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LOST: The Last Recruit

Can you believe there are only 6 more hours of this show left? Excuse me a moment while I go weep in the corner...........   Ok, I'm back. I think my favorite part of this epsiode was everything in the Sideways world. I love how it is all starting to come together over there. Well, OK, that was my second favorite part. We all know what the best part was.  Sniff sniff. I have a huge paper to write, so instead of a full recap, lets just do the highlights.

Another question was answered, though I think by now we already knew it - Christian on the island was just MIB in disguise. Poor Jack. Though he is a Man of Faith now (he is even asking Hurley permission for things!), the Man of Science is long gone. I think he disappeared the first time they left the island. So this revelation isn't so much heartbreak as it is just confirmation for Jack. And MIB says he used Locke because he was a sucker and stupid enough to think they were on this island for a reason. Oh, and you know, because he was dead in a wooden box. That's his "type" apparently. Jack also got to spend some quality time with his sister, Crazy Claire, who is sure Jack is part of Team Locke now since he talked to him. That's apparently all it is supposed to take. However, with the exception of Sayid and Claire, most do not seem so easily swayed. And how swayed is Claire, anyway? She claims the only reason she is with him is that he was the only one who didn't abandon her. Mutiny is happening in Team Locke, led by Sawyer. He plans to go over to Hydra, make nicey nice with Widmore and then get some poor schmo to pilot the sub (Is pilot the right word? Whatever you do to a sub.) back to the real world. The only people invited: Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Jin (when the find him) and Frank. Claire is crazy and Sayid has gone to the dark side. Zoe shows up and demonstrates the Widmore has some nifty bombs and he knows how to use them if poor Des isn't returned. Locke is not about to do that so it's time to get ready to fight! He send Sayid off to kill Des. When he gets there Des asks Sayid what he will tell Nadia he did to bring he back. I don't think Sayid is all that dark after all.... something tells me my favorite Scotsman is dead. Sawyer and Kate go off to get the boat, with a plan to meet up with the others on a super secret dock. Claire gets wind and follows. Kate conivinces her to come with them because she was only there to get her anyway. Awww... Kate, what a good mommy you are. Claire goes, but warns them that Big Smokey ain't gonna like it. On the boat, Jack questions if they should be leaving the island. Sawyer's all "get off my boat," and so Jack jumps. So literal, that Jack! He gets to shore only to meet up with a not so happy Locke who is now boatless. Widmore sends some bombs his way and Jack is saved by Locke. Well, kinda. Isn't he really saved by the island? The island isn't going to let him get blown up! But Locke says Jack is with him now... I think not so much. Back on Hydra we have the moment we have been waiting FOREVER for.... Jin and Sun reunited. Now, I don't know if it was planned this way, or accidental, but what a HORRIBLE angle to show with Jin and Sun running to reunite right at that electromagnetic fence. Who else thought their heads were going to explode?! Kevin and I were afraid to watch! But all is well and Jin got her voice back! And by all is well, I mean they are together. All not so well in general though, since Widmore does not seem to have any plans to keep these guys alive. Uh oh. (PS I wonder what Richard, Ben and Miles are up to!)

Oh, sweet Sideways Reality. I so hope you are where everyone will end up. You are so much better for almost everyone. We start with run over Locke in the ambulance with Dr. Linus. They head to the hospital, and Locke tells them about Helen. When they get there they are running alongside Sun who is going to the ER for her gunshot wound to the belly. Sun freaks out when she sees Locke and starts saying "No..No.. it's him!" She is dying, so I wonder if she has been spending some time on the island in her head. Back at the police station, Jim/Sawyer is questioning Kate. He finds it kinda funny that first they are on the plane together and then their elevator rendevous, and now this! They go through their normal Kate/Sawyer banter pointing out each others faults and how they are similar. Cute. Then Miles breaks up this reunion of sorts to tell Sawyer about the shooting at the restuarant with Jin, Sun and Keamy. Prime Suspect: Sayid Jarrah, of course. Then we see Claire in a fancy office building about to go meet with the adoption agency, but who should come in except Desmond! He asks how she is doing since their meeting at the airport and tells her she should have a lawyer for the adoption. He convinces her to come with him because he is a bit persistent. The lawyer is on the 15th floor, of course! And it is Ilana. She has been looking for Claire... hmmmm....  (Was everyone else hoping Charlie would be there too?) Later, Jack arrives with his son David. Talking to mom on the phone, because Team Darlton likes to rub our collective noses in the things we don't know yet! They are heading to the lawyer too to hear the reading of Christians will. Claire is in it, but Jack didn't know why. She knows - they are brother and sister. Awkward for poor David who is standing there not sure how to take that in. Jack gets a call from the ER for emergency surgery. I think we all know who, don't we? Sayid is back at Nadias ready to leave forever, but Miles shows up. Sayid tries to run, but Sawyer gets him. Poor Sayid - both realities really suck for him! At the hospital Sun wakes up and Jin tells her that both she and the baby are ok. Whew. Please let these two have their happily ever after in Sideways land. And then Jack goes into surgery and who does he see on the table? Locke, of course. Perhaps that IS what Des was trying to accomplish!

Quotes (just a few funny ones this week):

Hurley: You can always bring people back from the dark side. I mean, Anakin?
Sawyer: Who the hell is Anakin?
(If Sayid is Anakin, who is Desmond? Obi Wan or Yoda?)

Sawyer: Of all the cars in the Los Angeles, you run into mine. It's like someone is trying to put us together.
Kate: Are you hitting on me?

Kate: Who is coming?
Sawyer: You, me, Hurley, Sun, Jack and that pilot that looks like he stepped of te set of a Burt Reynolds movie.
(This made me giggle through the next few scenes.)

So, what do you all think? They are really pushing for Jack to be the eventual Jacob replacement. But I don't know. He's the obvious choice as he has always been the hero of our story, so does that make it TOO obvious to be right? Something else I am loving over the past couple weeks: Desmond. The first major season-ending cliff hanger was "What's in the Hatch?" and at the start of season 2 our question was answered: It's Desmond. At the time it seemed almost anti-climatic. "The guy in the stadium? Really?! Weird, but was it worth all the suspense?" But now I want to scream to my 2005 self "IT'S DESMOND!!" because as it turns out, he is what so much of this show is really about. Or at least he is the person that instigates so much of the show. So much revolves around him. Love it! Just wanted to share that... Comment away people.
I'm going to go cry again because I just remembered next week is a repeat. (Ab Aeterno for those who want to see it again)

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Annette said...

6 Random thoughts:

#1 I totally see Josh Holloway getting a cop show after Lost is done.

#2 I want to know why Claire has to look like Chaka from Land of the Lost?

#3 I think Sayid didn't kill Desmond. We would have seen that. What did Desmond do to change his mind? Did he mention the existence of the Sideways Reality to him?

#4 Claire, even having decided to go with them, is still super creepy. I expect she'll be trouble no matter what Kate promises.

#5 When Jack went overboard, it looked like he nearly got run over by the boat...*Old Spice Commercial Parody* Look at Jack. Now look at your man. Now back to Jack. Jack's in the water. Jack is run over by a boat.

#6 I was inappropriately giggling at the thought of Sun and Jin getting zapped by the sonic fence as they rushed towards each other.