Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: The End (noooo!!!!!)

The island wasn't a cork.... it was the Titanic!! Or James Cameron's version of it anyway. I kid, because I love. And I did love the finale. Now that I've stopped crying for a few minutes (something sure to be re-initiated by writing this) I guess it is time I get down to the discussion.

No real recap for this one, because I am not going to write a novel. You see how long they can be for an hour episode - can you image one that is 150% longer?!?! Ridiculous.  So here is the brief brief brief recaps:

Island: Jack and UnLocke both want to use Desmond for their plan. Des uncorks the island - it goes all red and scary and starts to collapse. But it also makes Jack and UnLocke (and Richard, it would appear) mortal again. So Jack, with more than a little help from his gal Kate, kill UnLocke and then Jack goes back and re-corks the island. Jack, Kate, Claire, Frank, Miles, Sawyer and Richard leave on the Ajira plane. Hurley is left in charge of the island with Ben as his number 2. Jack dies in "his spot" in the bamboo field, with Vincent by his side.

Sideways: Each of our faves have their "flash" and remember their lives. They meet in a church of some sort (Unitarian based on that fab stained-glass window). Jack finally flashes and sees Christian who explains this is a place they all created to find each other. It is where they meet up to "Remember, let go and move on." To heaven, or your afterlife of choice. And then they all go into the light.

Alright... before we get to the nitty gritty, can I just talk about a few things I really loved about the episode? Hands down the funniest moment for me was Jin and Sun meeting up with a still unaware Sawyer in the hospital. The look on their faces, especially Jin, when Sawyer said he was a cop was priceless. Because, really, isn't that the face we all made when that revealed to us earlier this season? That was what Sawyer gave himself in this place? Of course he did. And then there are the tear-jerkers. Frankly every "awakening" or whatever you want to call it was tear worthy for me. I basically cried for 2 1/2 hours. Not counting the tears shed while watching the recap! Jin and Sun remembering over the ultrasound of Ji Yeon. Charlie, Kate and Claire flashing over the birth of Aaron. But best of all, and therefore last, except for Jack of course, is Sawyer and Juliet and their "cup of coffee" moment we have waited all season for. I know that there are Skate-shippers who would have liked to see this foursome wind up in another way, but I really don't see how that ever would have worked. But then again, I've always been a Jater. :)  Also loved the symmetry of certain things, especially the moment of Jack and Locke looking down into the unknown where Desmond was (the light/the hatch).

So the end..... Let me make try to clear it up for those that seem confused (something I guess it is easy to be with this show, although I thought this part was well explained) the island was NOT purgatory. Frankly, I don't really see the Sideways reality as purgatory either.  Limbo maybe... I'm not as well-versed in these things as they don't exist in my religion but I've always thought of Purgatory as a negative place you go to instead of getting a decision made (heaven/hell) and Limbo as a sort of holding room. Whatever you want to call it - the Sideways Reality was a place our Losties created for themselves so they could go into the light together. They seem to have made it what they wanted to be, what they always hoped for or maybe what they felt they deserved. The island, on the other hand, was real - it was the only reality. If they died there, that is where they died. Charlie died in the Looking Glass station. Sayid, Jin and Sun died on that submarine. Shannon died in the jungle when Ana Lucia shot her. Jack died in the Bamboo field. And the list goes on (sob). As for the 6 on the Ajira plane, Hurley, Ben and Desmond - well that is anyone's guess. But I hope Ben and Hurley succeeded in getting Desmond back to Penny. But eventually, like the rest of us, they all died too. I assume for Kate it was a long life, which is why she said to Jack as he started to flash that "she missed him" because now that she flashed and "understood", she remembers living her whole life without him. Make sense? Kinda?

Now... onto some other questions I have read throughout the day. Again, this is all up to interpretation. These are just my thoughts and what I've taken it all to mean.

"If they are going to heaven, why didn't Eloise want Desmond to tell everyone, or Daniel to go?"
I think she didn't want Des to follow through or want Daniel to go merely because she wasn't ready to give up her time in the Sideways reality. In real life she killed her son. He didn't get to live a long life because of her itchy trigger finger. I think she was afraid of losing him again. No one really knows what is in that light, not even Eloise, so she wanted Daniel to have this life with her before she was ready to "let go and move on."

"Why didn't Ben go in the church?"
Like he said, he still had things to do. I assume, mostly that would have to do with Alex and Danielle. He would want to get them to flash before moving on. Of anyone on the show, Ben has those most apologies to make. And since it was something he didn't get to really do in life, this Sideways is where he will take care of it.

"Why weren't Miles, Richard, Michael or Walt (etc etc) in the church?"
Ok... easy one first. Walt and Michael weren't there purely for logistical reasons. The actor who plays Walt has grown a lot, even from the last time we saw him when the Oceanic 6 went home. He is about 6 feet tall now. How do you explain why these people created a sideways reality that is supposed to take place when he was 9 years old, but have a Walt that looks old enough to buy beer?  There is just no way to do that. And if Walt isn't going to be there - no Michael. So let's pretend that they had things to do, like Ben. As for our freighter folk - well, I don't know. They weren't part of the group that mattered? They had other plans? I don't know about that one. And we can right it off to maybe they weren't ready. Desmond had opportunity to have Miles, Ana Lucia and Charlotte flash but didn't. So maybe there is some point where they will be ready. Lastly, Richard---- he wasn't part of this group, not really. His time was with Isabella in whatever year that was. Not 2004. What would Richard be doing in 2004??

"Sayid and Shannon?? Really??"
Ok.... I guess I understand being a little annoyed by this one. Buuutttt, if we are going with the idea that the island was the most important time in their life, than for Sayid, his love is Shannon, not Nadia. And really - even in this sideways reality he didn't really have Nadia. She was still never really his one love.

"Wait! Did that plane wreckage during the credits mean that they were all dead?"
Or some such nonsense is what I've been hearing. I say with with all the authority of someone who has not had the question answered by Darlton, but with a lot of common sense. NO! That footage was not some sort of sign that they were all dead. It was just b-roll footage of the wreckage from Season One. What would those finale scenes have meant if they were all dead? If they were all dead the whole time it would directly contradict what Christian told Jack! I think it was just a way to have something run with the credits that is a nod back to how this all started.

In the end, I guess I understood that this was a love it or hate it sort of show and finale. Though people who say they don't like it because they wanted it to be [fill in the blank] annoy me. It was never ever going to be what you wanted it to be! It was going to be what Darlton always had planned. And really, how beautiful was it for it to end on a close up of Jack's eye closing? As our eyes opened to this world, so did Jack's, and as we say goodbye, Jack's eye closes. Team Darlton loves symmatry.

Alright guys, your turn! Tell me what you thought. Love, hate, complete and utter confusion? Let me know. Any questions?? While I'm no expert, I'll give it a shot. If only to make you feel better. Besides, Team Darlton ain't talking so you are just stuck with me instead.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week in Review: 5/16-5/22

The finales have begun! This week was chock full o' shocking finales. So let's just get right to it.

THE PACIFIC: I thought this finale was brilliant. There was something more satisfying to see the boys go home and have to deal with the reality of life after war. For Sledge it was a matter of "what now." His humanity was almost comletely destroyed in the mountains of Okinawa. Back in Mobile he needed to come to terms with the horrors he saw and find a way to adjust. Leckie came home to his parents and Vera across the street. Turns out he never mailed any of those letters. Their relationship was really beautiful. I wish there was more. I enjoyed the slides telling what happened to each character. When they started I said that when they got to Snafu's slide it would say "and he was never heard from again..." I laughed when I was practically right! For those who don't get HBO, I hope that you take the time to watch it when it is released on DVD.

