Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in Review 4/11-4/17

We are rapidly approaching the end of the regular season! This used to be a lot sadder because summer was void of progamming, but nowadays there is a ton to watch over the new summer season, so sad for the end of the regular season, but not too sad! However the end of the season means that we are getting ready for a lot of "big moments" on our favorite shows. A lot is going on! Plus Glee is back!! WOOT!

THE PACIFIC: Bonus to another fantastic episode: the actress that Basilone is working with to sell war bonds is played by Anna Torv (Olivia on Frigne). She is fantastic, and it was fun to see her play someone a little less uptight than her regular FBI self. However she was just a tiny part of the episode. The story focused on Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello) arriving in Peleliu and being reunited with his friend, Sidney Phillips. It was interesting to see the disconnect between the two after their initial greeting - Sidney worn down from the previous battles and Eugene innocent as ever. Sidney gets leave for awhile, and Eugene is left to discover just how scary and difficult this war is. We saw a little of it, but since Iwo Jima is coming soon, I'm very nervous for how poor sweet Eugene will turn out when all is said and done.

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK: Masterpiece Classic remade this story that tells another side of WWII. I think any Jewish girl will tell you that they feel a connection to Anne. It is hard not to. She was such a strong little girl. I think this version really captured what Angela Chase was talking about in My So-Called Life when she said she was jealous of Anne because she was locked in an attic with the boy she liked. Anne's life was nothing but difficult their two years in the attic, and yet she managed to find beauty, life and love in there. She was an amazing soul. Thank God that Miep Gies saved her diary, and that Otto Frank (the soul survivor of the attic - he survived his time in Aushwitz and died in 1980) fought for it's publication. The world would be less without this story.

BROTHERS & SISTERS: The highly discussed "flashback" episode finally aired. It was good, but the big reveals were not as exciting as I hoped. Narrow Lake = Nora Walker, but does that really mean anything? And what is on that land? Gold? Also, turns out Kevin paralyzed the first boy that tried to kiss him. Ouch. Justin and Rebecca also got married spur of the moment, which I like because how many wedding can one show have? The show is still entertaining, but I was expecting more from an episode they treated like an "event."

HOUSE: Kudos to Hugh Laurie on his directorial debut. It helps when you have David Strathairn on board, doesn't it? And the return of Jennifer Morrison to give Cameron the goodbye she deserved in the first place (I mean storyline, not the sex with Chase). I really enjoyed the episode. It was a nice change of pace from the normal House episode, and frankly, the show benefits when they do that! Look at the episode at the medical conference - way better than any run of the mill episode. Looking forward to Cynthia Watros's debut tonight! (Oh Libby!!)

LIFE UNEXPECTED: A decent season (hopefully not series) finally. Cate married Ryan, though even Ryan seemed unsure of that choice. I appreciated that Ryan told Lux if she was unsure about him marrying Cate, or would rather she married Baze, that he would call it off. However as nice as the gesture was, I thought it was a lot of pressure to place on a 16 year old girl! Baze screwed it up anyway, telling Cate he didn't love her because his daddy never told him he loved him. Classic. Poor Cate. Mom was right, she did look like she could use a box of wine!

GOSSIP GIRL: Despite his best efforts in throwind Dorota an amazing wedding, poor Chuck could not win back Blair's effections. I guess whoring out your girlfriend with some sort of "Indecent Proposal" thing is too much to be forgiven! Don't worry Chair fans, I think it will all work out. In the meantime, is anyone else hoping for a Dan and Blair fling?

24: Oy. Really, 24, Really?? You kill Renee?! The show is ending and poor Jack has saved the world countless times sacrificing everything that has ever mattered to him. You can't let Renee live the last few hours so that he can have some sort of happily ever after? REALLY?!? I'd sacrifice crazy rogue Jack to let him have just a tiny bit of happiness. Lame. But hurray for Chloe finally getting to run the show at CTU. Hopefully she won't screw it up. In other news: The return of evil President Logan! WOO! He's too much fun. And we all know the aide is evil/important since he is played by Reed Diamond. It's not like Reed Diamond was brought in to stand silently next to Gregory Itzin!

