Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST: What They Died For

That weird noise you hear is me hyperventilating because there is only one episode (granted a 2 1/2 hour one) is left. I am in complete and utter denial over this. Seriously - totally denial. During this episode when Jacob was telling them one needs to decide who is going to take over, I was thinking it couldn't possibly happen right now because we have so much time left. Ugh. Anyway...... don't mind me.

So let us take a look at the events of last night. By the way - sideways was so all over the map, that it's not completely in order here. Just go with it! :)

Once again, the show starts with Jack's eye opening. At this point is there any other actor out there whose eye we are more familiar with?? All those closeups in HD! And once again Jack has a cut on his neck - shaving accident or a connection to the island. Or both? He has breakfast with David (I LOVE this kid. Love him. Please give him some sort of happy ending.) and Claire. David has a concert tonight - Mom will be there. Who is mom?? At least we know we should be finding out Sunday (ah!). Whoever she is - David is worried that Jack seems so interested in her presence. It turns out that Oceanic found Christian as well..... uh oh, just kidding. That was Desmond calling. From outside Locke and Ben's school. Where he is staring at Locke. Ben finds him and tries to make a citizens arrest. This makes me giggle, because who really would do that?? Really?! Desmond says he is trying to help Locke, but Ben isn't buying it, so Desmond beats that crap out of poor (in this reality) Ben, forcing him to flash. Making him a little more Ben-like in this reality. In the nurse's office Ben is found looking in the mirror - a moment repeated often in this reality. Locke finds him and Ben gives him the recap, including the fact that Des wants Locke to "let go" which sets off bells in Locke's head. Afterwards, Ben gets an invite to dinner from Alex and Danielle (happy! in a dress!) where he learns that Danielle considers him like a father, which moves him to tears (because he remembers Alex's other death?). And then there is a moment with Danielle. Awww. Meanwhile, Desmond decides to go turn himself in to Sawyer. Why, you ask? Because our dear friends Kate and Sayid are in lock up as well. When it comes time for the three jailbirds to be transferred to county lock-up, Kate tries to use her sexy eyes and freckles to convince "not so much like a cop" Sawyer to let her go. While intrigued, this Sawyer doesn't bite. In the van, Des tells them that they are going to escape, but they both have to promise to do him a favor. They laugh, but little do they know that Des gets what he wants nowadays! The van pulls over and our old friend Ana Lucia lets them out, for a price. Cue the tell-tale yellow Hummer pulling up and Hurley with a large envelope full of cash. Ana Lucia leaves because "she's not ready" aka not important enough to our story. Hurley takes Sayid away and Desmond shows Kate a pretty dress and says they have a concert to go to. (So she can flash on Jack??) And speaking of Jack - after his talk with Ben, Locke pays our favorite spinal surgeon a visit to tell him of all the coincidences that have occurred. Jack thinks Locke is accusing him of hitting him with the car, but Locke has turned back to go old fate-loving Locke, and takes it all as a sign that he is ready to get up out of that chair.

It's Jack's turn to sew up Kate. And this time there isn't even a little bottle of vodka to make it better. Oh the good ol' days of the plane crash! Kate tries to make us all cry again by talking about Ji Yeon and how Jin never met her. And they agree that UnLocke needs to go down. Hurley, Kate, Sawyer and Jack look out over the water as the debris from the sub washes to shore. And then they set off into the jungle to take down smokey. However you do that. Meanwhile, Ben, Richard and Miles are in search of New Otherton to go get a bunch of explosives that Ben kept in a secret room in his closet to blow up the plane. We all have one of those secret closets, right? When they reach Ben's house, Miles hears Alex, prompting Richard to reveal he buried her after Ben left last time. That Richard is a hell of a guy! When Miles sees the other secret room ("the secreter room" ha!) Ben says that is where he summoned smokey, or as it turned out, smokey summoned him. Which makes what happens in a minute a little more understandable. In the kitchen they find Zoe and Widmore. Zoe is sent off to get the outrigger, but on the way she sees UnLocke getting to the island. Widmore meanwhile has been explaining to Ben that he has had the plane rigged for awhile and that, unlike Ben, he has seen Jacob - he visited him to come to the island after Ben blew up the freighter. That must hurt Ben! (Kristin from E! suggested that maybe Ben never really dealt with Jacob, but only MIB. I agree with that to a point... the cabin was surrounded that gun powder smokey can't pass. But who knows.)
Meanwhile in the jungle, Sawyer and Jack discuss the bomb, and Sawyer comes to the realization that it was his fault everyone died. But Jack says no, it was Locke. Proving in many ways that Jack is a better man than Sawyer. Not that I don't love Sawyer. I do. But Sawyer would have been quick to blame Jack. Hurley stops and sees young Jacob (tada!) who grabs his own ashes and runs into the jungle. Hurley follows and finds grown-up Jacob who tells him that the ashes are burning and when they go out, he will be gone forever - so go gather your friends.
Back in New Otherton, Miles runs when he hears UnLocke is coming, because he is not stupid! Richard says he is going to try to reason with UnLocke. Widmore and Zoe hide in a hidden room and Ben, having snapped, is just taking it all in. Smokey arrives and takes out Richard, but I would assume Richard is not dead. Back in Locke-form, he asks Ben to kill people for him so that he can get off the island and then the island will be Ben's alone - what he has always wanted. Ben shows him where Zoe and Widmore are. He slits Zoe's throat as she is useless (I could have told you that). UnLocke then threatens Widmore with Penny, saying if he doesn't tell him what he wants to know, he will kill her. Widmore tells UnLocke about Desmond's electromagnetic resistance, and that he was a measure of last resort, but won't go further with Ben in the room. So Ben leaves, Charles whispers something to UnLocke, and the Ben shoots Widmore. A lot. Snap. He didn't want his daughter to be saved - too late, Ben. Widmore already talked.
At the ash fire, Hurley starts to translate for Jacob thinking no one can see him, but Sawyer, Jack and Kate say they can. Kate is angry and asks if Jacob wrote everyone's names in the cave, and if that is why they all died. Jacob has them sit by the fire for storytime. He tells them when the fire goes out, he will be gone forever and one of them will need to take his place. Sawyer complains that he was doing just fine before Jacob chose him, but like we all know, Jacob points out that he wasn't. None of them were - they were all flawed (boy howdy!) and alone and looking for something, so here they are! Kate asks why she was crossed off the list (you know how she hates to be left out!) and Jacob says because she became a mother, but that doesn't mean that she isn't a candidate still. If she wants, she is still in the game. Jacob explains the whole "i made smokey, now one of you needs to protect the light from him" bit. He says they need to kill him because otherwise he will kill you. But as for who the replacement is - it is not up to Jacob, but their choice (destiny? Jacob turned out not to be a choice). Almost immediately Jack volunteers, realizing this is what he has been waiting for. So he goes with Jacob, drinks the kool-aid (aka, water jacob touched) and then gets all wide-eyed. What did he see? Everything, I think. Jacob echoes his "Mom's" statement of "now you're like me."
Back at the well, UnLocke and Ben see that Des has been set free, so UnLocke sets off to find him because apparently he can use Desmond to destroy the island. Why Ben doesn't say "but you said.....!!!!" right here, I don't know. Probably because it isn't as dramatic a point for the LOST logo and sound appear after.

