Monday, April 26, 2010

LOST: Repeat!

Just letting all my Losties know that this week is a repeat of Lost. Let's all cry in a corner for a moment. It's a repeat of Ab Aeterno, if you are interested.

To make you all smile, let me tell you about one of my favorite moments from the movie Kick Ass.  During the scene I was practically weeping like a small child, but there was this line that made me laugh out loud. When facing certain death, the character Kick-Ass (via narration) tells why he doesn't want to die. Besides the obvious (missing people he loves, etc) one of the major reason he doesn't want to die is that he wants to find out how Lost ends. I hear ya, Kick Ass. It would suck to miss that!

And another fun Lost shout out for you to enjoy. Actually, even without the Lost shout out, this is just another HYSTERICAL moment from 30 Rock.

Only 6 hours left. How is that possible?? Alright, I'm going to back to my corner to cry.

Week in Review: 4/18-4/24

It's time for my week in review! I have nothing clever to say at the start this week, except: down with Rena Sofer! Sigh.....

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: I'm a little mad that I didn't realize Eddie was the strangler. What other reason to introduce that obviously skeevy character? Oh well.  I have a list of people he can kill. Best part of the episode (it was so funny, that even Kevin laughed when I told him) was when Gaby was trying to convince Carlos that she should donate her eggs to Bob and Lee. Her reason: "I'm going to help Bob and Lee have a baby so they can experience the same love and joy we occassionally have with our children." Such a Gaby line, and oh so funny! But of course, she backed out when she realized she wouldn't be a part of the baby's life. And then Bob and Lee broke up. Sad face! They were my favorite couple!

THE PACFIC: While the episode focused on the boys suffering the heat and chaos of Pelielu, probably the most heartbreaking moment was when Sidney went to visit Eugene's parents at the start of the episode. First of all, showing up in uniform unannounced to the home of a soldier's parents... kinda mean! Of course they are going to think it is that visit. Over dinner Sidney told Eugene's parents that they had nothing to worry about. The look on all of their faces... Sidney trying to stay true to his words, Dad trying to comfort Mom even though he knew better, and Mom desparate to believe what she was hearing.  Watching the soldiers fight was almost unbearable, but there was something far more tragic in that quiet scene around the dinner table.

TREME: I'm watching this. It is really well done, but I'm not sure what I think about it. I don't know if I really care about any of these characters yet. I'll let you know in a couple weeks.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Sure, the biggest thing that happened is that Ted bought the house that he has been sitting in telling his children this story. But the best thing that happened: Drunk or Kid! Love it! Also love Christine Rose as Ted's mom. Quite a leap from her work as manipulative Angela Petrelli on Heroes!

24: In 8 seasons I am not surprised that the only one with balls big enough to actually yell at the president is Jack Bauer and the only one with the lack of social skills enough to question the president is Chloe O'Brian. I love them.  I'm annoyed where the season is going, but I appreciate that they were setting it up to be a Chloe having to go against Jack. Nevertheless, I just hope it is over soon.

DAMAGES: Holy crap. What a great finale. I truly hope it is not the series finale, but if it is, I can not think of a better way to end this brilliant program. Every storyline, from all 3 seasons, managed to get resolution. From David's death to Patty's miscarriage. Unbelievable. Have you ever noticed how many ghosts these people have, both literally and figuratively? It's so sad. But the best part, and I'm sure you can guess, was the return of Wes (Timothy Olyphant). I love Olyphant, and I always liked Wes. There was some Raylan Givens coming through when he was in the back of Frobisher's car! J'adore.

HOUSE: Not to brag or anything, but I totally had this case figured out waaaayyyy before House did. Like at the 20 minute mark. Suck it, House! That never happens on this show! Along with my crazy smarts (to make up for my Desperate Housewives stupidity) I also had a few crazy laughs in this episode. Specifically when Wilson went to the bathroom during dinner leaving Sam and House to fight it out. Best part: when Wilson left the bathroom and House said, "aaaaand scene!" Fab!

CASTLE: One again the casting department for Castle wins my weekly award for best guest cast! Merrin Dungey! Scott Cohen! Michael Trucco! Michael Ironside! Not all famous names, but certainly familiar faces, and ones that I love to see. Those people in the casting department deserve a raise. This episode was fab because it gave a reason to highlight the wonder that is Jon Huertas! Love him. (Duh - he was in Generation Kill!) I actually teared up a little when he referred to Castle as his "other partner." Could there be a sweeter moment? Castle is pulling a Bones... How do two people realize they are meant to be? Have them start dating other people. Why, hello, Michael Trucco!

PARENTHOOD: Thanks to NBC for announcing last week that this show is getting a second season. I love the cast, and can't wait to see where they take the characters. I have even grown to love Monica Potter, but her being so adorable with Peter Krause probably helped.

GLEE:  MADONNA! Woot! What a fun episode! I'm going to just keep using exclamation points!!! There was so much to love in this episode. It was a test of your Madonna knowledge everytime they were in the hallways with all the incarnations of Madonna throughout the years. I like Madonna, but I was a little scared for myself at just how knowledgable I turned out to be. I need to get out. My favorite number (besides Vogue, of course) was Express Yourself. Not just because it highlighted the fantastic girls, but because of Finn looking around the entire number while sitting in the audience. He is the prime example of a boy who gets distracted by something shiny! Also loved Brittany's weekly dumbness mixing up misogynist and masseuse (which she must call massagist. LOL!!). Shout out to Jonathan Groff. We know he is up to now good, but darn if I haven't fallen under his evil spell along with Rachel. Swoon. I hope everyone was able to see Like a Prayer at the end (curse you, American Idol!!) - it gave me chills! Oh, and hurray for Artie and Tina!!

JUSTIFIED: Hitler paintings? Really?! Glad to see where they ended up, though. Fantastic. Justified's casting department is giving Castle's a run for their money! Brett Cullen! Robert Picardo! TONY HALE!! (Who doesn't love a good Arrested Development casting? It's almost as good as a Whedonverse one!) The best part of every episode is when Raylan talks to someone in such a way that they let their guard down. The man is ridiculously charming. It should be illegal. 

V: I've figured out what is missing from V. A good villian. Yes, it obviously has one. Anna is evil, as is her henchman. But she is sooooo booooring! Where is the fun? Even the weekly villains on Buffy were fun. Even if they weren't funny, they were fun to watch. Anna just makes me sleepy.  Side note to the episode: they shot a big scene in the same amusement park they used at the end of Zombieland. I kept expecting zombies to appear. Or at least for Woody Harrleson to pop out of the booth that Elizabeth Mitchell was standing against, since I'm pretty sure that is the same one he was in in the movie.

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Just like Band of Brothers and Generation Kill, it is time to start spotting the actors were didn't know before from the Pacific on other shows. The winner for first one goes to: Keith Nobbs (Conley, Leckie's friend on The Pacific) as a new assistant or something in the Marshall's office.

COMMUNITY: I can't possibly talk about how funny this episode was! More Abed please!!! Love him. (Annie's boobs! HAHAHAHA!)

THE OFFICE: I don't think Pam could have summed up the wonder of maternity leave any better: "Maternity leave rocked. It rocked my ass off." Amen, sister. Other highlights of the episode... Dwight (in reference to Sesame Street): "Is that the program where all the puppets live in the barrio?"  Michael: " Everyone here knows I can't and won't keep a secret." We know, Michael, we know! My biggest issue of the episode was how out of character Michael was when he went to lunch with Erin. It was grating.

FLASHFORWARD: Alright, we all were pretty sure Demitri wouldn't die. So that was cool. What I really want to talk about is how awesome Alda's jacket was in the flashback to meeting D. Gibbons. Holy crap. Me likey. I want it now! Highlight of the episode for me.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: So it's offical now, right? Stefan = Angel/Angelus, Damon = Spike. Am I right? Yes?? Ok then.  I can move forward with the show.

BONES: The good stuff: Angela and Jack looking at the aquarium live feed on her crazy big screen in her office. Swoon. Those two just need to be married already. And speaking of people who need to be married already... is the part where Booth and Bones date other people done yet? The only good thing about watching this happen is the extreme level of discomfort that comes over their faces when the other talks about dating Andrew/Catherine. Get over your issues, Bones!! Booth = greatest man alive!

FRINGE: Poor poor Peter! And Walter. This whole episode basically was just a set up for Peter to discover he is the Peter from the other side. It was heartbreaking. I'm nervous. But at the same time this show hinges on the three main characters working together, so he's got to get back to the group somehow. Right? RIGHT??! 

PARTY DOWN: I actually haven't seen the episode yet, just want to squee that it is back on! You know what that means??? Kristin Bell is going to be on TV! SQUEEEEEEE!

So, what did everyone else like this week? Comment me. I live for your comments.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOST: The Last Recruit

Can you believe there are only 6 more hours of this show left? Excuse me a moment while I go weep in the corner...........   Ok, I'm back. I think my favorite part of this epsiode was everything in the Sideways world. I love how it is all starting to come together over there. Well, OK, that was my second favorite part. We all know what the best part was.  Sniff sniff. I have a huge paper to write, so instead of a full recap, lets just do the highlights.

