Monday, April 26, 2010

LOST: Repeat!

Just letting all my Losties know that this week is a repeat of Lost. Let's all cry in a corner for a moment. It's a repeat of Ab Aeterno, if you are interested.

To make you all smile, let me tell you about one of my favorite moments from the movie Kick Ass.  During the scene I was practically weeping like a small child, but there was this line that made me laugh out loud. When facing certain death, the character Kick-Ass (via narration) tells why he doesn't want to die. Besides the obvious (missing people he loves, etc) one of the major reason he doesn't want to die is that he wants to find out how Lost ends. I hear ya, Kick Ass. It would suck to miss that!

And another fun Lost shout out for you to enjoy. Actually, even without the Lost shout out, this is just another HYSTERICAL moment from 30 Rock.

Only 6 hours left. How is that possible?? Alright, I'm going to back to my corner to cry.

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