Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week in Review: 5/16-5/22

The finales have begun! This week was chock full o' shocking finales. So let's just get right to it.

THE PACIFIC: I thought this finale was brilliant. There was something more satisfying to see the boys go home and have to deal with the reality of life after war. For Sledge it was a matter of "what now." His humanity was almost comletely destroyed in the mountains of Okinawa. Back in Mobile he needed to come to terms with the horrors he saw and find a way to adjust. Leckie came home to his parents and Vera across the street. Turns out he never mailed any of those letters. Their relationship was really beautiful. I wish there was more. I enjoyed the slides telling what happened to each character. When they started I said that when they got to Snafu's slide it would say "and he was never heard from again..." I laughed when I was practically right! For those who don't get HBO, I hope that you take the time to watch it when it is released on DVD.

CHUCK: Hurray for Scott Bakula's return! Papa Bartowski has shades of Walter Bishop - the tortured and crazy genius. This ep basically served as a set up for the two hour season finale this week, so I won't say too much. But I do hope Ellie finds out tomorrow about Chuck... otherwise this whole storyline was just ridiculous.

ONE TREE HILL: I knew that the Katie storyline was wrapped up too quickly last week! Glad the series got a half season pick up. If only so we can see Julian and Brooke's wedding. Awwww.....

GOSSIP GIRL: Bye bye, Little J. You will not be missed. This episode was fun, especially the return of a very preggers Georgina. (I love my little Dawny.) As for the cliffhanger of Chuck Bass bleeding in an alleyway, well, I think he will be fine. Josh Schwartz and Stefanie Savage are not dumb. Killing one half of the heart of the show (Chuck/Blair) would be a mistake of epic proportions.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: I wish they had brought back Stella for the premiere of the Wedding Bride. How did she let that movie get made?! I mean really!! But it was still really funny. But my favorite part of the episode was Barney going off about some disgusting stuff he is into and then pausing for a moment and the saying, "Why do you guys hang out with me, again?" Classic.

HOUSE: Wow. What a moving finale. It was so hard to watch, but at the same time, something so horrific was needed to push House and Cuddy past their issues. Or at least head first into them. The moment when Foreman opened the ambulance door to the silence of Hannah flatlining - beyond sad. I literally lost my breath. I'm interested to see where they take it next season. These are not happy people....  But I hope the loss of Thirteen means Cameron will come back!!

PARENTHOOD: Listen, I know we are supposed to feel bad for Haddie because Amber slept with Steve, but that girl is a brat and a half! And her mom - wow. Essentially calling Amber a whore to Sarah's face. Sarah handeled it far better than I ever could. And, as always, Lauren Graham as Sarah, is the best mom ever. I wish I could be as great a mom as any Lauren Graham mom!

THE GOOD WIFE: Oooooo, Dyaln Baker is so creepy! But I'm glad he was brought back because his storyline was left unfinished earlier this season. Lots of fun! I also truly enjoyed Carrie Preston as Peter's lawyer. She is so much fun. Although I'm not so sure I am happy she got Peter set free. He's immediately back to himself which, lets face it, isn't a good thing.

GLEE: JOSS WHEDON!! Ok, first can we acknowledge that NPH is some sort of god?! He was amazing in this episode-  Dream On was jaw-dropping. And for those of you who watched Angel: didn't it remind you of the fight between Angel and Spike for the chalice (that turned out to only have Mountain Dew in it) in the episode Destiny? I know I am probably just making connections that aren't there, but whether he noticed it or not, Joss was definitely pulling from past shows. And I adored the flash mob dream sequence of Artie's to Safety Dance. That was shot brilliantly. And in not-so-surprising reveals: the coach of Vocal Adrenaline (Indina Menzel) is Rachel's bio-mom. Duh. We knew that before her character even existed! Was anyone else going to be her mom?  Though I will say the shout out to Patty LuPone made me hope that Patty would come on as bio-grandma. She does have the look! But the final song was the stand-out this week, for me. Not only is Dream a Little Dream one of my favorite songs ever, but the way Artie sang it while Tina and Henry tapped... lots of tears! And just the littlest moment in the song that really made me cry: when Artie was sitting next to Quinn and she rubbed his arm. It's the little things.... And that final shot (a close up of Artie's head with Tina being dipped by Henry just out of focus in the back) was classic Whedon. Go watch some Whedonverse and find out! Now let's make sure NPH is back for the post-superbowl episode!!!

JUSTIFIED: Oh Boyd- if you are going to blow up a trailer because the people inside are meth-heads, at least make sure no one is still inside there first!! Duh.

V: Did Anna's red cloud of death remind anyone else of Ghostbusters? Just saying....

COUGAR TOWN: This show may be over the top silly sometimes (You're the millionth customer!!) but ultimately, it has a lot of heart. If you didn't watch it, watch it in the summer season. The first few episodes are just OK, but I promise you by episode 3 or 4 you will be hooked. I love every one of these characters.

MODERN FAMILY: And speaking of loving every one of these characters.... what will I do with out these freaks over the summer?? Every family should have a Claire, no matter how insane she is. What a great way to end the season with everyone together. I can't wait to see what ridiculous things they do next year! Best new comedy of the season!

