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PSYCH: Not Even Close... Encounters

I've read a lot of good reviews of this episode, so I'm excited to watch!! Plus who doesn't love a good alien show.

Young Shawn in the start of episode flashbacks is starting to get a little too tall to be young Shawn. Wonder what they plan on doing about that. It's like Walt on LOST!

Hmmmm.... while I'm sure this won't turn out to be an alien encounter, I'm very interested to see where this episode goes, because the craziness happening at this rich guy's house (wind, lights, his assisitant getting on some sort of aircraft with an alien looking dude and then flying off) seems pretty Close Encounters to me!

Next morning... Henry is doing a ride-along with Jules and Lassiter. Apparently Lassiter isn't happy about it because he leaves Henry locked in the door. But he leaves the windows cracked, so that makes it ok, of course! These three don't seem to be buying the story, and who would? Oh wait... Shawn and Gus of course! "Ok people, we are going to need a Speak 'N' Spell and seven pounds of mashed potatoes." Shawn and Gus are hired onto the case since they believe him. Henry tells them they shouldn't do it because if they start saying aliens abducted a guy, everyone would think they were nuts and Henry couldn't hire them at the SBPD anymore. Unfortunately all signs lead to alien (broken lights, circle on the lawn), so I have a feeling they may be saying just that, out loud... emphasis on the loud.

Of course, Shawn is smarter than this (he is Henry's son afterall) and tells Gus that of course Toby was not abducted by aliens. It's never the crazy suspect (Like the devil or a mummy in previous cases). But I don't think that it's going to stop them from saying it to anyone else. I'm excited for all the inevitable ear flicking that will come from Gus and Shawn agreeing to flick if the other starts leaning towards alien as the answer. Shawn finds a recording device with the sounds of the "alien spaceship" on it, so they go to consult an expert aka their geeky friend from school.

(OMG, the use of the Close Encounters of the Third Kind music in the scene transitions is making me geek out.)

Geeky friend, Dennis, is.... Freddie Prinze Jr!!  By the way - he's always seemed geeky to me, so I buy this. I mean come on... he's married to friggin Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He's gotta be a little geeky, right?? And on the show he is married to someone equally hot. And he claims not to be a geek anymore. I think he's lying. HAHA. And his secret lair seems to prove that I'm right. Holy crap that is both awesome and scary! Captain Adama's helmet from the original BSG and Geordie's glasses from Star Trek: TNG!! You know how I said I was geeking out before? I lied... NOW I'm geeking out! I love this guy! Anyway, Dennis says it does soud like an alien, but to check he makes use of the National Weather Service Radar he hacked into a few years back. He is handy. Whadda know, something flies across the screen causing sweet Dennis to have an asthma attack.

Gus and Shawn both now believe that Toby was abducted by aliens, but don't want to admit it. That turns out to be too bad because Roy decides to go on the news to announce Toby's abduction and thank Shawn and "Gurton Buster" for their work. "Oh my god. I look like KD Lang" (Shawn's pic on the news is not fab!) Of course, Henry immediately calls them down to the station where he informs them that Roy is a nutcase who has psychotic breaks if he misses his meds.  But Shawn and Gus are staying the course.

Shawn: The only thing we were blinded by was...
Gus: Science! (I wish I could describe the hand gesture that went with this!!)
Shawn: That never gets old.
Gus: Nope!

Not helping Shawn and Gus: Toby is in the conference room saying that he took a cab to his parents house, turned off his phone and went to bed.  Hmmmmm.....

Toby is saying that Roy was muttering something about lights and aliens, but just shrugged it off. Everyone at the SBPD are laughing at Shawn and Gus. Lassiter is doing a little dance in happiness. I am happy. Gus decides that Toby is just lying because he is an up and comer at a law firm. Why would he be honest about an alien abduction?  AHHH! Even better than Lassiter's dance: Gus mocking Shawn's "I have a clue face" when he tells Shawn he saw the markings on Toby's arm! I love these guys!!! Since Shawn doesn't believe that it was aliens, and Gus still does, they go to a third, but hardly impartial party: Dennis. 

