Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week in Review: 10/17-10/23 (Sunday-Tuesday)

Have you missed me? Or did you not realize I was gone?? LOL. Sorry. Just been extra busy with school. But I had a few minutes, so thought I would get a first half of the week blog out there. Mostly because I SO loved so much television already this week. My poor friends keep getting texts about shows they haven't even watched yet. I harass for people to catch up so I have someone to discuss with. And now I turn to you, loyal 5 readers, so you can chat with me about some of them. Ready? No? Too bad! 

RUBICON: Listen, I know the ratings sucked, AMC, but for the love of God just bring it back one more season. Please? PLEASE? Hands down, this is the smartest show on television. I was so excited that they revealed that the neighbor was totally part of the consipiracy. And that Will finally told Miles what was going on. As if poor Miles wasn't paranoid enough. But I'm still sooo sad about Katherine. And that Will didn't take the DVD. What did David say??? TELL ME!! If this doesn't come back, I demand to know anyway!

MAD MEN: I think we can sum up the season finale of Mad Men in three little words: What. The. Hell. Seriously???? Megan??? What happened?? I have no idea what is going on. However, I did enjoy Megan with the kids. She is 300 times the mother Betty is. Speaking of - I wish Carla had smacked Betty. How awful! But back to Don and his sudden love of Megan after months with Faye - you know, an actual smart adult woman. I love the Peggy was comfortable enough to not just congratulate him, but instead to check and see if he was drinking or losing his mind. I also liked the look of jealousy that crossed Peggy's face. And the confusion that seemed to immediately follow that jealousy. Not just for the situation, but her jealousy of it. And then her scene with Joan was pitch perfect. Love those two when they are shooting the shit. And Joan. Joanie, Joanie, Joanie. I knew you didn't go through with the abortion, you crazy girl. Can't wait until Roger finds out your still knocked up.  Is it next summer yet??

BOARDWALK EMPIRE: Oh Nuk. Really? You know that Mrs. Shroeder is not dumb like your girl. She is smart and she notices things. And apparently, she won't be ignored. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And apparently that fury turns on Treasurer Thompson. GREAT ending scene, but me thinks that gonna cause some problems. The dumb girlfriend isn't going to like that. And I don't think the Fed is going to like it either. On to my favorite character- Jimmy. I just love that kid. I love that he took care of Pearl. But I also knew Pearl was about to kill herself, which didn't make it any less heartbreaking when that shot rang out. (And did that really have to happen on the St. Patty's Day episode?? REALLY?? Oy) I hope Jimmy finds the guys that did that to her and kills them all. Slowly.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Glad that we moved on from the Bree/Renee fight over Keith. Sure, Brian Austin Green is dreamy, but come on, ladies! Besides, that storyline was getting old after just an episode and a half! At least we aren't losing BAG. I know that he is on until at least episode 9. Hopefully he doesn't die or get paralyzed like Bree's other men. Honestly, not much else is holding my attention on this show. But I do still love Gaby. She cracks me up, even when I don't like her storyline all that much.

CHUCK: Somebody was watching Charade when they made this episode. The funeral scene where the old team comes and checks that Casey is dead by poking him with needles and burning him with a cigar is right out of the movie Charade. (I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. One of my top 5 all time favorite movies) Besides that, the episode as fun, if only for the one scene where Morgan tells a paralyzed Casey that he is dating Casey's daughter, Alex, in order to shock him out of the paralization. SOOO FUNNY to see Casey's eyes go all big like that. And I love we had an episode where we didn't worry about Chuck being overly involved in his relationship with Sarah, or Sarah having to prove she loved Chuck and was committed. Next week: Mama Bartowski is back! Along with Freddy Kreuger.

THE EVENT: I just want to say, I love that Layla is a fighter. She is aware of her surroundings, she stays observant even when being held captive, and she has faith in her adorable boyfriend, with good reason. I also love that Sean is a fighter and will do anything to get to her. That storyline has been great, but I'm also VERY glad they have been reunited. I'd rather we come up with something else for them than to prolong that arc indefintely. As for the detainees - I have no idea what is going on there, but I hope we let Michael out soon. Scott Patterson is way to awesome to be locked in a box for this many episodes. I want him in a backwards hat and serving Lauren Graham coffee. Oh wait.... nevermind. I'll just turn on ABC Family at 5.

CASTLE: Loved all the Grey's Anatomy references in this episode! Especially the doctor, who we never saw, named Rhonda Shimes. HA! But, let's face it, it's really about Castle and Beckett, isn't it? Last week Castle basically admitted (if only to himself) that he loved Beckett, who is now dating a hot doctor. But this week Beckett told Castle she would break him out of jail. Something she didn't realize meant a lot to him - Mama Castle just finished telling him that it was a sign of true love. Awwww... Something I love about this show: the leads and the creator, Andrew Marlowe, have never been shy about admitting that Castle and Beckett are meant to be. We just have to wait until they figure it out.

