Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in Review: 4/18-4/24

It's time for my week in review! I have nothing clever to say at the start this week, except: down with Rena Sofer! Sigh.....

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: I'm a little mad that I didn't realize Eddie was the strangler. What other reason to introduce that obviously skeevy character? Oh well.  I have a list of people he can kill. Best part of the episode (it was so funny, that even Kevin laughed when I told him) was when Gaby was trying to convince Carlos that she should donate her eggs to Bob and Lee. Her reason: "I'm going to help Bob and Lee have a baby so they can experience the same love and joy we occassionally have with our children." Such a Gaby line, and oh so funny! But of course, she backed out when she realized she wouldn't be a part of the baby's life. And then Bob and Lee broke up. Sad face! They were my favorite couple!

THE PACFIC: While the episode focused on the boys suffering the heat and chaos of Pelielu, probably the most heartbreaking moment was when Sidney went to visit Eugene's parents at the start of the episode. First of all, showing up in uniform unannounced to the home of a soldier's parents... kinda mean! Of course they are going to think it is that visit. Over dinner Sidney told Eugene's parents that they had nothing to worry about. The look on all of their faces... Sidney trying to stay true to his words, Dad trying to comfort Mom even though he knew better, and Mom desparate to believe what she was hearing.  Watching the soldiers fight was almost unbearable, but there was something far more tragic in that quiet scene around the dinner table.

TREME: I'm watching this. It is really well done, but I'm not sure what I think about it. I don't know if I really care about any of these characters yet. I'll let you know in a couple weeks.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Sure, the biggest thing that happened is that Ted bought the house that he has been sitting in telling his children this story. But the best thing that happened: Drunk or Kid! Love it! Also love Christine Rose as Ted's mom. Quite a leap from her work as manipulative Angela Petrelli on Heroes!

24: In 8 seasons I am not surprised that the only one with balls big enough to actually yell at the president is Jack Bauer and the only one with the lack of social skills enough to question the president is Chloe O'Brian. I love them.  I'm annoyed where the season is going, but I appreciate that they were setting it up to be a Chloe having to go against Jack. Nevertheless, I just hope it is over soon.

DAMAGES: Holy crap. What a great finale. I truly hope it is not the series finale, but if it is, I can not think of a better way to end this brilliant program. Every storyline, from all 3 seasons, managed to get resolution. From David's death to Patty's miscarriage. Unbelievable. Have you ever noticed how many ghosts these people have, both literally and figuratively? It's so sad. But the best part, and I'm sure you can guess, was the return of Wes (Timothy Olyphant). I love Olyphant, and I always liked Wes. There was some Raylan Givens coming through when he was in the back of Frobisher's car! J'adore.

HOUSE: Not to brag or anything, but I totally had this case figured out waaaayyyy before House did. Like at the 20 minute mark. Suck it, House! That never happens on this show! Along with my crazy smarts (to make up for my Desperate Housewives stupidity) I also had a few crazy laughs in this episode. Specifically when Wilson went to the bathroom during dinner leaving Sam and House to fight it out. Best part: when Wilson left the bathroom and House said, "aaaaand scene!" Fab!

CASTLE: One again the casting department for Castle wins my weekly award for best guest cast! Merrin Dungey! Scott Cohen! Michael Trucco! Michael Ironside! Not all famous names, but certainly familiar faces, and ones that I love to see. Those people in the casting department deserve a raise. This episode was fab because it gave a reason to highlight the wonder that is Jon Huertas! Love him. (Duh - he was in Generation Kill!) I actually teared up a little when he referred to Castle as his "other partner." Could there be a sweeter moment? Castle is pulling a Bones... How do two people realize they are meant to be? Have them start dating other people. Why, hello, Michael Trucco!

PARENTHOOD: Thanks to NBC for announcing last week that this show is getting a second season. I love the cast, and can't wait to see where they take the characters. I have even grown to love Monica Potter, but her being so adorable with Peter Krause probably helped.

GLEE:  MADONNA! Woot! What a fun episode! I'm going to just keep using exclamation points!!! There was so much to love in this episode. It was a test of your Madonna knowledge everytime they were in the hallways with all the incarnations of Madonna throughout the years. I like Madonna, but I was a little scared for myself at just how knowledgable I turned out to be. I need to get out. My favorite number (besides Vogue, of course) was Express Yourself. Not just because it highlighted the fantastic girls, but because of Finn looking around the entire number while sitting in the audience. He is the prime example of a boy who gets distracted by something shiny! Also loved Brittany's weekly dumbness mixing up misogynist and masseuse (which she must call massagist. LOL!!). Shout out to Jonathan Groff. We know he is up to now good, but darn if I haven't fallen under his evil spell along with Rachel. Swoon. I hope everyone was able to see Like a Prayer at the end (curse you, American Idol!!) - it gave me chills! Oh, and hurray for Artie and Tina!!