CASTLE: My future husband was tricked by that whore Kimber or whatever he name was on this episode. She will always be Kimber even if she dyes her hair brown. Love the show - what a fun episode! As always! Looking forward to Castle having to squirm when Beckett gets a man tonight! It's ok, Nathan, I still love you!!

DAMAGES: I wouldn't want to play poker with Patty Hewes. Girl doesn't flinch even when being told that Arthur Frobisher basically admitted that he hired the guy that killed David (sweet, adorable, Dr. David. I miss you....)! Now, there is a chance that the show may not come back next season (boo) however if it doesn't, the season finale is being set up to be a great series finale. All season I have been wondering where all of these side (read: old) stories were going, but it turns out the geniuses behind Damages seem to have it under control. Loving where this is going, and can't wait to see what happens. (Oh, and FX providing me with TWO Timothy Olyphant sightings this week. Thanks guys!)

GLEE: God, I miss this show! I missed Sue. I missed Sue making fun of Will's hair. ("You have enough product in your hair to season a wok.") I missed Puck's mohawk. I missed Kurt's adorable crush on Finn. I missed Emma's neurosis. (Really, Emma? EVER?!) I missed inspirational speeches from Mr. Schuester. I missed how obsessive Rachel is. I missed how slutty Santana is. I missed how naive Finn is. I missed how stupid Brittany is. ("Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?") I even missed how evil Terri can be. Oh, and I missed the singing! Welcome back, Glee.

JUSTIFIED: Will the show ever falter? I'm going with no, but I could be biased. Raylan making some mistakes this week. Sleeping with a federal witness. Inadvertenly helping his father with a con. Almost getting shot on a stake out. (By the way lady, just because you send your kids to their room does not make it ok to point a shotgun at a US Marhsall's face!) But Raylan, as always, stayed cool through it all. And brought the funny. Side note: Hurray for a Rick Gomez sighting - he played the lawyer that Raylan's ex-wife was working with until she excused herself from the case. Great guy, great actor.

UGLY BETTY: Excuse me while I cry in the corner after watching the series finale of this wonderful show. It had it's ups and downs for sure, but the finale was picture perfect. I don't know how I will get over not having Amanda and Marc to laugh with every week, but I am happy that each character got their happy ending. Even if it was a bit rushed. And they couldn't have handled the Betty/Daniel thing better. They are each others match, but that was the one storyline they didn't rush. They just let it be, and we could take it as we wanted it. But they totally get married and have little half white/half mexican babies! The best part: when the UGLY BETTY title came up for the final time as a now successful and beautiful Betty walked through the streets of London the UGLY faded away, leaving just BETTY. Ugly no more.

IN PLAIN SIGHT: A guy wakes up from a 3 year coma and is a little annoyed that he is now in Witness Protection and has to change his life leading to this exchange:
Mary: There's a lot of people who'd give their life to start over. Tiger Woods!
Wade: Tiger Woods? His life is awesome.
Mary: Huh? Oh yeah.... we'll talk.
Classic. Also, they hired Aaron Ashmore to play Mary and Brandi's half brother. I think we know who Brandi went to visit in NJ now.

COUGAR TOWN: Bye bye Sheryl Crow! Grayson and Jules forever! (I still love you, Scott Foley)

MODERN FAMILY: In what is possibly the funniest moment on TV this week, for me and any other stay at home mom anyway, Mitchell discusses how being a stay at home parent is driving him nuts and now he spends his days plotting the death of Dora the Explorer. I hear ya, Mitchell! But it's all OK because Mitchell was hired by a eccentric rich guy/philathropist played by the wonderful Justin Kirk. Really hoping we see a lot more of him.