CHUCK: Hurray for Scott Bakula's return! Papa Bartowski has shades of Walter Bishop - the tortured and crazy genius. This ep basically served as a set up for the two hour season finale this week, so I won't say too much. But I do hope Ellie finds out tomorrow about Chuck... otherwise this whole storyline was just ridiculous.

ONE TREE HILL: I knew that the Katie storyline was wrapped up too quickly last week! Glad the series got a half season pick up. If only so we can see Julian and Brooke's wedding. Awwww.....

GOSSIP GIRL: Bye bye, Little J. You will not be missed. This episode was fun, especially the return of a very preggers Georgina. (I love my little Dawny.) As for the cliffhanger of Chuck Bass bleeding in an alleyway, well, I think he will be fine. Josh Schwartz and Stefanie Savage are not dumb. Killing one half of the heart of the show (Chuck/Blair) would be a mistake of epic proportions.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: I wish they had brought back Stella for the premiere of the Wedding Bride. How did she let that movie get made?! I mean really!! But it was still really funny. But my favorite part of the episode was Barney going off about some disgusting stuff he is into and then pausing for a moment and the saying, "Why do you guys hang out with me, again?" Classic.

HOUSE: Wow. What a moving finale. It was so hard to watch, but at the same time, something so horrific was needed to push House and Cuddy past their issues. Or at least head first into them. The moment when Foreman opened the ambulance door to the silence of Hannah flatlining - beyond sad. I literally lost my breath. I'm interested to see where they take it next season. These are not happy people....  But I hope the loss of Thirteen means Cameron will come back!!

PARENTHOOD: Listen, I know we are supposed to feel bad for Haddie because Amber slept with Steve, but that girl is a brat and a half! And her mom - wow. Essentially calling Amber a whore to Sarah's face. Sarah handeled it far better than I ever could. And, as always, Lauren Graham as Sarah, is the best mom ever. I wish I could be as great a mom as any Lauren Graham mom!

THE GOOD WIFE: Oooooo, Dyaln Baker is so creepy! But I'm glad he was brought back because his storyline was left unfinished earlier this season. Lots of fun! I also truly enjoyed Carrie Preston as Peter's lawyer. She is so much fun. Although I'm not so sure I am happy she got Peter set free. He's immediately back to himself which, lets face it, isn't a good thing.

GLEE: JOSS WHEDON!! Ok, first can we acknowledge that NPH is some sort of god?! He was amazing in this episode-  Dream On was jaw-dropping. And for those of you who watched Angel: didn't it remind you of the fight between Angel and Spike for the chalice (that turned out to only have Mountain Dew in it) in the episode Destiny? I know I am probably just making connections that aren't there, but whether he noticed it or not, Joss was definitely pulling from past shows. And I adored the flash mob dream sequence of Artie's to Safety Dance. That was shot brilliantly. And in not-so-surprising reveals: the coach of Vocal Adrenaline (Indina Menzel) is Rachel's bio-mom. Duh. We knew that before her character even existed! Was anyone else going to be her mom?  Though I will say the shout out to Patty LuPone made me hope that Patty would come on as bio-grandma. She does have the look! But the final song was the stand-out this week, for me. Not only is Dream a Little Dream one of my favorite songs ever, but the way Artie sang it while Tina and Henry tapped... lots of tears! And just the littlest moment in the song that really made me cry: when Artie was sitting next to Quinn and she rubbed his arm. It's the little things.... And that final shot (a close up of Artie's head with Tina being dipped by Henry just out of focus in the back) was classic Whedon. Go watch some Whedonverse and find out! Now let's make sure NPH is back for the post-superbowl episode!!!

JUSTIFIED: Oh Boyd- if you are going to blow up a trailer because the people inside are meth-heads, at least make sure no one is still inside there first!! Duh.

V: Did Anna's red cloud of death remind anyone else of Ghostbusters? Just saying....

COUGAR TOWN: This show may be over the top silly sometimes (You're the millionth customer!!) but ultimately, it has a lot of heart. If you didn't watch it, watch it in the summer season. The first few episodes are just OK, but I promise you by episode 3 or 4 you will be hooked. I love every one of these characters.

MODERN FAMILY: And speaking of loving every one of these characters.... what will I do with out these freaks over the summer?? Every family should have a Claire, no matter how insane she is. What a great way to end the season with everyone together. I can't wait to see what ridiculous things they do next year! Best new comedy of the season!

BONES: Alrighty, some people were so angry about this, and I don't really understand why. Because they didn't kiss?? That wouldn't have been in character! As for the time jump, I think it will be good to get them out of the rut of a storyline they are in now. A year's time will give Booth and Bones perspective on their relationship. And I thought the airport scene couldn't have been better. It was just sweet enough. But the moment that really made the episode for me: Bones telling Jack "I love you, too." The shock on his face.... and then the softening when he realized what saying that meant for her. Wonderful. This show isn't the best show ever, but it is one of my favorites. Each character is very complex and loveable. I want to go wait at the bench by the reflecting pool next to the coffee cart for them now! (oh... and Booth is hot in uniform....)

GREY'S ANATOMY: Ummmm..... I don't even know where to start here. It was a genius episode. There was so much that happened, that I can't even possibly begin to go over it. Here are some of the things I loved about it... When Mer and Yang were the last two to know what was going on in the hospital so they were joking around. You wanted to laugh with them, and at the same time you were screaming at the TV for them to get somewhere safe! But the segment that really did me in was from the moment Owen walked into the scrub room and we couldn't see what was going on until Meredith miscarryied the baby while treating Owen's gunshot wound. First of all, that segment was so well written and directed. Waiting so long to see what Owen saw in the OR was fantastic and killed me just a little! But when Mer miscarried... all I kept thinking was "My God, she is a badass." I know it's not really the normal reaction, but she was amazing. Yang too. Those two both earned their stripes with that one. As for what I hope happens from here: April gets a grip, Jackson gets some love (he is too pretty to not get any for this long!), Lexie gets back together with Mark and Mer gets preggers again. Good job, Shonda. Proving that traumatic scenarios in hospitals don't have to be ridiculous (I'm looking at you ER) but can in fact be organic and completely mesmerizing!

COMMUNITY: HA! I knew there was a moment between Jeff and Annie last week!! Knew it!! I'll miss you and your constant ability to find a way to be naked on campus, Joel McHale! Is summer over yet?

PARKS AND RECREATION: Poor poor April! Andy is a stupid boy. But not stupid: Ben. How adorable is Adam Scott?! I am pissed I have to wait for mid-season for this to come back. Not having Ron Swanson for that long is a travesty. He is the greatest boss ever. In honor of him, I'm going to go cover a turkey leg in bacon.

FRINGE: Ok, JJ is clearly moving into some sort of Rimbaldi territory here with all of these prophecy type stories. But I'm ok with that because this finale of Fringe was perfection. Peter dealing with the fact that maybe Walter is a better dad than Walternate, even if it's not a bio-connection. And HUGE props to John Noble and Anna Torv being able to move so seemlessly between two versions of their characters. And that fight between Olivia and Altlivia - wowza. I've never been so truly fooled by that sort of scene with one actress playing two characters next to each other. It was amazing. While I saw the twist coming about 15 minutes before the end, it was still great. But the only way I will be satisfied by it is if Peter picks up on it quickly. He is a bright boy and Altlivia can't possibly fool him for too long!