BONES: Alrighty, some people were so angry about this, and I don't really understand why. Because they didn't kiss?? That wouldn't have been in character! As for the time jump, I think it will be good to get them out of the rut of a storyline they are in now. A year's time will give Booth and Bones perspective on their relationship. And I thought the airport scene couldn't have been better. It was just sweet enough. But the moment that really made the episode for me: Bones telling Jack "I love you, too." The shock on his face.... and then the softening when he realized what saying that meant for her. Wonderful. This show isn't the best show ever, but it is one of my favorites. Each character is very complex and loveable. I want to go wait at the bench by the reflecting pool next to the coffee cart for them now! (oh... and Booth is hot in uniform....)

GREY'S ANATOMY: Ummmm..... I don't even know where to start here. It was a genius episode. There was so much that happened, that I can't even possibly begin to go over it. Here are some of the things I loved about it... When Mer and Yang were the last two to know what was going on in the hospital so they were joking around. You wanted to laugh with them, and at the same time you were screaming at the TV for them to get somewhere safe! But the segment that really did me in was from the moment Owen walked into the scrub room and we couldn't see what was going on until Meredith miscarryied the baby while treating Owen's gunshot wound. First of all, that segment was so well written and directed. Waiting so long to see what Owen saw in the OR was fantastic and killed me just a little! But when Mer miscarried... all I kept thinking was "My God, she is a badass." I know it's not really the normal reaction, but she was amazing. Yang too. Those two both earned their stripes with that one. As for what I hope happens from here: April gets a grip, Jackson gets some love (he is too pretty to not get any for this long!), Lexie gets back together with Mark and Mer gets preggers again. Good job, Shonda. Proving that traumatic scenarios in hospitals don't have to be ridiculous (I'm looking at you ER) but can in fact be organic and completely mesmerizing!

COMMUNITY: HA! I knew there was a moment between Jeff and Annie last week!! Knew it!! I'll miss you and your constant ability to find a way to be naked on campus, Joel McHale! Is summer over yet?

PARKS AND RECREATION: Poor poor April! Andy is a stupid boy. But not stupid: Ben. How adorable is Adam Scott?! I am pissed I have to wait for mid-season for this to come back. Not having Ron Swanson for that long is a travesty. He is the greatest boss ever. In honor of him, I'm going to go cover a turkey leg in bacon.

FRINGE: Ok, JJ is clearly moving into some sort of Rimbaldi territory here with all of these prophecy type stories. But I'm ok with that because this finale of Fringe was perfection. Peter dealing with the fact that maybe Walter is a better dad than Walternate, even if it's not a bio-connection. And HUGE props to John Noble and Anna Torv being able to move so seemlessly between two versions of their characters. And that fight between Olivia and Altlivia - wowza. I've never been so truly fooled by that sort of scene with one actress playing two characters next to each other. It was amazing. While I saw the twist coming about 15 minutes before the end, it was still great. But the only way I will be satisfied by it is if Peter picks up on it quickly. He is a bright boy and Altlivia can't possibly fool him for too long!

FLASHFORWARD: At this point, I'm not sure I care what happens, as long as Keiko and Bryce find each other by the end.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: You go Buddy Garrity, you crazy hick.

Alright.....time to go mentally prepare for the mother of all finales! You Losties meet me here tomorrow. Sob!! Everyone else, comment away!


Kylene said...

I agree The Pacific was brilliant! I think seeing the reality of seeing the boys dealing with going home was fantastic & so few war movies show that. Amazing HBO simply Amazing! I loved that some of the interviewees at the beginning of the episodes were the real-life men that were portrayed in the series. That was great to know. Kudos!

Seriously where was Stella in HIMYM? I was half expecting her to show up & apologize to Ted but then I realized no cause she's selfish. Sorry I have an anger toward her now, not sure why but I do. I just can't wait to see dopelganger Barney!

Speaking of NPH...GLEE! Just brilliant! I loved when he & Jane Lynch were talking about "anger sex" and my mom goes to me "But aren't they both GAY?" And I turned to my mom and said "Yup & that's why they are BOTH brilliant, cause I am totally buying it suck it Newsweek!"
Also, I completely LOST it when Indina & Lea were singing "I've Dreamed a Dream" so amazing! And I agree if Patty LuPone could be her bio-grandmother that would be just ah-mazing!

Grey's: I'm still in recovery mode! Best moment: Owen going into the OR and the camera spinning and seeing Cristina having the gun pointed at her head & her continuing to operate on Derek. The fact that he never let Mer know before he went in there was just brilliant writing on Sondra's part & brilliant acting on Kevin McKidd's part.

House: Cuddy! Cuddy! Cuddy! My mother, Houseand I said at the same time: "This better not be a hallucination!"

Loved Sweets meowing said...

My second comment, since the first disappeared into virtual space =0( Ahhhh Bones... Loved the airport scene, loved her saying Ilove you too to Hodgins. Loved that Hodgins won't work with anyone else, so everyone is pretty much doing their own thing for a year. As sad as it is, great opportunity to go different places with the storylines (maybe prolonging the life of the show, can we get a 20 year run like L&O please!). On a side note, I am sad Numbers is done, I really liked that show in a nerd kind of way, same reason I love Temperence on Bones. They did a nice job with the finale, but still doesn't mean I am not going to miss it- Friday doesn't have anything good anymore. The Office season finale was great. Got a bunch of classic Michael moments: crying over the baby otter, calling into the radio station about the fire catching printers, not being able to keep a secret (he actually did better than ever this time). The IT guy leaving was hysterical. Ok, I think that's it for now, I'm still paranoid this too will vanish- hehe.