Monday, October 25, 2010

Week in Review: 10/17-10/23 (Wed-Sat)

This week was a little lighter this week because of baseball, so this won't be as long as normal. And I'm a little upset about it because I miss Bones. A lot. But instead of dwelling on the shows we didn't get to see this week, lets talk about the shows we did get to watch! Focus on the positive, you know? :)

TERRIERS: I realize that probably none of you are watching this, but I'm going to tell you, you should. It is one of the best new shows this season. In fact I think the only hour long drama that tops it is Boardwalk Empire. The characters are all interesting, the stories are compelling and it is just plain smart. Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James are AMAZING as the leads. Sometimes I complain of characters being too one-dimentional, but that is not a problem on this show. My only complaint: Karina Logue's character, Steph (Sister to Donal Logue both in real life and on the show) left this week. I hope she is back too.

MODERN FAMILY: This show is simultaneously ridiculous and brilliant. Gloria was especially funny this week when she "took care of" the dog next door that wouldn't stop barking. Sophia Vergara is shockingly good on this show. But the best moment was when Phil and Claire were "shawshanked" by their daughter in the no-internet bet when she carved a phone out of a bar of soap and colored it black. That girl is dumb, but she is not stupid! She still doesn't get the car she was promised though....

COUGAR TOWN: (This week's title card: 100% Cougar Free!) I'm not sure exactly when Grayson finally became part of the Cul de Sac Crew, and frankly neither is he, but I'm glad he is. He is such an amazing boyfriend to Jules who is the most frustating woman ever sometimes. And he is also a great friend to all those people who visibly annoy him. Grayson is swoonworthy. Also - the show is pee in your pants funny. PENNY CAN!

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Holy. Shiz. This show is more than just a regular TV show. It is epic. I know, it's on the CW, so how epic can it be? But take my word for it. More happens on one episode of this show than happens all season on some other shows. This week: Bonnie wasn't a bitch (a BIG deal!), Stefan almost died in a well filled with vervane, Elena found the moonstone in the well, Caroline made up with her mom and then made mom forget the whole thing, Stefan and Elena broke up, Damon killed Mason (sad face!), Katherine made Jenna stab herself in the stomach (HOLY WHAT! Best shot scene ever, by the way. Check out the camera angles on that scene. Amazing direction!), Katherine made Matt decide to harass Tyler until Tyler kills him. All in a matter of 45 minutes! Love this show!!!!

NIKITA: All I'm saying is Devon Sawa better come back. I loved his character. (Though it weirded me out that his name was Owen and his girlfriend's name was Emily) I like that he is a source of jealousy for Michael when it comes to Nikita. Bring him back!

COMMUNITY: I've decided that Abed will be who I pray to from now on. Who is with me?

30 ROCK: I love that Jack and Liz are best friends and that Jack admits it. Really, who else do they have that they can count on? Liz's bizarre sexual issues are hysterical, but they were all topped by the reveal that she had a Gunther Gabel Williams poster up in her room. 30 Melissa Points to anyone who that is without doing an internet search!! Another 30 if you ever saw him in person. And another 30 if you too had a poster. (Guess what, I just earned 90 Melissa points. Though said poster was up only briefly after seeing him, it did exist) This episode also made me very sad that there is no Carvel out here. Dammit. I want a Carvel Ice Cream Cake for my birthday like I used to have every year!!!!

THE OFFICE: Listen, I still haven't watched it but some people keep pointing out that I haven't been posting about it. :) Honestly, of all the comedies I watch now, Office comes in dead last in the funny. Some of it is still SOO GREAT, but the rest makes me just annoyed. However, this week Timothy Olyphant is on, giving me a bit if a reprieve from missing him during Justified's hiatus. (Small plug: Justified is back in February, so if you somehow missed season 1 earlier this year, now is the time to catch up. You won't be sorry. Trust me.) Look forward to watching him on there when I get a chance to catch up.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Let me just say, hurray for a big win for Meredith Grey! I feel like everyone has had their moment in the OR except for Mer, and she finally got it by performing a solo surgery on some girl's brain. Amazing. Love love love the look Der got while watching her finish up. So sweet. As for the million, it was obviously between Owen, Der and Bailey (at least I thought so) and it is hard to argue with Owen's points. Especially with the shooting so fresh in everyone's minds. But Derek losing out on the possibility of saving his wife, well that was just sad.

