Thursday, July 22, 2010

SYTYCD: Top 6(ish) perform

While the title of the show is So You Think You Can Dance, I think they should change it to Survivor. Once again, an injured dancer, and unfortunately it is Billy. Please don't cut him tonight! 

(Ummmm.... what up with that dress Cat? It looks like someone scrapped their first dress on a Project Runway challenge than just threw something together in the last 2 hours. Or like Ping designed it. HAHA)

Hey look - 4 judges! In other words, we really need to fill some time. The oh so fabulous Kenny Ortega is taking on the role. And I think he can do a good job. If there is a man out there that knows dancing, it's that guy. Hello! Nevermind his work on High School Musical - the guy choreographed Dirty Dancing!! WOOT! And in non-dancing related works, Kenny Ortega also directed about a dozen Gilmore Girls episodes, including some of my favorites "Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving" and "Friday Night's Alright For Fighting" which has the best Friday Night Dinner sequence on the show - and for those who watch, you know that is saying something. And it's great for the dancers because they are getting this moment with an important Hollywood director/choreo. (Hey, WTF Nigel just did my Survivor joke. Whatever.)

Anywho... this show is about dancing not my love for Kenny Ortega. Lets get to it.

(Not going to discuss the Solos. Unless one really begs to be mentioned.)

LAUREN: Allstar: Twitch. Choreo: NappyTabs. Style: HipHop. Thanks to Ashley's injury, Lauren is the last girl standing, which may work in her favor just because people that like to vote for girls only have her. This routine is a cute one. It may not have meant to be cute, but that's what I get from it. Maybe it's the chap-style jeans Twitch is wearing. Lauren is doing a really good job though, so deserving of votes. She has been improving week to week, so I'm proud of her. AHAHA. Love her riding Twitch like a horse at the end. Kenny just cut off Cat. I'll forgive him though because he just said "Save a horse. Ride a Cowboy." Oh Kenny.

JOSE: Allstar: Allison. Choreo: Sonya Tayeh. Style: Contemporary. Allison just said she loves Jose. Too cute. Oooo. The theme from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Love love love that movie. This is really ineteresting all on the edge of the stage. The other day Allison tweeted a picture of her legs all brusied in the back, and now I know why. She was always an amazing dancer, but she has grown so much from her season. I love watching her. Jose was better than he has been. Like Adam said, it's hard to say anything about his dancing because of his style. But I did enjoy the piece and think that it was well done.

ROBERT: Allstar: Lauren. Choreo: Tyce DiOrio. Style: Jazz. LOVE that everyone loves Lauren and her booty. It's the two pretty people, so the "seduction" dance is good for them. Woah - did he just lick her leg? Ok. I don't really know what to say about this routine. It was just really well choreographed and well danced. I think that Robert is working to become the next Mark. Can't you see Mark doing this routine?  And then just to show that Nigel isn't the only dirty minded person on this show, Cat just tried to rip off Robert's shirt. Awesome.

KENT: Allstar: Kathryn. Choreo: Stonya Tayeh. Style: Jazz.  Because I couldn't love Kent more, he picked up Sonya and spup her around when he walked into rehersal. All week I've been reading Kent's tweets (via SYTYCD's Twitter/FB) about how tough his routines are this week. I'm hoping it works out for him. Holy shiz, Kent can kick. I'm a little tired just watching this routine. Although I'm fat and lazy. Haha. I really liked this, probably because I love anything Kent does. And apparently so does the audience. But the judges seem to like it too, so that's good. Oooo and Kenny just called him a young Gene Kelly, which is about as high a compliment as you can get. Mia doesn't like the faces he pulls, but I think she is a dark and dreary girl sometimes, and doesn't always like the cute and cuddly. But Kent's my guy now that Alex is gone. (Robert in a close second)

Robert turned 20 yesterday, and I agree with Cat that it is offensive! I miss Ballerina Melissa who is now too old to even audition for the show!

ADECHIKE: Allstar: Comfort. Choreo: NappyTabs. Style: Hip Hop. Not looking good for Adechike off the bat - I forgot he hadn't gone yet. I thought we were about to start the cycle over. haha. Something I noticed with NappyTabs - they re-mix the music a lot. Not just shorten it for the length of the routine. I was thinking about it the other day when I heard Bleeding Love on the radio. I noticed a lot with this one too. Not a bad thing. Just something that sticks out. Anywho, back to the routine. I think we have finally found our follow up to Bleeding Love, speaking of. That was a really moving piece. And you can tell that Adechike and Comfort really felt it too. I've made it known that he is not my favorite in this competition, and while I still don't want him to win it, this was a great moment for him and I'm happy for him.

ROBERT & LAUREN: (Or, Bob's Fro is you ask Lauren.) Choreo: Dmitry Chaplin. Style: Samba. Dmitri just did the girls part. But at least he kept his shirt on. For now.  Apparently the name Lauren equal note worthy booty. I think as far as Samba's go, this wasn't the most challenging that we have seen but it was definitely very well danced and entertaining. Robert looked like a Samba dancer. And Lauren has the hips. (And the butt apparently)

JOSE & ADECHIKE: Choreo: Dmitry Chaplin (and LEGACY!) Style: Ummm... Paso??? I actually think that of all the ballroom this is the one that can be done with two men really well. When the guys are twirling their capes around it looks like they are wearing skirts. Just saying. This was good, but I wanted more out of some of it. Like the turning leaps (Where they hold hands and sort of leap and spin) were not strong enough. I felt like these two strong boys coud have gotten more out of that move. So overall: meh.

KENT & BILLY(or actually Billy's twin, Twitch): Choreo: Chuck Maldonado. Style: Stepping. The look on Kent and Billy's faces when the walked in the room to find 3 large black men was hysterical!! I'm super sad that Billy isn't doing this routine. I wanted to see Kent and Billy to dance together. Wow... this is going to be hard. Maybe this is what Kent was talking about. I can't hear anything over the high pitched squeals of teenagers in the audience. Kent is adorable. That was a really cute routine and I think that Kent did a really good job. Especially because it is Kent for goodness sake!! And he is doing that with Twitch so he had to not look like an idiot. Love him every time. I'm interested to see what the judges have to say... So glad Adam liked it. And Mia! And Kenny! And Nigel!

(Hey, the other half of Twitchington is the audience!)

Ok.... my opinon: Jose to go home (please, Billy, do an amazing solo tomorrow) and Kent to win it all. Is it too soon to make that predicition?  I don't care. He has earned it.

What did you guys think?? What was your favorite routine? Who should go home? Do I love Kent too much? Trick question... it's not possible.

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erin is awesome said...

I too adore Kent, but you know that already, we both liked him from his try out. Twitch gets to do yet again another fab piece. I hope they do stepping again, I love it. I am not so sure how I feel about billy not dancing... He didn't even dance to save his life. does he know he is not going o win so he would rather fake out? I think he is a beautiful dancer, but I do not think sitting out was cool at all. It is sad Robert is not getting more votes, I think he is awesome.