Thursday, July 1, 2010

A brief break....

As you may of noticed (or probably not) I haven't done a week in review for last week's TV or a True Blood blog. Reason being it has been very hectic and I just haven't had the time to write them up. I also won't be doing a SYTYCD blog this week. Don't expect any of them next week either. I should be back with True Blood and SYTYCD the week of July 12 and Week in Review the week after that.  Besides being crazed with a ton of stuff over the next few weeks I'm also getting bored. I want to take a bit of a break so I really want to write about some of these shows again. (Not TB and SYTYCD) 

I will say this - True Blood is Ah-Maze-Ing this season. And disturbing like nothing else. I literally can't wait week to week for each episode. If you have a chance I highly recommend watching the bonus videos on  Especially the Truebies and Newbies. Hysterical. And for those missing Kevin Alejandro already (I know I am) he will be back on the July 18 episode and through to the finale after that.

As for SYTYCD- last week had me SOOOO mad at the show and especially the judges I felt I needed a break so I wouldn't just rant the entire time. But as I am watching this week's episode I felt a little better. I was nervous Nigel was going to be mean to Ashley because she picked contemporary again. Like somehow it is her fault. Thank goodness he didn't.

While I'm not going to write the blogs, I do love to talk about our shows, so post me thoughts on FB or text me!! Even while I'm on vacation I can respond to those! (Or when I'm at the wedding. Shhhh. Just kidding. Maybe.)

And if by some crazy chance you are reading this and not my friend on FB, my profile is Send me a message!

See you in a few weeks TV lovers!!

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