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Christian de la Fuente started this week as an oncologist that butts heads with Addison. Being that he is Christian de la Fuente, this led to some sexual tension. Here's my issue: Addison is a cheater. We have been discussing this major character flaw since she first stepped foot in Seattle Grace on Grey's. But she acknowledges this flaw and aims to fix it. I know they say "once a cheater, always a cheater," but REALLY do we need her to be distracted by Christian now that she is settled with Sam? Really? I don't need the heroine of the show to perfect, but I don't want her to be a big fat cheater that never learns either. My point of this rant: if she cheats on Sam I'm gonna be PISSED at Shonda Rhimes.

SUPERNATURAL: Five Reasons I LOVED this week's episode:
1. The title was "Live Free or Twihard" proving once again that Supernatural has the best episode titles. (Other favorites include: "Criss Angel is a Douchebag," "Are You There God, It's Me... Dean Winchester" and "Jump the Shark")
2. The (human) girl in the opening had long brown hair and wore a flannel shirt. Her name was Kristen. The (vampire) boy in the opening had fabulous hair that defied gravity, said cheesy lines about how they "shouldn't be together" and "he's a bad guy." His name was Robert.
3. My new favorite adjective: Rapey.
4. Dean Winchester is still totally badass and totally funny when he is an almost-but-not-quite-vampire.
5. Finally proof that Sam is NOT Sammy. We can no longer call that guy Sammy. I don't know where Sammy is, but that ain't him. (And what does Grandpa know, if anything??)
Only thing that was missing: Castiel.

And that's the week, my peeps. Oh SNL was on too. Emma Stone was pretty good, but the episode itself was sort of blah. The best part was Bill Hader as Stefon on Weekend Update. I love watching how easily he laughs at his own character.

Comment away!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week in Review: 10/17-10/23 (Sunday-Tuesday)

Have you missed me? Or did you not realize I was gone?? LOL. Sorry. Just been extra busy with school. But I had a few minutes, so thought I would get a first half of the week blog out there. Mostly because I SO loved so much television already this week. My poor friends keep getting texts about shows they haven't even watched yet. I harass for people to catch up so I have someone to discuss with. And now I turn to you, loyal 5 readers, so you can chat with me about some of them. Ready? No? Too bad! 

RUBICON: Listen, I know the ratings sucked, AMC, but for the love of God just bring it back one more season. Please? PLEASE? Hands down, this is the smartest show on television. I was so excited that they revealed that the neighbor was totally part of the consipiracy. And that Will finally told Miles what was going on. As if poor Miles wasn't paranoid enough. But I'm still sooo sad about Katherine. And that Will didn't take the DVD. What did David say??? TELL ME!! If this doesn't come back, I demand to know anyway!

MAD MEN: I think we can sum up the season finale of Mad Men in three little words: What. The. Hell. Seriously???? Megan??? What happened?? I have no idea what is going on. However, I did enjoy Megan with the kids. She is 300 times the mother Betty is. Speaking of - I wish Carla had smacked Betty. How awful! But back to Don and his sudden love of Megan after months with Faye - you know, an actual smart adult woman. I love the Peggy was comfortable enough to not just congratulate him, but instead to check and see if he was drinking or losing his mind. I also liked the look of jealousy that crossed Peggy's face. And the confusion that seemed to immediately follow that jealousy. Not just for the situation, but her jealousy of it. And then her scene with Joan was pitch perfect. Love those two when they are shooting the shit. And Joan. Joanie, Joanie, Joanie. I knew you didn't go through with the abortion, you crazy girl. Can't wait until Roger finds out your still knocked up.  Is it next summer yet??

