Friday, March 19, 2010

Week in Review 3/14-3/20

Yes, I realize this is a bit early. I went in time to tomorrow night and realized nothing of consequence was on so I may as well just get this out of the way now. That, and I'm going out of town and I don't know if I'll have time to do it before Wednesday. The only thing that will be missing in Caprica, and I don't think any of you seem to be watching it anyway.

Some new things on the list this week! Woohoo!!

THE PACIFIC: I realize some of you do not get HBO, so you can't watch it as it airs. But watch for it when it comes on DVD, I promise you will not be disappointed! I have read a lot of "It's great, but not Band of Brothers" comments. To those I say: neither was Band of Brothers after the first week. It's hard to compare because I think it is a safe bet to assume that anyone who has seen BofB has seen in more than once. So you have that feeling of comfort with those characters that we just don't have yet with the guys on The Pacific. This week focused mostly on Leckie played by James Badge Dale (He was Chase on 24. Look, he still has his hand!). In case we weren't already sure that he was awesome - he shot that poor Japenese soldier the other American's were torturing. I respect and honor our soldiers, then and now, and WWII was truly the Greatest Generation of soldiers, but there were also a whole lot of ignorant asses. Speaking of soldiers then and now - it's a bit of a disconnect watching Eugene (Joseph Mazello aka the little kid in Jurassic Park!!!!) cry over having a heart murmur and not being able to enlist to the movies about current soldiers like Stop-Loss and the storyline on House where a guy literally cut off his own foot to avoid getting sent back. Makes you realize how much things have changed. Anyway.... LOVE this series. I hope all of you that have HBO are watching.

CHUCK: Wow. Another game changing episode! Apparently Casey didn't get the memo that Robert Patrick is always the bad guy! My heart was racing the entire episode. While we were watching Kevin was sure it was the season finale, it was so intense. And as always, it had the heartfelt moments as well. I'll admit I got misty when Casey told Chuck to go for it with Sarah because he lost his chance at choosing love 16 years ago. Oh, and Casey has a daughter!!! *single tear*

LIFE UNEXPECTED: "I had a boyfriend. Named Bug. That I was going to live with. Yes - I've had sex." Nuff said.

GOSSIP GIRL: A thank you to Dan Humphrey for this line, "Melissa. It's a good name."  Thanks, Dan! Also, Chase Crawford is really pretty.

GREEK: I'm kinda annoyed they seem to be heading towards the "Casey and Cappie are a short story" ending. The season is almost done and then this summer they come back with a 10 episode final season. Fix it, Greek writers! Fun easter egg: Cappie's mom was played by Lea Thompson (the mom from Back to the Future for the 2 people in the world that don't know that) and at the 80's party there was a guy dressed like Marty McFly behind Katherine. Awesome.

HOUSE: The opening scene in the planetarium reminded me of astronomy class at Hartnell. (Hi Brian!) I miss laying down on the seats looking at fake stars. I don't miss the teachers miniscule writing on the white board, especially because the class was in a lecture hall not in a small classroom. Back to the show - when they were giving Abby that crazy brain reading test did anyone else think of the horrible testing The Others did to Alex's boyfriend on LOST? And this was week 2 of No Cuddy Until 45 Minutes In. And only one scene again! Unacceptable!!!!

24: I was kind of hoping we could just ignore Dana this week.  And what is with that insane parole officer?! I've met a lot of parole officers (not because I was personally on parole, just to be clear) and not a single one was so invested in their parolee that they would drive to CTU in NYC in the middle of the night! Other things that didn't make sense - what hotel in NYC has windows that open nowadays? You are just asking for people to jump. And if she had opened the window what was she going to do?? Silly girl. Best part of the episode: Jack telling Omar and his wife they brought this on themselves. Seriously, how many times has Jack sacrificed himself and his family for the country? Get over it Omar!

DAMAGES: The whole Tobin thing is crazy. Also crazy: Craig Bierko's facial hair. WTF is up with that??  Love love love the moment when Ellen tells Patty that Michael and his girlfriend are having a baby. Classic. Oh, and Ellen and Tom in the future are starting their own firm?! Sadness for Tom dying keeps increasing!

SOUTHLAND: Could this show be any more intense. What I love is I really thought that the girl who claimed that her boss was stalking her was going to end up being the crazy one and get poor Ben all sucked up in her nuttiness. But nope, her boss was actually stalking her. This show is the best. It even makes my husband not hate Ben McKenzie so much!

PARENTHOOD: Sad realization this week. Lorelai Gilmore is the Lauren Graham character I wish I was, but Sarah Braverman is the Lauren Graham character I more closely resemble.  Ah well....  I'm really enjoying Dax Shepard, a lot more than I thought I would. Maybe because he plays opposite that adorable little boy. And because I know he is marrying Kristin Bell in real life (VERONICA MARS FOREVER!). And I think it is awesome that anyone who started out as one of the actors on Punk'd can wind up on a quality TV show.

THE GOOD WIFE: Martha Plimpton!! She is the best part every week of How to Make it in America, so I'm excited she is back to her tricks on this show! Plus having her character back means we get more of funny throw away exchanges like this one about her character's newborn this week:
Will: What's her name?
Patti: Bite me.
Will: Is that Dutch?
Speaking of Will, I'm a little sad Alicia and him didn't just do it in his office this week. And then she went home and slept with Peter. I never thought I wouldn't love Mr. Big, but come on! Will and Alicia all the way! And not just because I have had a crush on Josh Charles since Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead. Ok, maybe because of that.