Another question was answered, though I think by now we already knew it - Christian on the island was just MIB in disguise. Poor Jack. Though he is a Man of Faith now (he is even asking Hurley permission for things!), the Man of Science is long gone. I think he disappeared the first time they left the island. So this revelation isn't so much heartbreak as it is just confirmation for Jack. And MIB says he used Locke because he was a sucker and stupid enough to think they were on this island for a reason. Oh, and you know, because he was dead in a wooden box. That's his "type" apparently. Jack also got to spend some quality time with his sister, Crazy Claire, who is sure Jack is part of Team Locke now since he talked to him. That's apparently all it is supposed to take. However, with the exception of Sayid and Claire, most do not seem so easily swayed. And how swayed is Claire, anyway? She claims the only reason she is with him is that he was the only one who didn't abandon her. Mutiny is happening in Team Locke, led by Sawyer. He plans to go over to Hydra, make nicey nice with Widmore and then get some poor schmo to pilot the sub (Is pilot the right word? Whatever you do to a sub.) back to the real world. The only people invited: Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Jin (when the find him) and Frank. Claire is crazy and Sayid has gone to the dark side. Zoe shows up and demonstrates the Widmore has some nifty bombs and he knows how to use them if poor Des isn't returned. Locke is not about to do that so it's time to get ready to fight! He send Sayid off to kill Des. When he gets there Des asks Sayid what he will tell Nadia he did to bring he back. I don't think Sayid is all that dark after all.... something tells me my favorite Scotsman is dead. Sawyer and Kate go off to get the boat, with a plan to meet up with the others on a super secret dock. Claire gets wind and follows. Kate conivinces her to come with them because she was only there to get her anyway. Awww... Kate, what a good mommy you are. Claire goes, but warns them that Big Smokey ain't gonna like it. On the boat, Jack questions if they should be leaving the island. Sawyer's all "get off my boat," and so Jack jumps. So literal, that Jack! He gets to shore only to meet up with a not so happy Locke who is now boatless. Widmore sends some bombs his way and Jack is saved by Locke. Well, kinda. Isn't he really saved by the island? The island isn't going to let him get blown up! But Locke says Jack is with him now... I think not so much. Back on Hydra we have the moment we have been waiting FOREVER for.... Jin and Sun reunited. Now, I don't know if it was planned this way, or accidental, but what a HORRIBLE angle to show with Jin and Sun running to reunite right at that electromagnetic fence. Who else thought their heads were going to explode?! Kevin and I were afraid to watch! But all is well and Jin got her voice back! And by all is well, I mean they are together. All not so well in general though, since Widmore does not seem to have any plans to keep these guys alive. Uh oh. (PS I wonder what Richard, Ben and Miles are up to!)

Oh, sweet Sideways Reality. I so hope you are where everyone will end up. You are so much better for almost everyone. We start with run over Locke in the ambulance with Dr. Linus. They head to the hospital, and Locke tells them about Helen. When they get there they are running alongside Sun who is going to the ER for her gunshot wound to the belly. Sun freaks out when she sees Locke and starts saying "No..No.. it's him!" She is dying, so I wonder if she has been spending some time on the island in her head. Back at the police station, Jim/Sawyer is questioning Kate. He finds it kinda funny that first they are on the plane together and then their elevator rendevous, and now this! They go through their normal Kate/Sawyer banter pointing out each others faults and how they are similar. Cute. Then Miles breaks up this reunion of sorts to tell Sawyer about the shooting at the restuarant with Jin, Sun and Keamy. Prime Suspect: Sayid Jarrah, of course. Then we see Claire in a fancy office building about to go meet with the adoption agency, but who should come in except Desmond! He asks how she is doing since their meeting at the airport and tells her she should have a lawyer for the adoption. He convinces her to come with him because he is a bit persistent. The lawyer is on the 15th floor, of course! And it is Ilana. She has been looking for Claire... hmmmm....  (Was everyone else hoping Charlie would be there too?) Later, Jack arrives with his son David. Talking to mom on the phone, because Team Darlton likes to rub our collective noses in the things we don't know yet! They are heading to the lawyer too to hear the reading of Christians will. Claire is in it, but Jack didn't know why. She knows - they are brother and sister. Awkward for poor David who is standing there not sure how to take that in. Jack gets a call from the ER for emergency surgery. I think we all know who, don't we? Sayid is back at Nadias ready to leave forever, but Miles shows up. Sayid tries to run, but Sawyer gets him. Poor Sayid - both realities really suck for him! At the hospital Sun wakes up and Jin tells her that both she and the baby are ok. Whew. Please let these two have their happily ever after in Sideways land. And then Jack goes into surgery and who does he see on the table? Locke, of course. Perhaps that IS what Des was trying to accomplish!

Quotes (just a few funny ones this week):

Hurley: You can always bring people back from the dark side. I mean, Anakin?
Sawyer: Who the hell is Anakin?
(If Sayid is Anakin, who is Desmond? Obi Wan or Yoda?)

Sawyer: Of all the cars in the Los Angeles, you run into mine. It's like someone is trying to put us together.
Kate: Are you hitting on me?

Kate: Who is coming?
Sawyer: You, me, Hurley, Sun, Jack and that pilot that looks like he stepped of te set of a Burt Reynolds movie.
(This made me giggle through the next few scenes.)

So, what do you all think? They are really pushing for Jack to be the eventual Jacob replacement. But I don't know. He's the obvious choice as he has always been the hero of our story, so does that make it TOO obvious to be right? Something else I am loving over the past couple weeks: Desmond. The first major season-ending cliff hanger was "What's in the Hatch?" and at the start of season 2 our question was answered: It's Desmond. At the time it seemed almost anti-climatic. "The guy in the stadium? Really?! Weird, but was it worth all the suspense?" But now I want to scream to my 2005 self "IT'S DESMOND!!" because as it turns out, he is what so much of this show is really about. Or at least he is the person that instigates so much of the show. So much revolves around him. Love it! Just wanted to share that... Comment away people.
I'm going to go cry again because I just remembered next week is a repeat. (Ab Aeterno for those who want to see it again)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in Review 4/11-4/17

We are rapidly approaching the end of the regular season! This used to be a lot sadder because summer was void of progamming, but nowadays there is a ton to watch over the new summer season, so sad for the end of the regular season, but not too sad! However the end of the season means that we are getting ready for a lot of "big moments" on our favorite shows. A lot is going on! Plus Glee is back!! WOOT!

THE PACIFIC: Bonus to another fantastic episode: the actress that Basilone is working with to sell war bonds is played by Anna Torv (Olivia on Frigne). She is fantastic, and it was fun to see her play someone a little less uptight than her regular FBI self. However she was just a tiny part of the episode. The story focused on Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) arriving in Peleliu and being reunited with his friend, Sidney Phillips. It was interesting to see the disconnect between the two after their initial greeting - Sidney worn down from the previous battles and Eugene innocent as ever. Sidney gets leave for awhile, and Eugene is left to discover just how scary and difficult this war is. We saw a little of it, but since Iwo Jima is coming soon, I'm very nervous for how poor sweet Eugene will turn out when all is said and done.

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK: Masterpiece Classic remade this story that tells another side of WWII. I think any Jewish girl will tell you that they feel a connection to Anne. It is hard not to. She was such a strong little girl. I think this version really captured what Angela Chase was talking about in My So-Called Life when she said she was jealous of Anne because she was locked in an attic with the boy she liked. Anne's life was nothing but difficult their two years in the attic, and yet she managed to find beauty, life and love in there. She was an amazing soul. Thank God that Miep Gies saved her diary, and that Otto Frank (the soul survivor of the attic - he survived his time in Aushwitz and died in 1980) fought for it's publication. The world would be less without this story.

BROTHERS & SISTERS: The highly discussed "flashback" episode finally aired. It was good, but the big reveals were not as exciting as I hoped. Narrow Lake = Nora Walker, but does that really mean anything? And what is on that land? Gold? Also, turns out Kevin paralyzed the first boy that tried to kiss him. Ouch. Justin and Rebecca also got married spur of the moment, which I like because how many wedding can one show have? The show is still entertaining, but I was expecting more from an episode they treated like an "event."

HOUSE: Kudos to Hugh Laurie on his directorial debut. It helps when you have David Strathairn on board, doesn't it? And the return of Jennifer Morrison to give Cameron the goodbye she deserved in the first place (I mean storyline, not the sex with Chase). I really enjoyed the episode. It was a nice change of pace from the normal House episode, and frankly, the show benefits when they do that! Look at the episode at the medical conference - way better than any run of the mill episode. Looking forward to Cynthia Watros's debut tonight! (Oh Libby!!)