FLASHFORWARD: At this point, I'm not sure I care what happens, as long as Keiko and Bryce find each other by the end.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: You go Buddy Garrity, you crazy hick.

Alright.....time to go mentally prepare for the mother of all finales! You Losties meet me here tomorrow. Sob!! Everyone else, comment away!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST: What They Died For

That weird noise you hear is me hyperventilating because there is only one episode (granted a 2 1/2 hour one) is left. I am in complete and utter denial over this. Seriously - totally denial. During this episode when Jacob was telling them one needs to decide who is going to take over, I was thinking it couldn't possibly happen right now because we have so much time left. Ugh. Anyway...... don't mind me.

So let us take a look at the events of last night. By the way - sideways was so all over the map, that it's not completely in order here. Just go with it! :)

Once again, the show starts with Jack's eye opening. At this point is there any other actor out there whose eye we are more familiar with?? All those closeups in HD! And once again Jack has a cut on his neck - shaving accident or a connection to the island. Or both? He has breakfast with David (I LOVE this kid. Love him. Please give him some sort of happy ending.) and Claire. David has a concert tonight - Mom will be there. Who is mom?? At least we know we should be finding out Sunday (ah!). Whoever she is - David is worried that Jack seems so interested in her presence. It turns out that Oceanic found Christian as well..... uh oh, just kidding. That was Desmond calling. From outside Locke and Ben's school. Where he is staring at Locke. Ben finds him and tries to make a citizens arrest. This makes me giggle, because who really would do that?? Really?! Desmond says he is trying to help Locke, but Ben isn't buying it, so Desmond beats that crap out of poor (in this reality) Ben, forcing him to flash. Making him a little more Ben-like in this reality. In the nurse's office Ben is found looking in the mirror - a moment repeated often in this reality. Locke finds him and Ben gives him the recap, including the fact that Des wants Locke to "let go" which sets off bells in Locke's head. Afterwards, Ben gets an invite to dinner from Alex and Danielle (happy! in a dress!) where he learns that Danielle considers him like a father, which moves him to tears (because he remembers Alex's other death?). And then there is a moment with Danielle. Awww. Meanwhile, Desmond decides to go turn himself in to Sawyer. Why, you ask? Because our dear friends Kate and Sayid are in lock up as well. When it comes time for the three jailbirds to be transferred to county lock-up, Kate tries to use her sexy eyes and freckles to convince "not so much like a cop" Sawyer to let her go. While intrigued, this Sawyer doesn't bite. In the van, Des tells them that they are going to escape, but they both have to promise to do him a favor. They laugh, but little do they know that Des gets what he wants nowadays! The van pulls over and our old friend Ana Lucia lets them out, for a price. Cue the tell-tale yellow Hummer pulling up and Hurley with a large envelope full of cash. Ana Lucia leaves because "she's not ready" aka not important enough to our story. Hurley takes Sayid away and Desmond shows Kate a pretty dress and says they have a concert to go to. (So she can flash on Jack??) And speaking of Jack - after his talk with Ben, Locke pays our favorite spinal surgeon a visit to tell him of all the coincidences that have occurred. Jack thinks Locke is accusing him of hitting him with the car, but Locke has turned back to go old fate-loving Locke, and takes it all as a sign that he is ready to get up out of that chair.

It's Jack's turn to sew up Kate. And this time there isn't even a little bottle of vodka to make it better. Oh the good ol' days of the plane crash! Kate tries to make us all cry again by talking about Ji Yeon and how Jin never met her. And they agree that UnLocke needs to go down. Hurley, Kate, Sawyer and Jack look out over the water as the debris from the sub washes to shore. And then they set off into the jungle to take down smokey. However you do that. Meanwhile, Ben, Richard and Miles are in search of New Otherton to go get a bunch of explosives that Ben kept in a secret room in his closet to blow up the plane. We all have one of those secret closets, right? When they reach Ben's house, Miles hears Alex, prompting Richard to reveal he buried her after Ben left last time. That Richard is a hell of a guy! When Miles sees the other secret room ("the secreter room" ha!) Ben says that is where he summoned smokey, or as it turned out, smokey summoned him. Which makes what happens in a minute a little more understandable. In the kitchen they find Zoe and Widmore. Zoe is sent off to get the outrigger, but on the way she sees UnLocke getting to the island. Widmore meanwhile has been explaining to Ben that he has had the plane rigged for awhile and that, unlike Ben, he has seen Jacob - he visited him to come to the island after Ben blew up the freighter. That must hurt Ben! (Kristin from E! suggested that maybe Ben never really dealt with Jacob, but only MIB. I agree with that to a point... the cabin was surrounded that gun powder smokey can't pass. But who knows.)
Meanwhile in the jungle, Sawyer and Jack discuss the bomb, and Sawyer comes to the realization that it was his fault everyone died. But Jack says no, it was Locke. Proving in many ways that Jack is a better man than Sawyer. Not that I don't love Sawyer. I do. But Sawyer would have been quick to blame Jack. Hurley stops and sees young Jacob (tada!) who grabs his own ashes and runs into the jungle. Hurley follows and finds grown-up Jacob who tells him that the ashes are burning and when they go out, he will be gone forever - so go gather your friends.
Back in New Otherton, Miles runs when he hears UnLocke is coming, because he is not stupid! Richard says he is going to try to reason with UnLocke. Widmore and Zoe hide in a hidden room and Ben, having snapped, is just taking it all in. Smokey arrives and takes out Richard, but I would assume Richard is not dead. Back in Locke-form, he asks Ben to kill people for him so that he can get off the island and then the island will be Ben's alone - what he has always wanted. Ben shows him where Zoe and Widmore are. He slits Zoe's throat as she is useless (I could have told you that). UnLocke then threatens Widmore with Penny, saying if he doesn't tell him what he wants to know, he will kill her. Widmore tells UnLocke about Desmond's electromagnetic resistance, and that he was a measure of last resort, but won't go further with Ben in the room. So Ben leaves, Charles whispers something to UnLocke, and the Ben shoots Widmore. A lot. Snap. He didn't want his daughter to be saved - too late, Ben. Widmore already talked.
At the ash fire, Hurley starts to translate for Jacob thinking no one can see him, but Sawyer, Jack and Kate say they can. Kate is angry and asks if Jacob wrote everyone's names in the cave, and if that is why they all died. Jacob has them sit by the fire for storytime. He tells them when the fire goes out, he will be gone forever and one of them will need to take his place. Sawyer complains that he was doing just fine before Jacob chose him, but like we all know, Jacob points out that he wasn't. None of them were - they were all flawed (boy howdy!) and alone and looking for something, so here they are! Kate asks why she was crossed off the list (you know how she hates to be left out!) and Jacob says because she became a mother, but that doesn't mean that she isn't a candidate still. If she wants, she is still in the game. Jacob explains the whole "i made smokey, now one of you needs to protect the light from him" bit. He says they need to kill him because otherwise he will kill you. But as for who the replacement is - it is not up to Jacob, but their choice (destiny? Jacob turned out not to be a choice). Almost immediately Jack volunteers, realizing this is what he has been waiting for. So he goes with Jacob, drinks the kool-aid (aka, water jacob touched) and then gets all wide-eyed. What did he see? Everything, I think. Jacob echoes his "Mom's" statement of "now you're like me."
Back at the well, UnLocke and Ben see that Des has been set free, so UnLocke sets off to find him because apparently he can use Desmond to destroy the island. Why Ben doesn't say "but you said.....!!!!" right here, I don't know. Probably because it isn't as dramatic a point for the LOST logo and sound appear after.

