Thursday, July 15, 2010

SYTYCD- Top 7 perform

Hey everyone! I'm back! Miss me?  I know you did. I'm going the "blog while I watch" route today. So while Cat introduces everyone and the judges blather on for a minute. Let me just mourn Alex Wong. I'm beyond sad that he had to leave the competition and have surgery. I have never prayed for someone's recovery more (with the exception of family, of course). He was brilliant every week and possibly the best dancer on the show. He had the talent and technique of Danny and Will but he also had a personality. Sucks. Hope he recovers from the surgery and can dance again soon so he can come back next year.

Anywho, moving on to this week's drama. Ashley is hurt this week with rib pains. So we've got one member of the bottom three already. But there's a video of Alex, looking good after surgery. Still sad.

I've already heard that Travis's routine with Robert and Allison is amazing, so I'm excited already.

let's get to it....

LAUREN: Allstar: Mark. Choreo: Tiana LiUafu. Style: Tahitian. Wow, seven seasons in and we are still coming up with new styles. Hopefully this goes better than the Russian dance. I feel like I'm at the Polynesian resort in Walt Disney World? Anyone know what I'm talking about? My sides are sore just watching them do all the hip movements in this dance. Since I haven't mentioned it this in a couple weeks (cuz I've been gone): Mark is amazeballs. And that tattoo they put on his chest..... le sigh..... Really liked it. I'm happy that Lauren has come back. (I didn't get to say this last week, but Lauren and Kent's prom routine last week was beautiful!) She was not great weeks 1 and 2, but I loved her auditions, so glad she has found herself.

ADECHIKE: Allstar: Anya. Choreo: Liz Lira and Danny Davalos. Style: Salsa. Ok, just watching rehersals. If Anya says it's hard, then it's hard. Good luck, Adechike! That outfit he is wearing is ridiculous. I enjoy him as a person, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Though that crazy serious of moves where Anya was leaning back was impressive, tho mostly on her part. Well, Nigel liked it. I don't know... I thought it was awkward.

(Cat just promoted the tour for this season - I have a feeling it won't do as well just because Alex is gone. I would have paid to see Alex and Twitch do the NappyTabs routine live)

JOSE: Allstar: Courtney. Choreo: Joey Dowling. Style: Broadway. I'm nervous! Ooooo... Mister Cellophane! I love Chicago! Just saying that this became even more difficult for Jose since he is now trying to live up to Joel Grey in my head. Courtney looks gorgeous. While I think Jose really tried here, I think that, for me at least, there was a lot to live up to here. I feel bad for him, because he was in a lose/lose situation with the routine.

ROBERT: Allstar: Allison. Choreo: Travis Wall (!!). Style: Contemporary. I enjoy just watching Travis dance in the rehersal. I enjoy him more than I can explain. Ok. Not typing during routine this time. Hold please..... Ok, hold again, cuz I can't see through the tears. Oh Travis. (My love to Denise and Danny!!) I think Robert is going to puke. I honestly don't know what to say about the routine. It is right up there with Addiction (Which was nominated for an Emmy a week ago). I think Travis is finally getting his Emmy nom that he so deserves. (Hey, Adam just said that too! I love you Adam) Just, wow.

BILLY: Allstar: Anya. Choreo: Louis Van Amstel. Style: Jive. Holy shiz- Paradise by the Dashboard Light?? Really???? I love this routine even if sucks. I didn't think it sucked. It wasn't the best, but it was decent. I think he tried really hard, and it was a fun routine. I don't really have much to say about it honestly.