LIFE UNEXPECTED: A decent season (hopefully not series) finally. Cate married Ryan, though even Ryan seemed unsure of that choice. I appreciated that Ryan told Lux if she was unsure about him marrying Cate, or would rather she married Baze, that he would call it off. However as nice as the gesture was, I thought it was a lot of pressure to place on a 16 year old girl! Baze screwed it up anyway, telling Cate he didn't love her because his daddy never told him he loved him. Classic. Poor Cate. Mom was right, she did look like she could use a box of wine!

GOSSIP GIRL: Despite his best efforts in throwind Dorota an amazing wedding, poor Chuck could not win back Blair's effections. I guess whoring out your girlfriend with some sort of "Indecent Proposal" thing is too much to be forgiven! Don't worry Chair fans, I think it will all work out. In the meantime, is anyone else hoping for a Dan and Blair fling?

24: Oy. Really, 24, Really?? You kill Renee?! The show is ending and poor Jack has saved the world countless times sacrificing everything that has ever mattered to him. You can't let Renee live the last few hours so that he can have some sort of happily ever after? REALLY?!? I'd sacrifice crazy rogue Jack to let him have just a tiny bit of happiness. Lame. But hurray for Chloe finally getting to run the show at CTU. Hopefully she won't screw it up. In other news: The return of evil President Logan! WOO! He's too much fun. And we all know the aide is evil/important since he is played by Reed Diamond. It's not like Reed Diamond was brought in to stand silently next to Gregory Itzin!

CASTLE: My future husband was tricked by that whore Kimber or whatever he name was on this episode. She will always be Kimber even if she dyes her hair brown. Love the show - what a fun episode! As always! Looking forward to Castle having to squirm when Beckett gets a man tonight! It's ok, Nathan, I still love you!!

DAMAGES: I wouldn't want to play poker with Patty Hewes. Girl doesn't flinch even when being told that Arthur Frobisher basically admitted that he hired the guy that killed David (sweet, adorable, Dr. David. I miss you....)! Now, there is a chance that the show may not come back next season (boo) however if it doesn't, the season finale is being set up to be a great series finale. All season I have been wondering where all of these side (read: old) stories were going, but it turns out the geniuses behind Damages seem to have it under control. Loving where this is going, and can't wait to see what happens. (Oh, and FX providing me with TWO Timothy Olyphant sightings this week. Thanks guys!)

GLEE: God, I miss this show! I missed Sue. I missed Sue making fun of Will's hair. ("You have enough product in your hair to season a wok.") I missed Puck's mohawk. I missed Kurt's adorable crush on Finn. I missed Emma's neurosis. (Really, Emma? EVER?!) I missed inspirational speeches from Mr. Schuester. I missed how obsessive Rachel is. I missed how slutty Santana is. I missed how naive Finn is. I missed how stupid Brittany is. ("Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?") I even missed how evil Terri can be. Oh, and I missed the singing! Welcome back, Glee.

JUSTIFIED: Will the show ever falter? I'm going with no, but I could be biased. Raylan making some mistakes this week. Sleeping with a federal witness. Inadvertenly helping his father with a con. Almost getting shot on a stake out. (By the way lady, just because you send your kids to their room does not make it ok to point a shotgun at a US Marhsall's face!) But Raylan, as always, stayed cool through it all. And brought the funny. Side note: Hurray for a Rick Gomez sighting - he played the lawyer that Raylan's ex-wife was working with until she excused herself from the case. Great guy, great actor.

UGLY BETTY: Excuse me while I cry in the corner after watching the series finale of this wonderful show. It had it's ups and downs for sure, but the finale was picture perfect. I don't know how I will get over not having Amanda and Marc to laugh with every week, but I am happy that each character got their happy ending. Even if it was a bit rushed. And they couldn't have handled the Betty/Daniel thing better. They are each others match, but that was the one storyline they didn't rush. They just let it be, and we could take it as we wanted it. But they totally get married and have little half white/half mexican babies! The best part: when the UGLY BETTY title came up for the final time as a now successful and beautiful Betty walked through the streets of London the UGLY faded away, leaving just BETTY. Ugly no more.

IN PLAIN SIGHT: A guy wakes up from a 3 year coma and is a little annoyed that he is now in Witness Protection and has to change his life leading to this exchange:
Mary: There's a lot of people who'd give their life to start over. Tiger Woods!
Wade: Tiger Woods? His life is awesome.
Mary: Huh? Oh yeah.... we'll talk.
Classic. Also, they hired Aaron Ashmore to play Mary and Brandi's half brother. I think we know who Brandi went to visit in NJ now.

COUGAR TOWN: Bye bye Sheryl Crow! Grayson and Jules forever! (I still love you, Scott Foley)

MODERN FAMILY: In what is possibly the funniest moment on TV this week, for me and any other stay at home mom anyway, Mitchell discusses how being a stay at home parent is driving him nuts and now he spends his days plotting the death of Dora the Explorer. I hear ya, Mitchell! But it's all OK because Mitchell was hired by a eccentric rich guy/philathropist played by the wonderful Justin Kirk. Really hoping we see a lot more of him.

HUMAN TARGET: Let me get this out of the way: WTF was up with Lassiter's (Timothy Omundson) facial hair??? Man! That was nuts. Also let me say this: FOX, if you know what is good for you, you won't cancel this show! It is fantastic and just introduced a couple great new characters! OK, where too start.... how about a fellow member of the prestigious "Cornwall Central High School Alumni" group, Armand Assante! How I miss gazing at your picture as I passed by the office. Maybe gaze is the wrong word....what am I looking for? Oh yeah, rolling my eyes. But I still enjoy ya, Armand! And then there is also the origin of the name "Christopher Chance." Turns out it is just an updated version of Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride! The name is inherited from person to person. And in the case of Christopher Chance, the name means you are the protector of people, essentially. When someone needs help, they know they can come to the guy with the name. Fab reveal! Best part of the episode: Amy Acker. I heart her! Fantastic doesn't describe how great of an actress she is. How do I know... duh, Whedon! Between her work on Angel and Dollhouse she solidified her place as one of my favorites. She can go from sweet naive countrygirl to bad ass killer in a blink of an eye. Really hope Human Target comes back because anyone with half a brain knows there is no way in hell she died in that boat explosion! We hadn't seen her on the boat for at least 10 minutes! Don't let me down, Fox!!

BONES: I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I love Bones! The storyline dealing with Bones and Booth was a little sad. I wanted to punch all of those mean people at her high school. Though to be fair - she did hang out with the creepy janitor (what up, Freddy Kruger?) while cutting up dead things! But still... grow up, people! I can't explain my love over the Wendall/Angela/Jack storyline. Wendall truly is a saint. And his awesomeness was proven even further when he was still at the Founding Fathers bar with the rest of the group for drinks. And happy about it. Because he knows Jack and Angela are meant to be. Maybe there is something in the water at the Jeffersonian that is keeping all these people from waking up and finding their soulmate that is standing next to them! Figure it out people!

PROJECT RUNWAY: Judges, you are dead to me.

FRINGE: What a fan-flipping-tastic episode. I adore this show more and more every week. Each of them are perfect, and the Walter/Peter storyline is bringing out the best in the three lead actors. Walter almost collapsing from the weight of his secret. Olivia torn between her loyalty to both men and keeping a secret that isn't hers to tell. And poor Peter unsure of why his father his ignoring him and his best friend (what else would you call them at this point?) is acting like nothing is wrong. It is so hard to watch, and yet you can't look away. Oh, and when Walter got the White Tulip..... tears!

So that is it from me! Comment away! What did you love last week? What are you looking forward to most this week?! I know what I'm not looking forward to.... Rena Sofer. Love her, but bitch better keep her hands off Seely Booth dammit!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST: Everybody Loves Hugo

Yes, Everybody DOES love Hugo. Or they should anyway. He is adorable and I just want to hug him. I was a little nervous for the episode - it was going to be hard to follow the beauty of last week's "Happily Ever After." But if anyone can bring the "aw" as much Des and Penny, it would be Hugo..... and Libby!!!! Plus we found out the answer to another series long question! Thanks, Michael! I forgive you. Well, not totally, but thanks for the answers anyway.

And we are back to our normal Sideways/Island storylines, so let's start on the Island tonight, shall we? Just to mix it up. And because unlike other episodes, the big end moment that cues the crazy "Duuuuun" music is in the Sideways reality this week. Boy Howdy, was it! So pack your sunscreen, we are starting on the Cork.