HUMAN TARGET: Let me get this out of the way: WTF was up with Lassiter's (Timothy Omundson) facial hair??? Man! That was nuts. Also let me say this: FOX, if you know what is good for you, you won't cancel this show! It is fantastic and just introduced a couple great new characters! OK, where too start.... how about a fellow member of the prestigious "Cornwall Central High School Alumni" group, Armand Assante! How I miss gazing at your picture as I passed by the office. Maybe gaze is the wrong word....what am I looking for? Oh yeah, rolling my eyes. But I still enjoy ya, Armand! And then there is also the origin of the name "Christopher Chance." Turns out it is just an updated version of Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride! The name is inherited from person to person. And in the case of Christopher Chance, the name means you are the protector of people, essentially. When someone needs help, they know they can come to the guy with the name. Fab reveal! Best part of the episode: Amy Acker. I heart her! Fantastic doesn't describe how great of an actress she is. How do I know... duh, Whedon! Between her work on Angel and Dollhouse she solidified her place as one of my favorites. She can go from sweet naive countrygirl to bad ass killer in a blink of an eye. Really hope Human Target comes back because anyone with half a brain knows there is no way in hell she died in that boat explosion! We hadn't seen her on the boat for at least 10 minutes! Don't let me down, Fox!!

BONES: I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I love Bones! The storyline dealing with Bones and Booth was a little sad. I wanted to punch all of those mean people at her high school. Though to be fair - she did hang out with the creepy janitor (what up, Freddy Kruger?) while cutting up dead things! But still... grow up, people! I can't explain my love over the Wendall/Angela/Jack storyline. Wendall truly is a saint. And his awesomeness was proven even further when he was still at the Founding Fathers bar with the rest of the group for drinks. And happy about it. Because he knows Jack and Angela are meant to be. Maybe there is something in the water at the Jeffersonian that is keeping all these people from waking up and finding their soulmate that is standing next to them! Figure it out people!

PROJECT RUNWAY: Judges, you are dead to me.

FRINGE: What a fan-flipping-tastic episode. I adore this show more and more every week. Each of them are perfect, and the Walter/Peter storyline is bringing out the best in the three lead actors. Walter almost collapsing from the weight of his secret. Olivia torn between her loyalty to both men and keeping a secret that isn't hers to tell. And poor Peter unsure of why his father his ignoring him and his best friend (what else would you call them at this point?) is acting like nothing is wrong. It is so hard to watch, and yet you can't look away. Oh, and when Walter got the White Tulip..... tears!

So that is it from me! Comment away! What did you love last week? What are you looking forward to most this week?! I know what I'm not looking forward to.... Rena Sofer. Love her, but bitch better keep her hands off Seely Booth dammit!


Kylene said...

I agree hooray for the return of Glee! I was squeeling the entire time. My mom watched it with me for the 1st time and she was laughing at me but because I was so excited that it was back. I can't wait for this week-MADONNA! Oh kudos to guest stars Idina Menzel & Jonathan Groff! Can't wait to hopefully hear Idina sing soon! :)

Oh "Damages", how do I love thee! And how sad am I that tonight could be the series finale! Damn you F/X! Patty Hughes is just awesome, to not even flinch when it came out that Frobisher had (sigh) Dr. David killed was just amazing! The writers are just brilliant and they way they have managed to bring everything together is phenomenal! Kudos to every single person involved with this show & shame to F/X for not promoting this amazing show as much as the other wonderful show you have on your network (Justified). Hey Tim Olyphant, your pulling double duty this week can't you do something? Talk to those idiots over at F/X!

Annette said...

Hugh Laurie is my hero. That is all...

Erin and booth forever said...

Love your comment to the PR judges and I second you. Thank you Michael for pulling for Jay. Wha was Ms. Klum thinking she would never wear Mila's coats- way too much fAbric for her. I mean if I looked like Heidi I would probably also always dress in revealing clothes, but jay seems more her style... And Nina, ugh. I saw Glee, very entertaining even though I missed the last like third of last season- my bad. Bones.... Ahhhh sigh... Enough said there.