HOUSE: Funny: House and Wilson babysitting Rachel. My husband was in the room when I started watching this episode, and even he was laughing (he doesn't particularly enjoy this show) at how cute Rachel was and how inept House was with her. Love that she did end up eating a dime. Not Funny: baby cancer. Just saying. I get enough of the babies/moms of babies dying over on Private Practice. I don't need it here.

HAWAII 5-0: Did this guy never watch TV?? You never just ignore the cops and go straight to the kidnappers yourself. Duh. It always backfires. Always. Dad deserved to get shot. But glad he didn't. Poor girl was traumatized enough. And, fell in love with Grace Park even a little more this week when she stole the dog from the "madame" in the sex slave ring. So funny. Not really enjoying the snooping sister or girlfriend out of nowhere storylines, but whatever. Scott Caan makes it all better.

ONE TREE HILL: Quinn is having zombie dreams and bought a gun in case crazy Katie comes back. Maybe instead of sending Quinn to South Africa, Clay should get her some therapy? Hmmmm?  Anyone?? I did love this episode though, if only for the costumes. My favorties: Haley as high school her, Clay as Edward Cullen and Quinn as Super Quinn (even if it didn't read - Loved that running joke). Sharon Lawrence has joined the crew as Julian's crazy mother. She is going to be as enjoyable for Brooke as one of Chase's drinks. Oh and Julian and the high five?? I LOVE they make that guy such a HUGE dork.

LIFE UNEXPECTED: I'm going to go on record and say when this show started I wasn't totally on board. I thought it was okay, but a little cheesy. However, this season it is great, due in no small part to the addition of Shaun Sipos as Will Daniels, Lux's teacher/crush. I will also say when that story started I thought we were just going to repeat this summer's Pretty Little Liars fun. But thankfully this is taking a whole new route and I LOVE it. There were so many swoon-worthy moments in this episode! Especially when Will went to find Lux after she ran out on him after watching The Outsiders. His speech about why he tutors her.... sigh..... So great. And there are also adults on the show! I kind of want to go back and rewatch some of the episodes - was Ryan really THAT angsty?? And how much more Julia are we going to get? As for Baze and his boss.... eh. I don't know. But I love me some Emma Caulfield, so I'll take it.

PARENTHOOD: I want Kevin Alejandro back. Sure, Billy Baldwin came through in the end of this episode, but Kevin Alejandro is soooo pretty. Oh well. Really liked that they gave Max a win this episode as he conquered the haunted house on his own. And that mom acknowledged that she needed to give him some space. But they really need to have a talk with that kid about his aspergers. It's getting a little ridiculous.

THE GOOD WIFE: Wow. What an episode!! The leak! The car smashing! Loved it! I still love Cary, even if he is working for the dark side (literally - he is working for The Man in Black!!). I also loved that when going over all the connections in the room he mentioned "whatever it is you to have going on" to Will and Alicia. If only they would talk about it! Will has a new girl though - someone should tell him she is a vampire though! I love Elizabeth Reaser. And then there is that leak. Eli realized it came from someone who wanted to run against Peter and Childs, but was mistakenly lead to believe that person was Judge Adler. Turned out it wasn't, though she led Diane to believe it was her so that they would all back off. Instead it was Anika Noni-Rose's character, Wendy Scott-Caar. Oh Snap. I thought the best moment of the episode was going to be Kalinda smashing in Blake's car, but no. It was Eli immediately getting on the phone and saying, "Who is Wendy Scott-Caar?!?" Good question. (Second best moment - Will and Alicia high-fiving. Get it together you crazy kids)

Ok.... so that is it through Tuesday. Comment away. And if you haven't watched yet, well do it already. It's not like any of you are getting married in a few days and are busy.  Oh wait..... :)   (But still.... watch OTH and LUX!!)


erin said...

Ahhh, I think I have only watched one of the shows in this review, it is actually in progress. Kalinda bashing in the car was awesome, especially telling the old dude "aren't you going to call it in." I am still pissed at Eli dfor deleting Will's message- invasion of privacy dude!

Kylene said...

I'm torn on Nuk & Mrs. Shroeder. See and maybe I'm over thinking here, I think that in a weird way somehow he knew that knows that Mrs. Shroeder talked to the Feds and the ending scene was his way of getting her to stop talking. Because he was talking to his brother about being a good lier, remember the whole Irish Soda bread thing, and just that look Nuk gave her when he saw her with the other protesting women. I mean I think he does like her but something is telling me that he could be playing her too. But then again I could be just over thinking it.