Monday, October 25, 2010

Week in Review: 10/17-10/23 (Wed-Sat)

This week was a little lighter this week because of baseball, so this won't be as long as normal. And I'm a little upset about it because I miss Bones. A lot. But instead of dwelling on the shows we didn't get to see this week, lets talk about the shows we did get to watch! Focus on the positive, you know? :)

TERRIERS: I realize that probably none of you are watching this, but I'm going to tell you, you should. It is one of the best new shows this season. In fact I think the only hour long drama that tops it is Boardwalk Empire. The characters are all interesting, the stories are compelling and it is just plain smart. Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James are AMAZING as the leads. Sometimes I complain of characters being too one-dimentional, but that is not a problem on this show. My only complaint: Karina Logue's character, Steph (Sister to Donal Logue both in real life and on the show) left this week. I hope she is back too.

MODERN FAMILY: This show is simultaneously ridiculous and brilliant. Gloria was especially funny this week when she "took care of" the dog next door that wouldn't stop barking. Sophia Vergara is shockingly good on this show. But the best moment was when Phil and Claire were "shawshanked" by their daughter in the no-internet bet when she carved a phone out of a bar of soap and colored it black. That girl is dumb, but she is not stupid! She still doesn't get the car she was promised though....

COUGAR TOWN: (This week's title card: 100% Cougar Free!) I'm not sure exactly when Grayson finally became part of the Cul de Sac Crew, and frankly neither is he, but I'm glad he is. He is such an amazing boyfriend to Jules who is the most frustating woman ever sometimes. And he is also a great friend to all those people who visibly annoy him. Grayson is swoonworthy. Also - the show is pee in your pants funny. PENNY CAN!

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Holy. Shiz. This show is more than just a regular TV show. It is epic. I know, it's on the CW, so how epic can it be? But take my word for it. More happens on one episode of this show than happens all season on some other shows. This week: Bonnie wasn't a bitch (a BIG deal!), Stefan almost died in a well filled with vervane, Elena found the moonstone in the well, Caroline made up with her mom and then made mom forget the whole thing, Stefan and Elena broke up, Damon killed Mason (sad face!), Katherine made Jenna stab herself in the stomach (HOLY WHAT! Best shot scene ever, by the way. Check out the camera angles on that scene. Amazing direction!), Katherine made Matt decide to harass Tyler until Tyler kills him. All in a matter of 45 minutes! Love this show!!!!

NIKITA: All I'm saying is Devon Sawa better come back. I loved his character. (Though it weirded me out that his name was Owen and his girlfriend's name was Emily) I like that he is a source of jealousy for Michael when it comes to Nikita. Bring him back!

COMMUNITY: I've decided that Abed will be who I pray to from now on. Who is with me?

30 ROCK: I love that Jack and Liz are best friends and that Jack admits it. Really, who else do they have that they can count on? Liz's bizarre sexual issues are hysterical, but they were all topped by the reveal that she had a Gunther Gabel Williams poster up in her room. 30 Melissa Points to anyone who that is without doing an internet search!! Another 30 if you ever saw him in person. And another 30 if you too had a poster. (Guess what, I just earned 90 Melissa points. Though said poster was up only briefly after seeing him, it did exist) This episode also made me very sad that there is no Carvel out here. Dammit. I want a Carvel Ice Cream Cake for my birthday like I used to have every year!!!!

THE OFFICE: Listen, I still haven't watched it but some people keep pointing out that I haven't been posting about it. :) Honestly, of all the comedies I watch now, Office comes in dead last in the funny. Some of it is still SOO GREAT, but the rest makes me just annoyed. However, this week Timothy Olyphant is on, giving me a bit if a reprieve from missing him during Justified's hiatus. (Small plug: Justified is back in February, so if you somehow missed season 1 earlier this year, now is the time to catch up. You won't be sorry. Trust me.) Look forward to watching him on there when I get a chance to catch up.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Let me just say, hurray for a big win for Meredith Grey! I feel like everyone has had their moment in the OR except for Mer, and she finally got it by performing a solo surgery on some girl's brain. Amazing. Love love love the look Der got while watching her finish up. So sweet. As for the million, it was obviously between Owen, Der and Bailey (at least I thought so) and it is hard to argue with Owen's points. Especially with the shooting so fresh in everyone's minds. But Derek losing out on the possibility of saving his wife, well that was just sad.

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Christian de la Fuente started this week as an oncologist that butts heads with Addison. Being that he is Christian de la Fuente, this led to some sexual tension. Here's my issue: Addison is a cheater. We have been discussing this major character flaw since she first stepped foot in Seattle Grace on Grey's. But she acknowledges this flaw and aims to fix it. I know they say "once a cheater, always a cheater," but REALLY do we need her to be distracted by Christian now that she is settled with Sam? Really? I don't need the heroine of the show to perfect, but I don't want her to be a big fat cheater that never learns either. My point of this rant: if she cheats on Sam I'm gonna be PISSED at Shonda Rhimes.

SUPERNATURAL: Five Reasons I LOVED this week's episode:
1. The title was "Live Free or Twihard" proving once again that Supernatural has the best episode titles. (Other favorites include: "Criss Angel is a Douchebag," "Are You There God, It's Me... Dean Winchester" and "Jump the Shark")
2. The (human) girl in the opening had long brown hair and wore a flannel shirt. Her name was Kristen. The (vampire) boy in the opening had fabulous hair that defied gravity, said cheesy lines about how they "shouldn't be together" and "he's a bad guy." His name was Robert.
3. My new favorite adjective: Rapey.
4. Dean Winchester is still totally badass and totally funny when he is an almost-but-not-quite-vampire.
5. Finally proof that Sam is NOT Sammy. We can no longer call that guy Sammy. I don't know where Sammy is, but that ain't him. (And what does Grandpa know, if anything??)
Only thing that was missing: Castiel.

And that's the week, my peeps. Oh SNL was on too. Emma Stone was pretty good, but the episode itself was sort of blah. The best part was Bill Hader as Stefon on Weekend Update. I love watching how easily he laughs at his own character.

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