Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week in Review: 5/2-5/8

It's May, and in case you don't know, that means sweeps! Which means lots of big happenings on our favorite TV shows. Things like death (I'm still crying over LOST), first kisses, marriages (woo!) and all that fun stuff. Um, I'm not saying death is fun stuff. You know what I mean...... ummmm.... monumental stuff. Yeah, that's it! So lets get to the first official week of sweeps and see what happens.

THE PACIFIC: During the opening news reel footage, Tom Hanks told us that their were over 6500 causalities on Peliliu. Just there! I am not negating anything that our soldiers are doing in the war now, but I think we have forgotten just what a war could be. It was a different world then. This episode focused on Basilone. His time in Camp Pendleton. His romance with Lena. And, sadly, his decision to re-enlist and join his soldiers on their mission to Iwo Jima where he dies. The moment where he is shot is not only unbelievably sad for him (and Lena) but for his soldiers whose image of Basilone as the indestructible American hero is shattered before their eyes as the world around them literally and figuratively explodes. For those wondering - Lena never remarried. How sad is that??

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Exactly how many people have been hit by a car on Wisteria Lane? It happens at least once a season! They should not be allowed to drive on that street!

HOUSE: This was one of my favorite episodes this season. First of all the guest stars were Eva Amurri and Adam Garcia, both of whom I enjoy immensely. Then there was one of my favorite lines/reactions all season: Adam Garcia saying "I'm as straight as any of you," while Thirteen is in the room and then the face she makes in reaction to that. I giggled for awhile. But, by far, the best moment of the episode, or actually of the season, is when Chase, Foreman and House go to a karaoke bar and sing "Midnight Train of Georgia." How long have the producers been keeping that moment in their pocket??

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: First I have something to admit- the HIMYM theme song is my ringtone, and every week when I watch the show and the theme song comes on, I check my phone. Every. Time. So sad. How funny was this episode?? Drunk Ted and Barney is just plain good for laugh. Although, I did have one small issue with the idea that they both wanted to get back together with Robin.... we know that Ted isn't going to fall back in love with Robin, at least not really. She is Aunt Robin! Buuutttt, we don't know about Barney and Robin, and I hope that works out. Because I heart Barney.

GOSSIP GIRL: My favorite relationship on this show has been Chuck and Lily (that's right!) so I was excited they had some time together this week. And even more excited that it looks like Chuck will be the one to save her from the clutches of William Van Der Woodsen. I'm also excited that Bitchy Blair is back. She is too much fun. I hope she makes the lives of those Columbia girls miserable! Muahaha.

CHUCK: That Hart to Hart opening was inspired. Also, if this show is cancelled (hopefully after at least next season) they should remake Magnum PI with Zach Levi! He is adorable. This was another really fun episode. Swoosie Kurtz! Fred Willard! A Tiger! I'm very excited to see how they get the Ellie and Awesome storyline back to Chuck. It's off to a great start.

24: Well.... at least they killed Dana.

CASTLE: I really don't need to say it do I? Ok, I will ---- awesome guest cast again! Including two Veronica Mars alum! Hurray!!

THE GOOD WIFE: This is the final week before they make the choice at the firm between Cary and Alicia. It seems unlikely that they would choose Cary since it is called "The Good Wife" not "The Snarky Preppy." But who knows. I will say if they do pick Alicia, I hope there is still a way to keep Matt Czurchy on the show! I commend the producers on the character of Cary. It would have been so easy to make him a total ass that we hated, but instead they made him a decent guy who is friends with Alicia. I have a feeling it is going to make next week even more difficult to watch.

GLEE: I love that these high schoolers know the song Ice Ice Baby. It gives me hope for the next generation. What I didn't enjoy about this episode is they implied that the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" has a bad reputation. How dare they!! That song is a classic. I want to "kick them square in the taco."

JUSTIFIED: It takes brass balls to take your security guards hostage in the US Marshalls office! But if you do it - your reward may be some damn tasty fried chicken and Kentucky Bourbon. Seems like a good plan to me!

PARENTHOOD: Question time: When the kids were taking swimming lessons Racquel thought Julia was horrible for making Sydney for doing anything more than just blow bubbles. But now that its soccer season Racquel is like a friggin drill sergeant with her players?? Doesn't make sense. It is just a way to make then antagonistic towards each other again. Lame.

MODERN FAMILY: How many shows can do an entire episode in the confines of an airport, and make you wish that there was a whole other episode that way? So classic! And a LOST reference directed at Julie Bowen!! Funny!

COUGAR TOWN: Jules and Grayson! Hurray! And what is better than "That's what she said"?? "That's what HE said!!!!" Bill Lawrence, you are a genius and I hope this show lasts as long as Scrubs did!

COMMUNITY: If this show lasts a long time and they eventually do a retrospective when the series is ending, this episode will go down as the best of season 1! What an insta-classic! I'd also like to thank Dan Harmon for continuously finding ways to have Joel McHale get naked, especially because this show takes place solely on the campus of Greendale Community College! I don't remember any of us getting naked at Hartnell as much as Jeff Winger gets naked at Greendale.

THE OFFICE: This show isn't at the level it used to be, but it is still very funny. And John Krasinski can still make me swoon with a simple wink at the camera. I heart Jim.

BONES: Oh. My. God. I knew that this episode would be the start of Jack and Angela (or whatever her name is) getting back together but I had no idea it was going to lead to them getting married!!! Happy Happy Happy! Now if only Bones and Booth could get it together! Even with the wedding, I think he highlight of the episode was Sweets being so excited that Bones validated his research about the Salem Witch Trials. Sweets is my favorite. Plus, who doesn't love a good Murder on the Orient Express ending? (I'm sorry... is that a spoiler?)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Isobel (the amazing Mia Kirshner) is the exact opposite of what you would hope to find when looking for your birth mom. Although she did give some great awkward moments about Damon being in love with Elena too. Almost as good as last weeks feet on lap moment: this weeks hands touching moment when Damon gave Elena the invention. Swoon doesn't cover it for Damon. Also fun: a HIMYM shout out!!

FRINGE: Martha Plimpton rules. Just in case any of you were unaware.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Somehow, much like Hurley on LOST, when Christina Yang cries it is so much sadder than when anyone else does it.

PRIVATE PRACTICE: I have to agree with another blog (TV without pity, I think) when they said that this show should just change their name to Disturbing Pregnancy.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: I do not have DirecTV so I had to wait til now to start watching Season 4. I am so glad it is back. And with a whole mess of new characters, including Alicia Witt!! Love her. I watch a lot of television (duh) and I like a lot of shows, but this is hands down the best acted show on television. I don't think I have ever seen a show that is better acted than this one. The fact that it has never even been nominated for an Emmy is a travesty beyond words. Glad it is back, and I hope a lot of you are watching! Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: I hope you all watched this. If not.... go to Hulu right now!! My only problem: they cut a Debbie Downer skit. Boooo.

Alright, comment me. What did you love this week?? What are you excited for with sweeps?

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Erin loves angela and hodgins said...

Yeah Anglea and Hodgins, I was sooooo happy (as you know). Even if Bones doesn't realize she is destined to be with Booth, I can be happy with the season because of Angela and Hodgins, I was so upset after the non wedding. Sweets was too cute being so thrilled his work was finally validadted by Bones. I like his spilling all the books and paperwork over Booth, he was like a little kid. Dwight 'spying' was great. What's up with erin and andy??? HIMYM was entertaining as usual. I am getting impatient about the identity of the damn mom though. Ok, enough comments on your comments haha. Except, I too am so nervous about the Cary/Alicia thing. And really, give Big another chance ahhh!