JUSTIFIED: Hitler paintings? Really?! Glad to see where they ended up, though. Fantastic. Justified's casting department is giving Castle's a run for their money! Brett Cullen! Robert Picardo! TONY HALE!! (Who doesn't love a good Arrested Development casting? It's almost as good as a Whedonverse one!) The best part of every episode is when Raylan talks to someone in such a way that they let their guard down. The man is ridiculously charming. It should be illegal. 

V: I've figured out what is missing from V. A good villian. Yes, it obviously has one. Anna is evil, as is her henchman. But she is sooooo booooring! Where is the fun? Even the weekly villains on Buffy were fun. Even if they weren't funny, they were fun to watch. Anna just makes me sleepy.  Side note to the episode: they shot a big scene in the same amusement park they used at the end of Zombieland. I kept expecting zombies to appear. Or at least for Woody Harrleson to pop out of the booth that Elizabeth Mitchell was standing against, since I'm pretty sure that is the same one he was in in the movie.

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Just like Band of Brothers and Generation Kill, it is time to start spotting the actors were didn't know before from the Pacific on other shows. The winner for first one goes to: Keith Nobbs (Conley, Leckie's friend on The Pacific) as a new assistant or something in the Marshall's office.

COMMUNITY: I can't possibly talk about how funny this episode was! More Abed please!!! Love him. (Annie's boobs! HAHAHAHA!)

THE OFFICE: I don't think Pam could have summed up the wonder of maternity leave any better: "Maternity leave rocked. It rocked my ass off." Amen, sister. Other highlights of the episode... Dwight (in reference to Sesame Street): "Is that the program where all the puppets live in the barrio?"  Michael: " Everyone here knows I can't and won't keep a secret." We know, Michael, we know! My biggest issue of the episode was how out of character Michael was when he went to lunch with Erin. It was grating.

FLASHFORWARD: Alright, we all were pretty sure Demitri wouldn't die. So that was cool. What I really want to talk about is how awesome Alda's jacket was in the flashback to meeting D. Gibbons. Holy crap. Me likey. I want it now! Highlight of the episode for me.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: So it's offical now, right? Stefan = Angel/Angelus, Damon = Spike. Am I right? Yes?? Ok then.  I can move forward with the show.

BONES: The good stuff: Angela and Jack looking at the aquarium live feed on her crazy big screen in her office. Swoon. Those two just need to be married already. And speaking of people who need to be married already... is the part where Booth and Bones date other people done yet? The only good thing about watching this happen is the extreme level of discomfort that comes over their faces when the other talks about dating Andrew/Catherine. Get over your issues, Bones!! Booth = greatest man alive!

FRINGE: Poor poor Peter! And Walter. This whole episode basically was just a set up for Peter to discover he is the Peter from the other side. It was heartbreaking. I'm nervous. But at the same time this show hinges on the three main characters working together, so he's got to get back to the group somehow. Right? RIGHT??! 

PARTY DOWN: I actually haven't seen the episode yet, just want to squee that it is back on! You know what that means??? Kristin Bell is going to be on TV! SQUEEEEEEE!

So, what did everyone else like this week? Comment me. I live for your comments.


Kylene said...

There was so much this week that I was in love with: I agree with you so much on "Damages" that was I believe the best hour of (dramatic) TV I have ever seen in my life. The way everything came together was amazing. I hope that it wasn't the final episode but like you said if it was what a way to go. From Patty's miscarriage, to Tom's murder, the conclusion of the Tobin case, David's murder. Just marvelous. I can't say enough wonderful things about this series.

"Glee" Oh how do I love thee?! I thought I was the only one counting the different Madonnas in the hallway. Guess not. ;) Oh Jonathan, I have fallen under your spell, even though I know that you are up to no good & I don't care! (You are giving Puck a SWOON-run for his money!) And Brittany! I could just listen to your nonsense for hours! I heart you! I just loved Tina's rant on Artie ("My eyes are UP HERE!") - classic! They are so cute together! My favorite numbers were (of course) Vouge, Express Yourself, What It Feels Like For a Girl, and Like a Prayer (I cried it was that good). Kudos for such an amazing episode. <3

"How I Met Your Mother" - 'Kid or Drunk' my new favorite game since Bambozzeled!

"In Plain Sight" - I thought I was the only one who spotted Conley from 'The Pacific'!

"House" - I loved the "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene" that Hugh Laurie said when Wilson walked back in. It was great.

I could go on, but I won't except to say this..THANK GOD Seth Aaron won 'Project Runway" that is all!

Erin guesses drunk said...

Great observations for The Office. Erin and Michael got along and has some stupid little inside jokes, so I don't get his rudeness... Clue me in please. Cookie monster clip was awesome and Dwight's observation made me crack up (we watch sesame st daily). Yeah judges for getting it right this time on Project Runway! Dude Emilio is so unorignial it kills me. Great sewing skills, but dude, seen it many times. Seth Aaron totally has his own style and he is an equally good constructor of garmets! Ahh Bones, get it together lady! Don't do it with unusually large headed what's his name. I reAlly wanted Jack and Angela to be doin' it by the virtual fish like they used to sneak down into the basement like before in the egyption stuff. Drunk or kid = greatness. Kudos Mel!