happiness. I am happy. Gus decides that Toby is just lying because he is an up and comer at a law firm. Why would he be honest about an alien abduction?  AHHH! Even better than Lassiter's dance: Gus mocking Shawn's "I have a clue face" when he tells Shawn he saw the markings on Toby's arm! I love these guys!!! Since Shawn doesn't believe that it was aliens, and Gus still does, they go to a third, but hardly impartial party: Dennis. 

Dennis of course thinks it is an abduction. However, when Shawn sees that Toby is going to get all of Roy's cases, he decides that Toby did this to Roy (remember, Toby picked up Roy's meds) and sets out to prove it. But first they need disguises! Cue the inevtiably use of Geordie's glasses and Adama's Shawn and Gus go to talk to Toby, but Shawn still doesn't believe it was aliens. ("Someone needs to hold the sanity bag in this partnership. And, frankly, I miss the days when it used to be you!") I'm guessing they won't get to talk to Toby as he just landed on the pavement in front of them. Ew.

Hey it's Jules! I miss you. Jules tells the guys that an hour before his death Toby transfered all the money in his account (a half million) to a charity. So looking like a suicide. But Shawn is saying that it seems weird - why would a Jr. Associate have that sort of money. Henry won't hire them on the case ("Surely, you can't be serious."  Oh, if only Henry had answered the way he is supposed to answer that comment!!)  But everyone (even Jules!) agrees they are idiots and sends them off, but not before Shawn can nab some of the papers of Juliet's desk (with the use of a comically large fan).

KURT FULLER!! Yes, I will have that reaction everytime Woody the coroner is on. Turns out Toby had a flash drive in his stomach.

Shawn: Thanks, Woody. Stay creepy!
Woody: You know I will.

Wow--- Lassiter actually has a crap list. And on that list: Olympia Dukakis.  Why? Who cares! Lassiter is having troubles with his computer..... turns out Dennis is hacking his computer. In case you were wondering, on Lassie's history: Cat Fancy,, and something so disturbing it causes Gus to say "that man needs to find Jesus." HA! (By the way, check out - hysterical!) Anywho, back to the flash drive. It's a bunch of law documents dealing with one of Roy's consipracy theories. Shawn finds a clue, made obvious by the "tilt and squint." But before he can get to that, Dennis's wife comes down to the office. (Love the deep voices they all put on in her presence)  The guys try to convince Dennis to come with them, but sex with his hot wife is too much to lose.

They go to wherever Shawn felt the clues led. Which is where they find the coolest truck ever. "It looks like a decepticon." It really does! All of the story has something to do with people spilling chemicals somewhere. To be honest, I've been geeking out too much to pay attention to this part of the story! I guess some guy spilt chemicals to get everyone out of an area so that he wouldn't have to share profits when he realized the town was sitting on a literal gold mine. As they figure it out.... an alien spaceship arrives!!

They run to the car, but the ship lands first.... except it's not a ship. It's a fancy helicopter owned by the corporate guy who spills things. Cue the "wrap up." Does it matter?  Not really. But I did enjoy the EMP/EPT confusion. As they are about to "take the guys out back" in comes Dennis with his nunchucks. Who did an ok job....until he smacked himself in the face. Unfortunately that knocked him out enough that when Lassie stormed in and told him to put the weapon down, he didn't... and then Lassie tased him. That man needs anger management.

Gus and Shawn have "boogie time" rub it all in Lassie's face. And now Henry wants to hire them. Things are looking up at Psych. Back at Dennis's nerd closet, Dennis, Gus and Shawn and Roy hang out. These four need to hang out more. Uh oh.... Dennis's wife just foing the closet and he confesses he is a "giant nerd" cuz she is a giant nerd too! Adorable. Bring these two back!

Next week..... John Michael Higgins guest stars! That means that the funny will be in overdrive.

This season is way better than last. My only thing..... will they PLEASE acknowledge the picture at the end of the season finale!!  I want more with the Yin/Yang storyline. I love the fun of the case to the week episodes, but the cliffhanger last season left me wanting to know a lot more about that case. I'm sure it isn't forgotten.... maybe another season finale?

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Top 6 perform. Again.

Oh my goodness!! No one is injured this week! What?? Crazy. Apparently Nigel decided to stop beating his dancers. That nutty Brit. There is also a fourth judge again this week (read: Time Filler). The lovely Toni Redpath! You will remember her as the judge during auditions who seemed really nice until she did choreo in Vegas, at which point I believe Billy called her Nazi Barbie. Let's hope she saw that. Just because it would be funny, not because I want her to be extra mean to Billy - though after last week's shenanigan's, I'm a little annoyed with Mr. Bell.  Anywhooooo... on to the dancing.

KENT: Allstar: Anya. Choreo: Jean Marc and France. Style: Cha Cha. Kent and the kissing everyone is cute.  But so close to weird. He is so little. The "random audience member" didn't look like a random audience member... just saying. Does everyone else think that Anya likes playing the cougar to Kent a little too much? Glad that Nigel has acknowledged that Kent has moved on to "man dancing." He has done a really good job at trying not to be a kid, especially when he needs to be. Listen.... they had some valid points of things Kent needs to still work on, but the boy isn't going anywhere.  He has done a great job at stepping up to the plate for each dance. His worse is still better than some other dancer's best. (*cough*Jose*cough*)

ROBERT: Allstar: Kathryn. Choreo: Stacey Tookey. Style: Contemporary. Why doesn't America like Robert? WHY?? He is a gorgeous dancer. And, well, just plain gorgeous. And he apologizes to inanimate objects when he kicks them, based on the rehersal footage. Which shows he is a better person than I am. I would have cursed that damn pole for exsisting. The move when Kathryn basically somersaulted while Robert held her on his sholder made me nervous. Oooo... and the twist ending... Kathryn is the soldier leaving. Good job Stacey. It was a really beautiful piece and, of course, beautifully danced. But of course, he will be bottom three. I don't get it.

(Side note: When did Mia become the Simon of the season?  I thought that was supposed to be Nigel's role.)

ADECHIKE: Allstar: Courtney. Choreo: Tyce. Style: Jazz. I love Courtney. She is sassy. Holy jump at the start of the dance. I really liked the routine. It was fun choreo. And I think that it was incredibly well danced. Adechike was very strong in it. Courtney was, of course, beautiful. But I am just not connecting with him. I don't know why. He is very cute and funny and a wonderful dancer. Oh well..... I cant explain it.

Did Billy just say that Lauren has named her bunny slippers?? Fantastic. 

JOSE: Allstar: Comfort. Choreo: Marty Kuldeka & Dana Wilson. Style: HipHop (someone out there really loves Jose!) Comfort just said that Jose has no game!! Fabulous! (By the way, I know that I give Jose a hard time, it is not because I don't like him. He is adorable! But he has gotten through based on injuries!) Ooooo.. Otis Redding singing Try a Little Tenderness!! Who else is picturing Duckie dancing around the record store in Pretty in Pink right now? I'm not sure how I felt about the routine. I wanted to love it. I'm not if it was the routine or not. I agree with Nigel - it seemed floppy. Like it should have been a little tighter. Think of a Nappytabs routine - they have perfected a more lyrical hip hop routine, but still having some of the sharpness of the moves. This seemed like he was not trying at all. I don't know....

