Monday, March 1, 2010

Week In Review 2/21-2/27

Hallelujah, the Olympics are over! Congrats to the winners and losers and everyone who watched or had anything to do with the games at all. Now gimme my TV shows back. Hmph.

Let's look at the blessed few things that were on, shall we?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES:  Confession: I have a huge girl crush on Julie Benz.  She is awesome and hot. If I was Dana Delany and she was living in my house, I would start liking girls too.  :)

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: Gilles Marini is hot. I hope he stays with his cute accent. I haven't watched last nights yet, so I guess I will know better in an hour or so after I watch it.

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA: This ones alright. I like the two main guys so far, and they already got John Varvatos to cameo as himself-- ah, the power of Mark Whalberg at work! I do enjoy Bryan Greenberg.  Part of me always hoped he would come back and take Payton away from the madness of One Tree Hill....

24: Man, this show is annoying me this season. Cole actually said to Dana that they will work out their personal problems after they secure the nuclear weapons! Seriously?!? How ridiculous. Glad Kevin and Nick are dead, but now the whole "getting rid of the evidence" fun comes. Jack and Renee are awesome, and I hope for more fun with them. And by fun, I don't mean contrived storylines involving Weiss trying turn Renee into a scapegoat for all the crap that has gone down.  24 is also the winner for the award for dumbest question on TV this week:
Terrorist guy: We can't get the rods out of the country. So lets use them.
Farhad: Use them? How?
Really Farhad? How?? As nightlights.  How do you think we are going to use the nuclear grade uranium?? Come on, 24 writers.  Get it together! I miss Nina...

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: I don't need to watch this show.  Really I don't.  And I may have to stop, because Bristol Palin is going to guest star when it comes back over the summer.  She called herself "the most famous teenager mother."  Take that, Jaime Lynn.  First you split with your baby daddy and then Bristol publicly calls you out! Snap!

DAMAGES:  Matthew Davis is back! Last we saw he was collecting tainted water samples for the Frobisher case (or something like that).  Actually, last we saw he was hunting some vampires is Mystic Falls, but that's on an entirely different network...  I LOVE that when the guy told Ellen that someone was waiting for her she asked if it was Wes! What happened to him? Oh yeah, he got his own show on FX! (Watch Justified, people!!) But even though it wasn't Wes, she still slept with Josh.  Cuz he is hot. And then she made cupcakes - why not? Not sure what is going on this season, but what I do know... Ellen and Patty are both cracking up and the Tobin sister is batshit crazy!

ONE TREE HILL: As someone who only has one living parent, that was sooo sad to watch! I can't imagine having my mom die when I'm still this young.  Sad sad sad.  Good stuff: Brooke and Julian back together. Victoria's luhvah is not Paul but Alexander.  Classic.  Speaking of classic - looks like we are going back to the good ol' crazy OTH storylines with Sarah's look-a-like.

LIFE UNEXPECTED: Ryan and Cate said they are getting married on June 26.  That was my parents anniversary. That's all....

AMERICAN IDOL: My ears! My ears! Lord help us if these kids don't get it together. And we get it, Casey James is cute. And as they only member of the judges panel that is into dudes, we must point out the Kara thinks he is hot. Enough. Considering he's practically a lock to stick around quite awhile, it's time to let this joke die. 

THE INBETWEENERS: I can't believe you don't watch this yet! I would pay you all if I could to watch it! How the episode ended: With the 4 guys on a small motor boat, one completely naked and the other 3 surrounding him to keep him warm/keep everyone on shore from seeing.  Also, there was a rather large fish... And I was hystercial.

WHITE COLLAR: I am going to miss this budding bromance when the show is on hiatus. Love that the french wine guy said "You've seen Sideways" when Peter said he enjoys a glass of Pinot.  So true...

PSYCH: After the high of last week's Shawn/Juliet cereal confession, this one was a bit of a let down. Especially because I called every single thing, from the video being a recording to the air vents being turned off. It was still funny, but I was still excited by last weeks, and this one didn't even make the slightest mention of that development.  Ah well, there is always the season finale.  I did love this quote though. It made me giggle, "No one will call me Mr. Spencer. It's Shawn. Shawny if you're feeling a little loose. Never the Shawn Dog because that's just lame. And I've never been one to chase balls."

THE DEEP END: Bye bye, show. I hardly new ya. Though you did have Kevin Alejandro guest star this week which reminded me that I miss True Blood! An open letter to casting directors and producers:
Please hire the underused talent from The Deep End that are now without a TV show. Tina Marjorino, Mechad Brooks, Matt Long, Norbert Leo Butz and all the rest deserve a show.  How about we keep them all together and just get better writers? But whatever you do, get them to work! Kthanksbye.

BURN NOTICE: Carlos Bernard (24's Tony Almeda) with a funny accent!!! Good times

CAPRICA: I think this was the best episode yet.  Daniel getting the cylon (who he doesn't realize is his daughter Zoe's avatar) to tear off her own arm to show his boardmembers their power was insane. And finally, Tamara has purpose more than being a whiny girl in an empty room.  Now she is totally bad ass.  And next week... JAMES MARSTERS!

SNL: Jennifer Lopez OK.  Didn't watch the singing because I couldn't care less. The show on the whole fell flat, I thought. My main reason for writing this is one particular joke. In the "Telemundo's Olympic Coverage" skit, they made a joke where they were talking about the ridiculousness of winter sports saying, among other things "it's like they want to kill themselves." The studio went sort of dead, with some uncomfortable laughter.  Writers, it is too soon to make jokes about the luge being some sort of suicide attempt - I know it's been two weeks, but A GUY DIED!! Have some class. Awkward!

And that was about it for this week. But this week....WOOOOO! Parenthood premieres! Chuck is back! Gossip Girl is back! Southland is back! Pam has the baby! A non-fabric challenge on Runway! The Independent Spirit Awards! (Oscars technically don't count for me in the "this week" category). And did I mention, James Marsters is back on TV??? Suck it, Olympic Coverage! It's time for good TV!


Kylene said...

DAMAGES: I said the exact same thing, that the Tobin sister is batshit C-R-A-Z-Y! And what was with Mrs. Tobin having the illegitimate kid showing up? Did she know that her batshit crazy daughter was going to kill Danielle? I so can't wait for tonight's episode. Am I the only one who feels that the hour just FLYS by way too fast?

AMERICAN IDOL: My ears still haven't stopped bleeding from last week! I don't think I can handle ANOTHER week of this nonsense. And I agree with you with the whole Casey James thing, reminds me of Jason Castro. Except I didn't think Jason was cute then & I don't think Casey is cute now!

A lot to look forward to this week, Parenthood premieres & such high hopes for this week's Project Runway's challenge (no fabric!). And of course The Independent Spirit Awards (YaY Eddie!). And of course NEXT WEEK BRING ON THE OSCARS! - Team Hurt Locker all the way! (Suck it Cameron!)

Kevin said...

Should I return the nuclear grade uranium nightlight I got at Home Depot for the kids?