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Question: How can a show that is in its third season not only maintain its quality and originality, but somehow improve on it every week? By all standards set by previous TV shows, True Blood should be reaching a plateau, yet somehow Alan Ball has been able to keep the show fresh. This is especially impressive as the book series that itis based on is through book 11, and arguably reached it's plateau several books ago.  But here we are episode 5 of season 3 and I'm more impressed every week!

So let's see what is going on with our friends in Bon Temps and Jackson this week.

The show starts at Russell's house where Franklin has brought Tara, against her will. You can imagine the awkwardness when Bill comes in with Russell and Lorena covered in blood from their stripper-meal earlier. But Bill, determined to keep his distance to save Sookie refuses Tara's pleas. This poor girl!! First season she is obsessed with Jason and, well, he's Jason. Second season she finds love in Eggs, but then discovers they were both in a hypnotic state most of the time, then he dies. This season she gets caught up with Franklin Mott - craziest Vampire ever!! This week she finally realizes how crazy he is after she tries to escape during the day (but is caught by Coot. Damn werewolves) and tries to use the knowledge to help herself. Unfortunately, Franklin has taken her turn of acceptance as an invitation to turn her and become his "Vampire Bride." Uh Oh.  I will say that Franklin provided one of the funniest lines of the night, when giving Russell the info he found on Sookie at Bill's house.

Russell: Last time you had the real money you ended up at the slots in Biloxi slaughtering a church group of elderly woman.
Franklin: They wouldn't let me have a turn!!

If you ask me, those old ladies had it coming.

Before I get into the rest of the happenings on the Jackson side of things, I'm going to discuss the Bon Temps citizens that are still in Bon Temps.

First there is Sam and his creepy creepy family. Tommy is working at Merlotte's and Sam has let Joe Lee, Melinda and Tommy live in Dawn's old place. Joe Lee is getting douchier by the second, and even though Tommy is a punk, you start to feel sorry for him. He is harrassed by Joe Lee via phone while working and then when Tommy stays at Sam's that night Joe Lee comes in with his crazy going full force. Thankfully Sam's spidey sense seems to have been tingling about Joe Lee from the start (how could it not). I am pretty sure I know what is going on her - I think it was made obvious when we found out a few weeks ago that Tommy's fall back shift was a pit bull. But time will tell.

My favorite second tier character is Terry Bellfleur, so when he was excited about the "normalcy" of moving in with Arlene I was so happy for him. But I'm going to be really sad when he finds out that the baby is Rene's not his. Speaking of Arlene - love that Jessica glamoured those people into not tipping her! Arlene can be a real bitch! Oh... and Jessica - just hold out for Hoyt! Don't get mixed up with Tommy!! You may be a vamp, but you are still too sweet for that boy!

Jason has started at the sherrif's. But since Andy can only do so much for him, Jason is stuck doing office chores. And being Jason he winds up getting fingerprint ink all over himself. Seriously, Jas, you are supposed to be the OLDER brother. Goodness. Anyway, he goes and washes the cop cars and sees Crystal Norris (the blond girl he saw crying in the woods in Hotshot) and follows her. Crystal may be from some backwoods town, but she isn't stupid and doesn't buy Jason's cop routine. Maybe it's cuz he was shirtless. It looked like a porn! She does meet up with him later though, but makes it clear they have no future. She won't say why, but those of use who have read the books know why.....

And then there is my favorite storyline of the Bon Temps crowd - Lafayette and Jesus. Say it with me now..... awwwwwww!!!!! I almost peed I was laughing so hard at how bad Lafayette misinterpreted the situation at first. He is adorable, thinking Jesus was there for every other reason than because he liked him. And then when he realized it, he blushed and got flustered. TOOO CUTE!!! Now, this is True Blood, so this will inevitbly get screwed up somehow, but I hope Lafayette gets some happiness with Jesus first. They are adorable (I LOOOVE Kevin Alejandro) and if anyone deerves some love, it is poor Lafayette!

So let's get back to Jackson. Eric has arrived to ask Russell for help in finding Bill so that Pam can be saved from the Magister. Imagine his surprise when he see Bill is there - by choice! Of course Eric is quick to realize that means Sookie is free and clear. Bill's look when he has to say this is priceless. So is Eric's. There is a lot of other intrigue going on in the house. To put it simply - Bill still hates Lorena (cue Lorena's sad face). Talbot hates Franklin. Talbot thinks Eric is dreamy (duh). Eric is frustrated that Russell is slow to help. Russell doesn't trust that Bill doesn't know Sookie. Bill doesn't trust Russell. Bill is pissed at Cooter for saying some not exactly true things about Alcide and Sookie. Eric is beyond pissed to realize that Russell is the vamp that killed his whole family (baby included - way harsh, Alan Ball, way harsh!). So, as you can see, it's complicated. 

Meanwhile, Alcide and Sookie are dealing with their own set of issues. Debbie is pissed to see Sookie staying with Alcide (which is where Cooter got the Alcide/Sookie information). But during that confrontation Sookie realizes that Debbie really has no idea what is going on. Later Sookie reads Alcide's mind to discover he is going to see the packmaster. LOVE Alcide's reaction to Sookie reading his mind "Dammit Sookie!!" HA! And then he growled.... isn't he cute? The packmaster reveals that the blood-donating Vamp at the Were bar is Russell, King of Mississippi. And that he has been controlling weres for centuries. The guy is scarred, and Sookie and Alcide know it. Back at the apartment Bill shows up trying to get Sookie to go, since he knows that Russell wants her and knows she is in Jackson. But it is too late because in comes Russell, Cooter and the rest of the goons. Of course we know what happens when Sookie is put in these situations - electric hands!! Russell is delighted!!

Who else is loving this season?  Did you watch the previews for next week??? Is it sunday yet?? Tell me what you loved, what you hated and how much you wish Stellan had played daddy viking!!  :)

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Kylene said...

I thought I was the only one who hated the fact that Stellan didn't play the daddy viking! When I saw the actor I said "Boooooo, you're not Stellan!" It would have been awesome if they got him.

I am LOVING this season! The scenes with Franklin were priceless. I would give him the MVP of the episode this week. I believe James Frain is doing so much with the character it's remarkable. I agree, he had me convinced those old ladies at the casino had it coming.

Yes I am also LOVING the Jesus & Lafayette story. They were so cute. As was Terry, I just love him.

my only complaint, no pam this week. ah well. maybe next week.
Seriously, IS. IT. SUNDAY. YET?!