Watching Billy's solo and Emily just said "Woah...... Mom that guy is amazing!" And he is.

(Hey Ann, Kent chose an Elliot Yamin song for his solo... is he your favorite now? Teehee)

LAUREN: Allstar: Allison. Choreo: Tyce. Style: Broadway. Here is the real test for darling Lauren. Dancing alongside Alison. Apparently Tyce has been watching Damn Yankees, this is his second Damn Yankees routine in 3 weeks! Not complaining. Love this show! This routine seems like a sister act and that is a good thing. They seem to have a good connection. And while there were moments when Alison clearly outdanced Lauren, there were some moves where Lauren clearly outdanced Alison. They were really great and Lauren has proved that she is a just a solid all around dancer.

(Nigel just called the show American Idol! HA! Even funnier - Lauren saying it was because she sang so beautifully in her clip package)

BILLY: Allstar: Ade. Choreo: Stacey. Style: Contemporary. (Ok, this is wrong, but last week Louis CK did a HYSTERICAL bit about homeless guys in NYC on Louie, so when Billy said he was playing a homeless guy in this one I started giggling inapporpriately. Sorry.  Paying attention now.) How is Billy dancing with this hat covering his eyes? Billy and Ade look like opposites - Billy is shorter and lanky, Ade is tall and very strong. But together I have to say they danced really in sync. The moment in the routine after they discover they know each other was gorgeous! Really, truly, beautiful routine.  I forgive Billy for last week's drama. That was the highlight of Billy this season, by far. And another emotional and genius routine from Stacey. Thank you SYTYCD Canada, for giving her to us in the US of A. She is shiz. Love that Mia was like - hey... you are taking over for me!

JOSE & KENT:  Choreo: Spencer Liff. (adorable!!) Style: Broadway. Uh Oh. The judges just told Jose that he had no swagger in the last routine that required swagger and now he has to play the guy with game. If the ladies decide who get the girl it's gonna be Kent. Again, I hate to hate on Jose so much but I feel like this is another routine with a dancer and an allstar, but Kent is the allstar. He is clearly meant to dance this style. Which is what Adam just said. I bet Adam is DYING to choreograph this kid. As for Jose, he did a really decent job. If he had done that without Kent, it would have looked better for him.

LAUREN & ADECHIKE: Choreo: Jean Marc & France. Style: Fox Trot. I'm okay with the routine. I don't have much to say about it. There was some good moments, but some awkward moments as well. I obviously am not a ballroom expert, but after 7 seasons of the show I think I can speak with a very very small amount of authority. Lauren did better overall. But there were moments were she was very obviously NOT a ballroom dancer. Adechike's hands were weird (like Toni mentioned) and his arms were not extended like how I am pretty sure they are supposed to be. It made his frame seem, I don't know... misshapen?

BILLY & ROBERT: Choreo: Nakul Dev Mahajan. Style: Bollywood. So this is supposed to be two guys trying to be in a Bollywood movie. Um, Robert wins. I haven't seen the dance yet, btw. Just saying if they were casting a Bollywood movie, Billy would not be first choice. Sooooo..... Robert still wins I think. And apparently Toni thinks so because she just called him a "big cheesy hamburger." Hmmmm..... I'm hungry. Anywho... it was a great Bollywood routine. They were both really strong.

So overall, good routine. If Jose isn't going home tomorrow... well, I don't even know. Uh oh..... Lauren is with the medics. Seriously, I hope that she isn't hurt. It will be sad if our only girl goes home tonight!!


TRUE BLOOD: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Yes, I know. I failed you on a blog this week. I'm not doing one now. Sorry. This is all I have to say:

Eric covering Sookie's mouth to shut her up made me laugh out loud. Possibly the best moment of the season.

Other than that... well, it was a fabulous as always episode. I will write next week. I promise. But I do have a question/thought for all of you book readers. Do you think that some of the "plus" storylines (As in the show is the stories in the books, plus some) are things that Alan read between the lines in the books? What comes to mind is the Tara/Franklin story. It was in the book, but on the perpherial of Sookie's world, so we didn't get behind the scenes. I wonder if when reading the books this is what Alan was imagining was happening with Tara. Same with Jason/Crystal. We only got to see this relationship basically after the fact.... I enjoy that the show provides backstories to the secondary stories from the book, even if it's not how Charlaine imagined it. Frankly, this is probably preferable to how Charlaine imagined it. Because as we have learned, Alan has much more imagination than Charlaine.

Monday, July 26, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: 7/18-7/24

I have to say, I'm enjoying this summer season. Between HBO and USA alone I practically have a full plate of TV. Plus all the cheesy goodness on ABC Family! Remember when Summer was a dead zone of crappy repeats? Thankgoodness that time has passed.

ENTOURAGE: I love Scott Caan, but I can't wait for that storyline to end. While I find his character amusing on his own, his destruction of Vince is annoying me. But the one thing I do know, is like their female couterparts on SATC, the boys of Entourage will always come together in the end. So I guess I'll just let it play out. And enjoy all the Autumn Reeser this season! My only other complaint--- MORE LLOYD!!

HUNG: I honestly don't know if I'd recommend this show to anyone. It's good, at best. I think Thomas Jane's effortless charm is what I enjoy most about it. And his relationship with his children - something that is totally bizzare and they are finally tackling, thankfully. I won't be sad if this one doesn't get picked up for a third season, but I will miss Thomas Jane.

LEVERAGE: Hey look! Alona Tal! Gotta love the Veronica Mars/Supernatural alums! Loved that they finally came up with a case where Christian Kane would get to sing. He played the guitar occassionally on Angel, and I knew he could sing. Swoon.

HUGE: This week the camp had a talent show, and imagine my horror that Nikki Blonsky didn't sing!!! But never fear, she gets her moment in tonight's epsiode.  I'm hoping she sings "I Can Hear the Bells," but it seems doubtful.....

RIZZOLI AND ISLES: Donnie Whalberg! Sure, he's not Mark, but I'll take what I can get on a TNT drama! I hope they continue his relationship with Rizzoli. I think it was a lot of fun. She needs someone that is going to push her. I enjoyed this episode, even though I knew who it was and why as soon as the character was introduced. Though it made me think - so many shows have serial killers (there is one every other week in Phoenix, if you go by Medium's storylines). Thank goodness life isn't really like television! I can't imagine living through something like the Boston Strangler, Son of Sam or the Zodiac killer. How scary!!

COVERT AFFAIRS: At the start of the episode Auggie shows Annie the new offices - in other words "Hey! We got picked up! Fancy new sets and new characters!!" In the new character department we get the oh so handsome, Sendil Ramamurthy aka Mohinder from Heroes. His hair is looking fabulous, by the way. He is there to spy on Annie to see if Ben ever pops out to save her again. I hope he does... Eoin Bailey is yummy. The second episode was just as good as the first except for one, for me, HUGE plot hole. So they are at the kid's apartment and the doorbell rings. And then again, and then a knock. The MI-6 guy doesn't even make a move, or even ask Annie if they should get it, and instead just stays in the kitchen. Annie is at the door when the guy charges in and they tussle (this word always makes me think of Jennifer Lopez and Isaiah Washington in Out of Sight....) and only after at least a minute of incredibly loud fighting does MI-6 come out at shoot the assassin.  This doesn't strike ANYONE as odd?? WTF?  Sigh....