KENT: Allstar: Neil. Choreo: Tyce DiOrio. Style: Baseball (?) Just kidding, it's Broadway. I can't imagine being in a room for hours on end with Neil, Kent and Tyce. Those three are crazy. In an adorable way. Ok, the music for this is Shoeless Joe sung by the Original 1994 Broadway cast of Damn Yankees! I saw that! Love it. That's Vicki Lewis singing. She rocks. Holy crap these two can do some tricks. I want a contest to see who can leap higher. Ooooooo, Kent just gave Neil a run for his money on the piourettes! That was a fun routine. I heart Kent - he is probably the most adorable dancer ever. And these two look like brothers. So cute. Just loved it. Loved! (Just putting this out there. Now that Alex is gone -boooo- I think Kent may win this thing. If he stays on track the way he has, and based on the cheers at the start of the show, he is the odds on favorite at this point.)

LAUREN & BILLY: Choreo: Mandy Moore. Style: Jazz. I'm buying a pair of Converse if this routine works. Ooooo they are sparkly!! Emily wants it now. This routine is a lot of fun! Now, obviously, Travis's routine is the best of the night, hands down. But this show has had a lot of fun dances tonight which has made the two hours go by a lot quicker. Best of Billy this week! And Lauren did wonderfully this week. Good for her. She has finally found her footing (get it, cuz it's a dance show. It's ok, I'll boo myself. booooo.) And I agree with the judges - cutest routine of the season, if not the series.

JOSE & DOM: Choreo: NappyTabs. Style: B-Boy. AHHHHHHH!!!!! LEGACY!!!! Ok, I'm better. Now, we all know how Dom can annoy, but he is a great breaker, so I'm excited for this routine.  By the way- is this a total gimme for Jose, or what? It was chosen by the producers for him to do a B-Boy routine with Dom!! Although I think it is slightly unfair, I'll let it go, because when Naughtly Ballerina, Melissa, was on, they gave her the Pas de Deux.  That was a fun routine. (Watch out Cat, here comes Dom!) Awwww... Jose is crying. I love watching Tabitha during judging, she is adorable. As I said that Jose's previous routine was lose/lose for him, this one was win/win. So all works out, yes?

KENT & ADECHIKE: Choeo: Dee Caspray. Style: Contemporary. OMG, Adechike saying that Kent has a crush on Lauren and the kiss last week wasn't part of the choreo was sooo funny. These two are cute together. And I think Kent's personality is rubbing off because Adechike has never been more adorable. I'll be honest, I'm not sure I entirely understood the story here, but I thought it was a well danced routine. Kent showed he didn't have to be doing huge personality and tricks to be a great dancer. Love that kid. WTF, Nigel just said the same thing I said about Alex being gone so Kent may win it. Dammit Nigel!

ROBERT & ASHLEY (actually, Katherine): Choreo: Doriana Sanchez. Style: Disco! Love that Robert said Ashley is in love with him. One of the things that I was sad about this season with the additions of the Allstars is that we wouldnt' see the dancers together. But the addition of the second dance with one of the other dancers is helping I think. I feel bad for these two, because Ashley was hurt on Monday, so Kat learned this routine 2 days ago!! I don't think this was the best disco routine, but it was good, especially given the circumstances. Ooooo. Adam just said there is no technique to Disco. I think there is a good reason that they didn't show the Doriana reaction shot! She was probably saying some not nice words. Ha!

Overall-  REALLY good show tonight. Some great routines we will remember for a long time I think.

Who did you like? What was your favorite routine? Who do you think will win? (Or top 4, anyway)

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I'll be waiting for you by the pond said...

I think I totally agree with you... That seems to happen a lot. I voted for Robert a ton, Kent some and a few for Billy. I adore Travis, love that Danny is his brother, love it was dedicated to his mom and moms in general. How cute was Robert's mom, he obviously total gets it with his own mom having survived breast cancer. I think I would have cried the whole time dancing it. I want sparkle converse too! What a fun and groovy routine, I want to walk around swinging my arms and legs around all loosy goosy like that piece. I will have to say Ashley can go home this week, I was too impressed with everything this week. I do not think Jose is a fab all around dancer, but I was really sad for him for his first piece. I loved (as you know) Russel, but Russel was a polished dancer and Jose does need more formal training, but he gets 110 points for heart. Ok, I rambled enough about your comments being spot on ;0)