So..... that sums up the last regular sized episode of LOST. Ever. AHHHHH!!!  Hope it was even remotely coherent, as it was written sporadically over a period of 8 hours. Ahhh, mommyhood!

And here are some quotes for you...

Kate: Locke did this. We have to kill him.
Jack: I know.

Miles: Well, I lived in those houses 30 years before you did. Otherwise known as last week.

Ben (to UnLocke): She's (Zoe) armed. But I'm guessing that's not a problem for you.

Sawyer: I thought that guy had a God Complex before.
Kate: James......
Sawyer: Yeah, I know....

And the last quote, in the "Quit Reminding Me" department:

Jacob: You should get your friends. We are very close to the end, Hugo.
(Dammit Jacob, we know! No need to rub it in, you bastard.)

So as we rapidly approach the end of life as we know it (too dramatic?) the big questions are: Is Jack really going to be "the one?" Do both realities continue existing? How do you kill smoke? Who the hell is David's mother? Do Juliet and Sawyer ever get that cup of coffee? Where did Vincent go? What did UnLocke do to Claire?
My thoughts: Ummmm.... I don't know. I think Jack being the one almost went too easy. But he has been moving in that direction since the first second we saw him 6 years ago, opening his eye in the patch of bamboo. However since then we have seen that Desmond is connected to the island in a way the rest of them aren't. And Aaron was born there, like Jacob. Something no one else can claim. As for the rest of the questions..... I don't know. But I can't wait to see all those familiar faces who will be back for the finale. (Especially Ian Somerhalder... I already miss Damon and his eyes - repeats start June 3, Katie! HA!)

I will be watching it live (basically) Sunday night. And here to cry it out with you all Monday morning. I hope you all make it through. Keep the tissues handy, lord knows we will need them.  As I'm sure you all know - a 2 hour retrospective starts at 7pm Sunday night. And then starting at 12:05 (after local news) is a 1 hour Jimmy Kimmel LOST special. And if you want, from 8-10pm Saturday night ABC is repeating the two-part Pilot episode of LOST. I have a feeling they aren't just doing that for fun. Watch it. I bet there will be a lot of throwbacks to that episode in the finale.

Deep Breath everyone. Next time I write a LOST blog, it will be for The End.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week in Review: 5/9-5/15

I know, I know, this is really late! Funny how people getting sick and other activities can get in the way! But I've got it ready now. The theme for this week: swoon!! Every night, someone made me swoon a little. Or a lot. Haha! So let's take a look at what happened in TV last week,  so we can get back to enjoying this week. BTW - I haven't seen most of Monday's (as in last night) shows, so my comments on those are based purely on last week.

THE PACIFIC: What a horrific episode. I thought Peliliu was bad - that was before we saw Okinawa. Even more disturbing that the episode itself was the newsreel at the start with the small Japanese child just standing there shaking in the middle of this war zone littered with dead bodies. Chilling. The things we did to each other over there were awful. I was having nightmares, can't image how they survived it. The highlight of this episode was seeing the humanity of Sledge reach the brink. His emotional arc was the most compelling, but that is to be expected from the character who entered this war as a very sheltered child. I also enjoyed his relationship with Snafu... but more on that next week.

CHUCK: First swoon of the week: Chuck and Sarah's "I love you's." Those two are so sweet. Though, like any male, Chuck hasn't told Sarah the intersect may be killing him. Men! And the other big reveal: Shaw may be alive. All together now: duh.

ONE TREE HILL: I have not seen last nights finale, but if I know One Tree Hill (and I think I do), I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this episode wasn't the last we say of Sarah-wanna-be, Katie. That was a whole lot of build up for a whole lot of nothing ending. And based on some texts I received last night, I think I may be right! :)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Robots vs Wrestlers, anyone??

HOUSE: This was the most clever episode of the season. I wish that I could see it done as a play on stage, as it was clearly written with that in mind. And making it even better: the genius of Andre Braugher. One of the greatest actors, possibly ever. (And when I'm done writing this... on to last nights finale!)

THE GOOD WIFE: Listen, we all know that Alicia was going to get the Jr. Associate job - it's called The Good Wife, which last time I checked does not describe Cary at all. It was still nerve wracking to watch though. Loved that Eli Gold came through, even if it came with a catch. Not to be unexpected from Eli, is it? Not sure why they inlcuded this in the episode, but I was happy to hear that the son broke up with Becca when he found out about her Twitter account talking about Alicia. Did anyone else think it was strange how that was just thrown in there with no context what so ever?

GLEE: I think I may have to use this as a replacement next year since I won't have a Lost blog anymore (*sob*) because there is so much I love about it every week. This week Kurt and Puck were highlights. Puck is so adorable, even when he is being a douche. But Kurt.... oh Kurt. I can barely think of Kurt in this episode without getting a little misty. And his rendition of Rose's Turn....Woah. (I'd also like to thank my parents for giving me the completlely useless skill of being able to pick out a Sondheim song in two bars or less) Props to Chris Colfer for consistently delivering on what could be such a one-note character. And to Mike O'Malley for being one of the best TV Dads ever. (Mini swoon for Mike O'Malley's awesome dad-ness.)

JUSTIFIED: Another quality ep. Raylan loses his hat in a bar fight, and it all goes down hill from there. Excited to see David Eigenberg back, he cracks me up. Also fun- a GhostFacer!!!

PARENTHOOD: Rumor has it that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are dating in real life. This makes sense because their chemistry on the show is amazing - which creeps me out sometimes since they are playing brother and sister. Another swoon to how sweet Sam Jaeger is on this show. What a great husband allowing Erika Christensen's (sorry, I suck trying to remember all those Braverman names) douche ex to come for dinner.

COUGAR TOWN: Travis graduates from high school and who does he have to support him? Those booze bags that make up the "cul-de-sac crew." And could he ask for anything more? Bobby is somehow a great dad despite being a complete idiot. Laurie and Ellie are neurotic and evil and yet the best friends poor Jules could have. And Grayson.... OMG, the fact that he is clearly in love with Jules already despite her unbelievable level of crazy.... epic swoon. Best part of the episode though was a meta moment where Travis sees a picture of Jules dancing with Bruce Springsteen when she was in high school. (For those woefully lacking in their pop-culture references - Courtney Cox was in the Bruce video for "Dancing in the Dark.")

MODERN FAMILY- Mitchell: What is this?  Cam: Happiness. 
Damn straight, Cam. This episode was happiness. I could literally just post a transcript for the episode because it is impossible to pick my favorite moment. One of the greatest moments, because it was such a throw away, was Cam and Mitchell leaving Lily on the elevator in her stroller, and then it opening up to Gloria who turns, sees Lily and says "What are you doing, Lily?" As if Lily did this to herself! But since the theme of the week is swoon: Jay and Gloria discussing why their marriage works. Swoon. Phil setting up a wedding for Claire to make up for their eloping 17 years ago: Beyond. Epic. Swoon. And then promptly deflated on the plane ride home when Phil reveals he already has a replacement lined up in case Claire dies. And then the dagger is turned when Alex says how much she loves the replacement! And so explains my undying devotion to this show. I can't believe it is only in it's first year!