LOUIE: Louis C.K is a genius. This show isn't just funny. To describe that way would do it a disservice. It is hysterical and completely wrong. Much like Seinfeld, I can't tell you what it is about because it is truly about nothing. In this episode, Louis went to Alabama and did a show and then went out to eat where he met a crazy fan and her brother. Of the 22 minutes that make up each episode, usually an average of 5-8 are just his standup. That is OK with me. His standup is great.

WHITE COLLAR: I enjoyed all the extra Marsha Thomason this week! It seems she isn't the bad guy, but I still have doubts. I hope she's not though. I like her. And I'm also enjoying the secondary bromance brewing between Moz and Peter. Talk about opposites! And is Tiffani Theissen done with her maternity leave yet?? Because I want her back!!

MEMPHIS BEAT: Another episode, and another My Name Is Earl alum. This week it was Giovanni Ribisi, playing a very Giovanni Ribisi character which is always enjoyable. Now if we can just get Jamie Pressley on here!

TOP CHEF: I think with this challenge we proved once and for all that Angelo and Stephen are douches and Kenny is a class act. And the judges got to see that, hallelujah.

BURN NOTICE: While I enjoy the character of Jesse, his appearance is making all sorts of trouble for the core four of this show. I don't know where this is going or how it will be resolved, but it is causing a rift between Michael and Fi which pisses me off. These two were not a will they or won't they couple. They are a couple, and the constant need of the show runners to throw a wrench in their relationship adds unnecessary drama to a show that already has plenty of drama to go around. 

ROYAL PAINS: I didn't mention it last week, but how great was it to see Trevor again? I love that kid and his crazy girlfriend. I hope they bring him back more! As for this week: Get rid of Dr. Peck. Really? Do we need her?  And LOVE LOVE LOVE the word for word re-do of the Pretty Woman scene with Evan and Paige. Fantastic.  Could barely contain my glee at that sequence. Then as if it couldn't get any better, cue Evan calling himself a ''Dirty whore." (It was even cuter when Divya said it) Also, I loved Ian Gomez as the ass-hat mac and cheese guy. He's a comic genius! Made me remember how much I miss Cougar Town! Sad face...

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: AHHH! Loved seeing Lauren and Neil do their Wade Robson routine. It's still one of my faves. As for the no one getting the boot... well, I don't really know how I feel about that. I guess as long as Jose goes this week. While I do love Billy, I think it was stupid that he felt he couldn't even dance for 30 seconds for a chance to stay on the show. I don't know if he knows he isn't going to win anymore (Alex took that away week 1, and since he is gone, Kent basically has it in the bag) or if he really was afraid of hurting his knee, but it seemed like a crap move.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Oh Matt and Julie. You make me so sad. Other stuff happened too, but I got lost in the sadness of that secondary storyline this week. 

Alright... comment me people!! Seriously. I need it.

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PSYCH: Feet Don't Kill Me Now

Alright, going to blog as I go here. It basically worked out last time, though none of you commented on my fabulous skills at guessing the plot based on title and Chinese people. Don't be jealous of my useless skills people.  They are useless, remember?? :)

Let's get started.

Finally - the Dule Hill tap dancing episode! He was very excited for this. I'm excited to see it.

So at the crime scene and Lassie is being kinda a douche to Jules. Funny since he worked so hard to get her back. What the heck, Lassiter? Ok, Lassie, your look of "I can live with that" after Shawn said "Nothing shuts my pie hole but pie." Surprise - Shawn thinks that the dead chic was murdered. But since he has to get approval from Dad, it's not looking good for him to get on the case. Instead Gus decides to go to tap class leading to this fabulous series of questions from Lassiter:

"Is it court ordered?  Will it make you faster? Are you investigating some sort of dancing drug ring?"

Look! Gus tapping!! And there is Lassiter. HA! He wants to tap. Who else is excited to watch Lassiter make a fuool of himself. Hey everyone - that lanky white guy sucks at this!! Poor Gus. "I believe that people who carry guns should do what their theapist say." Words to live by Guster. I'm enjoying the Gus/Lassie dynamic so far. They are the tightasses of their respective duos, so fun to see them together. But to prove that Lassiter is the biggest ass of the 4, he somehow managed to not know that Gus worked in pharmaceuticals.  Awesome.

Shawn is outside with the fabulous news that KFC is giving away doubledowns.  (I'm assuming that coroners and funeral home directors are just waiting outside the KFC.) Lassiter tells Shawn he wants Gus, and only Gus, to help on the case, which Shawn assumes Gus will turn down. Which he doesn't because Gus likes to be appreciated for his skills - something Shawn isn't always quick to do.  I'm pausing to take a brief moment to point out one of my favorite things about this show. While Shawn has grown up some in the past 4 seasons, he hasn't completely outgrown is selfish and childish ways. He was SO selfish/childish at the start, it would be ridiculous to think he wouldn't be now. Besides, isn't it somehow part of his charm?  Anywho... back to the show.  Gus leaves with Lassiter, and "It's On."

Finally - theme song! "I know you know that I'm not telling the truth..... Gonna Psych you out in the end"

HAHA! At the lab Gus is weirded out by Lassie introducing him by his real name. Weirds me out too buddy.  The pills that were found with the dead body are fertility pills. Gus is turning out to be helpful, saying that there had to be another administrator with the pills because of double blind trials or some such nonsense. (Really we all know the cases are not why we watch this show... so who cares?!) Ummmm.... is anyone else slightly disturbed by Lassiter tumble into woman hatred while discussing Juliet?  Creepy. It is a good time to call the therapist.  HAHA!!! Shawn is the guy in the lab coat next to them. Shawn tries to use his skills, but it only gets him info Gus already provided.

Dad lets Shawn work the case too. Juliet jumps at the chance to "babysit" Shawn because she is pissed Lassiter is treating her like a rookie since she came back. Who else is overly excited for a lot of quality Shawn and Jules time?? HOLY CRAP!! Shawn watches Phineas and Ferb!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! Sorry. It's my favorite kids show.

Our two teams are both attempting to interview the lab assistant. As you can imagine it leads to bickering. How professional guys. Lab chic reveals that she didn't tell about her partner because Ben (partner) was providing his girlfriend with the pills under the table to avoid the crazy fees. Gus is offended because they aren't married....

Shawn: Get with the times. It's 2008.
Gus: It's 2010.
Shawn: Nice try. That would mean we're at war with the machines.

And they are off to find Ben. These kids are ridiculous. While the four of them argue about it Ben "the lead" Stevens drives off. And apparently he was in such a rush he decides that waiting for the garage door to open isn't worth the time and just drives on through it. See what happens when you can't get along?

Henry is very angry at these four and tells them to get on finding Ben. So they go off to figure out leads. Gus gets Lassie to do some more tap to clear his head, but doesn't close all the blinds, so Shawn and Jules watch. Happiness abounds for Shawn and Jules. When Shawn says Hamburger instead of hunch, Jules starts to laugh. Cuz her boyfriend is funny.

