Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST: Everybody Loves Hugo

Yes, Everybody DOES love Hugo. Or they should anyway. He is adorable and I just want to hug him. I was a little nervous for the episode - it was going to be hard to follow the beauty of last week's "Happily Ever After." But if anyone can bring the "aw" as much Des and Penny, it would be Hugo..... and Libby!!!! Plus we found out the answer to another series long question! Thanks, Michael! I forgive you. Well, not totally, but thanks for the answers anyway.

And we are back to our normal Sideways/Island storylines, so let's start on the Island tonight, shall we? Just to mix it up. And because unlike other episodes, the big end moment that cues the crazy "Duuuuun" music is in the Sideways reality this week. Boy Howdy, was it! So pack your sunscreen, we are starting on the Cork.

We start with poor Hurley putting a flower at Libby's grave. In one of the sweetest/saddest moments on the show, ever IMO, he tells her that people like her (you know, dead) usually come to talk to him and he would really like it if she did. Tears! Ilana comes and asks whose grave that was, and Hurley gives her the rundown of the Libby story. Ilana tells him they are off to go to Black Rock to get some dynamite to blow up the plane. Hurley points out that the dynamite on Black Rock is super unstable (hello students, let me introduce you to a little cinematic/literary device called foreshadowing!). Ilana is all "whatevs, it will be fine." and heads off to gather the rest of the crew. And then we hear those creepy whispers and there is Michael. Not exactly Libby, but ok. Michael is here to warn Hurley that blowing up the plane is a bad bad idea. Like everyone is going to die bad. Hurley isn't sure he should trust Michael - he did kill Libby and Ana Lucia after all. But Michael points out that Hurley is a leader now, and he needs to lead these people that are counting on him. Back at the beach Hurley says he doesn't think they should blow up the plane, but Ilana said Richard said to, and Jacob said to listen to Richard. Now she is doing all this while swinging around a bag of UNSTABLE dynamite, so of course, she blows up Doc Arzt style. At least she was nice enough to have walked over to a part of the camp no one else was near. Bye Bye Ilana.
At UnLockes camp Kate and Sawyer as UnLocke what they are doing and why they are just waiting around. UnLocke tells them that just like getting back to the island, they all need to be together to get off the island. Sayid comes back and has UnLocke join him in the jungle where poor sweet Des is tied up to a tree. (I have a feeling this is set up by Widmore somehow.)
Back at the camp Hurley finds a bag.... does anyone know what was in there? Whatever it was, it inspires him to tell everyone to go back to Black Rock for more dynamite. Hmm...
UnLocke unties Des when Des points out that he has nowhere to run to anyway. Des tells the UnLocke that Widmore kidnapped him and took him to the island to blast him with a ton of electromagnatism, something he is familiar with. And off they go for a walk. While on that walk they see that mysterious little boy. UnLocke is very unhappy about it, which seems to bring the boy a lot of joy, so that's fun! They wind up at the well where UnLocke and Des discuss how the well is "very old" and the people who dug it were looking for answers, but Widnore is looking for power. And then after asking why Des isn't afraid, UnLocke throws him down the well.  BOOOOO!
Meanwhile, Hurley's crew head back to Black Rock. On the way, Ben cheerfully points out that the island was done with Ilana so it got rid of her, and then wonders what the island will do when it does with all of them. Rainbows and Sunshine from Mr. Linus today! They reach Black Rock and realize no one knows where Hurley is.... KA BOOM. He was busy making sure they weren't going to get any of the dynamite from Black Rock and Richard is piiiiissed! He wants to go find more dynamite, despite Hurley saying that it will end up killing everyone. Hurley wants to go talk to UnLocke because "Jacob says so." Richard ain't buying it, so he goes off on his own - Ben and Miles join him. Jack, Sun and Frank stick with our boy Hurley. In the jungle, Hurley admits to Jack that he didn't see Jacob. Jack, being the intelligent man that he is knew that, but is going all zen now and letting go of control. Hurley isn't sure that is a good idea either! They all hear the whispers, which Hurley realizes means Michael is around. Hurley and Michael talk and Michael explains that the whispers are those stuck on the island, like him. Probably the ones who did something wrong. Who else is stuck, you think? Michael points out where UnLocke is, and asks Hurley to tell Libby he is sorry if he sees her. Sad face.
Back at UnLocke's camp, UnLocke returns after his nefarious doings, and before he can answer Sawyers questions about it, out comes Hurley. Cue Sawyer's weekly, "Son of a Bitch." Hurley and UnLocke agree to a peaceful meeting and out come Jack, Sun and Frank. Jack is visibly shaken to see UnLocke - it's his first time since coming back to the island...