BONES: And moving into very un-swoon territory: The Gravedigger trial has finally arrived. For a show that does not really focus on the "case of the week," Bones has provided us with some damn scary villains. Between The Gravedigger and Gorgomon (I miss you, Zach Addy!) I have had plenty of nightmares courtesy of Hart Hanson and his writing staff. Glad she was found guilty (you go, Caroline) but her remark to Brennan that "This isn't over" was chilling. I don't think we have seen the last of her. In the non-nightmare inducing segments of the show: hurray for a Max sighting! Although Brennan may not have completely appreciated it, love that he tried to kill The Gravedigger! ("I don't want you to kill people for me. Just buy me a sweater like a normal dad.") And glad that Jack and Angela had their mini-reception at Founding Fathers. At least it wasn't a Wendall week - that would have been awkward!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Ignoring LOST for a second, I think this may be the season finale to live up to this season. It had lots of death (which any good gothic story should have) and lots of twists. Even though I knew Katherine was coming back this episode, and I still didn't realize it was her that was killing Damon!! Speaking of Damon - swoon of the week when he said thank you to Elena (well, actually Katherine, but still....). Damon dealing with the conflict of his good and evil sides and which one to let come through is fantastic. Glad Ian has more to do know than just make the "eyes." Speaking of SWOON! :P

COMMUNITY: Was that an Annie/Jeff moment at the end?? I wish....

PARKS AND RECREATION: Love the addition of Adam Scott and Rob Lowe. Both are hysterical, and give some new love interests to Leslie and Ann (those girls need it). My one question: In the opening credits it says "Introducing Rob Lowe."  Ummmm... didn't we get introduced to Rob Lowe like 25 years ago?!?

THE OFFICE: Second best meta-moment of the week (after Courtney/Bruce on Cougar Town) was Andy referencing the movie Obsessed when talking about cheaters with Michael. That movie starred Idris Elba aka Charles Miner from Dunder Mifflin.

30 ROCK: MICHAEL SHEEN!!!!  Love love love him! Even in his "We need to settle for each other" style, I still swoon. I love him and I was so excited to hear Tina Fey say at upfronts yesterday that she hopes NBC gives her notice for when the series is over because she wants him in the finale! WOOT!

GREY'S ANATOMY: A lot happened this week, but based on the previews for the finale, I'm not sure if any of it is worth talking about. Except that Sloane essentially proposed to Lexi!! WHAT? Again I swoon.

FRINGE: The world "over there" brought up a lot of questions this week. Too many to even attempt to analyze now. But my biggest question: What the hell was up with Astrid's beret??

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Is anyone watching this? It is so heartbreaking every week, and yet so inspiring. This week was the introduction to Journee Smollet's character - apparently a potential love interest of sweet Landry. And Riggins may be in trouble with that mom and daughter now that he is living in the trailer on their property. But if anyone will keep him from getting in too much trouble it is Coach Taylor. So glad that Riggins realized the best way to get it together is to go back to Coach and help out. Love. (If anyone can make you swoon with a look, it's Tim Riggins.)

OK.  That's it for last week. I'm very focused on upfronts this week. I will try to get a blog up when they are over letting you all know what i'm excited for in the fall!

Also, early next month I will get out a blog about the summer series I will be watching. There are quite a few this season!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LOST: Across the Sea

Before we get to it, I want to do some general comments about the episode. There hasn't been such a polarizing episode in a long time, and certainly not this season.  From what I gather there have been two main complaints. One is that it was too slow and one is that it was too mythology based and this close to the end of the season they want the Oceanic 815-ers. To the first complaint I say, well, they can't all be races through the jungle and submarines exploding (sniff). To the second, I don't know what to say. When episodes are too character driven I get a lot of "what about answering questions!" complaints. When it focuses on answer questions I get a lot of "what about the characters!" complaints.  Like life in general - with LOST you are never going to please everyone. How do I stay so happy with it all the time? I've resigned myself to the fact that Team Darlton are far more brilliant than I can ever hope to be and if this is the path they decided is the best way to tell the story, who am I to argue with that? Whatever the ending is, I don't see how I can be disappointed it. The show has been hands down the best that has ever hit the airwaves in my very humble opinion, so I take it as it comes to me. Do we question Shakespeare when he killed everyone in so many of his plays? Nope, because it was brilliance and so is this! :)

(By the way, that is in no way an attempt to say anyone else's opinion about this episode, or any other episode, is wrong. It is just my opinion on the matter. Who the hell am I to think that my opinion is better than anyone else's?!)

So on to the episode, which by the way was written by Team Darlton themselves, so it was chock full of information that only those two brains would know!

Trying to do a full recap would just enhance my already developing migraine this morning, so lets just discuss what we learned....

Jacob and MIB (who is this show's Mr. Big, as he has no apparent name!) are twins. Human twins, at least at first. Their mother was named Claudia and was part of a shipwreck from who knows when. A long long time ago I assume. CJ Cregg, I mean Allison Janney, played a woman on the island who seems to have been there since forever. Well, I guess not forever since she mentioned she had a mom, but who knows how long ago that was. I'm guessing a looooong time based on her final scene. But I'm jumping ahead. Ok... Jacob and MIB are born which seems to set off Mom's (this is what I'm calling Allison's character, it's easier) internal alarm. These boys are special, so Claudia gets a rock to the head.

We discover that Mom is the reason Jacob and MIB can not hurt each other. She is other-worldly in some way and has this power. She has also made them ageless. It's obviously not immortal, because we learned that all three of them can actually die. But when not being stabbed in the chest or something like that, they stay the same age, like Richard Alpert. Also, until the end, Jacob and MIB were friendly. They played a game together - with black and white rocks, natch. MIB can see dead-people a la Hurley. Which makes me a little nervous for Hurley, btw. MIB sees Claudia who shows him the "people from across the sea," and MIB chooses to go and live with them and find a way off the island.

Mom also shows the kids a cave of light. This is how it is described (Why try to top Darlton's words?), "A little bit of this very same light is inside every man, but they always want more. They can't take it but they would try. And if they tried, they could put it out. And if the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere." I'm assuming here that the light is sort of the antithesis of the darkness that Jacob described to Richard. This light prevents the dark, so to speak. The light is life, darkness is death. Being that the light is so very important, Mom lets them know that one of them is going to have to protect it forever (or until a replacement is found). Eventually, as we know, this job lands on Jacob because MIB essentially turned it down by wanting to leave the island. Though Mom made Jacob feel better and told him it was always supposed to be him.  And then she shares some of that wine with him, and says they are now the same. What is that "same" I wonder, because something tells me it isn't exactly human, being Mom and the Jacob had the power to give agelessness over to someone else.

We also learned where the wheel came from - MIB discovered (in some unexplained way) that the light works as a way to travel from the island, and somehow putting a big wheel in the wall with water will transport him away (to Africa, it turns out!). Mom was not happy that he thought outside the box like that, so she hit his head against the rock and then killed all his people. Oh, Mom! MIB was mad, so he went back to their camp (which were the caves from Season 1 in case you hadn't noticed yet) and killed her. Her response to that: Thank you. I told you she must have been around for a loooooong time if death makes her give thanks. Jacob finds what MIB did and attacks him. Since they are unable to kill each other, Jacob decides to throw MIB in the light (Mom says it is a fate "worse than death"). It is - it turns MIB into Smokey. The body of MIB is dead, and what I can only assume is his soul turns into what I can only assume is pure evil. Jacob places MIB and Mom (holding a bag with a black and white rock in it) into the caves. They are "Adam and Eve." This was my number one question the entire series, so I was very happy to have it answered.

Ok..... now some analysis. I find it especially interesting that MIB has been dead this entire time and it is just his soul taking the shape of dead people. He obviously chooses those that are important to the people he needs to manipulate. Since most of the time it has been Jacob he is trying to mess with he has taken the form of MIB. But when he needed to manipulate Jack or Claire, it was Christian. When he needed to convince Richard it was Isabella. And now that he needs to manipulate (or was trying to anyway) the Oceanic 815-ers, he takes the form of John Locke. It's just creepy.