Shawn sends an unwilling Jules off with flirty lab assistant to have some sort of test performed on her while he goes and gets all "psychic" aka sneak around the empty offices.He finds some suspicious flower orders in Ben's email. One to the girlfriend (desiree), apologizing and one to the girlfriends mom (Mrs. Blake) sending sympathies.  Menwhile Gus and Lassie are checking out the car rental places. At Mrs. Blake's house she says that Ben is a cheater and she blames him for Desiree's death. Shawn sends Jules back to the office to create her pretty charts while he goes off to do something else. Which turns out to be also finding Ben's car. By tracking Gus with his GPS. Gus and Shawn both broke away from their new partners to follow a hunch that Ben is innocent. (Love that Shawn keeps doing the psychic move)  They find Ben who it appears is innocent (something about not being in a common law marriage so he wouldn't get any money). I love that Gus keeps turning around to whisper his thoughts to Shawn and that Ben just keeps walking around to hear him. Shawn promises Ben he can convince the cops he is innocent..... and then Jules and Lassie pull guns on him. Awkward.

All this lying and going behind each other's back (and text messaging every guy on Jules' phone a pic of her dog with the caption "this is you" - nice move, Shawn!) has lead to the partners switching back. Jules and Lassie going the way of Law and Order and Shawn and Gus going the way of Lying and Crazy. "Hamburgers!" And Japadogs. (By the way... Japadogs is a food truck in Vancouver that parks outside the Psych production offices. You're welcome.)

KURT FULLER!! One of my favorite parts of this show is when they go to see the coroner, played by Kurt Fuller. You can just see how much fun he has with the role. (Also it is funny to see it when I'm in the middle of watch Supernatural Season 5 where he plays a just slightly different character!) Coroner tells Shawn he would be honored to remove his heart if Shawn should ever roll in on a gurney. Nice. Desiree died from drowning, but there is no sign of struggle. Odd. Lab assistant has the records for who entered and exited the lab, proving that Ben didn't do it. Shawn and Gus don't hold back when showing it to Jules and Lassiter proving they were right about Ben. Of course then "Officer Dad" comes and ruins the party by pointing out that the killer is still out there. Boooo.

While eating Japadogs, Shawn and Gus discuss possible suspects. They realize that Ben never said who he cheated with. So they go to talk to Ben. But when they arrive, McNabb is zipping up the body bag of a dead surfer AKA Ben. Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn. (that's not on the show. I added it for effect. Too much?)

Back to everyone's favorite coroner! Turns out Ben also drowned but didn't struggle. Gus says it looks like dry drowing, which is something that can be caused by anesthesia.  Cue Shawn remembering slutty lab girl. Back at the lab Shawn and Gus find Jules and Lassie. Jules is not impressed with her overt flirting. Wonder why Jules..... But it wasn't slutty girl. It was lab partner (which I was pretty sure of to begin with because she was almost immediately thought to be innocent. Make sense? No? Read more Agatha Christie novels.) Ok... cue the wrapup! Lassie is tapping thru the whole thing only to have his one "moment" be the reveal that lab partner chose herself over Ben. Way to go, man!

And now my favorite moment of the episode. Shawn and Jules going to Gus and Lassiters tap showcase like good parents. (Bit o Trivia: Gus's dance partner aka the choreographer for the episode was one of Dule Hill's co-star in Bring in Da Noise Bring in Da Funk. Again, you're welcome!)

Shawn: The Black on is my partner.
Jules: They're both black.

And out comes Lassie with all the kids.  And in the middle of his routine (aka his thinking time) he realizes who the West Side Rapist is. Well done, Lassiter.

Another enjoyable episode of Psych. Except I want more Jules and Shawn. I know the show isn't really about that, but come on! We've waiting patiently for 4 seasons! Gimme something!! 

Comment me!!  Hope you managed to enjoy that blog. It seemed a little out of sorts this week. Better next week. Promise! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SYTYCD: Top 6(ish) perform

While the title of the show is So You Think You Can Dance, I think they should change it to Survivor. Once again, an injured dancer, and unfortunately it is Billy. Please don't cut him tonight! 

(Ummmm.... what up with that dress Cat? It looks like someone scrapped their first dress on a Project Runway challenge than just threw something together in the last 2 hours. Or like Ping designed it. HAHA)

Hey look - 4 judges! In other words, we really need to fill some time. The oh so fabulous Kenny Ortega is taking on the role. And I think he can do a good job. If there is a man out there that knows dancing, it's that guy. Hello! Nevermind his work on High School Musical - the guy choreographed Dirty Dancing!! WOOT! And in non-dancing related works, Kenny Ortega also directed about a dozen Gilmore Girls episodes, including some of my favorites "Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving" and "Friday Night's Alright For Fighting" which has the best Friday Night Dinner sequence on the show - and for those who watch, you know that is saying something. And it's great for the dancers because they are getting this moment with an important Hollywood director/choreo. (Hey, WTF Nigel just did my Survivor joke. Whatever.)

Anywho... this show is about dancing not my love for Kenny Ortega. Lets get to it.

(Not going to discuss the Solos. Unless one really begs to be mentioned.)

LAUREN: Allstar: Twitch. Choreo: NappyTabs. Style: HipHop. Thanks to Ashley's injury, Lauren is the last girl standing, which may work in her favor just because people that like to vote for girls only have her. This routine is a cute one. It may not have meant to be cute, but that's what I get from it. Maybe it's the chap-style jeans Twitch is wearing. Lauren is doing a really good job though, so deserving of votes. She has been improving week to week, so I'm proud of her. AHAHA. Love her riding Twitch like a horse at the end. Kenny just cut off Cat. I'll forgive him though because he just said "Save a horse. Ride a Cowboy." Oh Kenny.

JOSE: Allstar: Allison. Choreo: Sonya Tayeh. Style: Contemporary. Allison just said she loves Jose. Too cute. Oooo. The theme from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Love love love that movie. This is really ineteresting all on the edge of the stage. The other day Allison tweeted a picture of her legs all brusied in the back, and now I know why. She was always an amazing dancer, but she has grown so much from her season. I love watching her. Jose was better than he has been. Like Adam said, it's hard to say anything about his dancing because of his style. But I did enjoy the piece and think that it was well done.

ROBERT: Allstar: Lauren. Choreo: Tyce DiOrio. Style: Jazz. LOVE that everyone loves Lauren and her booty. It's the two pretty people, so the "seduction" dance is good for them. Woah - did he just lick her leg? Ok. I don't really know what to say about this routine. It was just really well choreographed and well danced. I think that Robert is working to become the next Mark. Can't you see Mark doing this routine?  And then just to show that Nigel isn't the only dirty minded person on this show, Cat just tried to rip off Robert's shirt. Awesome.