BOARDWALK EMPIRE: Oh Nuk. Really? You know that Mrs. Shroeder is not dumb like your girl. She is smart and she notices things. And apparently, she won't be ignored. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And apparently that fury turns on Treasurer Thompson. GREAT ending scene, but me thinks that gonna cause some problems. The dumb girlfriend isn't going to like that. And I don't think the Fed is going to like it either. On to my favorite character- Jimmy. I just love that kid. I love that he took care of Pearl. But I also knew Pearl was about to kill herself, which didn't make it any less heartbreaking when that shot rang out. (And did that really have to happen on the St. Patty's Day episode?? REALLY?? Oy) I hope Jimmy finds the guys that did that to her and kills them all. Slowly.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Glad that we moved on from the Bree/Renee fight over Keith. Sure, Brian Austin Green is dreamy, but come on, ladies! Besides, that storyline was getting old after just an episode and a half! At least we aren't losing BAG. I know that he is on until at least episode 9. Hopefully he doesn't die or get paralyzed like Bree's other men. Honestly, not much else is holding my attention on this show. But I do still love Gaby. She cracks me up, even when I don't like her storyline all that much.

CHUCK: Somebody was watching Charade when they made this episode. The funeral scene where the old team comes and checks that Casey is dead by poking him with needles and burning him with a cigar is right out of the movie Charade. (I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. One of my top 5 all time favorite movies) Besides that, the episode as fun, if only for the one scene where Morgan tells a paralyzed Casey that he is dating Casey's daughter, Alex, in order to shock him out of the paralization. SOOO FUNNY to see Casey's eyes go all big like that. And I love we had an episode where we didn't worry about Chuck being overly involved in his relationship with Sarah, or Sarah having to prove she loved Chuck and was committed. Next week: Mama Bartowski is back! Along with Freddy Kreuger.

THE EVENT: I just want to say, I love that Layla is a fighter. She is aware of her surroundings, she stays observant even when being held captive, and she has faith in her adorable boyfriend, with good reason. I also love that Sean is a fighter and will do anything to get to her. That storyline has been great, but I'm also VERY glad they have been reunited. I'd rather we come up with something else for them than to prolong that arc indefintely. As for the detainees - I have no idea what is going on there, but I hope we let Michael out soon. Scott Patterson is way to awesome to be locked in a box for this many episodes. I want him in a backwards hat and serving Lauren Graham coffee. Oh wait.... nevermind. I'll just turn on ABC Family at 5.

CASTLE: Loved all the Grey's Anatomy references in this episode! Especially the doctor, who we never saw, named Rhonda Shimes. HA! But, let's face it, it's really about Castle and Beckett, isn't it? Last week Castle basically admitted (if only to himself) that he loved Beckett, who is now dating a hot doctor. But this week Beckett told Castle she would break him out of jail. Something she didn't realize meant a lot to him - Mama Castle just finished telling him that it was a sign of true love. Awwww... Something I love about this show: the leads and the creator, Andrew Marlowe, have never been shy about admitting that Castle and Beckett are meant to be. We just have to wait until they figure it out.

HOUSE: Funny: House and Wilson babysitting Rachel. My husband was in the room when I started watching this episode, and even he was laughing (he doesn't particularly enjoy this show) at how cute Rachel was and how inept House was with her. Love that she did end up eating a dime. Not Funny: baby cancer. Just saying. I get enough of the babies/moms of babies dying over on Private Practice. I don't need it here.

HAWAII 5-0: Did this guy never watch TV?? You never just ignore the cops and go straight to the kidnappers yourself. Duh. It always backfires. Always. Dad deserved to get shot. But glad he didn't. Poor girl was traumatized enough. And, fell in love with Grace Park even a little more this week when she stole the dog from the "madame" in the sex slave ring. So funny. Not really enjoying the snooping sister or girlfriend out of nowhere storylines, but whatever. Scott Caan makes it all better.