Then there is the issue of Jacob's replacement. Right now the island appears to be going unprotected leaving MIB to wreak havoc. Ilana mentioned there were 6 candidates left: Shephard, Kwon, Jarrah, Ford, and Reyes were who she named, but that is technically only 5, as it was only one Kwon that counted. So who is #6? Or should I say #108? Safe bet would be Aaron. He was born on the island and has been very important throughout the series. Plus he kinda looks Jacob-like, yes? There is also Desmond. It is obvious that our favorite Scotsman is important, and back in the sideways reality he has been out to "touch" the lives of each Oceanic 815-er, much like Jacob did.

Since so many of you seemed to be looking to me for some sort of insight I hope I provided at least a little. I have no idea what I am talking about, so don't give my thoughts too much weight. :)

What did you all think about the episode? There was so much information in there, that I am sure I missed some in this blog.

And now some sad realizations. There are only two official episodes left. Or 3 1/2 hours. I literally get knots in my stomach when I think about that. How sad am I?? Someone hold me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week in Review: 5/2-5/8

It's May, and in case you don't know, that means sweeps! Which means lots of big happenings on our favorite TV shows. Things like death (I'm still crying over LOST), first kisses, marriages (woo!) and all that fun stuff. Um, I'm not saying death is fun stuff. You know what I mean...... ummmm.... monumental stuff. Yeah, that's it! So lets get to the first official week of sweeps and see what happens.

THE PACIFIC: During the opening news reel footage, Tom Hanks told us that their were over 6500 causalities on Peliliu. Just there! I am not negating anything that our soldiers are doing in the war now, but I think we have forgotten just what a war could be. It was a different world then. This episode focused on Basilone. His time in Camp Pendleton. His romance with Lena. And, sadly, his decision to re-enlist and join his soldiers on their mission to Iwo Jima where he dies. The moment where he is shot is not only unbelievably sad for him (and Lena) but for his soldiers whose image of Basilone as the indestructible American hero is shattered before their eyes as the world around them literally and figuratively explodes. For those wondering - Lena never remarried. How sad is that??

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Exactly how many people have been hit by a car on Wisteria Lane? It happens at least once a season! They should not be allowed to drive on that street!

HOUSE: This was one of my favorite episodes this season. First of all the guest stars were Eva Amurri and Adam Garcia, both of whom I enjoy immensely. Then there was one of my favorite lines/reactions all season: Adam Garcia saying "I'm as straight as any of you," while Thirteen is in the room and then the face she makes in reaction to that. I giggled for awhile. But, by far, the best moment of the episode, or actually of the season, is when Chase, Foreman and House go to a karaoke bar and sing "Midnight Train of Georgia." How long have the producers been keeping that moment in their pocket??

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: First I have something to admit- the HIMYM theme song is my ringtone, and every week when I watch the show and the theme song comes on, I check my phone. Every. Time. So sad. How funny was this episode?? Drunk Ted and Barney is just plain good for laugh. Although, I did have one small issue with the idea that they both wanted to get back together with Robin.... we know that Ted isn't going to fall back in love with Robin, at least not really. She is Aunt Robin! Buuutttt, we don't know about Barney and Robin, and I hope that works out. Because I heart Barney.

GOSSIP GIRL: My favorite relationship on this show has been Chuck and Lily (that's right!) so I was excited they had some time together this week. And even more excited that it looks like Chuck will be the one to save her from the clutches of William Van Der Woodsen. I'm also excited that Bitchy Blair is back. She is too much fun. I hope she makes the lives of those Columbia girls miserable! Muahaha.

CHUCK: That Hart to Hart opening was inspired. Also, if this show is cancelled (hopefully after at least next season) they should remake Magnum PI with Zach Levi! He is adorable. This was another really fun episode. Swoosie Kurtz! Fred Willard! A Tiger! I'm very excited to see how they get the Ellie and Awesome storyline back to Chuck. It's off to a great start.

24: Well.... at least they killed Dana.

CASTLE: I really don't need to say it do I? Ok, I will ---- awesome guest cast again! Including two Veronica Mars alum! Hurray!!

THE GOOD WIFE: This is the final week before they make the choice at the firm between Cary and Alicia. It seems unlikely that they would choose Cary since it is called "The Good Wife" not "The Snarky Preppy." But who knows. I will say if they do pick Alicia, I hope there is still a way to keep Matt Czurchy on the show! I commend the producers on the character of Cary. It would have been so easy to make him a total ass that we hated, but instead they made him a decent guy who is friends with Alicia. I have a feeling it is going to make next week even more difficult to watch.

GLEE: I love that these high schoolers know the song Ice Ice Baby. It gives me hope for the next generation. What I didn't enjoy about this episode is they implied that the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" has a bad reputation. How dare they!! That song is a classic. I want to "kick them square in the taco."

JUSTIFIED: It takes brass balls to take your security guards hostage in the US Marshalls office! But if you do it - your reward may be some damn tasty fried chicken and Kentucky Bourbon. Seems like a good plan to me!

PARENTHOOD: Question time: When the kids were taking swimming lessons Racquel thought Julia was horrible for making Sydney for doing anything more than just blow bubbles. But now that its soccer season Racquel is like a friggin drill sergeant with her players?? Doesn't make sense. It is just a way to make then antagonistic towards each other again. Lame.

MODERN FAMILY: How many shows can do an entire episode in the confines of an airport, and make you wish that there was a whole other episode that way? So classic! And a LOST reference directed at Julie Bowen!! Funny!

COUGAR TOWN: Jules and Grayson! Hurray! And what is better than "That's what she said"?? "That's what HE said!!!!" Bill Lawrence, you are a genius and I hope this show lasts as long as Scrubs did!

COMMUNITY: If this show lasts a long time and they eventually do a retrospective when the series is ending, this episode will go down as the best of season 1! What an insta-classic! I'd also like to thank Dan Harmon for continuously finding ways to have Joel McHale get naked, especially because this show takes place solely on the campus of Greendale Community College! I don't remember any of us getting naked at Hartnell as much as Jeff Winger gets naked at Greendale.

THE OFFICE: This show isn't at the level it used to be, but it is still very funny. And John Krasinski can still make me swoon with a simple wink at the camera. I heart Jim.

BONES: Oh. My. God. I knew that this episode would be the start of Jack and Angela (or whatever her name is) getting back together but I had no idea it was going to lead to them getting married!!! Happy Happy Happy! Now if only Bones and Booth could get it together! Even with the wedding, I think he highlight of the episode was Sweets being so excited that Bones validated his research about the Salem Witch Trials. Sweets is my favorite. Plus, who doesn't love a good Murder on the Orient Express ending? (I'm sorry... is that a spoiler?)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Isobel (the amazing Mia Kirshner) is the exact opposite of what you would hope to find when looking for your birth mom. Although she did give some great awkward moments about Damon being in love with Elena too. Almost as good as last weeks feet on lap moment: this weeks hands touching moment when Damon gave Elena the invention. Swoon doesn't cover it for Damon. Also fun: a HIMYM shout out!!

FRINGE: Martha Plimpton rules. Just in case any of you were unaware.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Somehow, much like Hurley on LOST, when Christina Yang cries it is so much sadder than when anyone else does it.