KENT: Allstar: Kathryn. Choreo: Stonya Tayeh. Style: Jazz.  Because I couldn't love Kent more, he picked up Sonya and spup her around when he walked into rehersal. All week I've been reading Kent's tweets (via SYTYCD's Twitter/FB) about how tough his routines are this week. I'm hoping it works out for him. Holy shiz, Kent can kick. I'm a little tired just watching this routine. Although I'm fat and lazy. Haha. I really liked this, probably because I love anything Kent does. And apparently so does the audience. But the judges seem to like it too, so that's good. Oooo and Kenny just called him a young Gene Kelly, which is about as high a compliment as you can get. Mia doesn't like the faces he pulls, but I think she is a dark and dreary girl sometimes, and doesn't always like the cute and cuddly. But Kent's my guy now that Alex is gone. (Robert in a close second)

Robert turned 20 yesterday, and I agree with Cat that it is offensive! I miss Ballerina Melissa who is now too old to even audition for the show!

ADECHIKE: Allstar: Comfort. Choreo: NappyTabs. Style: Hip Hop. Not looking good for Adechike off the bat - I forgot he hadn't gone yet. I thought we were about to start the cycle over. haha. Something I noticed with NappyTabs - they re-mix the music a lot. Not just shorten it for the length of the routine. I was thinking about it the other day when I heard Bleeding Love on the radio. I noticed a lot with this one too. Not a bad thing. Just something that sticks out. Anywho, back to the routine. I think we have finally found our follow up to Bleeding Love, speaking of. That was a really moving piece. And you can tell that Adechike and Comfort really felt it too. I've made it known that he is not my favorite in this competition, and while I still don't want him to win it, this was a great moment for him and I'm happy for him.

ROBERT & LAUREN: (Or, Bob's Fro is you ask Lauren.) Choreo: Dmitry Chaplin. Style: Samba. Dmitri just did the girls part. But at least he kept his shirt on. For now.  Apparently the name Lauren equal note worthy booty. I think as far as Samba's go, this wasn't the most challenging that we have seen but it was definitely very well danced and entertaining. Robert looked like a Samba dancer. And Lauren has the hips. (And the butt apparently)

JOSE & ADECHIKE: Choreo: Dmitry Chaplin (and LEGACY!) Style: Ummm... Paso??? I actually think that of all the ballroom this is the one that can be done with two men really well. When the guys are twirling their capes around it looks like they are wearing skirts. Just saying. This was good, but I wanted more out of some of it. Like the turning leaps (Where they hold hands and sort of leap and spin) were not strong enough. I felt like these two strong boys coud have gotten more out of that move. So overall: meh.

KENT & BILLY(or actually Billy's twin, Twitch): Choreo: Chuck Maldonado. Style: Stepping. The look on Kent and Billy's faces when the walked in the room to find 3 large black men was hysterical!! I'm super sad that Billy isn't doing this routine. I wanted to see Kent and Billy to dance together. Wow... this is going to be hard. Maybe this is what Kent was talking about. I can't hear anything over the high pitched squeals of teenagers in the audience. Kent is adorable. That was a really cute routine and I think that Kent did a really good job. Especially because it is Kent for goodness sake!! And he is doing that with Twitch so he had to not look like an idiot. Love him every time. I'm interested to see what the judges have to say... So glad Adam liked it. And Mia! And Kenny! And Nigel!

(Hey, the other half of Twitchington is the audience!)

Ok.... my opinon: Jose to go home (please, Billy, do an amazing solo tomorrow) and Kent to win it all. Is it too soon to make that predicition?  I don't care. He has earned it.

What did you guys think?? What was your favorite routine? Who should go home? Do I love Kent too much? Trick question... it's not possible.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Question: How can a show that is in its third season not only maintain its quality and originality, but somehow improve on it every week? By all standards set by previous TV shows, True Blood should be reaching a plateau, yet somehow Alan Ball has been able to keep the show fresh. This is especially impressive as the book series that itis based on is through book 11, and arguably reached it's plateau several books ago.  But here we are episode 5 of season 3 and I'm more impressed every week!

So let's see what is going on with our friends in Bon Temps and Jackson this week.

The show starts at Russell's house where Franklin has brought Tara, against her will. You can imagine the awkwardness when Bill comes in with Russell and Lorena covered in blood from their stripper-meal earlier. But Bill, determined to keep his distance to save Sookie refuses Tara's pleas. This poor girl!! First season she is obsessed with Jason and, well, he's Jason. Second season she finds love in Eggs, but then discovers they were both in a hypnotic state most of the time, then he dies. This season she gets caught up with Franklin Mott - craziest Vampire ever!! This week she finally realizes how crazy he is after she tries to escape during the day (but is caught by Coot. Damn werewolves) and tries to use the knowledge to help herself. Unfortunately, Franklin has taken her turn of acceptance as an invitation to turn her and become his "Vampire Bride." Uh Oh.  I will say that Franklin provided one of the funniest lines of the night, when giving Russell the info he found on Sookie at Bill's house.

Russell: Last time you had the real money you ended up at the slots in Biloxi slaughtering a church group of elderly woman.
Franklin: They wouldn't let me have a turn!!

If you ask me, those old ladies had it coming.

Before I get into the rest of the happenings on the Jackson side of things, I'm going to discuss the Bon Temps citizens that are still in Bon Temps.

First there is Sam and his creepy creepy family. Tommy is working at Merlotte's and Sam has let Joe Lee, Melinda and Tommy live in Dawn's old place. Joe Lee is getting douchier by the second, and even though Tommy is a punk, you start to feel sorry for him. He is harrassed by Joe Lee via phone while working and then when Tommy stays at Sam's that night Joe Lee comes in with his crazy going full force. Thankfully Sam's spidey sense seems to have been tingling about Joe Lee from the start (how could it not). I am pretty sure I know what is going on her - I think it was made obvious when we found out a few weeks ago that Tommy's fall back shift was a pit bull. But time will tell.

My favorite second tier character is Terry Bellfleur, so when he was excited about the "normalcy" of moving in with Arlene I was so happy for him. But I'm going to be really sad when he finds out that the baby is Rene's not his. Speaking of Arlene - love that Jessica glamoured those people into not tipping her! Arlene can be a real bitch! Oh... and Jessica - just hold out for Hoyt! Don't get mixed up with Tommy!! You may be a vamp, but you are still too sweet for that boy!

Jason has started at the sherrif's. But since Andy can only do so much for him, Jason is stuck doing office chores. And being Jason he winds up getting fingerprint ink all over himself. Seriously, Jas, you are supposed to be the OLDER brother. Goodness. Anyway, he goes and washes the cop cars and sees Crystal Norris (the blond girl he saw crying in the woods in Hotshot) and follows her. Crystal may be from some backwoods town, but she isn't stupid and doesn't buy Jason's cop routine. Maybe it's cuz he was shirtless. It looked like a porn! She does meet up with him later though, but makes it clear they have no future. She won't say why, but those of use who have read the books know why.....

And then there is my favorite storyline of the Bon Temps crowd - Lafayette and Jesus. Say it with me now..... awwwwwww!!!!! I almost peed I was laughing so hard at how bad Lafayette misinterpreted the situation at first. He is adorable, thinking Jesus was there for every other reason than because he liked him. And then when he realized it, he blushed and got flustered. TOOO CUTE!!! Now, this is True Blood, so this will inevitbly get screwed up somehow, but I hope Lafayette gets some happiness with Jesus first. They are adorable (I LOOOVE Kevin Alejandro) and if anyone deerves some love, it is poor Lafayette!

