Friday, April 2, 2010

Week in Review: 3/28-4/3

What. A. Week. There was some seriously good television happening. And best of all, Bones is back. BONES!! I could go on and on about how happy that makes me. There are a lot of quality shows happening right now, but little brings me as much joy as Bones.  But this is not the part where I am supposed to be talking about that...

THE PACIFIC: Our boys got leave after the battles in Guadacanal, and we got leave from the bloody warfare for a week. At first I was a little afraid that it would be a dull point in the series, but then I remembered this isn't really about the war, it's about the people. (Lost isn't about the island, it's about the characters. Bones' books aren't about the forensics, they are about the relationships. I sense a theme. Ha!) Jon Seda was fantastic trying to deal with the outcome of the last battle - he lost his best friend, but gained a Medal of Honor. And now is being sent home to sell war bonds. Something I think we all know won't last. But the real stand out this week: Lackie, and his romance with Greek-Austrailian, Isabella. What a beautiful story. He sees her and her family as something to live for, but in the end, Isabella can't be that for him, as it would sacrifice her mother's emotional well-being to possibly have another loved one die in the war. Heart. Breaking. I hope for Isabella to come back, but I'm not holding my breath.  (Question: Exactly how many children of American soldiers were born to Austrailian women 9 months after they took leave there?)

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU: Oh, what an adorable little series you have made for me, ABC Family. I loved this movie. Love. Heath Ledger was awesome. I was really skeptical when they announced it was being made into a series, and pitied the poor child that took over Heath's role as Patrick Verona. Luckily, they somehow found Ethan Peck, grandson to Gregory. Watch the show, close your eyes, and hear Gregory Peck. It's freaky! Despite my love for both Ethan and Gregory, this show is a lot of fun. Very smart and witty. And when the schedule is full of shows like Damages and The Pacific, sometimes you just need a little fun teeny-bopper romance.

GREEK: Ah, spring break in Myrtle Beach..... last year this is when we were introduced to Jesse Williams aka Hotness Monster. Now he has moved on to roles where he has an actual name (Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy) but I'd like to take a moment and thank Greek for bringing him to us! Anyway, back to this actual episode. LOVED the resolution to the Omega Chi v Kappa Tau rivalry. Genius all around. As for Cappie and Casey, well, the show has 10 episodes left after this hiatus.... fix it!

CHUCK: Oh what an episode! Remember how I said TV was amazing this week? Well this is one of the things I was talking about. Fan-flipping-tastic. Morgan, Awesome, Casey and Chuck all working together to get Chuck back with Sarah, all for their own reasons of course. Most important reason: because Chuck loves Sarah, which he finally FINALLY told her! A lot! Swooooon. And there were a ton of surprises and twists. Shaw met with The Ring (led by on-call Big Bad, Mark Sheppard. He must be a lovely guy in real life, but very few play evil better than him!) where he learned that the agent that killed his was was.... wait for it.... Sarah!! Kudos on the twist I never saw coming Josh Schwartz! Other major Kudos: FINALLY FINALLY have Chuck save the day, and not screw up 5 times in the process. He tracked Shaw and got him out of the exploding building without once tripping up on his awkwardness. YES! Last twist that made me squee in delight: the immediate resolution to the Casey killed Chuck's Red Test victim - Casey told Sarah the truth so she would realize that Chuck is indeed the guy she fell in love with. AWESOME! Can't wait for Monday!! PS If you aren't watching this show now and it does get renewed (IT BETTER!!) I demand that you catch up over the summer. It is soooo worth it.

CASTLE: Part Two of this great episode of Castle did not disappoint. Listen, Castle and Beckett are no Bones and Booth (how many times can I mention Bones in this blog?!?!) but they sure do rank high on the chemistry scale. The episode was fun, suspenseful, and sexy. Loved. And for those not familiar with the Whedonverse, there was a fun little easter egg for Firefly fans this week! Castle shot the guy's hand as he was about to shoot Beckett and Beckett said "Nice shot, Castle," to which he responded, "I was aiming for his head." This is a line from the Firefly episode, The Train Job. Classic. Also a constant easter egg: Castle wears a brown coat. Firefly fans are called browncoats. I gotta give it up to Nathan Fillion - he loves his fans!

DAMAGES: Someone on the Damages writing staff is in need of some major psychotherapy, because their dream sequences are f***ed up! Wow. Another seemingly unnecessary storyline - Ellen was adopted? - and yet I have a feeling it will all tie in at the end. And if it doesn't.... well who care? It has been a crazy awesome ride this season and I am loving every minute of it.

