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Week in Review: 4/25-5/1

This week seemed especially long. Probably because it was my last week of school. But there was some fun TV in there too, and since this is my TV blog, I will talk about that.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Bad parents = serial killer child, is the lesson we learned this week. When Eddie's mom figured it out and said "I didn't raise you to be like this," I laughed out loud. Really??

THE PACIFIC: It's really the quiet moments on this show that make is so amazing. Basilone endlessly hitting the golf balls at the driving range to avoid, well, everything. Eugene and "The Skipper" talking about where they come from, and how The Skipper's father makes the blankets for the armed forces. And most of all, when the marines carry the strecher with the dead body of the The Skipper on it, after he was hit by a sniper. How awful. Especially because The Skipper was a rarity in war films - the quiet and effective leader who proved you didn't have to be all "Full Metal Jacket" to keep your troops in line. But with all those quiet moments, it was still funny to see that guy end up crapping his pants when he went into a cave and a Japanese soldier chased him out. Hysterical!

CHUCK: Things we learned: 1- Morgan really needs to come with some sort of off switch so he will shut up before he says stupid things. 2- Even the CIA knows that Chuck and Morgan have a co-dependent relationship. 3- Morgan and Casey are the second best duo in the CIA. 4- Best duo: Chuck and Sarah. 5- Even the General is a Chuck and Sarah shipper!

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU: Noooo! This show was cancelled. Boooooo. What will I do without my Ethan Peck? He was awfully cute this week when he pointed out to Mr. Stratford that he may be favoring Bianca over Kat. Adorable. Love.

HOUSE: There were some great things this episode. I learned I'm a lot more like Wilson than I thought. Putting big bowls in the bottom rack of the dishwasher IS stupid! I get so mad at my brother-in-law when he does that! Haha! But the one thing that stood out to me: Princeton is a big city. Why does it seem like everyone always goes to the same restaurant??

24: Is this season over yet?? Seriously!!

GLEE: Oy. I cried. Wept. The whole friggin hour! If the dead parents storyline wasn't enough (Really? They keep the urn IN the chair?) there was Kristin Chenoweth. She is incomprable. Amazing. I really can't put into words how great she is. The whole episode was fabulous. Love every minute. Especially Sue's face when the Cherrio's didn't do what she wanted and the critic ended up loving it. (Brittany gem of the week, "I think my cat is reading my diary." Oh Britt.....)

90210: Some new dads! (Sometimes I forget that any of these kids have parents!) First there is Ryan O'Neal playing a douchey dad. What a stretch!! And then there is Scott Patterson, fresh from a jail sentence, building a boat with his son. That boat building sure seems familiar, huh Scott? Are you sure you don't want to open a diner with that 10 grand your son just stole for you?!
THE GOOD WIFE: Woo! Love! I'm super nervous for the decision that is soon approaching for the Cary/Alicia contest. Can't we keep them both?! This episode was fantastic and full of some amazing scenes, especially the end with Peter chasing Alicia out the door when she decides to have dinner Will. Dammit Peter, why? But the best moment to me was this exchange:
Jackie: Who are you?
Eli: I'm the plumber, who are you?
Jackie: I'm Jackie.
Eli: That means nothing to me.
Oh, Eli! You are so silly.

JUSTIFIED: I talk about how awesome Olyphant is every week, so a brief shout out to Walton Goggins! His portrayal of Boyd Crowder is the polar opposite to that of Shane on The Sheild, and yet equally as crazy and fantastic. He deserved an Emmy nod every season on The Sheild, maybe this time the Academy will finally take notice.

MODERN FAMILY: Could this show be funnier? Answer: no. My favorite line this week:
Cam: Because I'm gay I just want to play showtunes?
Dylan: No.  Because you're old.
Cam: Wow, Dylan. That hurt more.

COUGAR TOWN: Just a couple quotes that brought me joy this week: "It sucks to be turned down by a school that had four grammatical errors in their rejection letter."  And when Jules, Ellie and Laurie were trying to name all 8 Gosselin kids (it's like the new 7 dwarves!) Laurie asked if Jon was one to which Ellie replied, "No, he's the creepy disgusting wanna-be famous father." Amen, Ellie.

COMMUNITY: I HATE those high school kids.

PARKS AND REC: I think Ron Swanson is battling Jack Donaghy as my favorite TV boss. And starting to maybe even win! I heart Ron Swanson. And I can't wait til Rob Lowe and Adam Scott show up!

BONES: Ok, within 6 minutes of show they said the word balls or testicles (or some other form of that) so many times I literally lost count. Just that kind of episode I guess. And if that wasn't enough we also got some fun lady parts talk as Cam looked for a new gyno for Michelle. And found one... and got a date in the process. About time Cam got some love, as everyone else pointed out to her! HA! Who else swooned a little when Booth refered to Hot Blooded as "their song" to Bones? And during their final scene. I always swoon a little at that scene. Because they love each other dammit!! Speaking of love each other.... How about Jack and Angela?? Woot!

VAMPIRE DIARIES: This was a fan-friggin-tastic episode. Lots of great reveals, the best to me being that Stefan's first feed that completed his change to a vampire was his father! Woah. I'm loving the duo of Alaric and Damon. They could make a buddy movie. I also love the character arc for Elena over the season. I did not like her when the season started. I thought she was a wuss, but now she is a tough cookie, and I like it. BEST moment (of the whole week, as far as I'm concerned) is when Damon came home from his outing with Alaric. As he sat on the couch he picked up Elena's feet and put them on his lap. A tiny gesture but I loooooved that moment. Loved. Damon is so hot.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Sarah Drew is driving my nuts with the whole "Chief Shephard" thing, but Jackson giving Mer a hard time about it is totally worth it! One thing I didn't understand about the episode was how Yang went almost the entire day without realizing that Evans (Scott Cohen again! That guy gets around) could be there to replace Teddy. She is not that stupid!

FRINGE: What a fun episode. Sure, nothing much really happened, but it was fun nonetheless. And Olivia singing For Once in My Life to a dying Peter was too sweet not to enjoy. My favorite part was that Walter included Rachel, and then killed her almost immediately, while telling the story to Rachel's daughter! Awesome.

FLASHFORWARD: Anyone watch this and Dexter? I kept expecting the Ice Truck Killer to be found in the Raven River Institution because I'm pretty sure that is where the Ice Truck Killer took his vicitims. Also learned that Janice is a TRIPLE agent. I guess I'm better with that.

PARTY DOWN: If you get Starz, I hope you watch this show. It is hysterical. If you liked Veronica Mars you will like this because it is all the same actors. One of the funniest shows I watch. And the smartest.

OK..... that's it this week. Comment so I feel loved.

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Ver nice (Eric made me watch some Borat the other day, that was not a typo). Ahhh Bones- enough said. I have Glee recorded, I need to watch it, but I will keep kleenex around for when I do. I feel a bit guilty I would like Peter to go back to jail I think or a divorce would be fine too.