So let's get back to Jackson. Eric has arrived to ask Russell for help in finding Bill so that Pam can be saved from the Magister. Imagine his surprise when he see Bill is there - by choice! Of course Eric is quick to realize that means Sookie is free and clear. Bill's look when he has to say this is priceless. So is Eric's. There is a lot of other intrigue going on in the house. To put it simply - Bill still hates Lorena (cue Lorena's sad face). Talbot hates Franklin. Talbot thinks Eric is dreamy (duh). Eric is frustrated that Russell is slow to help. Russell doesn't trust that Bill doesn't know Sookie. Bill doesn't trust Russell. Bill is pissed at Cooter for saying some not exactly true things about Alcide and Sookie. Eric is beyond pissed to realize that Russell is the vamp that killed his whole family (baby included - way harsh, Alan Ball, way harsh!). So, as you can see, it's complicated. 

Meanwhile, Alcide and Sookie are dealing with their own set of issues. Debbie is pissed to see Sookie staying with Alcide (which is where Cooter got the Alcide/Sookie information). But during that confrontation Sookie realizes that Debbie really has no idea what is going on. Later Sookie reads Alcide's mind to discover he is going to see the packmaster. LOVE Alcide's reaction to Sookie reading his mind "Dammit Sookie!!" HA! And then he growled.... isn't he cute? The packmaster reveals that the blood-donating Vamp at the Were bar is Russell, King of Mississippi. And that he has been controlling weres for centuries. The guy is scarred, and Sookie and Alcide know it. Back at the apartment Bill shows up trying to get Sookie to go, since he knows that Russell wants her and knows she is in Jackson. But it is too late because in comes Russell, Cooter and the rest of the goons. Of course we know what happens when Sookie is put in these situations - electric hands!! Russell is delighted!!

Who else is loving this season?  Did you watch the previews for next week??? Is it sunday yet?? Tell me what you loved, what you hated and how much you wish Stellan had played daddy viking!!  :)

Week in Review: 7/11-7/17

Alright, first week in review since I've been back. It's going to be relatively minimal. But I have a few shows I would like to discuss, so here it goes!

(BTW- Happy birthday to me! HAHA)

ENTOURAGE: The boys are back! This show isn't as great as it once was, but that doesn't mean that it isn't fun. I've especially missed Ari. My darling husband has missed Mrs. Ari. I hope these two crazy kids figure out their issues by the end of the season. They are two of my favorite marrieds on TV. I'm interested to see how far Vince's crazy spiral goes. And a little scared.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Well, it's official. This is the best guilty pleasure of the summer. It is full of soapy drama fun. The girls are all interesting - even Hanna. Unlike another ABC Family show, Make it or Break it, the obnoxious blond on this show actually has redeeming value and some sympathetic qualities. If you like Gossip Girl/90210 or any of those other fun CW shows, catch up on PLL! You won't be disappointed.

RIZZOLI AND ISLES: First - I enjoy Angie Harmon! A lot. She is fantastic on this show. Both of the leads are fun. I don't totally understand the background of their friendship yet - how long have they known each other? I'm sure it will be further explained. But for now it is an interesting cop drama. But is anyone else getting a weird romantic vibe between the two leads? Just me? Anywho..... Hope Billy Burke is back. Who doesn't love some Charlie Swan?

COVERT AFFAIRS: Another original USA program! And as far as I'm concerned, another winner! Nevermind Piper Perabo, who I think does a great job, check out that supporting cast. First of all, Peter Gallagher! I miss you Sandy Cohen. Then Kari Matchett, one of my favorite character actress of the past few years. I've seen her be perfection as cute and flirty, scary hardass, frustrated ex. Now she's kinda crazy. Looking forward to that. Christopher Gorham is fabulous! And ANNE DUDEK!! I miss Cutthroat Bitch! It's a very fun show and I look forward to this week's episode. It's amazing that there are so many of these shows USA and none of them seem old to me.  Who would have guessed it?

HAWTHORNE: Ok... this show isn't great, but it is good. I enjoy a lot of the cast. Especially Michael Vartan. Specifically when he breaks out the french. But for summer, it is a good hour of entertainment. If you like hospital dramas, check this one out.

MEMPHIS BEAT: Jason Lee is awesome. I'm glad he is back on TV after My Name is Earl was unceremoniously cancelled. The show is a fun cop show and keeps you on your toes. And thanks to Jason Lee and exec producer George Clooney it has a nice string of guest stars for a show in it's first season. But the best part of the series is Alfre Woodard, having a lot of fun as the Lieutenant of the precinct who is as much mother as she is boss to the cops on her force. The Alfre/Jason relationship is especially entertaining.

TOP CHEF: I love Top Chef. It is far and away the best cooking contest on television. This years batch of cheftestants are an interesting group, with two frontrunners. Kenny - the many of a million nicknames, and my personal favorite. Angelo - unimaginable ego wrapped up in an unfortunately good looking package. And while Angelo is the obvious villain this season for me, the guy that has to go is Stephen. Angelo may be obnoxious, but at least he has backed it up. Stephen is a douche and doesn't have the culinary skills to make it ok. Hope he is gone soon.

SYTYCD: I'm still sad about Alex. Just thought you should know. I read a blog where someone suggested that instead of bringing him back to compete next season (it's unfair to make him audition again, and unfair to the other dancer next season to compete against someone who already has several weeks expereince in competition) they should bring him back as an allstar. I'm all for it. Allstars get paid, go on tour, and we'd get to see him dance almost every week without having to worry about him being voted off.  And let's face it - after the hip hop routine with Twitch, he's earned the title Allstar. PLUS, it will give ballerinas a chance to get on the show and do their own style. Whatcha think? Should we start a petition?

WHITE COLLAR: My favorite bromance is back! I've so missed Peter and Neal and all of their friends. Once again Neal is working on a mission behind Peter's back, sort of. He wants to know who killed Kate. Question: until we see some sort of body, are we supposed to believe that Kate is really dead? Either way, Neal is working on it, but so is Peter. Both are only kinda aware of the work the other is doing, but I'm hoping between the two of them they figure out that Marsha Thomason is bad. At least that is what I think we are supposed to believe based on her having the music box. Right?

Alright, that is all for now.  Comment me. I've so missed the comments!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

PSYCH: Romeo and Juliet and Juliet

HURRAY!! Psych is back! Time to brush up on your pop-cultue trivia, specifically that of the 80s variety. In case you forgot (and how could you?) last season ended with Yin (a serial killer) wreaking havoc on Shawn and his friends. Juliet almost died, as did Shawn's girlfriend, Abigail, who broke up with him because of it. And Henry, Shawn's dad, took a job with the SBPD as a consultant who deals without outside help for the department (aka Shawn and Gus)

Ok.... like SYTYCD, I'm just going to live blog this one. Press Play everyone! :)

The season picks up not long after the finale - Henry is just starting his job with SBPD, and Juliet has yet to return to work. Business is down at Psych investigations because Henry isn't sending any work their way.

The case begins at a Chinese festival (oooo! is that a ninja?) where a girl get kidnapped (her parents are obviously very important). Ok, time out. I make two predicitions based on this one scene at the festival.