ONE TREE HILL: Quinn is having zombie dreams and bought a gun in case crazy Katie comes back. Maybe instead of sending Quinn to South Africa, Clay should get her some therapy? Hmmmm?  Anyone?? I did love this episode though, if only for the costumes. My favorties: Haley as high school her, Clay as Edward Cullen and Quinn as Super Quinn (even if it didn't read - Loved that running joke). Sharon Lawrence has joined the crew as Julian's crazy mother. She is going to be as enjoyable for Brooke as one of Chase's drinks. Oh and Julian and the high five?? I LOVE they make that guy such a HUGE dork.

LIFE UNEXPECTED: I'm going to go on record and say when this show started I wasn't totally on board. I thought it was okay, but a little cheesy. However, this season it is great, due in no small part to the addition of Shaun Sipos as Will Daniels, Lux's teacher/crush. I will also say when that story started I thought we were just going to repeat this summer's Pretty Little Liars fun. But thankfully this is taking a whole new route and I LOVE it. There were so many swoon-worthy moments in this episode! Especially when Will went to find Lux after she ran out on him after watching The Outsiders. His speech about why he tutors her.... sigh..... So great. And there are also adults on the show! I kind of want to go back and rewatch some of the episodes - was Ryan really THAT angsty?? And how much more Julia are we going to get? As for Baze and his boss.... eh. I don't know. But I love me some Emma Caulfield, so I'll take it.

PARENTHOOD: I want Kevin Alejandro back. Sure, Billy Baldwin came through in the end of this episode, but Kevin Alejandro is soooo pretty. Oh well. Really liked that they gave Max a win this episode as he conquered the haunted house on his own. And that mom acknowledged that she needed to give him some space. But they really need to have a talk with that kid about his aspergers. It's getting a little ridiculous.

THE GOOD WIFE: Wow. What an episode!! The leak! The car smashing! Loved it! I still love Cary, even if he is working for the dark side (literally - he is working for The Man in Black!!). I also loved that when going over all the connections in the room he mentioned "whatever it is you to have going on" to Will and Alicia. If only they would talk about it! Will has a new girl though - someone should tell him she is a vampire though! I love Elizabeth Reaser. And then there is that leak. Eli realized it came from someone who wanted to run against Peter and Childs, but was mistakenly lead to believe that person was Judge Adler. Turned out it wasn't, though she led Diane to believe it was her so that they would all back off. Instead it was Anika Noni-Rose's character, Wendy Scott-Caar. Oh Snap. I thought the best moment of the episode was going to be Kalinda smashing in Blake's car, but no. It was Eli immediately getting on the phone and saying, "Who is Wendy Scott-Caar?!?" Good question. (Second best moment - Will and Alicia high-fiving. Get it together you crazy kids)

Ok.... so that is it through Tuesday. Comment away. And if you haven't watched yet, well do it already. It's not like any of you are getting married in a few days and are busy.  Oh wait..... :)   (But still.... watch OTH and LUX!!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: 9/26-10/2

So, I didn't split it up this week. I wanted to, but I just ran out of time. I should be done with the novel by Monday at the latest, so hopefully I'll be able to do it next week. So this week we won't get everything. (Oh, and RIP Lonestar and My Generation. We barely knew ya)

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: I'm so happy that Vanessa Williams is back on television!! I love her and her snarkiness, which is in full force here. Hoping we get a lot more of it. We also found out that Juanita was switched at birth, which Carlos isn't telling Gabby. And Bree tells Gabby that Andrew killed Carlos's mother a million years ago, which Gabby doesn't tell Carlos. Both sort of blah - but not as bad as Susan's story which I will just ignore. Bree is deciding to remodel now that she is divorcing Orson, and her handyman is being played by Brian Austin Green. Somewhere in Heaven, Aaron Spelling is squealing in excitement!

BROTHERS & SISTERS: Gilles Marini in his skivvies. Was there other stuff? Sorry I stopped paying attention at that point.