So..... that sums up the last regular sized episode of LOST. Ever. AHHHHH!!!  Hope it was even remotely coherent, as it was written sporadically over a period of 8 hours. Ahhh, mommyhood!

And here are some quotes for you...

Kate: Locke did this. We have to kill him.
Jack: I know.

Miles: Well, I lived in those houses 30 years before you did. Otherwise known as last week.

Ben (to UnLocke): She's (Zoe) armed. But I'm guessing that's not a problem for you.

Sawyer: I thought that guy had a God Complex before.
Kate: James......
Sawyer: Yeah, I know....

And the last quote, in the "Quit Reminding Me" department:

Jacob: You should get your friends. We are very close to the end, Hugo.
(Dammit Jacob, we know! No need to rub it in, you bastard.)

So as we rapidly approach the end of life as we know it (too dramatic?) the big questions are: Is Jack really going to be "the one?" Do both realities continue existing? How do you kill smoke? Who the hell is David's mother? Do Juliet and Sawyer ever get that cup of coffee? Where did Vincent go? What did UnLocke do to Claire?
My thoughts: Ummmm.... I don't know. I think Jack being the one almost went too easy. But he has been moving in that direction since the first second we saw him 6 years ago, opening his eye in the patch of bamboo. However since then we have seen that Desmond is connected to the island in a way the rest of them aren't. And Aaron was born there, like Jacob. Something no one else can claim. As for the rest of the questions..... I don't know. But I can't wait to see all those familiar faces who will be back for the finale. (Especially Ian Somerhalder... I already miss Damon and his eyes - repeats start June 3, Katie! HA!)

I will be watching it live (basically) Sunday night. And here to cry it out with you all Monday morning. I hope you all make it through. Keep the tissues handy, lord knows we will need them.  As I'm sure you all know - a 2 hour retrospective starts at 7pm Sunday night. And then starting at 12:05 (after local news) is a 1 hour Jimmy Kimmel LOST special. And if you want, from 8-10pm Saturday night ABC is repeating the two-part Pilot episode of LOST. I have a feeling they aren't just doing that for fun. Watch it. I bet there will be a lot of throwbacks to that episode in the finale.

Deep Breath everyone. Next time I write a LOST blog, it will be for The End.



Annette said...

Desmond was rockin' the American accent pretty good! Danielle cleans up well...loved when she told Ben "even if we have to kidnap you". LOL!!! And glad to see Evil Tina Fey (Zoe) killed. She was pretty pointless. Looking forward to seeing everyone reunite at the concert and see what happens with that. Poor Richard! Is that really the last we'll see of him? Did Smokey seriously just toss him aside like a piece of garbage?

How very interesting that the bamboo forest where Jack woke up in the first episode is so close to the hidden heart of the Island. That seems very fitting. I loved when Jacob tells Kate "It's just a line of chalk on a wall, the job's still yours if you want it".

What will we do after Lost is over? I feel like I'm losing a best friend or a relative. I've been depressed for a week just thinking about it. I'll be so LOST without it. :(

Katie said...

I don't know what to do with myself! I told Steve right after Tuesday's episode that I didn't like that it was ending and it was stupid!
I don't know about Jack being the one. I thought it would always be him but you're right, it was almost too easy. What is the point destiny if you have a choice?
Yay for Ian Somerhalder!!!! So hot!