1- That girl didn't get kidnapped. It's her boyfriend. Whoever his parents are, they are enemies with her parents. (Duh. Check out the title of the episode!)
2- Somehow the Triads will be involved here. Every movie/tv show that has cops/theives/spies etc, and has a storyline involving the Chinese always has the Triads involved someway. Trust me. It's coming.

Anywho.... while we wait for me to be proved correct (I know it is coming, I will quit blogging if it doesn't) let's get back to the show. Shawn and Gus go to the PD to help with the case but Henry shuts them out. This leads to an argument between father and son involving Easter Egg hunts from when Shawn was 8. Classic Psych. The show is off to a better start than last season. Except I miss Jules. Where the heck is she?

Shawn and Gus head to the missing girl's place and find a hidden coin. Shawn is off to take it to....

Oh, there she is! Jules works at city hall. I'm guessing this won't last long because knowing Shawn, Gus and Lassie, they will harrass her til she comes back. And so it begins! Already a helping! Down in the lobby is Lassiter also there to turn to Jules for help on the case. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! TRIADS!!!! Told you so!!!!!! Oh, and get this there are TWO COMPETING GANGS OF TRIADS in SB!! Gee... I wonder where that is going! So as of now, we know that the girl is missing and she had a coin belonging to the Triads. We also learned that Gus doesn't believe Michael Jackson is dead. He thinks Lisa Marie taught him how to fake his death, which she learned from her father, Elvis, who actually just died two years ago. Oh Gus.....

Shawn and Gus then turn to their just fired (after 4 days of working) assistant to help with info on the Triad. You know... cuz he's Asian. HA! (BTW- is anyone else shocked to know that Santa Barbara has such a large Triad community? Seriously?) Assistant is helpful and gives them the name of a bar that is a Golden Triad hangout. They follow a guy to the "headquarters" and immediately get caught. But Shawn is not worried because he "likes Yao Ming. That has to count for something." It's amazing how delusional that boy can still be. And guess who is the head of the Golden Triad.... Mr. Chang, the dad of the missing girl! Shock! (And I'm not mocking the show. It's not known for it's difficult mysteries, but more for it's humor)

Using a clue Shawn found in the Golden Triad offices (a drawing of a dragon) Shawn and Gus head back to Asian assitant and then Jules to find out what it means - the drawing is the tag of the Dragon Triads and is all over a martial arts studios. (It's wushu, not karate, thankyouverymuch) At the studio, Shawn accidently tries to convince the guy at the desk that he is signed up for the 5-8 year old class, which then leads to my favorite Gus fake identity ever- Lawyer Gus. OMG. This keeps getting better! AHHH! The waterfountain bit! Hysterical. Love it. "Which one can I use?" Fantastic. Of course, Shawn gets in and discovers this is the headquarters for the Dragon Triads.

Back at city hall, the chief finally shows to convince Jules to come back. But since the nice route isn't going to work, she gives her an evil assignment that will drive her back to her detective duties.

Night time and the wushu studio, and Shawn and Gus break in and end up in the middle of a martial arts fight where one guy takes down three other guys. Shawn and Gus follow the winner (who is the kidnapper) back to an apartment where we learn.... wait for iiiiiiit.... he is the kidnapper, but it wasn't a kidnapping, the daughter is his girlfriend and his dad is head of the Dragon Triads, and they are in love and having a baby, but their parents would shit a brick if they found out. I'm paraphrasing, of course! Hurray! I get to keep blogging!

The next morning Shawn and Gus head to SBPD to say it's not a kidnapping. Only problem - a picture arrived that morning of the girl tied up and obviously the victim of a kidnapping, and at the apartment there is a sign of a struggle. Shawn and Gus go back to Jules for help where they learn that Boyfriend has a brother who wants to be in charge and is using the situation (he knows about Romeo and Juliet) to move up the ladder. So Shawn and Gus go to the head of the Dragon Triads for help. Shawn tries to kiss up first, "I find your fire drill to be immensly entertaining" (HA!) and then plays a game of charades when he thinks this guy doesn't speak English. Then he brings in poor Asian Assistant!! Turns out the guy spoke English the whole time. Shawn and Gus get some info and then are off to save the day, but they want help from Jules.

Shawn calls Jules to try one last effort to break her out of her funk. He rightly points out that she wasn't the only one who was traumatized by Yin. He went after all of them, especially him, and she needs to get it together and live her life again (aka help Shawn and Gus with their shenanigans). Ok....instead of going through the entire last 8 mintues. Shawn and Gus fight the evil brother for a while (sort of) and then Jules shows up and saves the day! Hurray!

Looking forward to next week with lots of Shawn and Jules time.

OMG..... just watched the psych outs. I hope you all stuck around for those because they did a version of the Old Spice guy at the end because Dule (Gus) said to Maggie (Jules) to look at  "her man" James (Shawn). Which then turned into the whole "Look at your man. Now back at me. Can your man smell like me...." bit. (And yes, in case somehow you didn't know, James Roday and Maggie Lawson are a couple in real life, and have been for basically the duration of the series. Say it with me now.... awwwwww.)

So, what did you all think of the premiere to season 5?? Excited it is back? Anything you are hoping to see this season? Did you spot the Pineapple?? :)

SYTYCD- Top 7 perform

Hey everyone! I'm back! Miss me?  I know you did. I'm going the "blog while I watch" route today. So while Cat introduces everyone and the judges blather on for a minute. Let me just mourn Alex Wong. I'm beyond sad that he had to leave the competition and have surgery. I have never prayed for someone's recovery more (with the exception of family, of course). He was brilliant every week and possibly the best dancer on the show. He had the talent and technique of Danny and Will but he also had a personality. Sucks. Hope he recovers from the surgery and can dance again soon so he can come back next year.

Anywho, moving on to this week's drama. Ashley is hurt this week with rib pains. So we've got one member of the bottom three already. But there's a video of Alex, looking good after surgery. Still sad.

I've already heard that Travis's routine with Robert and Allison is amazing, so I'm excited already.

let's get to it....

LAUREN: Allstar: Mark. Choreo: Tiana LiUafu. Style: Tahitian. Wow, seven seasons in and we are still coming up with new styles. Hopefully this goes better than the Russian dance. I feel like I'm at the Polynesian resort in Walt Disney World? Anyone know what I'm talking about? My sides are sore just watching them do all the hip movements in this dance. Since I haven't mentioned it this in a couple weeks (cuz I've been gone): Mark is amazeballs. And that tattoo they put on his chest..... le sigh..... Really liked it. I'm happy that Lauren has come back. (I didn't get to say this last week, but Lauren and Kent's prom routine last week was beautiful!) She was not great weeks 1 and 2, but I loved her auditions, so glad she has found herself.

ADECHIKE: Allstar: Anya. Choreo: Liz Lira and Danny Davalos. Style: Salsa. Ok, just watching rehersals. If Anya says it's hard, then it's hard. Good luck, Adechike! That outfit he is wearing is ridiculous. I enjoy him as a person, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Though that crazy serious of moves where Anya was leaning back was impressive, tho mostly on her part. Well, Nigel liked it. I don't know... I thought it was awkward.