RUBICON: Listen you can ask me what happened on any given episode of this show and all I will be able to say is, "a lot," without any real explanation. Partly because it is so subtle and partly because I'm just not smart enough. But it is consistently one of my favorite hours on television each week.

MAD MEN: In not a completely shocking twist, Joan is knocked up with baby Sterling after their tryst in the alley. Joan decides to "take care of it," although Richard is willing to let her keep it and pass it off as her husbands. After a rather awkward appointment with a doctor Richard suggested, she goes for an appointment in Morristown with a doc who does the "taking care of it." But we never see it happen, or even her go into the appointment, so if you ask me I say she didn't do it. What's crazy about this episode is that was the least intense storyline. Between Lane's crazy father who beat Lane with his cane and told him to dump his "chocolate bunny" and go home to his wife and kids and then Don almost getting revealed as being Dick Whitman thanks to Pete's airforce account, things got really scary really quick at SCDP. And to top it off, the loss of the air account and Lucky Strike (tho Richard has yet to reveal it) could mean the end of their upstart company. EEK!

CHUCK: There was some great stuff this week - the return of the non-efficient Buy More, with Morgan made manager, Karolina Kurkova, Lou Ferrigno, Sarah unpacked, Awesome went baby crazy, Isaiah Mustafa, Casey calls Alex - but frankly the only thing I am left thinking about is this: WTF was up with Bronson Pinchot? He was in the guest credits at the start, but had no line and was only on screen for, I'm not kidding, 5 seconds. Again I say: W. T. F.  ?????

THE EVENT: Dude. Love. The Jason Ritter part is like a fantastic Hitchcock movie (he is Jimmy Stewart and Sarah Roemer is Grace Kelley) Loved loved loved their meet cute in the pool. Swoon to the tenth degree. Then there is all the sci-fi/conspiracy thriller fun stuff. The detainees are what? Aliens? Maybe. Although if you ask me and Kev, we say they are from the future a la The 4400 (where the abductors were not aliens, but future humans). The changes in DNA - not alien, but just evolution. They talked about how a chimp is only 2% different in DNA, a 2% difference that can be accounted for by evolution, if you go with that explanation for mankind. And since this is a sci-fi show, we are going with that explanation. As for the end - there is no way Scott Patterson is dead, so I'm hoping the other 200 people aren't either! Harsh.

HAWAII 5-0: Looks like Hawaii 5-0 is going to give Castle a run for it's money in the awesome guest stars category. This week: Ivana Milevic, Scott Cohen (Max Medina!!) and Martin Starr. All awesome, although the casting of Ivana made the twist that she was a plant very very obvious. Hello! The bad guys were Russian!! Anywho, still a great ep, and loved the fake graduation for Kona. Got a little misty. But when don't I?

CASTLE: Bess Armstrong! Rachel Boston! I don't know though, H50 may have still won this week. But they had the "Alexander" moment at the end of the ep, so point Castle. Mini-swoon. AND DOUBLE RAINBOW SHOUT OUT!!! ATW!!!

 HIMYM: Before I get to the best part of the episode (or should I say the season, because short of revealing the mother, I don't know how they'll top it) let me tell you the best line of the episode. When they are cleaning out Barney's mom's house and find the Santa suit she would wear to fool the kids they discuss parents lying to kids, "Santa is a good like. Like when we tell Ted that he will meet the right girl and settle down." HAHA. It's funny cuz we know he will, but seriously, it's taking For. Ever. Anyway, best part was when Wayne Brady and his dad (I am convinced in real life) Ben Vereen sing Stand by Me, and NPH joins in. Just awesomesauce. Small shout out to Cobie/Robin's reaction in the background. And then the closing bit with the Kanye voice box? Gosh I love NPH.

GOSSIP GIRL: I love when Serena and Blair work together to take someone else down. So you can imagine how much I loved this episode! And I also LOVE Lily and Chuck scenes. So hurray for that! Speaking of Chuck - anyone else think that Eva has some sort of ulterior motive? Anyone??