24: Funniest part of 24 nowadays (and that is saying something since most of the show is laughable) is when someone underestimates the badassery of Jack Bauer. The idiot guy on the President's staff who thought his "elite team" could take down Bauer.... dummy. Doesn't every White House staff member have to get the Jack Bauer file? It's just ridiculous. And while this doesn't exactly have to do with the current season of 24, it has to be mentioned... airing the Dennis Haysbert Allstate commercials during 24 is just a constant reminder of the good ol' days of President Palmer. Sigh....

GOSSIP GIRL: You know what I miss on Gossip Girl?  Gossip Girl!!  Where is she? Why doesn't she text about our Upper East Siders, like she promised at graduation? At least someone mentioned her this week. I almost cried in joy. At least we still get my favorite K. Bell still narrating for us with her snarky comments and puns. (I miss Veronica Mars)

V: It's back. In case that annoying countdown clock in the corner during the entire hour of LOST didn't let you know, I thought I will. I want to like this show, but I find myself fairly indifferent about it. It has a lot of people I love, especially Elizabeth Mitchell (We miss you, Juliet!!). I think a huge problem for me is the Green Screen set for the V Ship. It's distracting and makes even the actors look like they are in a video game. We'll just have to see how it goes... Highlight of the episode: a wink to the rodent eating ways of the original mini-series. Who else wanted her to eat the dead mouse?!

JUSTIFIED: Love it! I really don't know what else to say. The character of Raylan is so fantastic that I can't put it into words. And to make it even better: this week the guest star was David Eigenberg (Miranda's husband, Steve, from Sex and the City). He was fantastic. Really enjoyed the "Egg creams taste like you're drinking Brooklyn. In a good way" bit. Are you all watching this?? I hope so.

SOUTHLAND: Please, let TNT be smart and keep this show. It is beyond quality programming. Just brilliant. It always goes against the cliche. The epitome of that type of storytelling happend this week with the Shawn Hatosy character, Sammy. He was mentoring an 11 year old Hispanic kid, Casper, who is smart, but realizes that being poor in South Central LA means that, chances are, you will wind up in a gang. I thought for sure he was going to die because he was going to rebel against gang life like Sammy told him to. Isn't that what every show would do? Well, I was wrong. We saw him get beat up by a group of kids, and then Sammy pulling up to a crime scene with a dead kid where Casper was beat, but it wasn't Casper. It was one of the kids that beat him. Casper shot him. So Sammy had to arrest Casper. Heart breaking!! I tear up thinking about it. What a great show.

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Another one of the many shows that returned this week. I enjoy this show, though of all the amazing programs on the USA lineup, this isn't my favorite. However this episode was enjoyable, especially Donnie Whalberg as the WITSEC case of the week. He played a thug from Boston.  Quite a stretch for him, no? teehee. And for those who watch... do you think the person that keeps calling Brandi is their father?

COUGAR TOWN: I want a Japanese talking toilet.

UGLY BETTY: I've always been Team Gio, so I thought the episode was both wondeful and sad. Freddy Rodriguez was adorable as always. And the show looks like it is wrapping up nicely, but I just wish it wasn't wrapping up at all. Sad face. Interesting to see what happens with Henry. How many times can she have him back in her life just to push him away again?

BONES:  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! IT'S BACK!!! Hallelujah! Thank you [enter diety of choice here]!!! Ok, first of all.... big tears at the start with Sweets on the subway. Owen actually had to comfort me for a minute. (My sweet little man!)  That was incredibly tragic, but ended with the adorableness of Sweets proposing to neurotic Daisy. Say it with me now: awwwwww. But let's get to the good stuff: Bones' new book. Tidbit for those who don't know this: The series Bones is about anthropologist, Temprence Brennan who writes forensic-based-mystery novels with the main character, Kathy Reichs. The show is based on anthropologist Kathy Reichs, who writes forensic-based-mystery novels with the main character Temprence Breannan. Very meta! Anyway... Bones has a new book out and has a little Japanese reporter following her around asking questions. My favorite: when she asks if Bones thinks Booth is good looking and she answers, "I find him symmetrically pleasing." Classic! This book led to some really great stuff. Specfically page 187 - a steamy sex scene between the characters that are based on Booth and Bones (whether or not Bones sees it that way). It's apparently a maeuver that Jack used with Angela. It's "his move." It led to my favorite line of the night, "My advice: Only sleep with guys who can't read because otherwise you'll never be rid of me." And why would you want to be, Angela?!? All this and I barely even talked about Bones and Booth scenes! But you know what, I'm going to leave that for next week. Let me just say I've really missed that final scene we get on this show every week. It makes me sublimely happy to have it back.

