Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week in Review: 5/9-5/15

I know, I know, this is really late! Funny how people getting sick and other activities can get in the way! But I've got it ready now. The theme for this week: swoon!! Every night, someone made me swoon a little. Or a lot. Haha! So let's take a look at what happened in TV last week,  so we can get back to enjoying this week. BTW - I haven't seen most of Monday's (as in last night) shows, so my comments on those are based purely on last week.

THE PACIFIC: What a horrific episode. I thought Peliliu was bad - that was before we saw Okinawa. Even more disturbing that the episode itself was the newsreel at the start with the small Japanese child just standing there shaking in the middle of this war zone littered with dead bodies. Chilling. The things we did to each other over there were awful. I was having nightmares, can't image how they survived it. The highlight of this episode was seeing the humanity of Sledge reach the brink. His emotional arc was the most compelling, but that is to be expected from the character who entered this war as a very sheltered child. I also enjoyed his relationship with Snafu... but more on that next week.

CHUCK: First swoon of the week: Chuck and Sarah's "I love you's." Those two are so sweet. Though, like any male, Chuck hasn't told Sarah the intersect may be killing him. Men! And the other big reveal: Shaw may be alive. All together now: duh.

ONE TREE HILL: I have not seen last nights finale, but if I know One Tree Hill (and I think I do), I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this episode wasn't the last we say of Sarah-wanna-be, Katie. That was a whole lot of build up for a whole lot of nothing ending. And based on some texts I received last night, I think I may be right! :)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Robots vs Wrestlers, anyone??

HOUSE: This was the most clever episode of the season. I wish that I could see it done as a play on stage, as it was clearly written with that in mind. And making it even better: the genius of Andre Braugher. One of the greatest actors, possibly ever. (And when I'm done writing this... on to last nights finale!)

THE GOOD WIFE: Listen, we all know that Alicia was going to get the Jr. Associate job - it's called The Good Wife, which last time I checked does not describe Cary at all. It was still nerve wracking to watch though. Loved that Eli Gold came through, even if it came with a catch. Not to be unexpected from Eli, is it? Not sure why they inlcuded this in the episode, but I was happy to hear that the son broke up with Becca when he found out about her Twitter account talking about Alicia. Did anyone else think it was strange how that was just thrown in there with no context what so ever?

GLEE: I think I may have to use this as a replacement next year since I won't have a Lost blog anymore (*sob*) because there is so much I love about it every week. This week Kurt and Puck were highlights. Puck is so adorable, even when he is being a douche. But Kurt.... oh Kurt. I can barely think of Kurt in this episode without getting a little misty. And his rendition of Rose's Turn....Woah. (I'd also like to thank my parents for giving me the completlely useless skill of being able to pick out a Sondheim song in two bars or less) Props to Chris Colfer for consistently delivering on what could be such a one-note character. And to Mike O'Malley for being one of the best TV Dads ever. (Mini swoon for Mike O'Malley's awesome dad-ness.)

JUSTIFIED: Another quality ep. Raylan loses his hat in a bar fight, and it all goes down hill from there. Excited to see David Eigenberg back, he cracks me up. Also fun- a GhostFacer!!!

PARENTHOOD: Rumor has it that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are dating in real life. This makes sense because their chemistry on the show is amazing - which creeps me out sometimes since they are playing brother and sister. Another swoon to how sweet Sam Jaeger is on this show. What a great husband allowing Erika Christensen's (sorry, I suck trying to remember all those Braverman names) douche ex to come for dinner.

COUGAR TOWN: Travis graduates from high school and who does he have to support him? Those booze bags that make up the "cul-de-sac crew." And could he ask for anything more? Bobby is somehow a great dad despite being a complete idiot. Laurie and Ellie are neurotic and evil and yet the best friends poor Jules could have. And Grayson.... OMG, the fact that he is clearly in love with Jules already despite her unbelievable level of crazy.... epic swoon. Best part of the episode though was a meta moment where Travis sees a picture of Jules dancing with Bruce Springsteen when she was in high school. (For those woefully lacking in their pop-culture references - Courtney Cox was in the Bruce video for "Dancing in the Dark.")

MODERN FAMILY- Mitchell: What is this?  Cam: Happiness. 
Damn straight, Cam. This episode was happiness. I could literally just post a transcript for the episode because it is impossible to pick my favorite moment. One of the greatest moments, because it was such a throw away, was Cam and Mitchell leaving Lily on the elevator in her stroller, and then it opening up to Gloria who turns, sees Lily and says "What are you doing, Lily?" As if Lily did this to herself! But since the theme of the week is swoon: Jay and Gloria discussing why their marriage works. Swoon. Phil setting up a wedding for Claire to make up for their eloping 17 years ago: Beyond. Epic. Swoon. And then promptly deflated on the plane ride home when Phil reveals he already has a replacement lined up in case Claire dies. And then the dagger is turned when Alex says how much she loves the replacement! And so explains my undying devotion to this show. I can't believe it is only in it's first year!