PRIVATE PRACTICE: I have to agree with another blog (TV without pity, I think) when they said that this show should just change their name to Disturbing Pregnancy.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: I do not have DirecTV so I had to wait til now to start watching Season 4. I am so glad it is back. And with a whole mess of new characters, including Alicia Witt!! Love her. I watch a lot of television (duh) and I like a lot of shows, but this is hands down the best acted show on television. I don't think I have ever seen a show that is better acted than this one. The fact that it has never even been nominated for an Emmy is a travesty beyond words. Glad it is back, and I hope a lot of you are watching! Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: I hope you all watched this. If not.... go to Hulu right now!! My only problem: they cut a Debbie Downer skit. Boooo.

Alright, comment me. What did you love this week?? What are you excited for with sweeps?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST: The Candidate

Ok.... deep breaths, everyone.... are we all composed now?  No? Well, just read this through the tears then. I'll probably be typing this through tears anyway. My notes for the episode weren't as great as they usually are. I knew that there would be death on tonight's episode, so I was in a constant state of tension waiting to see who it would be. They really wanted you to think it was Kate, huh? Alright.... here it goes. I'm going to do brief recaps for each "section," starting with Sideways, because that was less emotional. And I'm an avoider, so I don't want to talk about what happened yet.

Locke is recovering from surgery, and Jack is there, proud of his handiwork as always. Such a surgeon. Jack tries to convince Locke that he should have experimental surgery to fix his spine saying Locke is "a candidate." Isn't everyone a candidate at some point? Oh, we are talking about a candidate for surgery... Anyway, Locke refuses, which bugs Jack so he is now on a mission because the words "leave well enough alone" mean nothing to a surgeon. First he goes to see Bernard, who performed oral surgery on Locke after his accident that left him paralyzed. Bernard points out that he was on the same flight as Jack and Locke. Jack thinks it is weird, but moves on when Bernard gives him the name of the other person in the accident: Anthony Cooper. Then he goes to see Anthony Cooper in a nursing home. Helen is also there, and tells Jack to back off. She knows about the surgery and says that Jack doesn't understand the situation. But she lets him see Anthony who is catatonic. Hmmm.... it seems everyone is getting a chance to redeem themselves in this reality, but maybe some people, like Anthony, are just being punished. Back at the hospital, Jack is in Locke's room while he sleeps. In his sleep he mumbles a few things, one being "push the button." Is he having his "flash?" Claire comes to see Jack to show him a music box Christian left for her. She asks how he died, and Jack tells the story leading to Jack finding out Claire was also on Oceanic 815. Sideways Jack is starting to get a bit more than a little weirded out by all these coincidences. (Remember, he has already encountered Desmond as well who was on 815 in this reality.) Claire opens the box, it is empty, and I believe it played "Catch a Falling Star." Jack also invited Claire to stay with him while in LA. Later, Locke is leaving the hospital, and in the hallway passes Jin on his way to see Sun. (WOOOO!! We'll get to the reason behind the "woo" soon enough. *sob*) Jack tries to convince Locke one last time to do the surgery, but Locke says he deserves it. He was flying a plane, made his dad go on, and then somehow crashed it. He is being punished, and does not want to walk when his father is stuck they way he is. Jack says he needs to move on and to believe in him. This seems to give Locke pause for a moment (again, I think maybe he has had his flash) but he still leaves a disappointed Jack alone.

Well, it's time to talk about the island portion of the episode. I don't know if I want to. Sigh..... here it goes...... First we see Jack is on Hydra with Sayid. Then we see Sawyer and company being forced into the bear cages by Widmore's people. When Sawyer starts to refuse (afraid it will bring up all those sexy time memories with Kate?) Widmore threatens to kill Kate. Sawyer knows the man ain't joking, so goes on in. When Kate question Sawyer, believing Widmore never would have shot her, Sawyer informs her that he totally would have - her name is crossed out in the cave meaning she is dispensable. Sorry, freckles. Back on the beach, Locke tells Jack that they are going to rescue Sawyer and co. from Widmore so they can all head to the plane and leave. Jack says he will help, but isn't going. When Jack asks Locke why he can trust him, Locke says that he can kill them anytime, but he doesn't. Seems like some shotty logic to me, but Jack let's it go. In the cages, Sun gives Jin their ring back and they discuss their daughter (remember, Widmore showed Jin the pictures). And then the power goes out all over Hydra and we start to hear those all too familiar sounds that mean Smokey has arrived. Smokey kills the guards and Sawyer and co are trying to escape because they think Smokey is there to kill them after the whole "stealing his boat" incident. But here is Jack, ready to unlock them, saying "I'm with him." Sawyer and Jack kinda make up a little and Sawyer thanks him for the save. Awww... you adorable boys. Locke gets to the plane first and kills the guards and he steals a watch from one. (For those who watch a lot of action movies, or 24, it should start to become real clear real quick where this episode is going.) Then he goes on the plane, and finds some wires. When Sawyer and co. get there he shows them that Widmore was going to try to kill them all... it was a mess of C4 attached to the wires on the plane. Off to the sub instead. Hurley points out that Richard was really against Locke leaving the island, but Sawyer acts like it doesn't matter because Locke has saved them twice. Buuuuttt, before they head to the submarine, Sawyer asks Jack to keep Locke from getting on the sub. Claire apologizes to Locke. Ok.... I'm not going to do a whole play by play for the getting on the sub thing, but here's the gist: Everyone but Jack, Locke, Kate, Claire and Sayid go on the sub. Those 5 follow, but are shot at by Widmore's people. Jack pushes Locke in the water, Kate gets shot. Jack, Kate and Sayid end up on the sub leaving Claire and Locke behind. Claire is going to have some MAJOR abandonment issues if she ever gets off this island. Locke tells her while sporting some crazy eyes, "Trust me. You don't want to me on that sub." Bum bum buuuuummmmm.
Ok.... deep breath.... here it goes. Everyone is trying to help Kate. Hurley can't find a first aid kit, so hands Jack his backpack. Which is not his backpack, but instead Lockes. With the C4. Which he used the watch to turn into a bomb with about 4 minutes left. Sayid starts to return to his old self - trying to disarm the bomb. Did everyone notice how his voice and face went back to "real Sayid" here instead of "trance-like Sayid?" Jack realizes that this is exactly what Locke wanted. He can't kill them. BUT, if he puts the bomb in there and they try to disarm it and fail, then it isn't Locke who killed them, but it is the group killing themselves. He needs them all dead so he can leave the island. Sawyer in a move that is so epically worse than Jack killing Juliet with the hydrogen bomb, pulls the wire from the bomb, making it so that it is no longer Locke who is the one who would be killing them. The timer starts hurdling towards 0, so Sayid tells Jack about Desmond and how he is the key and Widmore is going to kill him, and then grabs the bomb and runs. (REDEMPTION!) While he saved them from the blast, it did not save them all from the sub sinking. Frank gets knocked out by a door (I'm not sure if he is dead. He has not been counted in any "season ending death tallys," so I'm thinking there is hope for him.) Hurley takes Kate to shore while Sawyer, Jin and Jack try to help Sun stuck behind a cabinet. Sawyer gets knocked unconscious in the process, so Jack takes him to shore leaving Jin and Sun behind. And you know what happens next. I don't need to say it right? Good. Cuz I'm not gonna. (Though, I will say Kev and I both wondered why Sun never told Jin to leave to go be with their daughter.)
Jack gets to shore, and Kate collapses on him, scared because "she couldn't find [him]." Looks like there may be hope for Jack and Kate shippers after all. Jack tells them what happened with Jin and Sun, and everyone starts sobbing. When Hurley cries... well break out the tissues because there is no stopping your own tears. On the dock, Locke tells Claire the sub sunk, but not everyone went down with it, so he is off to "finish what he started." And I say again.... bum bum buuuuummmmmm.

