Saturday, February 6, 2010

Psych: Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers

Aaaaand we're back! After last week's "meh" episode, this week was back in full force funny. (You know that's right)  In fact the opening in the pet shop alone made up for all of last week's "meh-ness". Who tried to find Did You See the Sun Rise Parts 1 and 2 online?  (in case you are wondering, only season 1 is available on hulu at the moment. booo) 
So, it was pretty obvious "who done it," right?  It wasn't going to be Ruby because last week we arrested Juliet's brother, and it seems wrong to follow that with arresting Gus's girlfriend.  Stacey Kiebler is too hot.  I mean crazy.  I mean obvious.  She was waaaay too obvious.  And the other guy had no purpose except to be the guy who did it.  So... that was fun.  But despite the obvious storyline (and really aren't they usually on this show?) this episode had a lot of great moments.  The running Sampson joke was classic.  In case you are wondering, besides the name of Stu's business partner, Sampson was also a character in a noir film, a British mouse, the dog next door and according to the hilarious coroner, a vacuum you can use in space.  It was of course NOT the guy from the bible.  Cuz that is stupid. 

Other fun stuff:
-The laser pointers.
-Shawn and Gus discussing living next door to each other in houses that are conneceted by a pool.  I use to have this conversation with my best friends.  When I was about 12. 
-A random Chad Michael Murray reference.  I love that his douchey behavior has made him a constant go to on any show looking to call someone a douche in pop culture form.
-This exchange:
Gus: I squeezed him so tight he passed out by accident.
Shawn: Nice.
Gus: Oh and my helmet smashed into his chin by mistake.
Shawn: Ok. We're going to say you muscled up his back and then you put him in a sleep hold on purpose.
Gus: Sounds good.

Anyway....this was a short blog, and really late.  Sorry my peoples.  I will have it together next week!  Em had off from school thursday and friday and it through my week off!

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You know that's right! Yay for Psych!