Monday, February 15, 2010

Week in Review

Another week - another week this is late.  Though this weekend was crazy with the long weekend and Valentines fun.  Hurray for a magical day on the calendar when I know I will always be able to get Grammy to babysit.  So, sorry this is late again. I'm sure you were all anxiously awaiting its arrival, unable to sleep for the past 48 hours!  Also, you will notice I did not blog 24 this week.  Or Psych.  24 was more that I'm annoyed with most of the season, so I'm demoting it to Week in Review status.  I may still get to psych.  I could write a blog just with quotes from that show. Between school papers and the kids being espcially nutty recently, its been hard getting this all done. But enough excuses - let's get to the highlights of last week.

CHUCK: There was a lot of backlash after this episode because of the Chuck/Hannah, Sarah/Shaw storylines.  First of all, did they not see this coming?  Two attractive people come on the show right after Chuck and Sarah essentially break up - of course they will date.  This does not mean they won't end up together!!  It's Chuck and Sarah! Come on.  Ross and Rachel barely talked entire seasons of Friends, they still wound up together at the end! Besides the relationship crap - this episode brought me the line I was hoping for. When talking about Shaw (played by Brandon Routh) Chuck described him as "Superman-like."  Thank you, Josh Schwartz, thank you!

24: Dana = new Kimmy.  Ugh.  Stupid.  Best part of the episode, of course, is Renee going nuts and killing Vlad with a knife, then turning around and stabbing Jack in the gut when he touches her from behind right after.  He then soots another guy and then grabs the knife out of his belly and throws it across the room into some other guys neck.Oh Jack - if only the show was still really about you!!

HOUSE: Love Lisa Edelstein! I have since this movie. Seriously, how funny is she in that?? More Cuddy all the time!  Good for her this episode. And can I just say that I'm glad that we finally see what a douche Lucas is so we don't have to pretend to even maybe be OK with Lucas and Cuddy. David Shore says: Huddy, it's gonna happen.  Don't be messing us with David. 

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICA TEENAGER: Normally, I wouldn't admit to even watching this, because it is crap and I know it.  But in this episode they introduced a lot more of the parents, including the mom of dumb jock, Jack. She was played by Kristin Bauer, aka Vampire Pam from True Blood. I almost screamed a little when she walked in the room. I don't care how nice she is on the show. She is a scary scary vamp.

CASTLE: Um, duh, it was Ray Wise! He's the Devil for goodness sake!!!  THE DEVIL! Didn't they watch Reaper.  And how cute was Beckett when she met Joe Torre.  Love seeing her all flustered. And if I can't have Nathan Fillion as my husband, can he be my dad.  His relationship with Alexis is adorable.  I say again, swoon.

HEROES:  Season 5 is FINALLY over.  Finally.  IF, and that is a big IF, this show goes on for another season, a few requests: keep Sylar good.  The back and forth is ridiculous. We've done both, and he's always wanted to be good on some level. Get a new villian. Also, have Peter take Sylar's power to be able to gain lots of powers.  Peter used to be AWESOME and now he's meh.  I love Milo, let me love him on the show. Finally, quit the horrible hair on Claire.  It's just annoying.

ONE TREE HILL: BESS ARMSTRONG!!! Anything with even the smallest My So-Called Life link is exciting.

DAMAGES: What's going on?  Beats me. Am I loving it? Sure am! I don't even really know what to say about it! My Tate Donovan connection makes me extra sad that Tom is going to die.  Ah well....

AMERICAN IDOL: I enjoyed Ellen. Whatever haters. Loved the guy who sang Straight Up. And on group night, I'm glad to see the second group that sang Lady Gaga sucked.  They were asses.  But on group day, everyone becomes an ass, history shows us that! Though the fun of group day: morons who forget the lyrics. Looking forward to just getting to the good stuff. Note to the producers: if you want us to remember these people from their original auditions, show us even a couple seconds of them singing.  A soundless clip of them standing there isn't helping me.

COUGARTOWN: Grayson decorating Laurie's lawn in Christmas lights Griswald-style for Valentines brought me more joy the most things on TV this week.

COMMUNITY: Breakfast Club shout out!! Woot!

PARKS AND REC: The progression of the relationship between Leslie and Ron is one of the best of TV.  Don't ruin it by having them become romantic.

GREY'S ANATOMY: The Hotness Monster (I believe the characters name is Jesse) called himself pretty.  Fantastic. Love it! He is.  And I'm liking Lexie as a blonde.  Glad that Sloane girl version ran. Partially because I hated her and partially because the last thing guy Sloane needed was a kid. Good for Bailey for getting a man. And a cute one. Love the actor.  I still miss Eli Stone. Stupid ABC.

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Creepy episode! Also really good.  Actually starting to care about more of the characters. Hurray CW.

And that's it for me this week. I still haven't watched a few things.  And there is a ton of things not on.  Don't even get me started on the next couple of weeks.  Stupid Olympics!!!!  Not even Michael Phelps to watch.  Ah well.... until next week.


Kylene said...

So glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that Lucas is a complete douche & that he is SO wrong for Cuddy! Ugh, I HATE him, HATE him, HATE him! He needs to go away! Dear Mr. Shore, please don't be lying to us again, I just couldn't deal with another "hallucination" HUDDY better happen & it better be real. That is all on that one.

As for Grey's I love Lexie as a blonde as well. So happy that little Sloane left, she was getting on my nerves, hated her. This week's episode looks really good. Can't wait.

And yes, Hotness Monster you are (the) pretty (one)!

Anonymous said...

where is the indoor pool in Canada?!?! We need Michael, he is now synonymous with the olympics for me. I like Ellen as a judge and Andrew is my early fav for AI.

Anonymous said...

What the hell?1 Why wouldn't it let me add my name, will try again, I found my name entertaining.

erin said...

Oooooo, I enjoyed The Good Wife this week. Calinda is so smart, I wan to be her after I be Bones. I wonder how Mr. Big is going get on at home?

Melissa said...

Loved the Good Wife. Just didn't get around to putting any notes down so it didn't make the cut. But I loved that Kerry (or however he spells it) was high the whole time. I love that actor - he was on the last few seasons of Gilmore Girls. I like that he and Nurse Hathaway have come to an understanding.

Anonymous said...

That episode of House is an excellent example of why this show works so well. The reason we watch is not so much because of the story, but because of the characters. I love being able to see House through the eyes of the other characters. I also loved the fact that when Cuddy had her hands full and was about to give up, House was there to bring her back.

And my view on be continued? Please don't. Don't continue it. Please stop now. This show is just awkward now. But, if it does continue I want to see Peter become a bad ass and Sylar to stay good and have a purpose. But at this point, I feel that we have delved too far into all of the characters and that there isn't much more they can do with this show.

American Idol is great with Ellen as a judge. I am looking forward to this season with her on the panel. My favorite so far is Crystal Bowersox. She's the single mom with dreadlocks that plays the guitar and sounds like Janis Joplin. I love her and I think she will be going far along with Andrew Garcia (the Straight Up guy).

Annette said...

^ That was me, I guess I forgot to put my name