We start with poor Hurley putting a flower at Libby's grave. In one of the sweetest/saddest moments on the show, ever IMO, he tells her that people like her (you know, dead) usually come to talk to him and he would really like it if she did. Tears! Ilana comes and asks whose grave that was, and Hurley gives her the rundown of the Libby story. Ilana tells him they are off to go to Black Rock to get some dynamite to blow up the plane. Hurley points out that the dynamite on Black Rock is super unstable (hello students, let me introduce you to a little cinematic/literary device called foreshadowing!). Ilana is all "whatevs, it will be fine." and heads off to gather the rest of the crew. And then we hear those creepy whispers and there is Michael. Not exactly Libby, but ok. Michael is here to warn Hurley that blowing up the plane is a bad bad idea. Like everyone is going to die bad. Hurley isn't sure he should trust Michael - he did kill Libby and Ana Lucia after all. But Michael points out that Hurley is a leader now, and he needs to lead these people that are counting on him. Back at the beach Hurley says he doesn't think they should blow up the plane, but Ilana said Richard said to, and Jacob said to listen to Richard. Now she is doing all this while swinging around a bag of UNSTABLE dynamite, so of course, she blows up Doc Arzt style. At least she was nice enough to have walked over to a part of the camp no one else was near. Bye Bye Ilana.
At UnLockes camp Kate and Sawyer as UnLocke what they are doing and why they are just waiting around. UnLocke tells them that just like getting back to the island, they all need to be together to get off the island. Sayid comes back and has UnLocke join him in the jungle where poor sweet Des is tied up to a tree. (I have a feeling this is set up by Widmore somehow.)
Back at the camp Hurley finds a bag.... does anyone know what was in there? Whatever it was, it inspires him to tell everyone to go back to Black Rock for more dynamite. Hmm...
UnLocke unties Des when Des points out that he has nowhere to run to anyway. Des tells the UnLocke that Widmore kidnapped him and took him to the island to blast him with a ton of electromagnatism, something he is familiar with. And off they go for a walk. While on that walk they see that mysterious little boy. UnLocke is very unhappy about it, which seems to bring the boy a lot of joy, so that's fun! They wind up at the well where UnLocke and Des discuss how the well is "very old" and the people who dug it were looking for answers, but Widnore is looking for power. And then after asking why Des isn't afraid, UnLocke throws him down the well.  BOOOOO!
Meanwhile, Hurley's crew head back to Black Rock. On the way, Ben cheerfully points out that the island was done with Ilana so it got rid of her, and then wonders what the island will do when it does with all of them. Rainbows and Sunshine from Mr. Linus today! They reach Black Rock and realize no one knows where Hurley is.... KA BOOM. He was busy making sure they weren't going to get any of the dynamite from Black Rock and Richard is piiiiissed! He wants to go find more dynamite, despite Hurley saying that it will end up killing everyone. Hurley wants to go talk to UnLocke because "Jacob says so." Richard ain't buying it, so he goes off on his own - Ben and Miles join him. Jack, Sun and Frank stick with our boy Hurley. In the jungle, Hurley admits to Jack that he didn't see Jacob. Jack, being the intelligent man that he is knew that, but is going all zen now and letting go of control. Hurley isn't sure that is a good idea either! They all hear the whispers, which Hurley realizes means Michael is around. Hurley and Michael talk and Michael explains that the whispers are those stuck on the island, like him. Probably the ones who did something wrong. Who else is stuck, you think? Michael points out where UnLocke is, and asks Hurley to tell Libby he is sorry if he sees her. Sad face.
Back at UnLocke's camp, UnLocke returns after his nefarious doings, and before he can answer Sawyers questions about it, out comes Hurley. Cue Sawyer's weekly, "Son of a Bitch." Hurley and UnLocke agree to a peaceful meeting and out come Jack, Sun and Frank. Jack is visibly shaken to see UnLocke - it's his first time since coming back to the island...

 Everybody loves Hugo Reyes! Or so Dr. Chang said at the benefit for Hugo for donating money to the create a paleontology wing at the museum. (And now we know why Miles was hanging out at the museum and meeting fine ladies like Charlotte!) Mama Reyes (Hugo's date, natch) tells Hugo he needs a woman, so sets the poor guy up on a blind date. He goes, like a good son. But she doesn't show. Boo on Rosalita. Who is there, though? The lovely and talented Cynthia Watros aka Libby. Libby has obviously had the "moment" we learned so much about last week, as she goes up to Hugo and asks if he believes in soulmates. Before they can really talk, Dr. Brooks (Hurley's doc from the Santa Rosa Mental Institution) comes and hauls crazy Libby away. Hurley is a little depressed to find out the hot woman in love with him is a crazy person. So he does what Hurley would do - go to Mr. Clucks and eat an entire bucket of chicken. Yum. Then who walks in... Desmond. He sees Hurley and approaches him, pretending to ask if he was on Oceanic 815 - something we know he knows already. He gets Hurley to talk about his girl troubles, and tells him to go for it. Desmond - Love Doctor? Love Spy? Love Master? What should we call him now? Whatever we call him, he did his job and Hurley head to the looney bin to go see Libby. Dr. Brooks says it's probably not a good idea since Libby doesn't exactly have a firm grip on reality, but it's hard to turn down Hugo and his checkbook! Libby tells Hurley about her "flash" of the island and their love but Hurley doesn't know what she is talking about. He still likes her (because let's face it, Sideways Hurley is a little desperate in the love department) so he takes her for a picnic on a day pass. She is weirded out, as it obviously seems so familiar to her. Hurley still questions why someone like her would like him, so she kisses him (awwwwww) and then he "flashes" too (AWWWW!!!). Des was watching the whole time (Love Spy, it is.) and drives off, satisfied that one match has been made. But apparently making the love connections isn't the only mission Des has taken on in this reality. He is sitting outside Locke and Ben's school. Ben approaches him because, you know, a middle aged man sitting outside a school without a child and staring at everyone is creepy. Ben is weary of Des, but let's him go..... and go he does.... at full speed into a wheelchair-bound Locke! WTF? Since MIB took him over, is Locke not allowed a happy ending in any reality? What about Peg Bundy?! Sigh.....

Here are some quotes from this week.

Mama Reyes: You need a woman in your life. Especially one who didn't nurse you.
Hurley: Gross!

Michael: I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed.
(no pressure, Hurley)

Jack: Maybe she dies to show us to stay away from dynamite.
(Hurley is leading, so now Jack is bringing the funny?)

Desmond: All woman are a little crazy, aren't they, brutha?
Hurley: This one actually lives in the looney bin

Miles: Warning might have been nice there, Hugo.
Hurley: I did say run.

Hurley: Dead people are more reliable than the lives ones.

Hurley: I don't have to prove anything to you, Richard. Either you come with me, or keep blowing stuff up. It's up to you, dude.

Desmond: What's the point in being afraid?

OK... so what did you all think? Did Hurley make a mistake? Are Hurley and Libby going to be happy in sideways? How connected are the two realities? Was it neccessary for Des to run down non-possessed Locke? And why the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory music in the previews for next week? Is Jacob Willy Wonka? Who is Charlie Banks? What in the hell is going on?! Comment away Losties.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week in Review 4/4-4/10

And I'm back to my late posting ways! Don't worry - school is almost done, so I'll be back on track soon. Just in time for the regular season to be over. Of course, nowadays the summer season is just as packed, and since I'm not taking a class I'll be focusing on a few more shows. (Why, hello, True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance! How I've missed you!)

Let's get to the goodies (aka the lovefest) that was TV last week.

THE PACIFIC: This episode was written and directed by Graham Yost (creator of Justified!) and was amazing. And impossibly sad. They just stripped away any filter on how miserable these men were. It was hard to look and hard to look away. It also introduced Nate Corddry, aka the comic relief. Love him and can't wait for more. Also - the "therapist" at the hospital was played by Matt Craven, who is a wonderful character actor - and a regular in anything Yost.

CHUCK: Sigh..... I could watch this episode a million times over. I could also write a million things on what happened. However I'll just go over the highlights in a series of exclamations: Sarah tells Chuck she loves him! Morgan is officially in Team Bartowski! Casey was reinstated!! Chuck killed Shaw! Chuck and Sarah finally (finally!!) got it on!!!! Chuck has slowly become one of my favorite shows on television and this episode put it right to top with Lost. This episode was perfection and I cannot wait to see where the rest of the season takes us!

GOSSIP GIRL: Dorota gets engaged! Awwww.... Excited to see tonights wedding! Also, the lovely and very sweet Desmond Harrington plays a real douche on this show! WOW!

CASTLE: What a fun episode after the past two weeks that were a darker turn for this fun show! For those who were familiar with Nathan Fillion pre-Castle probably know that he has been labeled "The Next Harrison Ford" by many in the industry, so it was fun to see him slip on the hat of Indiana Jones this week. No offense to Harrison and Shia, but Indy 4 would have been so much better if they just started over with Nathan! When Castle looked in the tomb and inhaled the mummy dust, I half expected him to grow blue hair and use the name Ilyria (what up, Angel fans?!). And the wonderful casting directors on this show picked another great one (seriously, who are these guys - best guest cast on TV hands down, every week!) Erick Avari aka Dr. Bay from "The Mummy." Get it?! Fab.