GREY'S ANATOMY: The actor playing Karev's brother looked like he could actually be Justin Chamber's brother. It was fine work by the casting department! The episode was a good one. I don't like that they are making Sarah Drew's character practically unlikeable, because she is a phenomenal actress. At this point the only Mercy Wester I want to stick around in Avery. And I think every woman that watches the show is with me! He can just be in the OR with his mask on in every ep - the eyes are enough! Am I right, ladies?  haha. I particularly enjoyed Bailey this week. She was so funny telling Mer to mind her own business has she pressed little Karev for more info on Alex. I'm not going to get into the whole Katherine Heigel leaving thing - mostly because I don't know how I feel about it. From what I've read, I'm not a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes, so I don't know if I really blame Katherine for leaving - besides her movie career is doing just fine. This is not a David Caruso moment. I will say, that in the wake of her leaving, and George dying, I am very glad to have Mer and Christina become better friends with Karev. It is a newer dynamic, and I like it.

PROJECT RUNWAY/MODEL OF THE RUNWAY: OOoooooo... I'm so pissed at the producers. First they show on PR Seth Aaron coming in saying that Valeria left to go do the DKNY shoot after all, so I spent the entire hour of the episode cursing Valeria for being a traitorous bitch (just ask Erin, the recipient of many texts). Then we get to see on MOTR that it wasn't as simple as all that. After Valeria turned it down originally, DKNY wanted her so bad they offered her DOUBLE the amazingly large amount of money they had already offered her! Seth Aaron told her to go, because Seth Aaron, unlike other contestants (*cough*Emilio*cough*) is an awesome and lovely man. So the evil producers made me hate that poor girl for no reason! Boooo!!!!  But to make it all better: my Brown Sugar is back and winning the challenge! Woot!!
PS Brandise and Cerri can suck it.

OK, that is it. I know... I'm missing quite a few shows this week. But Kev and I are behind. I'm very excited to watch Fringe. I can even tell you what I would say if I had: Give John Noble his Emmy now!  There... it's like I watched it! And I realize I haven't been putting Vampire Diaries in the past few weeks, but that is because I never get to watch it until the following Monday or Tuesday. But I am really enjoying it!

Ok, comment me people! I live for the comments! 



Katie said...

Where are you on Supernatural episodes? I LOVE JUSTIFIED. Always likes Timothy Olyphant, love the show, love that Cooper from Eurotrip is in both Justified AND The Pacific.
I think The Pacific is really getting good. It is about the guys.
I have to start watching more of the shows you watch, Im missing out!
Love the blog!

Kylene said...

I do think that the mystery caller that keeps calling Brandi is her dad. I have a feeling that he will make an appearance on In Plain Sight before the end of the season.
PLEASE oh PLEASE let Avery stick around for the next season on "Grey's"! I have a feeling that Kepner is going to cause some MAJOR problems for Mer/Der at the end of this season. Lexi should really step up & say something cause this cannot be good.
And OMG "Damages" is just getting better & better every week. I agree their dream sequences are completely WTF moments! I agree Ellen being adopted has to have something to do with the story line. Or then again maybe not. Seriously people need to start watching this show & F/X needs to promote it more!

erin loves sweets this week said...

Seriously, I am missing out, I only watch two of this weeks shows- ah! But Bones was back- ahhhh, in a good way this time. I really wanted to comfort Sweets, I felt terrible for him and concerned about him. I kinda imagine I am there as an omnipotent being of the show (does that make sense)? PR was exciting too! All the drama: people quitting, people retunring, two winners etc. We really just haven't gotten that much excitement yet this season. I have to say Brown Sugar should have won though. His dress was beautiful and innovative, Emilio's was well constructed, but seen a million times. Yeah for tv!

Melissa said...

Katie- I was farther back on the list than I thought for season 4, but I should get it soon. It's no coincidence that Jacob Pitts is in both, I'm sure! He has his people he likes to use! And yes, watch more shows. Make Steve watch too. Tho, they can't all have Jensen, sorry! ;)

Kylene- Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that about Brandi's caller. I think papa will be making an appearance real soon! My only consolation with Mer/Der is that Shonda has said they are the "forever couple" of the show, so I think it will be fine. And Damages rules! woot. F/X is lame sometimes.

Erin- Oh poor sweet Sweets. SOOOOO sad! And yes you need to watch more too. I know you don't get some stuff (lame. haha) but you should watch Chuck. Netflix the first two seasons! It's so good! And Brown Sugar should have won, I agree. But, Jessica Alba gets more press nowadays anyway, so more people will probably see her dress. Suck it Emilio. teehee.