Friday, April 9, 2010

Bones: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

Welcome to a very special edition of my blog in honor of the 100th episode of Bones! Woohoo! Chances are it is just you and me reading this one, Erin, but I'll pretend like it's for everyone, just in case. For those who don't realize, making it to 100 episodes of a TV show is a huge deal, which is why they are often "Very Special Episodes." I think David Boreanaz must be considered a bit of a good luck charm now as three of his TV series have hit 100 and beyond! That is a big freaking deal and almost no one else can say they have been part of THREE shows to reach that milestone! And for the second time David is directing episode 100 (he did Angel's as well). Kudos to you, David, you talented and symmetrically pleasing man.

Normally, when I do a blog dedicated to one episode of a show, I do a full recap. I'm not going to do that this time because, well, the case is not the point of this episode. It is very sad the girl died, but we all knew the judge did it. How? Because Seeley Booth knew it. And if Seeley's gut says it's true, it must be. But you need more than gut feeling in court, thank goodness, because that leads to Booth meeting the woman who thinks gut feelings probably have something to do with a stomach ache - Temperance Brennan. A woman of all science and logic. Which makes them a perfect match. So what won't they just get married and have tons of little Booths and Brennans??  Sigh.....  We'll get to that.

So the show... Dr. Sweets has finally let Booth and Bones read his book about them. (Man, I want to read that book. Does anyone else wish they would release that book, along with all of Brennan's novels the way ABC does for Castle and the Nikki Heat books?) They go to Sweets with a few corrections. Booth thinks Brennan's issue was the conclusion that they are in love, but nope, it's their first case Sweets got wrong. Poor Sweets nearly faints as their first meeting is the basis of his entire book. May I take a moment to adore Sweets? He is so "us" in the Booth/Brennan will they or won't they storyline. Just falling apart waiting for them to figure it out and do something already. And he is so adorable the way he hugs his pillow all episode. John Francis Daley is a wonder on this show. I want to hug him. Someone make this happen. Anyway, the error in his book leads to the mother of all flashbacks. Seriously, they were LOST worthy.  Since I could probably write a thesis on the episode, I won't go into every single thing that I loved. Especially beause I'm busy dealing with a thesis about those other David Boreanaz shows. Instead, lets just talk about some of my favorite moments.

In order to do this, I'm rewatching the episode on Hulu (What did I do before Hulu?!). The stuff I loved, whether a scene or a quote, I'll mention here so we can all relive it and swoon. But don't worry, I'll add some reactions, because otherwise it will just be a list that says "I Love Sweets!" "I Miss Zack!" "Angela Rocks!" and so on... Besides, doesn't everyone want to know what I think about the show? Don't answer, because I'm just going to assume that the answer is yes. It makes me feel better.

Here it goes....

The way Brennan said "Which is me" when she was introduced in the flashback story was adorable. Such pride. Equally adorable, Sweets face in reaction. If we didn't love Brennan we'd have to kill her, right?

Booth: Do you believe in fate?
Brennan: Absolutely not. Ludicrous.
(Back to present)
Brennan: I still don't.
Booth: And I still do.
And therein lies the rub. For Brennan fate is equally ludicrous to love. Dammit, Bones.

ZACK!!!! I actually teared up a little when I saw Zack. (Full disclosure, I cry at the drop of a hat) I'm gettin teared up right now just writing about getting teared up at seeing Zack.) It is not that I don't love the roatating interns. They are all wonderful in their own way, and somehow each a well-developed character, despite only being on once every 6 episodes or so, with the exception of Sweet's love Daisy who gets a bit more screen time. But Zack. Oh Zack. There was something so wonderful about his character - so smart and yet so very very dim (highlighted by my favorite quote of the episode that I will get to later).

Also here, Hodgins, who has yet to develop his social skills. Why? Because Angela isn't here yet. Sigh...

These three make up the team at the Jeffersonian as of now. The dynamic we know does not exist. In fact they barely seem to function and it is because they have yet to find their real purpose as a lab. They joy in watching them figure it out during the episode is equally wonderful as watching the relationship of Booth and Brennan.

Angela is introduced... in the park... drawing charicatures. They barely know each other, and the only reason Angela agrees to go to the Jeffersonian to help is for the money so she can go to Paris. How many trips to Paris do you think she could have gone on with all the money the Jeffersonian has since put into giving her all the nifty toys she uses now? Me thinks someone didn't really want to go to Paris. :)

When Brennan lists off all the information she got from the bones, Booth's face was fantastic. It was the definition of Shock and Awe. Even better - that Brennan realized it was a test, and didn't care. She enjoyed "passing with a lot of color."

(By the way.... who played the murder victim? What an amazing voice!)

Brennan: It seems to me that someone like you could benefit hugely from an association with someone like me.
(And how.)

The first interrogation that Brennan sits in on. Her first experience in understanding that her anthropological studies can help her understand human nature.  In live people, not just dead.

The first Zack and Hodgins experiment! Fantastic. Poor Zack, always the victim. Who cares who is "King of the Lab" here. We all win! Have I mentioned I miss Zack? I'm sure he's rehabilitated, can't he come back now?

The start of "Bones" as Brennan's nickname. It brought me joy. Also love that she is the reason that he wears the socks and the "Cocky" belt. Because she points out that a person with leadership quality always fins a way to let out their individuality. Sigh....