24: In the 8 season this show has been on the air exactly how many times do you think Jack has said, "I don't have time to explain!"? Just curious... Anyway, I have to say I was sad when Omar died. I loved Anil Kapoor and his hair. Mostly his hair. This episode also had the best moment of the season not involving violence:
Jack: You asked to talk to me. Why?
Dana/Jenny: Because you're the only one here who doesn't have his head up his ass.
Jack: (supressed laugh)
So true, Dana, so true.

DAMAGES: First of all.... for shame, Lily Tomlin!! For Shame! I won't get into the rest of it because it all gives me such a headache (I love it, but headache!). Except I will say this...... DAVID!!! Oh David. I miss you as much as Ellen does. I curse the day Ted Danson hired Doug from Flight of the Conchords to kill you! Lots of tears! Come haunt me too!

THE GOOD WIFE: Very clever storytelling this episode. Also made it a very sad episode to watch. I enjoy this show so much, and I like how they were able to make the courtroom stuff fresh this week. Plus, even though it ended up costing that girl 10 years of her life, how cute was Christine Baranski whenever Gary Cole was around? Too cute. And Erin, you are right. The Florrick children are the nosiest children ever!

PARENTHOOD: Neither of my children are autistic, but can I have Minka Kelley come over and help me out? That would be great, thanks! Loved her on Friday Night Lights, and for 2 minutes in (500) Days of Summer. She is wonderful. I think she only filmed 2 eps, but since Jason Katims loves her, I'm hoping she is back. Want to take a moment to point out the brilliance of Mama Braverman, Bonnie Bedelia. She gets the least amount of screen time, but she is wonderful when she is on. The scene where Crosby tells them about Jabbar and how amazing he is - just the reaction from her was better than almost anything I'd seen from anyone the entire ep - and I really like all the actors on the show!

JUSTIFIED: Another classic. This show is amazing. Seriously, how do they do it? When Roland (Alan Ruck) took out that horrible man's gold crowns "Without anesthesia.... or permission" I simulataneously cheered and hid behind my hands. Intense! What I love about this show is that even with the crazy level of intensity, it is still hilarious. The guys sent to kill Roland in the car talking about Pulp Fiction, "Then it wouldn't be a movie," was classic. And Raylan and Roland's back and forth at the border... hysterical and heartbreaking at the same time. If this show stays anywhere near this level of perfection, it will be a classic for a long time.

IN PLAIN SIGHT: So Brandi is going to "New Jersey." By "New Jersey" they mean the maternity ward since she was clearly about 8 months pregnant when filming this episode. There was a part where she rocked about an inch forward while trying to hide behind the counter and the huge pile of groceries they had to put on the counter to hide her massiveness, but that inch forward was too much and her belly peeked out from behind the front of the counter, and she was standing in the middle of the counter. I'm not saying anything about how big she is - I was a flipping WHALE - but trying to hide that.... annoying! Oh yeah, Alison Janney friggin rocks!!

BONES: OH MY GOD. I love Bones. I love everyone on the show and even though I wrote a ridiculous blog all about it I had to share it again here! BONES AND BOOTH FOREVER!

UGLY BETTY: Why did they cancel this show again? Because creatively it is on friggin fire! So glad that Bobby and Hilda's wedding was the penultimate and not the finale - it's Betty's show, not Hilda's. This was a fantastic episode - each moment was a classic. From the little - Amanda asking Betty for a good luck kiss, and then going in and taking one without permission. To the big- Justin walking onto the dance floor with Austin, coming out to his family in the most tender and quiet (how un-Suarez!) way possible. And then there is Daniel and Betty. First let me say this. For all the people saying, "Boo, they are bringing this out of nowhere," you all have not been watching the same show I have apparently. In Season 1, Episode 13, Betty and Daniel end up on a date (orignally intended for Daniel and a model) and this is where their relationship first takes a turn and they bond. In that moment I said, "These two will wind up together." There have often been moments over the seasons where it is clear they understand each other better than anyone else does. And if that isn't enough this season has been pushing hard in that direction. I could write an entire blog of Betty Daniel moments that scream "This is how it will end!" So, get over fools. It's how the original ended, anyway!

HUMAN TARGET: Hey! It's Erick Avari again! Someone give that guy's agent a bonus for the week!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: I think Alaric summed up the episode when he went back to the car, found it empty and said, "Dammit Elena!" Amen to that, Alaric. And Television Without Pity summed up the end of the episode (and probably the next episode) when they said, "Pleasantly surprised to see Angelus make a dramatic guest appearance on Vampire Diaries. That was him, right?" My thoughts exactly! Except this is the PG version - all he needed was some blood instead of some sweet sweet loving.

FRINGE: How exactly do you think Joshua Jackson asked his girlfriend, Diane Kruger, to do the opening for this episode? "Hey, honey, JJ would love for you to be on the show. Thing is, we are totally going to cover you with a bunch of really gross boils. Whatcha think?" But forget her, it's all about Peter and Olivia. And Walter is about to ruin it! Dammit, Walter!

FLASHFORWARD: I enjoy this show, really I do. My biggest problem right now is that ABC screwed it. When the show's timeline was matched up with ours, it was fantastic. We knew when March 15 was coming (when Demitri is supposed to die) and when April 29th was coming (the day of the flashfoward), but now it is all screwed up. They put it on a ridiculously long hiatus for no real reason, and the connection with the audience has broken a bit. Also, Janice is the mole?! NOOOOO!!!!

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: I love Tina Fey. Everything she did on there was brilliance. Love her! And this was the first time I've ever really seen Justin Bieber besides on the cover of teeny-bopper magazines.  Yea..... I just don't get it. Sorry, Justin. I may enjoy Twilight, but my teeny-bopper connection ends there, apparently.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bones: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

Welcome to a very special edition of my blog in honor of the 100th episode of Bones! Woohoo! Chances are it is just you and me reading this one, Erin, but I'll pretend like it's for everyone, just in case. For those who don't realize, making it to 100 episodes of a TV show is a huge deal, which is why they are often "Very Special Episodes." I think David Boreanaz must be considered a bit of a good luck charm now as three of his TV series have hit 100 and beyond! That is a big freaking deal and almost no one else can say they have been part of THREE shows to reach that milestone! And for the second time David is directing episode 100 (he did Angel's as well). Kudos to you, David, you talented and symmetrically pleasing man.

Normally, when I do a blog dedicated to one episode of a show, I do a full recap. I'm not going to do that this time because, well, the case is not the point of this episode. It is very sad the girl died, but we all knew the judge did it. How? Because Seeley Booth knew it. And if Seeley's gut says it's true, it must be. But you need more than gut feeling in court, thank goodness, because that leads to Booth meeting the woman who thinks gut feelings probably have something to do with a stomach ache - Temperance Brennan. A woman of all science and logic. Which makes them a perfect match. So what won't they just get married and have tons of little Booths and Brennans??  Sigh.....  We'll get to that.

So the show... Dr. Sweets has finally let Booth and Bones read his book about them. (Man, I want to read that book. Does anyone else wish they would release that book, along with all of Brennan's novels the way ABC does for Castle and the Nikki Heat books?) They go to Sweets with a few corrections. Booth thinks Brennan's issue was the conclusion that they are in love, but nope, it's their first case Sweets got wrong. Poor Sweets nearly faints as their first meeting is the basis of his entire book. May I take a moment to adore Sweets? He is so "us" in the Booth/Brennan will they or won't they storyline. Just falling apart waiting for them to figure it out and do something already. And he is so adorable the way he hugs his pillow all episode. John Francis Daley is a wonder on this show. I want to hug him. Someone make this happen. Anyway, the error in his book leads to the mother of all flashbacks. Seriously, they were LOST worthy.  Since I could probably write a thesis on the episode, I won't go into every single thing that I loved. Especially beause I'm busy dealing with a thesis about those other David Boreanaz shows. Instead, lets just talk about some of my favorite moments.

In order to do this, I'm rewatching the episode on Hulu (What did I do before Hulu?!). The stuff I loved, whether a scene or a quote, I'll mention here so we can all relive it and swoon. But don't worry, I'll add some reactions, because otherwise it will just be a list that says "I Love Sweets!" "I Miss Zack!" "Angela Rocks!" and so on... Besides, doesn't everyone want to know what I think about the show? Don't answer, because I'm just going to assume that the answer is yes. It makes me feel better.

Here it goes....

The way Brennan said "Which is me" when she was introduced in the flashback story was adorable. Such pride. Equally adorable, Sweets face in reaction. If we didn't love Brennan we'd have to kill her, right?

Booth: Do you believe in fate?
Brennan: Absolutely not. Ludicrous.
(Back to present)
Brennan: I still don't.
Booth: And I still do.
And therein lies the rub. For Brennan fate is equally ludicrous to love. Dammit, Bones.

