Thursday, February 25, 2010

LOST: Lighthouse

I love this show.  People complain about questions and answers, but I've always been willing to take this show as it comes.  And I think the episode was a set up to get some pretty big "answers" in the near future.  It can't be too far off, right? The show is over in 3 months. [chokes back sobs] So let's take a look at the first Jack-centric episode of the season.

As always, I'll be splitting up the "realities" because it is easier.

2004 aka The Sideways Reality
We wake up with Jack (sigh.... sorry. I just had a moment) in his nice place. He goes into the bathroom, shirtless, and takes extra notice of the scar on the left side of his belly. Those paying attention will remember that Jack had his appendix out on the island which is where the scar comes from on our Jack. Jack calls his mommy, who tells him that he had his appendix out when he was 8, which he claims to kinda remember, but it is clear that the memory is hazy at best. Because I can link anything to something in the Whedonverse, I must say this reminded me of everyone's memories being altered at the very end of Season 4 of Angel when he gave up his son, Connor, so that he could live a normal life. Anyway.... speaking of sons... Jack has one! His name is David and he is played by Dylan Minnette whom I love on Saving Grace. Hurray for him! Jack and David's relationship is, well, crap. They do not communicate and have that sort of awkward divorced parents relationship we have come to know and love on television. It should be noted that David is reading the Alice in Woderland stories - fitting, no? David was listening to something on his iPod and says, "you wouldn't know them" when Jack asks who.  I'm assuming based on the rest of the episode that it is Chopin, but I wanted it to be Driveshaft! Jack leaves David to go help mom find Christians will (by the way, dad's body is still nowhere to be found - this is apparently what will always happen to Christian, but we will talk about that again in 2007). While looking Mom points out to Jack that maybe David sees him the way he says Christian.  In other words, stop being a douche of a dad, Jacky! They find the will, and guess who gets a shout out.... Claire Littleton.  Aka Crazy Pants.  Oh wait, thats in 2007... we will get to that in a minute. Jack goes home with a pizza (aka "trying to be a good dad" dinner) but David is gone.  He goes to find him at his moms (who is the mom?? Why wasn't she there?! Why Darlton, why!?!) but instead discovers that David is really into classical music and has an audition for a conservatory that night. I want to point out that the adorable photo booth pics of Jack and David are probably the closest we have ever come to seeing Matthew Fox peek through in Jack. Jack goes, David does lovely, Dogen is there with his slightly creepy child, and David and Jack bond.  Jack tells David that he "has what it takes" which we know at this point is important, but in my blog timeline does not make sense because I separate the realities.  Yeah me! At the end of the episode I kept thinking, well this reality has to have some truth in whatever the end of the show is because they can't "kill" this kid.  He is Jack's redemption, and isn't that where the show has always ultimately been leading to?