(Cat just promoted the tour for this season - I have a feeling it won't do as well just because Alex is gone. I would have paid to see Alex and Twitch do the NappyTabs routine live)

JOSE: Allstar: Courtney. Choreo: Joey Dowling. Style: Broadway. I'm nervous! Ooooo... Mister Cellophane! I love Chicago! Just saying that this became even more difficult for Jose since he is now trying to live up to Joel Grey in my head. Courtney looks gorgeous. While I think Jose really tried here, I think that, for me at least, there was a lot to live up to here. I feel bad for him, because he was in a lose/lose situation with the routine.

ROBERT: Allstar: Allison. Choreo: Travis Wall (!!). Style: Contemporary. I enjoy just watching Travis dance in the rehersal. I enjoy him more than I can explain. Ok. Not typing during routine this time. Hold please..... Ok, hold again, cuz I can't see through the tears. Oh Travis. (My love to Denise and Danny!!) I think Robert is going to puke. I honestly don't know what to say about the routine. It is right up there with Addiction (Which was nominated for an Emmy a week ago). I think Travis is finally getting his Emmy nom that he so deserves. (Hey, Adam just said that too! I love you Adam) Just, wow.

BILLY: Allstar: Anya. Choreo: Louis Van Amstel. Style: Jive. Holy shiz- Paradise by the Dashboard Light?? Really???? I love this routine even if sucks. I didn't think it sucked. It wasn't the best, but it was decent. I think he tried really hard, and it was a fun routine. I don't really have much to say about it honestly.

KENT: Allstar: Neil. Choreo: Tyce DiOrio. Style: Baseball (?) Just kidding, it's Broadway. I can't imagine being in a room for hours on end with Neil, Kent and Tyce. Those three are crazy. In an adorable way. Ok, the music for this is Shoeless Joe sung by the Original 1994 Broadway cast of Damn Yankees! I saw that! Love it. That's Vicki Lewis singing. She rocks. Holy crap these two can do some tricks. I want a contest to see who can leap higher. Ooooooo, Kent just gave Neil a run for his money on the piourettes! That was a fun routine. I heart Kent - he is probably the most adorable dancer ever. And these two look like brothers. So cute. Just loved it. Loved! (Just putting this out there. Now that Alex is gone -boooo- I think Kent may win this thing. If he stays on track the way he has, and based on the cheers at the start of the show, he is the odds on favorite at this point.)

LAUREN & BILLY: Choreo: Mandy Moore. Style: Jazz. I'm buying a pair of Converse if this routine works. Ooooo they are sparkly!! Emily wants it now. This routine is a lot of fun! Now, obviously, Travis's routine is the best of the night, hands down. But this show has had a lot of fun dances tonight which has made the two hours go by a lot quicker. Best of Billy this week! And Lauren did wonderfully this week. Good for her. She has finally found her footing (get it, cuz it's a dance show. It's ok, I'll boo myself. booooo.) And I agree with the judges - cutest routine of the season, if not the series.

JOSE & DOM: Choreo: NappyTabs. Style: B-Boy. AHHHHHHH!!!!! LEGACY!!!! Ok, I'm better. Now, we all know how Dom can annoy, but he is a great breaker, so I'm excited for this routine.  By the way- is this a total gimme for Jose, or what? It was chosen by the producers for him to do a B-Boy routine with Dom!! Although I think it is slightly unfair, I'll let it go, because when Naughtly Ballerina, Melissa, was on, they gave her the Pas de Deux.  That was a fun routine. (Watch out Cat, here comes Dom!) Awwww... Jose is crying. I love watching Tabitha during judging, she is adorable. As I said that Jose's previous routine was lose/lose for him, this one was win/win. So all works out, yes?

KENT & ADECHIKE: Choeo: Dee Caspray. Style: Contemporary. OMG, Adechike saying that Kent has a crush on Lauren and the kiss last week wasn't part of the choreo was sooo funny. These two are cute together. And I think Kent's personality is rubbing off because Adechike has never been more adorable. I'll be honest, I'm not sure I entirely understood the story here, but I thought it was a well danced routine. Kent showed he didn't have to be doing huge personality and tricks to be a great dancer. Love that kid. WTF, Nigel just said the same thing I said about Alex being gone so Kent may win it. Dammit Nigel!

ROBERT & ASHLEY (actually, Katherine): Choreo: Doriana Sanchez. Style: Disco! Love that Robert said Ashley is in love with him. One of the things that I was sad about this season with the additions of the Allstars is that we wouldnt' see the dancers together. But the addition of the second dance with one of the other dancers is helping I think. I feel bad for these two, because Ashley was hurt on Monday, so Kat learned this routine 2 days ago!! I don't think this was the best disco routine, but it was good, especially given the circumstances. Ooooo. Adam just said there is no technique to Disco. I think there is a good reason that they didn't show the Doriana reaction shot! She was probably saying some not nice words. Ha!

Overall-  REALLY good show tonight. Some great routines we will remember for a long time I think.

Who did you like? What was your favorite routine? Who do you think will win? (Or top 4, anyway)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Still on a break but.....

Hey all! Still on a break since I leave for NYC in a little over 48 hours! To sum up how I feel: WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

But since there is a chance I may be getting some new traffic on the blog thanks to my friend, Sean (hi, Sean!! You rock!) I wanted to just welcome any new readers.  Please scroll through the last few entries to see what I'll be watching this summer. I'll be back to my normal entertaining blogs in about a week. And I'll have a new True Blood blog then too. HBO, knowing that I wasn't blogging this week, chose to repeat last night. Thanks, HBO. I love you too. But no more head turning sex scenes, mmmkay? I had nightmares.

And while I'm here: bye bye Melinda, I will not miss your tapping. But despite that choice I'm still SOOOO mad at the judges. So mad. We'll talk next week. But to cheer me up I watch this on an endless loop. I heart you Alex Wong. 

Be back soon, readers!! Be prepared to comment me lots!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A brief break....

As you may of noticed (or probably not) I haven't done a week in review for last week's TV or a True Blood blog. Reason being it has been very hectic and I just haven't had the time to write them up. I also won't be doing a SYTYCD blog this week. Don't expect any of them next week either. I should be back with True Blood and SYTYCD the week of July 12 and Week in Review the week after that.  Besides being crazed with a ton of stuff over the next few weeks I'm also getting bored. I want to take a bit of a break so I really want to write about some of these shows again. (Not TB and SYTYCD) 

I will say this - True Blood is Ah-Maze-Ing this season. And disturbing like nothing else. I literally can't wait week to week for each episode. If you have a chance I highly recommend watching the bonus videos on  Especially the Truebies and Newbies. Hysterical. And for those missing Kevin Alejandro already (I know I am) he will be back on the July 18 episode and through to the finale after that.

As for SYTYCD- last week had me SOOOO mad at the show and especially the judges I felt I needed a break so I wouldn't just rant the entire time. But as I am watching this week's episode I felt a little better. I was nervous Nigel was going to be mean to Ashley because she picked contemporary again. Like somehow it is her fault. Thank goodness he didn't.

While I'm not going to write the blogs, I do love to talk about our shows, so post me thoughts on FB or text me!! Even while I'm on vacation I can respond to those! (Or when I'm at the wedding. Shhhh. Just kidding. Maybe.)

And if by some crazy chance you are reading this and not my friend on FB, my profile is Send me a message!

See you in a few weeks TV lovers!!