ZACK!!!! I actually teared up a little when I saw Zack. (Full disclosure, I cry at the drop of a hat) I'm gettin teared up right now just writing about getting teared up at seeing Zack.) It is not that I don't love the roatating interns. They are all wonderful in their own way, and somehow each a well-developed character, despite only being on once every 6 episodes or so, with the exception of Sweet's love Daisy who gets a bit more screen time. But Zack. Oh Zack. There was something so wonderful about his character - so smart and yet so very very dim (highlighted by my favorite quote of the episode that I will get to later).

Also here, Hodgins, who has yet to develop his social skills. Why? Because Angela isn't here yet. Sigh...

These three make up the team at the Jeffersonian as of now. The dynamic we know does not exist. In fact they barely seem to function and it is because they have yet to find their real purpose as a lab. They joy in watching them figure it out during the episode is equally wonderful as watching the relationship of Booth and Brennan.

Angela is introduced... in the park... drawing charicatures. They barely know each other, and the only reason Angela agrees to go to the Jeffersonian to help is for the money so she can go to Paris. How many trips to Paris do you think she could have gone on with all the money the Jeffersonian has since put into giving her all the nifty toys she uses now? Me thinks someone didn't really want to go to Paris. :)

When Brennan lists off all the information she got from the bones, Booth's face was fantastic. It was the definition of Shock and Awe. Even better - that Brennan realized it was a test, and didn't care. She enjoyed "passing with a lot of color."

(By the way.... who played the murder victim? What an amazing voice!)

Brennan: It seems to me that someone like you could benefit hugely from an association with someone like me.
(And how.)

The first interrogation that Brennan sits in on. Her first experience in understanding that her anthropological studies can help her understand human nature.  In live people, not just dead.

The first Zack and Hodgins experiment! Fantastic. Poor Zack, always the victim. Who cares who is "King of the Lab" here. We all win! Have I mentioned I miss Zack? I'm sure he's rehabilitated, can't he come back now?

The start of "Bones" as Brennan's nickname. It brought me joy. Also love that she is the reason that he wears the socks and the "Cocky" belt. Because she points out that a person with leadership quality always fins a way to let out their individuality. Sigh....

I almost peed in laughter over the flip book. How far we have come! "Maybe if this little stick figure thing was a big computer with bells and whistles." Oh Caroline, you seem annoyed now, but you provide the bells and whistles, and you learn to love those nameless squints. Because they are loveable. LOVEABLE, dammit!

Don't tell Brennan she is stupid and ridiculous. She is practically a lethal weapon. I'm not into girls, but even I thought she was hot when she punched the judge.

As the mom of a child that is almost 7, the Jimmy Neutron reference brought me much joy. I miss Jimmy Neutron. I wonder if he went to prom with Cindy. Or if Carl ever came out. I need to get out more.

Ok.... a moment to swoon over the conversation and kiss outside the bar. She knew he was a decendant of John Wilkes Booth and didn't care. He told her about his gambling problem. Why? Because he already loves her! He knows it and keeps his big mouth shut for how many friggin years? Men! I love this scene because it makes every other moment that we have seen in the past 99 episodes just a little more heartbreaking. That he knew, right away. You see it in that moment. And yet he buried it, because it was what he had to do. Oh and that kiss..... Put the miseltoe to shame. Which is my one major problem - when Sweets asks if there was ever another kiss after this one, they say no. Why does no one remember Christmas?!? Hart Hanson, if you read this, please answer me that! And I love poor Sweets nearly have a stroke at the revelation of their kiss.

Booth: So you are afraid when I look at you in the morning I'll have regrets?
Brennan: That would never happen.

And she is the reason he stopped gambling. If that isn't swoon-worthy, I don't know what is!

My heart soared when Brennan, Hodgins, Zack and Angela worked together to solve the case. As they walked through the Jeffersonian, I sighed thinking of old times. How I miss it. It was also the scene with the best quote of the night (at least not Booth/Brennan related), "What is happening??" Poor Zack. Always out of the loop. And then always insighful Hodgins, "Ever feel like you saw something great that almost happened, then it didn't?"  He may have been talking about their work in forensics with the FBI, but we all heard it as something else. Besides, his "almost happened" does, in fact, happen, so let's focus on our "almost." 

And so begins the anger. AKA the build up tension from not sleeping together. And who pays the price? Sweets, apparently. Poor, poor Sweets. But in watching him watch the two of them finish each others sentences you don't feel so bad because you know he will come to the same conclusion.

Sweets: You are totally messed up.
(Thank you, Captain Obvious!)

When Sweets tells them to break the stalemate, and that it has to be Booth that does it.... I don't know how to describe that moment properly. It was like 3 different conversations were happening there. Sweets was stating what every viewer knew to be the obvious. Brennan thought the whole thing was ridiculous. And Booth... well, we are about to see what Booth thought... But before we get to that....

"Nothing happens unless first a dream.." -Carl Sandberg. How long ago did Hart see that?? Did he see it BEFORE the dream in the Season 4 finale? Has he been plotting to mess with us that long? Oh, Hart, you sneaky bastard. First of all, on it's own, outside the context of the show, how great is that quote? There is a reason it was bronzed onto the side of a wall. But in this episode, first of all a bit of a tease given what actually happens in the scene. But I take it as a reason to be hopeful for what happens in the rest of the season. My thoughts on that after.

Booth: Look, I want to give this a shot.

Booth: I knew, right from the beginning.... I'm that guy. I know.
Brennan: I am not a gambler. I'm a scientist. I don't know how to change.

Her face when she asked if they can still work together was heartbreaking, because you know that for her, that is the relationship. Work is her love, and the only way she knows how to love Booth is by having him be her partner in that work. He tells her that he has to move on, and she claims to accept that, but I do not think that will be the case when it becomes a reality. Which leads to my thoughts/hopes for the rest of the season.

A while back it was announced that Rena Sofer was coming on as a love interest for Booth. Love her, but boooooo. If I had remembered that I would have known (even though I already suspected) this episode would not be the B&B happily ever after episode. But if I know my TV, and I like to think I do, I think that she will be a good thing, because let's face it, she isn't going to be sticking around forever. If anything, now that it is all out there, it will make Bones feel that feeling she probably doesn't really recognize"Sweetie, you are jealous beause you love him." Leading to some sort of "No I'm not" "Yes you are" argument, ultimately leading to Brennan seeing the light. I hope so anyway. She's a scientist right? Well, let's just make this some sort of science experiment for her! How long can a relationship with Booth last? FOREVER! Sigh.... I really need to be less involved in the lives of fictional characters.

Ok, that was an impossibly long blog! I congratulate any of you that actually stuck with me there, even you Erin!

Next week... the pose as a married couple. Because that isn't awkward after professing your love for someone.

(By the way... this has been the week for love on TV! More about that in my Week in Review!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOST: Happily Ever After

LOVE! And that's not just how I feel about the episode! It's what the whole show is about, which for those of us who read Watch With Kristin (hi, Katie) is probably not a surprise. The episode's title probably has more to do with Desmond and Penny than any other character as their love story has been decidely less tragic than any other (save Rose and Bernard, at least on the island) but I hope we get a few more "Happily Ever Afters" before the show is through. I'm not counting on it, but a girl can dream, right?

I was going to avoid the full recap again this week, but honestly I loved the love so I want to relive it in my blog. Apologies! And since it is a relatively linear episode, for LOST anyway, I'll just go straight through.

Poor Desmond is still recovering from the gunshot wounds he received in the real world when Ben went to go kill Penny as revenge for Widmore's mercenaries killing Alex. (Memories.....) Widmore moved Des from the hospital and put him in a 3 day sleep for the submarine ride. When Widmore tells Des he is on the island again, well, Des is none too happy and shows it by beating Widmore over the head with his IV. Widmore takes it in stride and off we go to perform some sort of test that Des is needed for. Who else is worried? And if you weren't already, I'm sure all the craziness outside the Hydra station like that big cage probably brought the worry. And if THAT didn't do it, well then when the "red shirt" went into the cage with the impossibly large coils and then the idiot in the warehouse flicked the switch to turn it on and "red shirt," well, he died, I'm pretty sure that had everyone worried for poor Des. But, the episode is titled "Happily Ever After," and my idea of a Happy Ending does not include poor Des getting burned to bits by a huge Electromagnetic Pulse, so holding out hope! Jin, who just seems to be hanging around here without purpose because if he wasn't we would question where the heck he went off to, tells Widmore he is certainly not OK with sacrificing Des. But Widmore does not think he will be sacrificed since Des is the only one to have survived an electromagnetic pulse of that size (the hatch incident). In Des goes, Widmore flicks the switch because the other guy is a wuss and won't do it, and then.....