 Everybody loves Hugo Reyes! Or so Dr. Chang said at the benefit for Hugo for donating money to the create a paleontology wing at the museum. (And now we know why Miles was hanging out at the museum and meeting fine ladies like Charlotte!) Mama Reyes (Hugo's date, natch) tells Hugo he needs a woman, so sets the poor guy up on a blind date. He goes, like a good son. But she doesn't show. Boo on Rosalita. Who is there, though? The lovely and talented Cynthia Watros aka Libby. Libby has obviously had the "moment" we learned so much about last week, as she goes up to Hugo and asks if he believes in soulmates. Before they can really talk, Dr. Brooks (Hurley's doc from the Santa Rosa Mental Institution) comes and hauls crazy Libby away. Hurley is a little depressed to find out the hot woman in love with him is a crazy person. So he does what Hurley would do - go to Mr. Clucks and eat an entire bucket of chicken. Yum. Then who walks in... Desmond. He sees Hurley and approaches him, pretending to ask if he was on Oceanic 815 - something we know he knows already. He gets Hurley to talk about his girl troubles, and tells him to go for it. Desmond - Love Doctor? Love Spy? Love Master? What should we call him now? Whatever we call him, he did his job and Hurley head to the looney bin to go see Libby. Dr. Brooks says it's probably not a good idea since Libby doesn't exactly have a firm grip on reality, but it's hard to turn down Hugo and his checkbook! Libby tells Hurley about her "flash" of the island and their love but Hurley doesn't know what she is talking about. He still likes her (because let's face it, Sideways Hurley is a little desperate in the love department) so he takes her for a picnic on a day pass. She is weirded out, as it obviously seems so familiar to her. Hurley still questions why someone like her would like him, so she kisses him (awwwwww) and then he "flashes" too (AWWWW!!!). Des was watching the whole time (Love Spy, it is.) and drives off, satisfied that one match has been made. But apparently making the love connections isn't the only mission Des has taken on in this reality. He is sitting outside Locke and Ben's school. Ben approaches him because, you know, a middle aged man sitting outside a school without a child and staring at everyone is creepy. Ben is weary of Des, but let's him go..... and go he does.... at full speed into a wheelchair-bound Locke! WTF? Since MIB took him over, is Locke not allowed a happy ending in any reality? What about Peg Bundy?! Sigh.....

Here are some quotes from this week.

Mama Reyes: You need a woman in your life. Especially one who didn't nurse you.
Hurley: Gross!

Michael: I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed.
(no pressure, Hurley)

Jack: Maybe she dies to show us to stay away from dynamite.
(Hurley is leading, so now Jack is bringing the funny?)

Desmond: All woman are a little crazy, aren't they, brutha?
Hurley: This one actually lives in the looney bin

Miles: Warning might have been nice there, Hugo.
Hurley: I did say run.

Hurley: Dead people are more reliable than the lives ones.

Hurley: I don't have to prove anything to you, Richard. Either you come with me, or keep blowing stuff up. It's up to you, dude.

Desmond: What's the point in being afraid?

OK... so what did you all think? Did Hurley make a mistake? Are Hurley and Libby going to be happy in sideways? How connected are the two realities? Was it neccessary for Des to run down non-possessed Locke? And why the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory music in the previews for next week? Is Jacob Willy Wonka? Who is Charlie Banks? What in the hell is going on?! Comment away Losties.


Sarah said...

If Jacob is Willy Wonka than I want to see them add the magic bubble gum into the equation! And the bubble room. Could be done right? Maybe that is actually what is under all those bunkers a Willy Wonka Chocolate factory!

Annette said...

When Ilana exited Arzt style, I couldn't stop laughing. Is that wrong? Thank goodness for DVR because my hubby walked in front of me at the worst possible moment...had to rewind to see her demise. At least they don't have to worry about digging a grave for her.

Desmond (Oceanic 815 Cupid) was looking good last night. But oh no...*bark* What's that Lassie? Desmond's in trouble? *bark* You mean he's stuck in a well?

I assumed that the bag Hurley found was the bag Ilana was carrying Jacob's ashes in.

Here's a random question...since Richard and Jack both know that they can't be killed, and they've proven it by trying to blow themselves up and failing...why the bloody hell weren't they the ones carrying the dynamite??? Why would they let Ilana carry it? Just sayin'.