Dennis of course thinks it is an abduction. However, when Shawn sees that Toby is going to get all of Roy's cases, he decides that Toby did this to Roy (remember, Toby picked up Roy's meds) and sets out to prove it. But first they need disguises! Cue the inevtiably use of Geordie's glasses and Adama's Shawn and Gus go to talk to Toby, but Shawn still doesn't believe it was aliens. ("Someone needs to hold the sanity bag in this partnership. And, frankly, I miss the days when it used to be you!") I'm guessing they won't get to talk to Toby as he just landed on the pavement in front of them. Ew.

Hey it's Jules! I miss you. Jules tells the guys that an hour before his death Toby transfered all the money in his account (a half million) to a charity. So looking like a suicide. But Shawn is saying that it seems weird - why would a Jr. Associate have that sort of money. Henry won't hire them on the case ("Surely, you can't be serious."  Oh, if only Henry had answered the way he is supposed to answer that comment!!)  But everyone (even Jules!) agrees they are idiots and sends them off, but not before Shawn can nab some of the papers of Juliet's desk (with the use of a comically large fan).

KURT FULLER!! Yes, I will have that reaction everytime Woody the coroner is on. Turns out Toby had a flash drive in his stomach.

Shawn: Thanks, Woody. Stay creepy!
Woody: You know I will.

Wow--- Lassiter actually has a crap list. And on that list: Olympia Dukakis.  Why? Who cares! Lassiter is having troubles with his computer..... turns out Dennis is hacking his computer. In case you were wondering, on Lassie's history: Cat Fancy,, and something so disturbing it causes Gus to say "that man needs to find Jesus." HA! (By the way, check out - hysterical!) Anywho, back to the flash drive. It's a bunch of law documents dealing with one of Roy's consipracy theories. Shawn finds a clue, made obvious by the "tilt and squint." But before he can get to that, Dennis's wife comes down to the office. (Love the deep voices they all put on in her presence)  The guys try to convince Dennis to come with them, but sex with his hot wife is too much to lose.

They go to wherever Shawn felt the clues led. Which is where they find the coolest truck ever. "It looks like a decepticon." It really does! All of the story has something to do with people spilling chemicals somewhere. To be honest, I've been geeking out too much to pay attention to this part of the story! I guess some guy spilt chemicals to get everyone out of an area so that he wouldn't have to share profits when he realized the town was sitting on a literal gold mine. As they figure it out.... an alien spaceship arrives!!

They run to the car, but the ship lands first.... except it's not a ship. It's a fancy helicopter owned by the corporate guy who spills things. Cue the "wrap up." Does it matter?  Not really. But I did enjoy the EMP/EPT confusion. As they are about to "take the guys out back" in comes Dennis with his nunchucks. Who did an ok job....until he smacked himself in the face. Unfortunately that knocked him out enough that when Lassie stormed in and told him to put the weapon down, he didn't... and then Lassie tased him. That man needs anger management.

Gus and Shawn have "boogie time" rub it all in Lassie's face. And now Henry wants to hire them. Things are looking up at Psych. Back at Dennis's nerd closet, Dennis, Gus and Shawn and Roy hang out. These four need to hang out more. Uh oh.... Dennis's wife just foing the closet and he confesses he is a "giant nerd" cuz she is a giant nerd too! Adorable. Bring these two back!

Next week..... John Michael Higgins guest stars! That means that the funny will be in overdrive.

This season is way better than last. My only thing..... will they PLEASE acknowledge the picture at the end of the season finale!!  I want more with the Yin/Yang storyline. I love the fun of the case to the week episodes, but the cliffhanger last season left me wanting to know a lot more about that case. I'm sure it isn't forgotten.... maybe another season finale?

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I'm trying desperately to find a video of Gus saying "science" It made my life.