Ummm... I don't have any quotes this week. Just the few I put up in the recap. Nothing too funny going on in this episode. I do offer a bit of comfort. Like I mentioned, Jin and Sun and Sayid are all still alive in the Sideways reality. Maybe the redemption on the island will help out Sideways Sayid and his legal troubles. My constant hope for this season is that the Sideways reality is where everyone ends up. Or I should say, everyone but one who is left on the island as Jacob's replacement. This has to happen, right? RIGHT??!!???  I have cried a lot on this show. I cry a lot on every show, frankly, but this show has been particularly rough, what with all the deaths. But that episode... that was sob worthy like almost no other. I don't know if my theories can really offer much in the way of support after all that so here: *hugs*  Feel better??
Comment me, so I feel better too.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week in Review: 4/25-5/1

This week seemed especially long. Probably because it was my last week of school. But there was some fun TV in there too, and since this is my TV blog, I will talk about that.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Bad parents = serial killer child, is the lesson we learned this week. When Eddie's mom figured it out and said "I didn't raise you to be like this," I laughed out loud. Really??

THE PACIFIC: It's really the quiet moments on this show that make is so amazing. Basilone endlessly hitting the golf balls at the driving range to avoid, well, everything. Eugene and "The Skipper" talking about where they come from, and how The Skipper's father makes the blankets for the armed forces. And most of all, when the marines carry the strecher with the dead body of the The Skipper on it, after he was hit by a sniper. How awful. Especially because The Skipper was a rarity in war films - the quiet and effective leader who proved you didn't have to be all "Full Metal Jacket" to keep your troops in line. But with all those quiet moments, it was still funny to see that guy end up crapping his pants when he went into a cave and a Japanese soldier chased him out. Hysterical!

CHUCK: Things we learned: 1- Morgan really needs to come with some sort of off switch so he will shut up before he says stupid things. 2- Even the CIA knows that Chuck and Morgan have a co-dependent relationship. 3- Morgan and Casey are the second best duo in the CIA. 4- Best duo: Chuck and Sarah. 5- Even the General is a Chuck and Sarah shipper!

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU: Noooo! This show was cancelled. Boooooo. What will I do without my Ethan Peck? He was awfully cute this week when he pointed out to Mr. Stratford that he may be favoring Bianca over Kat. Adorable. Love.

HOUSE: There were some great things this episode. I learned I'm a lot more like Wilson than I thought. Putting big bowls in the bottom rack of the dishwasher IS stupid! I get so mad at my brother-in-law when he does that! Haha! But the one thing that stood out to me: Princeton is a big city. Why does it seem like everyone always goes to the same restaurant??

24: Is this season over yet?? Seriously!!

GLEE: Oy. I cried. Wept. The whole friggin hour! If the dead parents storyline wasn't enough (Really? They keep the urn IN the chair?) there was Kristin Chenoweth. She is incomprable. Amazing. I really can't put into words how great she is. The whole episode was fabulous. Love every minute. Especially Sue's face when the Cherrio's didn't do what she wanted and the critic ended up loving it. (Brittany gem of the week, "I think my cat is reading my diary." Oh Britt.....)

90210: Some new dads! (Sometimes I forget that any of these kids have parents!) First there is Ryan O'Neal playing a douchey dad. What a stretch!! And then there is Scott Patterson, fresh from a jail sentence, building a boat with his son. That boat building sure seems familiar, huh Scott? Are you sure you don't want to open a diner with that 10 grand your son just stole for you?!
THE GOOD WIFE: Woo! Love! I'm super nervous for the decision that is soon approaching for the Cary/Alicia contest. Can't we keep them both?! This episode was fantastic and full of some amazing scenes, especially the end with Peter chasing Alicia out the door when she decides to have dinner Will. Dammit Peter, why? But the best moment to me was this exchange:
Jackie: Who are you?
Eli: I'm the plumber, who are you?
Jackie: I'm Jackie.
Eli: That means nothing to me.
Oh, Eli! You are so silly.

JUSTIFIED: I talk about how awesome Olyphant is every week, so a brief shout out to Walton Goggins! His portrayal of Boyd Crowder is the polar opposite to that of Shane on The Sheild, and yet equally as crazy and fantastic. He deserved an Emmy nod every season on The Sheild, maybe this time the Academy will finally take notice.

MODERN FAMILY: Could this show be funnier? Answer: no. My favorite line this week:
Cam: Because I'm gay I just want to play showtunes?
Dylan: No.  Because you're old.
Cam: Wow, Dylan. That hurt more.

COUGAR TOWN: Just a couple quotes that brought me joy this week: "It sucks to be turned down by a school that had four grammatical errors in their rejection letter."  And when Jules, Ellie and Laurie were trying to name all 8 Gosselin kids (it's like the new 7 dwarves!) Laurie asked if Jon was one to which Ellie replied, "No, he's the creepy disgusting wanna-be famous father." Amen, Ellie.

COMMUNITY: I HATE those high school kids.

PARKS AND REC: I think Ron Swanson is battling Jack Donaghy as my favorite TV boss. And starting to maybe even win! I heart Ron Swanson. And I can't wait til Rob Lowe and Adam Scott show up!

BONES: Ok, within 6 minutes of show they said the word balls or testicles (or some other form of that) so many times I literally lost count. Just that kind of episode I guess. And if that wasn't enough we also got some fun lady parts talk as Cam looked for a new gyno for Michelle. And found one... and got a date in the process. About time Cam got some love, as everyone else pointed out to her! HA! Who else swooned a little when Booth refered to Hot Blooded as "their song" to Bones? And during their final scene. I always swoon a little at that scene. Because they love each other dammit!! Speaking of love each other.... How about Jack and Angela?? Woot!

VAMPIRE DIARIES: This was a fan-friggin-tastic episode. Lots of great reveals, the best to me being that Stefan's first feed that completed his change to a vampire was his father! Woah. I'm loving the duo of Alaric and Damon. They could make a buddy movie. I also love the character arc for Elena over the season. I did not like her when the season started. I thought she was a wuss, but now she is a tough cookie, and I like it. BEST moment (of the whole week, as far as I'm concerned) is when Damon came home from his outing with Alaric. As he sat on the couch he picked up Elena's feet and put them on his lap. A tiny gesture but I loooooved that moment. Loved. Damon is so hot.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Sarah Drew is driving my nuts with the whole "Chief Shephard" thing, but Jackson giving Mer a hard time about it is totally worth it! One thing I didn't understand about the episode was how Yang went almost the entire day without realizing that Evans (Scott Cohen again! That guy gets around) could be there to replace Teddy. She is not that stupid!

FRINGE: What a fun episode. Sure, nothing much really happened, but it was fun nonetheless. And Olivia singing For Once in My Life to a dying Peter was too sweet not to enjoy. My favorite part was that Walter included Rachel, and then killed her almost immediately, while telling the story to Rachel's daughter! Awesome.

FLASHFORWARD: Anyone watch this and Dexter? I kept expecting the Ice Truck Killer to be found in the Raven River Institution because I'm pretty sure that is where the Ice Truck Killer took his vicitims. Also learned that Janice is a TRIPLE agent. I guess I'm better with that.

PARTY DOWN: If you get Starz, I hope you watch this show. It is hysterical. If you liked Veronica Mars you will like this because it is all the same actors. One of the funniest shows I watch. And the smartest.

OK..... that's it this week. Comment so I feel loved.