We start on the island with Jack and Dogen talking about the pill and being infected is bad. Jack also tells Sayid that they wanted to kill him, but we don't see him explain why.  Does he? Hurley and Miles play Tic Tac Toe.  Apparently the Temple doesn't have a game room.  Lame. They get hungry and Hurley goes on a mission for food, but instead happens upon Jacob. Jacob has a mission for Hurley to help someone else get to the island. It's a long plan because Jacob tells him to get a pen, apparently getting paper wasn't possible, because Hurley writes the instructions down on his arm.  Oh, Hurley! Hurley is exploring a hallway with a bunch of glyphs on the wall, and when Dogen sees him snooping he tries to stop Hurley. At first Hurley's comback includes being "a fan of Indiana Jones" but Jacob pops up and tells him to say, "I'm a candidate and I can do what I want." That sure scared Dogen off! Jacob tells Hurley that he needs Jack to come with him, but Hurley points out that getting Jack to do something that he doesn't want to isn't a good plan.  However, Jacob has an ace up his ghostly sleeve - telling Jack "you have what it takes".  Jack reacts with crazy eyes, and off to the jungle they go. On their way they bump into Kate, who has a moment with Jack.  I don't think Kate will ever really love anyone, but Jack will always love Kate. Hurley apologizes for messing with Jack's game, which I thought was adorable. And then they stumbled onto Shannon's inhaler! I freaked out at this point. I love throw backs to season 1, so you can imagine my mild attack when they realized they were at the caves and they saw "Adam and Eve" and Christian's empty coffin.  Hurley made a kinda joke that Adam and Eve could be some of them! YES! I've been saying it's Rose and Bernard for awhile now, and would like that to be true eventually. Just also want to point out that in this reality Christian's body is also missing and always has been.  Will they ever find it in 2004? Anyway, they finally get to the lighthouse, which is awesome, by the way. They climb to the top (no elevator?!) and there is a large dial with all the degrees numbered.  Jack figures out that they are the numbers and that Jacob has always been watching because when they get to Jack's number in the mirrors we see Jack's childhood home. Some info on this scene - Jacob wants whoever is at 108, but we don't see who that is. Number 51 was Austen, as in Kate. She was not crossed out.  So she is a number just not one of the numbers. Jack FREAKS out and smashes all the mirrors - like that is going to stop Jacob! He goes off to contimplate the ridiculousness of his life on the cliff while Hurley and Jacob talk it out. This was always Jacob's plan, because you can't be straightforward with Jack. Hurley doesn't like to be used, but is still with Jacob - this leads me to believe that Jacob is good, because Hurley could never be bad.
Also on the island - Crazy Claire takes Jin to her campsite. She gets the Temple guard too.  She thinks they Temple people have Aaron. They have all been chasing eachother for 3 years. Claire has had some help from her father and "her friend".  Creepy.  But not as creepy as that bassinet!!  Even tho Jin tells Claire that Kate has Aaron and has been raising him she still kills Temple guard, at which point Jin realizes Clairs is SUPER crazy. She says that if that was true (Jin later says it was a lie) that she would kill Kate. Which is bad, cuz Kate is on her way to find Claire and tell her the whole story.  Good times.  Last scene: Un-Locke coming in to see Claire and Jin saying, "John!" and then Claire saying, "That's not John. That's my friend."  Cue LOST flying at you on screen!


My fave quotes of the night:

Hurley: I just lied to a samurai!

Claire: If there's one thing that will kill you around here, it's infection.

Jack: Why do you think we never saw it before?
Hurley: Guess we weren't looking for it.

Jacob: You have ink on your forehead.

And my favorite...

Hurley: This is very old school. You and me trekking through the jungle. Going to do something we don't understand. Good times.

Oh Hurley, this show may have been Jack-centric, but it was all about you, my friend!

I can't wait for next week.  A tidbit for those who want to know..... SPOILER AHEAD

We will know what the island is by mid-season. It is 4 letters, and A and E are not in the word. Also, the island must exist, and even more important someone has to be there to protect it, it is imperative for the outside world. No, I don't know what it is.  Just relaying information.

Another spoiler: a certain someone who was unable to come back, can come back now and he/she will be on one of the last 6 episodes (which they just started filming). They are writing the finale this week.  AHHHH.


Katie said...

I heard the same thing about the person coming back (gotta love Ausiello and E's Kristin!). Also, there are some really good comments about the 4 letter word for the island!

Annette said...

I wonder who the babymama is. Do you think they will make it be Sarah or will it be someone else? I hope Jin gets to warn Kate before she finds Claire and tells her about Aaron! And boy was the skull in Aaron's crib seriously creepy or what? BTW what the heck happened to Jack's mom's face? Way too much work done on her since we have last seen her. She looked pretty Addams Family-ish!

All I have left to say about this episode is WOW!!! Loved the numbers connection with the lighthouse (although a screencap shows that 108 is someone named Wallace..huh?) Loved Creepy Claire! Loved seeing Jack as a dad!

Melissa said...

I saw those comments, Katie. One made me laugh because she said that the numbers add up to 108, like this is some big revelation. Was she not there for the hatch? LOL.

I need to look up some screen caps for the wheel. I know that there are some other interesting names crossed out too.

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