Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST: The Package

And what a lovely package it is, Brutha. We will get to that in a bit. It's hard to follow an insta-classic episode like Ab Aeterno, but this one was still interesting. I have always liked the Jack/Sun relationship, and this episode had a few good scenes with them, so that made me happy.

I'm not going to do the full recap this week. Let's just cover the highlights:

In the sideways reality we saw that Sun and Jin, while not married, are still totally doing it. Sun wants to run away with Jin. Ahhh... sweet love. We also found out how poor Jin would up in the fridge. Mr. Piak, Sun's dad, knew that Jin and Sun were doing it, and being an incredibly old-school Korean guy, was sooo not having that. The money that Jin brought over with the watch was payment for Keamy to kill Jin. The money was confiscated at customs, so Keamy's partner, Mikhail (aka Patchy, but in this reality, sans Patch) took Sun to get the money from her own account. Daddy is too smart for that though, and closed the account. We hear Sayid's badassery from inside the fridge this time and he comes in and doesn't exactly seem too eager to help out Jin. Instead he just hands him a box cutter. Nice, Sayid. Mikhail and Sun arrive empty handed and after some gunfire, Keamy ends up dead for reals, Mikhail ends up with a hole for an eye (tada!) and Sun ends up shot in the belly. Which sucks, cuz she is preggers. This sideways reality isn't winding up any better than their island one!! WTH?
Back on the island, we first see that someone is watching UnLocke's camp. It's Widmore's people, as we find out soon enough. UnLocke tells Jin he is going to go find Sun and bring her back to him, though Jin doesn't seem to thankful. Duh. Sayid tells UnLocke that he doesn't feel anything - dude, we know. As if the cold blooded killing of Dogen and Lennon wasn't enough, the just sitting there while Claire tried to kill Kate sort of clued us in! After UnLocke goes off to get Sun, the entire camp is drugged with nifty little tranq darts and then Jin is taken... by Widmore's people. Back at the beach... (remember back in the old days when it was the beach vs the caves? Life was simple then.) Sun gets frustrated with Ilana's plan to wait for Richard. She goes to sulk in her garden (memories.....) and Jack tries to give her the "destiny" pep-talk but Sun is all "shut up, I just want my husband and to go back to my daughter." Jack backs away slowly and then UnLocke comes and tells her that Jin is with him, so to come along. Sun knows that's a bad idea, and runs. Later, Ben finds her knocked out in the jungle, where she can understand English, but can only speak Korean. Oy. On Hydra, Jin is locked in that brain testing room from House, I mean Room 23. Zoe wants him to explain the electromagnetic magnetic maps from his time in Dharma, but instead he decides to talk to Widmore. Widmore shows him pics of his daughter (single tear). Jack and Sun make up and Jack promises to get her and Jin off the island. Then tells his minions to go get the package. UnLocke is back at camp, finds everyone passed out and Jin gone. With Sayid in tow, he goes to Hydra, faces off with Widmore who set up a nifty fence ala New Otherton. Sayid hangs in the water and spots the package..... it's Desmond!!! (hurray us, Annette!)

Ok.... thoughts. 
First of all, I'm really worried for Jin and Sun. Here is why: next week's ep is Desmond-centric (WOOT!) and is titled "Happily Ever After." Desmond and Penny solidified their place as "couple meant to be" on the show in the episode The Constant, and I think next week is just going to further prove that. So where does that leave Jin and Sun? Are Team Darlton really going to let TWO couples live happily ever after? They are sweet, but ultimately fairly tragic. I'm not seeing the happy ending here. At least not in both realities.
Kate seems to be all but a goner by the end, right? She is no longer a candidate. She has no real romantic ties anywhere. And UnLocke told Claire she is free to do with Kate what she will once UnLocke is done using her to get all 6 candidates on the plane. Oh Freckles....
Also, thought I'd share a theory Kev and I have discussed about the sideways/island connection. When Juliet was dying she seemed to be going into the other reality as opposed to "going into the light" or whatever it is you do when you die. Perhaps the sideways is their do over. If things don't work out on the island, they get to try again, because it turned out the island didn't need them afterall. This doesn't necessarily mean happy endings all around. Things are not looking so hot for Kate, Jin and Sun so far in Sideways or Island reality. Whatcha think? And by the way, I'm fairly sure I'm 100% wrong.

My favorite/interesting quotes of the night:

Sayid: I don't feel anything
UnLocke: Maybe that's best Sayid. Help you get through what's coming.

Miles: Unless it's covered in bacon grease, I don't think Hurley can track anything.
Frank: Heeeyyyy. Don't talk about bacon.

Ben: Why don't you believe me?
Ilana: Because you're speaking.

Room 23 video: Everything Changes

Sawyer: Can't you just turn to smoke and fly to the other island?
UnLocke: If I could do that would I still be on this island?
Sawyer: No. Cause that would just be ridiculous.

Miles: She hits her head and forgets English? We are supposed to believe that?
Frank: Says the guy who talks to ghosts.
(These two should hit the road as a comedy team if they ever get off the island!)

UnLocke (to Widmore): A wise man once said war is coming to this island. I think it just got here.

Keamy (to Jin): Some people just aren't meant to be together.
(Dammit Keamy!!)

and finally... the doozy of the night:
Widmore: If he gets off the island, your daughter, my daughter, everyone we know and love would simply cease to be.

So, thoughts? Ideas? Tears over the bagpipe version of Amazing Grace that played over the scenes for next week? Comment away, fellow Losties.

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Annette said...

DESMOND!!!! Yeah Melissa, we pretty much rock. I am very glad to see him become a part of the active story again. I think this means he has a significant role to play in the endgame, don't you? What if Desmond isn't our Desmond, and it's the sideways reality Desmond who disappeared from the plane from sitting next to Jack. Just thinking about that makes my head hurt!

Side note: Am I the only one that was seriously annoyed by the Red "V" in the corner of the screen with the countdown clock during the entire episode?