JUSTIFIED: WELL?!?!?!? Did ya watch?! Did ya?!! Amazing, right? Timothy Olyphant is at his best as a charming and a bit off the rails US Marshall.  And is Walton Goggins ever anything but completely scary? This guy makes Shane from The Shield look friendly. Their exchange about the bible.... chilling. And hysterical. Which is why this show is fantastic. It makes you laugh and scares the crap out of you because even if they are ficitional characters, you know these guys exist! I'm not moving to Kentucky any time soon, thankyouverymuch. Plus I'm pretty sure they had Tim drink some real moonshine in that scene! Did you see his face?! I really really hope you are watching this series, because I promise you it will just get even better. And for you guys, Natalie Zea guests stars, and she is hot.

HUMAN TARGET: Hurray for more Autumn Reeser!! If Taylor from The OC was computer smart instead of book smart she would be Layla. Really fun ep, even though I saw the "twist" coming a mile away!

UGLY BETTY: I'm really going to miss this show. Classic moment this week: Hilda telling Betty to love who she is as Justin listens from the steps, because he needs that pep talk too. Loved how they handled the storyline with Justin and Austin. Even if it ended on a sad note (at least for this episode). And Willy is back to the dark side! Fun! What I'm curious about: Original Recipe Betty ended with Betty and Daniel getting together. Sometimes they seem to be heading in that direction... curious.  (And will I EVER get to like Sam Page?!?!?!)

FLASHFORWARD: I'm glad this show is back. I hope it does well and gets another season. I'm losing LOST, what else am I going to watch to give me a headache?! Dominic Monaghan's Simon is officially my favorite character. He is so complex. When he killed that guy at the end.... just wow. Did not see that coming. We also introduced Gil Bellows this episode. (Sorry Gil, I don't care how many movies and TV shows you do, you will always be Billy on Ally McBeal. Just no getting around it.) Is it me or does his religion/cult, Santuary, seem a bit Fellowship of the Sun-ish? And speaking of Vampire shows, is that ring Simon put on (of course he is Zero) the same ring Stefan and Damon put on so they don't burn up in the sun on Vampire Diaries?

COMMUNITY: Another great episode. This show is on fire. I almost peed when they had the "No Patrick Swayze" poster in the pottery class and Annie gasped only for Tony Hale (WOO!) to clarify, "I put it up before he died, so it's not in bad taste!" Awesome! Maybe I love this show because I met so many fabulous friends at a community college.  But not Joel McHale, so ultimately, a bit of a diappointment. And I think all my Hartnell friends would agree with me there.

PROJECT RUNWAY/MODELS: I still hate Emilio. I still hate Mila. I still LOVE Anthony. I still think Jay is gonna win it.

Alrighty my lovely readers, that is it for now. I will enjoy Caprica on my own this week.  But know that I will squee when James Marsters comes on. (I heard he was cast in the Hawaii 5-0 reboot. Guess who is totally watching that next season!?) 


Annette said...

Definitely thought about LOST during that part of House you mentioned. I was waiting for "Jacob Loves You" to flash up LOL It's funny that when they finally showed Cuddy towards the end, I thought to myself "Melissa is gonna be pissed again!". Just proves that your blog has a "voice" and I can identify with it when I watch TV. Or maybe it's just the voices in my own head...Hmmm....*awkward pause*

....Anywho....I am SO behind with the shows I like watching. I have only seen the first epi of Parenthood. The hubby and I were singing the Gilmore Girls music (La la...laaaaa la) whenever Lorelai...I mean Sarah...was on. We're dorks like that. I loved it though and can't wait to catch up. I need to watch Flashforward sometime this weekend too. I'm also catching up via Netflix on One Tree Hill Season 6 so I'm pretty consumed with my TV at this point. I don't know how you manage!!

Erin loves Booth said...

I could not agree more about Will and Alicia, as you know from texting. Over involved with my tv??? Never! Is that even really your baby?! Last week I wanted to add my lve for the triple (quad desk). Love how Jim always knows the right buttons to push and Dwight ends up crawling into the cubby space to answer his phone. I was shocked by Amy's departcher on PR, I thought she would be a top 4. Why is Maya still on, but not one of the 10 who showed at Bryant? That's a big mystery I would like answered. Poor Holly! And Mila color blocked in ber b&w again! Granted I liked the jacket, but come on neigh neigh judges. Brown sugar makes me laugh every week. Bones is almost back ahhhhh <3

Melissa said...

Annette- Muahahaha. I'm taking over your mind!! It's like my own Dharma experiment. :) I had on an ep of Gilmore Girls the other day while Emily was in the room. She was entranced with Lauren Graham and could not stop saying how funny she was. I'm so proud. As for how I watch all this TV.... I have no life.

Erin- WILL AND ALICIA FOREVER. I almost feel dirty turning against Mr. Big like that, but I love Will! Only problem with that ep was the lack of Kalinda. I'm wondering if they will ever explain why Maya didn't show at Bryant Park. It's weird. Was she dying? Because that is the only good reason not to show, top 3 or not. And Brown Sugar totally rules. Even if he will never win. 12 days til Bones!!!