Des at LAX! Hurley points him in the direction of the baggage carousel for Oceanic Flight 815. There he helps poor pregnant Claire get her baggage and offers her a ride. She refuses, but we all know she may have been better off! Before they part Des tells her he thinks it's a boy.  Good guess! Des finds his driver... George Mikowski aka the guy who was jumping thru time and died in the episode The Constant aka Academy Award Winner Fisher Stevens!! George is a full service driver, offering Des everything from a drink to a hooker. Nice. But instead, Des decides to just go to the office.... Widmore's office... where they appear to be BFFs. Side note, because it is always important - the decorations in Widmore's office in this reality include a model sailboat (which Des takes interest in) and paintings of a scale. As in good vs evil. Black vs White. You get me. While in LA Widmore has a special assignment for Des - to take care of that silly Driveshaft band member who went and got himself arrested, Charlie Pace. You see Widmore's son wants to play with Driveshaft at some big soiree. And who wouldn't - Come On Everybody is a catchy tune! So, once again Des is charged with taking care of Charlie and making sure he doesn't die. Not an easy task here either, since Charlie walks directly into traffic upon exiting the police station and heading to a bar.
At the bar Charlie and Des have a discussion on happiness and love. Charlie says Des knows nothing about it, and neither did Charlie until he had an experience on the plane. He recounts the lovely "swallowing heroine" story but we find out why Charlie was so mad at Jack for saving him - when he was out he had a vision of a "rapturously beautiful blonde" that he was in love with, as if forever. Swoon. Des thinks he is nutballs, and off they go. But Charlie, the clever bugger that he is, is not going to let it go and to show Des what he is talking about, grabs hold of the wheel and drives the car into the water. While under, Des gets out, and goes to the side of the car to help get Charlie out. This is where my hair stood on end. Charlie put his hand on the window and Des started flashing to Not Pennys Boat being written on his hand the first time we saw Charlie drown. Chills! I think that is one of the most powerful moments ever on the show, and the use and surprise of it right in that moment was fantastic. By the way, when they went into the water, the very first thought I had was "Oh, maybe this is how he meets Penny, because she is a doctor." About 2 seconds later I realized I was thinking of Dr. Olivia Benford, Sonya Walger's character on FlashForward. Sigh....
At the hospital, Des is very anxious to find Charlie and figure out what the hell he just saw meant, but first his doctor orders an MRI. I thought this might send him back to the island since it is a mini-version of the coil lined cage he is in there. But even better - it made him flash on his entire "other reality" life with Penny. He fell in love with her all over again on the MRI table. (Awwww....) He freaked and went in search of Charlie again, but this time without taking no for an answer. Loved when he saw Jack and asked him for help and Jack was all shocked that someone else from 815 was in the hospital! Catch up, Sideways Jack! Des finds Charlie, which isn't difficult because he is on the run in the hospital, and when he catches up to him has asks Charlie who Penny is. Of course, Charlie has no idea, but says he should probably go find her. Meanwhile, Widmore is none too happy that Des lost Charlie and tells Des it is his responsibility to go tell Mrs. Widmore that their son will not get what he wanted. George tells Des to prepare because Mrs. Widmore is scary. Of course, she is, she is Finnoula Flanagan! Woot! Eloise Hawking Widmore seems caught off guard when she meets Des, though he doesn't notice, because she maintains her cool. She take the no Driveshaft news in relative stride, but when Des seems interested when he overhears the name Penny on the guest list she loses it. She tells him to stop looking for what he is searching for because he already got what he wanted - Widmore's approval. And he is not ready yet for the rest. Obviously Eloise is aware this is not the only reality in play. But the guy with the bad hair at the piano is very interested in the conversation, and comes to help Des when he goes to leave.
Daniel Faraday Widmore, as always, here to help talk us through it! Daniel had an experience like Charlie and Des - he saw Charlotte (eating chocolate!!) at the museum and had a similar flash of "love at first sight." The next morning he drew some fun formulas he didn't understand, because in this reality he isn't a scientist. But he found one. He realizes that this life may not be their first one, and that they were in another reality and decided they needed to start over for some reason. However, love does not care what reality you are in - it conquers all, even the bending of space and time. Let me take a minute to adore this concept. A lot of people have, over the past nearly 6 season, criticized Team Darlton for spending too much time on the relationships. Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet, etc. "Who cares? Get to the mythology!" But THAT IS the mythology. Or at least a big part. All of this black vs white, Jacob vs MIB, good vs evil, it doesn't stop love. And more likely, love plays a part in it. So each person has their constant. No matter what reality we are in, it is safe to assume Desmond will find Penny, Sawyer will find Juliet, Charlie will find Claire. And maybe that finally explains that long and unexplained look between Jack and Kate as she was taking Claire's taxi. They were finding their constant - they just didn't know it. What can't be assumed is that love will lead to "Happily Ever After" because we know it surely hasn't on the island.  Ok... love fest over. Daniel tells Des where to find Penny. OK... love fest back on. And so are the water works.
I LOVE that he meets her in the stadium. I swooned aloud, probably to the dismay of my husband. I can't think of a better place. I literally tear up now thinking about it. Because i am lame. They meet, and have an instant visible connection, they shake hands and then....
Back to the island! Dammit! Widmore tells him he was only unconscious for a few seconds. But Des seems very aware of all that we just saw, and is ready to help Widmore with his plan. He goes through the jungle with Zoe and two nameless (and therefore about to be killed) henchmen. Sayid kills the two nameless guys (told ya). He lets Zoe go, and and Des agrees to go with Sayid willingly. Almost too willingly. Did Widmore prepare him for this?
And then suddenly we are back to the other reality in the stadium. Penny tells Des he fainted when they shook hands (awkward!) but still agrees to meet him for coffee in an hour. Because he is her one true love, dammit! In the car, Des asks George for the flight manifest of Oceanic 815 because he "needs to show them something." It appears Des is off to bring love to all the Losties. Or at least Charlie and Claire. I say again, swoon.

A few quotes:
(Not so many this week with no Miles or Frank to bring the funny. And only 4 seconds of Hurley)

Widmore (to Desmond): The island isn't done with you yet.

Charlie: Are you happy?
Desmond: Quite.
Charlie: No you're not.

Charlie: You felt it, didn't ya?
Desmond: I didn't feel anything.
Charlie: Then why are you accosting a man in a dressing gown?

Daniel: I woke up and wrote this. (Equation)
Desmond: So what is it?
Daniel: (a pause) I'm a musician, I have no idea.

Daniel: What if this all this wasn't supposed to be our life? What if we had some other life, and for some reason we changed things?

Sooooo..... what did you all think? Did you love it as much as me? If not, why so bitter? HAHA. Just kidding. But seriously, what did you think? I know there is confusion, because when there is time travel, electromagnetic pulses and quantum physics, there is bound to be a bit of "huh?" after the episode. But it was fantastic! Top 4 or 5 for me. Can I combine it with The Constant to make just one big "I love Desmond and Penny" extreme episode?

Scared for next week... Hurley usually means the sad is coming. But with some funny quotes, I'm sure.

Comment me, Losties!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Week in Review: 3/28-4/3

What. A. Week. There was some seriously good television happening. And best of all, Bones is back. BONES!! I could go on and on about how happy that makes me. There are a lot of quality shows happening right now, but little brings me as much joy as Bones.  But this is not the part where I am supposed to be talking about that...

THE PACIFIC: Our boys got leave after the battles in Guadacanal, and we got leave from the bloody warfare for a week. At first I was a little afraid that it would be a dull point in the series, but then I remembered this isn't really about the war, it's about the people. (Lost isn't about the island, it's about the characters. Bones' books aren't about the forensics, they are about the relationships. I sense a theme. Ha!) Jon Seda was fantastic trying to deal with the outcome of the last battle - he lost his best friend, but gained a Medal of Honor. And now is being sent home to sell war bonds. Something I think we all know won't last. But the real stand out this week: Lackie, and his romance with Greek-Austrailian, Isabella. What a beautiful story. He sees her and her family as something to live for, but in the end, Isabella can't be that for him, as it would sacrifice her mother's emotional well-being to possibly have another loved one die in the war. Heart. Breaking. I hope for Isabella to come back, but I'm not holding my breath.  (Question: Exactly how many children of American soldiers were born to Austrailian women 9 months after they took leave there?)

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU: Oh, what an adorable little series you have made for me, ABC Family. I loved this movie. Love. Heath Ledger was awesome. I was really skeptical when they announced it was being made into a series, and pitied the poor child that took over Heath's role as Patrick Verona. Luckily, they somehow found Ethan Peck, grandson to Gregory. Watch the show, close your eyes, and hear Gregory Peck. It's freaky! Despite my love for both Ethan and Gregory, this show is a lot of fun. Very smart and witty. And when the schedule is full of shows like Damages and The Pacific, sometimes you just need a little fun teeny-bopper romance.

GREEK: Ah, spring break in Myrtle Beach..... last year this is when we were introduced to Jesse Williams aka Hotness Monster. Now he has moved on to roles where he has an actual name (Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy) but I'd like to take a moment and thank Greek for bringing him to us! Anyway, back to this actual episode. LOVED the resolution to the Omega Chi v Kappa Tau rivalry. Genius all around. As for Cappie and Casey, well, the show has 10 episodes left after this hiatus.... fix it!