BONES: And moving into very un-swoon territory: The Gravedigger trial has finally arrived. For a show that does not really focus on the "case of the week," Bones has provided us with some damn scary villains. Between The Gravedigger and Gorgomon (I miss you, Zach Addy!) I have had plenty of nightmares courtesy of Hart Hanson and his writing staff. Glad she was found guilty (you go, Caroline) but her remark to Brennan that "This isn't over" was chilling. I don't think we have seen the last of her. In the non-nightmare inducing segments of the show: hurray for a Max sighting! Although Brennan may not have completely appreciated it, love that he tried to kill The Gravedigger! ("I don't want you to kill people for me. Just buy me a sweater like a normal dad.") And glad that Jack and Angela had their mini-reception at Founding Fathers. At least it wasn't a Wendall week - that would have been awkward!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Ignoring LOST for a second, I think this may be the season finale to live up to this season. It had lots of death (which any good gothic story should have) and lots of twists. Even though I knew Katherine was coming back this episode, and I still didn't realize it was her that was killing Damon!! Speaking of Damon - swoon of the week when he said thank you to Elena (well, actually Katherine, but still....). Damon dealing with the conflict of his good and evil sides and which one to let come through is fantastic. Glad Ian has more to do know than just make the "eyes." Speaking of SWOON! :P

COMMUNITY: Was that an Annie/Jeff moment at the end?? I wish....

PARKS AND RECREATION: Love the addition of Adam Scott and Rob Lowe. Both are hysterical, and give some new love interests to Leslie and Ann (those girls need it). My one question: In the opening credits it says "Introducing Rob Lowe."  Ummmm... didn't we get introduced to Rob Lowe like 25 years ago?!?

THE OFFICE: Second best meta-moment of the week (after Courtney/Bruce on Cougar Town) was Andy referencing the movie Obsessed when talking about cheaters with Michael. That movie starred Idris Elba aka Charles Miner from Dunder Mifflin.

30 ROCK: MICHAEL SHEEN!!!!  Love love love him! Even in his "We need to settle for each other" style, I still swoon. I love him and I was so excited to hear Tina Fey say at upfronts yesterday that she hopes NBC gives her notice for when the series is over because she wants him in the finale! WOOT!

GREY'S ANATOMY: A lot happened this week, but based on the previews for the finale, I'm not sure if any of it is worth talking about. Except that Sloane essentially proposed to Lexi!! WHAT? Again I swoon.

FRINGE: The world "over there" brought up a lot of questions this week. Too many to even attempt to analyze now. But my biggest question: What the hell was up with Astrid's beret??

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Is anyone watching this? It is so heartbreaking every week, and yet so inspiring. This week was the introduction to Journee Smollet's character - apparently a potential love interest of sweet Landry. And Riggins may be in trouble with that mom and daughter now that he is living in the trailer on their property. But if anyone will keep him from getting in too much trouble it is Coach Taylor. So glad that Riggins realized the best way to get it together is to go back to Coach and help out. Love. (If anyone can make you swoon with a look, it's Tim Riggins.)

OK.  That's it for last week. I'm very focused on upfronts this week. I will try to get a blog up when they are over letting you all know what i'm excited for in the fall!

Also, early next month I will get out a blog about the summer series I will be watching. There are quite a few this season!


Erin said...

Thought The Office was funny and cringe worthy. Seriously Andy??? You go chat with and introduce Michael to the guy whose wife you are sleeping with? I am disappointed in Cary on GW. Talk about sore loser, like he would not have done whatever it took. I've seen this weeks, so at least he isn't off the show, that would have been sad. Bones was super creepy, but I loved the ending. I hope Bones doesn't decide to take a break from the crime solving. Ewww for creepy grave digger. Why exactly did she turn into a psycho bitch? I totally don't remember. Max trying to tAke out gravedigger was awesome- damn that booth! Haha

Melissa said...

They never really explained it. She was assigned to the case (she was a US Attorney) after the last guy left. But there was never any real explanation why she started doing this. She's just plain psycho, I guess. I think it was just coincidence that she was assigned to her case (or manipulation of the writers. heehee). I'm watching this weeks GW right now, so I will text you later!