90210: Mr. Cannon is super super icky.

NO ORDINARY FAMILY: A good pilot. I adore the actors (hello! Julie Benz!!) and thing the characters are all a lot of fun. Especially the "friends," played by Romany Molasco and Autumn Reeser. Autumn is basically played Taylor from The OC, but a science geek. And Romany is playing a DA, which I find to be odd casting, but I understand it's purpose and I'm letting that go because he is hysterical. Also, good setup for some mythology - her boss is evil and they aren't the only supers! Interested to see where it goes. (Also - plant Stephanie was talking about during the meeting related to whatever that was in the water that made them super??)

GLEE: It's Britney, Bitch. I was very curious how they were going to incorporate all the Brit because I knew that Mr Shue was going to be against it. Love how they did it as dream sequences while they were all getting work done by the adorable dentist/Emma's new boyfriend, Carl. Can he sing already, please? Uncle Jesse, FTW. Someone obviously spent a lot of time with some Britney videos, because those were all spot on - much like Vogue in the Madonna episode. But despite all the Brit, my favorite parts were Sue related, of course. When she went on some bizarre rant about the Democratic National Convention, Will had one of the best reactions ever where he did almost a triple take and looked around to see if anyone else was hearing this craziness. But Sue had the best line, "You wear more vests than the cast of Blossom." It's funny cuz it's true. Ready for next week's ep, Grilled Chessus. But scared to watch because I started to cry during the previews!

THE GOOD WIFE: Dammit all the hell, Eli! Why oh why did you erase that message?? WHY?!?!?! Sigh.... Other things that made me sad: I can't love Cary any more. And Kalinda's new possibly nemesis is played by Scott Porter (Friday Night Light's Jason Street) and I'm not sure we are going to be able to like him yet either. Or the new partner played by the also very pretty Michael Ealy. And yet despite all the drama that makes me sad, I'm still so excited this show is back. It's just great adult drama.

ONE TREE HILL: Dear Will, Thanks for dying so that Clay could live. Sucks for you since you seemed like a good kid, but poor Quinn needs Clay to live. Don't text and drive! -Melissa 

LIFE UNEXPECTED: That was a whole lot of exposition just to get to the inevitable Mr. Daniels will be tutoring Lux storyline! But it did give us some more of that cutie Jones. And Math finally telling Lux something she needed to be told: she is full of crap for whining about her parents! Thank's Math. We love you. But, for the first time ever, the best part was Ryan and Baze, who finally have come to terms with each other. Ryan and Cate gave Baze the money for Paige's part in the fire. Ryan put up a hoop for Baze to practice basketball with Lux. And Baze is being a big boy with a big boy job (with Emma Caulfied!).

UNDERCOVERS: Well, it's official. Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Boris Kodjoe may be the pretty star faces of the show, but it's the supporting cast that really makes this show fun. Gerald McRaney has perfected the crotchedy guy in charge. Ben Schwartz who could be grating as the spy in love with Boris's character earns my respect with his actual skills as a spy and last but not least (in fact best) Carter MacIntyre as Leo Nash (ex-boyfriend to Samantha and ex-partner/friend to Steven) is hysterical. I only hope that they don't wait til half way thru to bring him in every episode. When he says things like, "I don't want it to be awkward that I used to do sex with your wife," you don't want less of him.

COUGAR TOWN: Three words: Dead. Baby. Lasagna.

HELLCATS: This show may be about Marti, but it is Savannah and Danny that keep me interested. Danny is a playboy and Savannah, as Marti put it, "wouldn't know casual if it came up to her on the street and said 'hey, yeah, whatever.'" But thanks to Savannah sticking up to her awful mother, and managing to be classy and loving in the process, Danny has become smitten with her and is going to give the whole "one girl" thing a try. (Very Logan/Rory, isn't it?) But back to our main girl, Marti - it's episode four and we already have her singing. How long til Tisdale is working it on open mic night?