I almost peed in laughter over the flip book. How far we have come! "Maybe if this little stick figure thing was a big computer with bells and whistles." Oh Caroline, you seem annoyed now, but you provide the bells and whistles, and you learn to love those nameless squints. Because they are loveable. LOVEABLE, dammit!

Don't tell Brennan she is stupid and ridiculous. She is practically a lethal weapon. I'm not into girls, but even I thought she was hot when she punched the judge.

As the mom of a child that is almost 7, the Jimmy Neutron reference brought me much joy. I miss Jimmy Neutron. I wonder if he went to prom with Cindy. Or if Carl ever came out. I need to get out more.

Ok.... a moment to swoon over the conversation and kiss outside the bar. She knew he was a decendant of John Wilkes Booth and didn't care. He told her about his gambling problem. Why? Because he already loves her! He knows it and keeps his big mouth shut for how many friggin years? Men! I love this scene because it makes every other moment that we have seen in the past 99 episodes just a little more heartbreaking. That he knew, right away. You see it in that moment. And yet he buried it, because it was what he had to do. Oh and that kiss..... Put the miseltoe to shame. Which is my one major problem - when Sweets asks if there was ever another kiss after this one, they say no. Why does no one remember Christmas?!? Hart Hanson, if you read this, please answer me that! And I love poor Sweets nearly have a stroke at the revelation of their kiss.

Booth: So you are afraid when I look at you in the morning I'll have regrets?
Brennan: That would never happen.

And she is the reason he stopped gambling. If that isn't swoon-worthy, I don't know what is!

My heart soared when Brennan, Hodgins, Zack and Angela worked together to solve the case. As they walked through the Jeffersonian, I sighed thinking of old times. How I miss it. It was also the scene with the best quote of the night (at least not Booth/Brennan related), "What is happening??" Poor Zack. Always out of the loop. And then always insighful Hodgins, "Ever feel like you saw something great that almost happened, then it didn't?"  He may have been talking about their work in forensics with the FBI, but we all heard it as something else. Besides, his "almost happened" does, in fact, happen, so let's focus on our "almost." 

And so begins the anger. AKA the build up tension from not sleeping together. And who pays the price? Sweets, apparently. Poor, poor Sweets. But in watching him watch the two of them finish each others sentences you don't feel so bad because you know he will come to the same conclusion.

Sweets: You are totally messed up.
(Thank you, Captain Obvious!)

When Sweets tells them to break the stalemate, and that it has to be Booth that does it.... I don't know how to describe that moment properly. It was like 3 different conversations were happening there. Sweets was stating what every viewer knew to be the obvious. Brennan thought the whole thing was ridiculous. And Booth... well, we are about to see what Booth thought... But before we get to that....

"Nothing happens unless first a dream.." -Carl Sandberg. How long ago did Hart see that?? Did he see it BEFORE the dream in the Season 4 finale? Has he been plotting to mess with us that long? Oh, Hart, you sneaky bastard. First of all, on it's own, outside the context of the show, how great is that quote? There is a reason it was bronzed onto the side of a wall. But in this episode, first of all a bit of a tease given what actually happens in the scene. But I take it as a reason to be hopeful for what happens in the rest of the season. My thoughts on that after.

Booth: Look, I want to give this a shot.

Booth: I knew, right from the beginning.... I'm that guy. I know.
Brennan: I am not a gambler. I'm a scientist. I don't know how to change.

Her face when she asked if they can still work together was heartbreaking, because you know that for her, that is the relationship. Work is her love, and the only way she knows how to love Booth is by having him be her partner in that work. He tells her that he has to move on, and she claims to accept that, but I do not think that will be the case when it becomes a reality. Which leads to my thoughts/hopes for the rest of the season.

A while back it was announced that Rena Sofer was coming on as a love interest for Booth. Love her, but boooooo. If I had remembered that I would have known (even though I already suspected) this episode would not be the B&B happily ever after episode. But if I know my TV, and I like to think I do, I think that she will be a good thing, because let's face it, she isn't going to be sticking around forever. If anything, now that it is all out there, it will make Bones feel that feeling she probably doesn't really recognize"Sweetie, you are jealous beause you love him." Leading to some sort of "No I'm not" "Yes you are" argument, ultimately leading to Brennan seeing the light. I hope so anyway. She's a scientist right? Well, let's just make this some sort of science experiment for her! How long can a relationship with Booth last? FOREVER! Sigh.... I really need to be less involved in the lives of fictional characters.

Ok, that was an impossibly long blog! I congratulate any of you that actually stuck with me there, even you Erin!

Next week... the pose as a married couple. Because that isn't awkward after professing your love for someone.

(By the way... this has been the week for love on TV! More about that in my Week in Review!)


Anonymous said...

That was a great review of episode 100 :)

I heart B n B said...

Loved it, you are king of the lab (or blog, whatever, same diff.)!!! I do not know what else to say, I think you hit everything important. This is just the best show, maybe ever, in my opinion. I too, as you know, am so overly involved/invested, I so want this to be real so I can find a way to be a part of it. This is like me really really wanting Jem and the Hollograms to be real when I was 6 and how depressing it was that they were a cartoon and dolls. hehe I will probably be back to read and reread this again later. Thanks!

.m.a.n.o. said...

Had fun reading your review =D
And yes, Sweets/JFD is totally adorable. Quite a good singer in a great band too.