CHUCK: Oh what an episode! Remember how I said TV was amazing this week? Well this is one of the things I was talking about. Fan-flipping-tastic. Morgan, Awesome, Casey and Chuck all working together to get Chuck back with Sarah, all for their own reasons of course. Most important reason: because Chuck loves Sarah, which he finally FINALLY told her! A lot! Swooooon. And there were a ton of surprises and twists. Shaw met with The Ring (led by on-call Big Bad, Mark Sheppard. He must be a lovely guy in real life, but very few play evil better than him!) where he learned that the agent that killed his was was.... wait for it.... Sarah!! Kudos on the twist I never saw coming Josh Schwartz! Other major Kudos: FINALLY FINALLY have Chuck save the day, and not screw up 5 times in the process. He tracked Shaw and got him out of the exploding building without once tripping up on his awkwardness. YES! Last twist that made me squee in delight: the immediate resolution to the Casey killed Chuck's Red Test victim - Casey told Sarah the truth so she would realize that Chuck is indeed the guy she fell in love with. AWESOME! Can't wait for Monday!! PS If you aren't watching this show now and it does get renewed (IT BETTER!!) I demand that you catch up over the summer. It is soooo worth it.

CASTLE: Part Two of this great episode of Castle did not disappoint. Listen, Castle and Beckett are no Bones and Booth (how many times can I mention Bones in this blog?!?!) but they sure do rank high on the chemistry scale. The episode was fun, suspenseful, and sexy. Loved. And for those not familiar with the Whedonverse, there was a fun little easter egg for Firefly fans this week! Castle shot the guy's hand as he was about to shoot Beckett and Beckett said "Nice shot, Castle," to which he responded, "I was aiming for his head." This is a line from the Firefly episode, The Train Job. Classic. Also a constant easter egg: Castle wears a brown coat. Firefly fans are called browncoats. I gotta give it up to Nathan Fillion - he loves his fans!

DAMAGES: Someone on the Damages writing staff is in need of some major psychotherapy, because their dream sequences are f***ed up! Wow. Another seemingly unnecessary storyline - Ellen was adopted? - and yet I have a feeling it will all tie in at the end. And if it doesn't.... well who care? It has been a crazy awesome ride this season and I am loving every minute of it.

24: Funniest part of 24 nowadays (and that is saying something since most of the show is laughable) is when someone underestimates the badassery of Jack Bauer. The idiot guy on the President's staff who thought his "elite team" could take down Bauer.... dummy. Doesn't every White House staff member have to get the Jack Bauer file? It's just ridiculous. And while this doesn't exactly have to do with the current season of 24, it has to be mentioned... airing the Dennis Haysbert Allstate commercials during 24 is just a constant reminder of the good ol' days of President Palmer. Sigh....

GOSSIP GIRL: You know what I miss on Gossip Girl?  Gossip Girl!!  Where is she? Why doesn't she text about our Upper East Siders, like she promised at graduation? At least someone mentioned her this week. I almost cried in joy. At least we still get my favorite K. Bell still narrating for us with her snarky comments and puns. (I miss Veronica Mars)

V: It's back. In case that annoying countdown clock in the corner during the entire hour of LOST didn't let you know, I thought I will. I want to like this show, but I find myself fairly indifferent about it. It has a lot of people I love, especially Elizabeth Mitchell (We miss you, Juliet!!). I think a huge problem for me is the Green Screen set for the V Ship. It's distracting and makes even the actors look like they are in a video game. We'll just have to see how it goes... Highlight of the episode: a wink to the rodent eating ways of the original mini-series. Who else wanted her to eat the dead mouse?!

JUSTIFIED: Love it! I really don't know what else to say. The character of Raylan is so fantastic that I can't put it into words. And to make it even better: this week the guest star was David Eigenberg (Miranda's husband, Steve, from Sex and the City). He was fantastic. Really enjoyed the "Egg creams taste like you're drinking Brooklyn. In a good way" bit. Are you all watching this?? I hope so.

SOUTHLAND: Please, let TNT be smart and keep this show. It is beyond quality programming. Just brilliant. It always goes against the cliche. The epitome of that type of storytelling happend this week with the Shawn Hatosy character, Sammy. He was mentoring an 11 year old Hispanic kid, Casper, who is smart, but realizes that being poor in South Central LA means that, chances are, you will wind up in a gang. I thought for sure he was going to die because he was going to rebel against gang life like Sammy told him to. Isn't that what every show would do? Well, I was wrong. We saw him get beat up by a group of kids, and then Sammy pulling up to a crime scene with a dead kid where Casper was beat, but it wasn't Casper. It was one of the kids that beat him. Casper shot him. So Sammy had to arrest Casper. Heart breaking!! I tear up thinking about it. What a great show.

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Another one of the many shows that returned this week. I enjoy this show, though of all the amazing programs on the USA lineup, this isn't my favorite. However this episode was enjoyable, especially Donnie Whalberg as the WITSEC case of the week. He played a thug from Boston.  Quite a stretch for him, no? teehee. And for those who watch... do you think the person that keeps calling Brandi is their father?

COUGAR TOWN: I want a Japanese talking toilet.

UGLY BETTY: I've always been Team Gio, so I thought the episode was both wondeful and sad. Freddy Rodriguez was adorable as always. And the show looks like it is wrapping up nicely, but I just wish it wasn't wrapping up at all. Sad face. Interesting to see what happens with Henry. How many times can she have him back in her life just to push him away again?

BONES:  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! IT'S BACK!!! Hallelujah! Thank you [enter diety of choice here]!!! Ok, first of all.... big tears at the start with Sweets on the subway. Owen actually had to comfort me for a minute. (My sweet little man!)  That was incredibly tragic, but ended with the adorableness of Sweets proposing to neurotic Daisy. Say it with me now: awwwwww. But let's get to the good stuff: Bones' new book. Tidbit for those who don't know this: The series Bones is about anthropologist, Temprence Brennan who writes forensic-based-mystery novels with the main character, Kathy Reichs. The show is based on anthropologist Kathy Reichs, who writes forensic-based-mystery novels with the main character Temprence Breannan. Very meta! Anyway... Bones has a new book out and has a little Japanese reporter following her around asking questions. My favorite: when she asks if Bones thinks Booth is good looking and she answers, "I find him symmetrically pleasing." Classic! This book led to some really great stuff. Specfically page 187 - a steamy sex scene between the characters that are based on Booth and Bones (whether or not Bones sees it that way). It's apparently a maeuver that Jack used with Angela. It's "his move." It led to my favorite line of the night, "My advice: Only sleep with guys who can't read because otherwise you'll never be rid of me." And why would you want to be, Angela?!? All this and I barely even talked about Bones and Booth scenes! But you know what, I'm going to leave that for next week. Let me just say I've really missed that final scene we get on this show every week. It makes me sublimely happy to have it back.

GREY'S ANATOMY: The actor playing Karev's brother looked like he could actually be Justin Chamber's brother. It was fine work by the casting department! The episode was a good one. I don't like that they are making Sarah Drew's character practically unlikeable, because she is a phenomenal actress. At this point the only Mercy Wester I want to stick around in Avery. And I think every woman that watches the show is with me! He can just be in the OR with his mask on in every ep - the eyes are enough! Am I right, ladies?  haha. I particularly enjoyed Bailey this week. She was so funny telling Mer to mind her own business has she pressed little Karev for more info on Alex. I'm not going to get into the whole Katherine Heigel leaving thing - mostly because I don't know how I feel about it. From what I've read, I'm not a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes, so I don't know if I really blame Katherine for leaving - besides her movie career is doing just fine. This is not a David Caruso moment. I will say, that in the wake of her leaving, and George dying, I am very glad to have Mer and Christina become better friends with Karev. It is a newer dynamic, and I like it.

PROJECT RUNWAY/MODEL OF THE RUNWAY: OOoooooo... I'm so pissed at the producers. First they show on PR Seth Aaron coming in saying that Valeria left to go do the DKNY shoot after all, so I spent the entire hour of the episode cursing Valeria for being a traitorous bitch (just ask Erin, the recipient of many texts). Then we get to see on MOTR that it wasn't as simple as all that. After Valeria turned it down originally, DKNY wanted her so bad they offered her DOUBLE the amazingly large amount of money they had already offered her! Seth Aaron told her to go, because Seth Aaron, unlike other contestants (*cough*Emilio*cough*) is an awesome and lovely man. So the evil producers made me hate that poor girl for no reason! Boooo!!!!  But to make it all better: my Brown Sugar is back and winning the challenge! Woot!!
PS Brandise and Cerri can suck it.

OK, that is it. I know... I'm missing quite a few shows this week. But Kev and I are behind. I'm very excited to watch Fringe. I can even tell you what I would say if I had: Give John Noble his Emmy now!  There... it's like I watched it! And I realize I haven't been putting Vampire Diaries in the past few weeks, but that is because I never get to watch it until the following Monday or Tuesday. But I am really enjoying it!

Ok, comment me people! I live for the comments!