MODERN FAMILY: Beso! Beso! Beso! (If you saw it, you get it. If you didn't, well, I'm just sad for you.)

30 ROCK: How does 30 Rock get Paul Giamatti, Brian Williams (love!) and Andrea Mitchell on an episode and it's not even sweeps. It's just the second of the season. What is going to happen come sweeps? (And I really missed Matt Damon)

FRINGE: This season is equally good and frustrating. The storylines are great, and that Walter/Peter scene broke my already fragile Fringe-loving heart. But Fauxlivia, oh Fauxlivia, you drive me effing nuts! First of all, HUGE shout out to Anna Torv who plays her alternate reality character to perfection. She plays Fauxlivia in a way that you understand why she is fooling everyone, but at the same time never fools the viewer. We see the differences (I think she even sounds different) but you can see how well she is hiding them. I can't wait for her to be discovered! I'm hoping it's Astrid. I love me some sassy Astrid.

BONES: Sigh..... Hannah. You seem like a good person. I don't want to hate you. I really don't. For those that watch Grey's, Hannah is like Addison. She is the other woman, you want her hands off the man whose heart clearly belongs to the titular character of the show, but you kinda can't help but like her just a little. That said, she needs to get the eff out of her. Did you see Bones' face every time Hannah was around?? It's the first time we finally saw how sad she really was about about it (aka how much she loves Booth). Even Clark, who hates any of this silly personal crap, can see it! Dammit!!!

VAMPIRE DIARIES: This exchange is why I love this show:
Mason: Great to meet you. Heard really great things about you.
Damon: Really? That's weird. Cause I'm a dick.
I heart you, Damon.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Who else got really sad when Lexie basically told Mark to eff off right before he was about to tell her he loved her? I love these two together, and want Mark to be happy, because his pouty face is oh so sad.  But more importantly than these two crazy kids: Christina Yang is losing it thanks to that whole 'performing on her best friend's husband at gun point' thing. She even thinks about divorcing Owen after 15 seconds of marriage. But Mer, of course, talked her out of it. And right after that Owen came in with a fantastic speech to win Christina back. Christina gets up, tells Owen they should go home and walks out the door. Owen gets a look of pride that his well-rehearsed speech work, to which Mer says, "I fixed her right before you came. But that was a nice speech." Oh Owen, you should know better than that now!

PRIVATE PRACTICE: These are some of the most child-like adults ever. I say it all the time, but it's always true.

NIKITA: Do we need a scene in every episode where Nikita and Michael hold each other at gunpoint and have a conversation that consists of Michael telling Nikita she will never win this fight and Nikita telling Michael that he is a sheep when it comes to Percy? Every episode? I still like the episode, but the repetition with that is getting a little annoying. Also - who else thinks Percy is Michael's father? I thought that was what he was going to tell Nikita in that flashback at the end of the episode.

SUPERNATURAL: Alright, that's better! Much better episode this week. Fun to go back to an old school monster - the shapeshifter- and learn that they have an "alpha" leader who doesn't need to shed to change? Crazy! Speaking of crazy- what is up with Grandpa? Who was on the phone?? Who is he working for?? And why?? And why after all these years when Dean tells Sam that something is weird about someone does Sam not believe him? Does no one else remember Ruby?!?! Plus we finally got some real quality Sam/Dean time. In a cheap motel room with a weird partition! And a baby! Well, that is new, but loved the baby's name! Bobby John!! But as great as the episode was, nothing, I mean NOTHING, is going to compare to the end. First Lisa has to go and make me like her but telling Dean he needs to hit the road because that is where he wants to be. AND THEN......... METTALICAR!!!! The beautiful Impala (and the only girl that really has any place on the show) was finally unveiled from underneath the tarp. I can't wait to see her on the road next week. Also next week: CAS!! WOOT!

Ok, that's the week! I'm excited I got that done. And still managed to get most of it in there!

Comment me!!