Thursday, July 29, 2010

TRUE BLOOD: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Yes, I know. I failed you on a blog this week. I'm not doing one now. Sorry. This is all I have to say:

Eric covering Sookie's mouth to shut her up made me laugh out loud. Possibly the best moment of the season.

Other than that... well, it was a fabulous as always episode. I will write next week. I promise. But I do have a question/thought for all of you book readers. Do you think that some of the "plus" storylines (As in the show is the stories in the books, plus some) are things that Alan read between the lines in the books? What comes to mind is the Tara/Franklin story. It was in the book, but on the perpherial of Sookie's world, so we didn't get behind the scenes. I wonder if when reading the books this is what Alan was imagining was happening with Tara. Same with Jason/Crystal. We only got to see this relationship basically after the fact.... I enjoy that the show provides backstories to the secondary stories from the book, even if it's not how Charlaine imagined it. Frankly, this is probably preferable to how Charlaine imagined it. Because as we have learned, Alan has much more imagination than Charlaine.

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Kylene said...

I think that the story lines that don't primarily involve Sookie, i.e. the Franklin/Tara & Jason/Crystal stories, are what Alan is thinking in his head as he was reading the books. For me when Tara was with Franklin I thought, well "what got her to that point?" Maybe Alan thought that too & said well hell I am going to show everyone what I think. And so far I am fine with this, particularly with Jesus & Lafayette! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

The only issue I am afraid I may have with Mr. Ball is this, I'm sure you are aware of the comments he made at Comic Con pertaining to Bill/Sookie/Eric. While I am fine with taking sides with how you feel in the entire triangle, I have no issue with that, what I have a big problem with, and maybe it's me, is I feel that Alan may take his public stance (which as a show runner MAYBE he shouldn't have said at all) on this issue and change the main frame of the books, which I don't agree with. I do feel that the show is definitely pro-Bill, which is neither here nor there, but when you change the plot of the books, where the relationships stand from Book 4 forward, there is where I have an issue with the tweaking. I don't think that has to do with imagination that has to do with changing an author's vision & that I don't like.