Saturday, February 6, 2010

24 9:00pm - 10:00pm

I'm not going to lie - I thought this episode was really lame.  Though I always enjoy when the hours match up to the real time it is airing.  I'm silly like that.

Here's what happened:
Dana made a key card so Kevin and Nick could break into a werehouse to steal impounded money from a drug bust.  Arlo saw her talking to Kevin on the video feed. When Arlo asks Chloe about it she tells him he is a creepy stalker.  He says she is jealous so she makes a classic Chloe face and eye roll and delivers the best line of the night, "Yes, please look at my ass as I walk away."  And he does.  Charming.

Russian brother that is not sick kept making poor Jewish doctor try to heal sick Russian brother, even though Jewish doctor told him in no uncertain terms this is not going to happen.  Daddy sent people to kill all 3 people in the clinic, take them back to the restaurant and then killed sick brother so the healthy one will stay in line. Awesome.

Omar's hair is higher than ever.  He has one of his guys go arrest one of his other guys who is none too happy about it. 

Madame President decides with the help of her two guys that she is going to secretly meet with all the other world leaders involved in the peace talks so they won't back out. She's not telling Omar though.

Renee took one for the team and slept with Vlad.  Ick.  Vlad told his henchman that he was going to take the 5million from Renee's Russian buyer (Jack) and then kill him and make Renee stay with him and make sweet sweet love to her (aka rape her). Gross gross gross.  Renee is not happy.

Jack drives all over Manhattan listening to Renee's horrors.  (Why is it that it took Dana what appeared to be 5 1/2 minutes to get back to CTU from her apartment, but Jack spent the entire time driving all over Manhattan to get to Cole and Renee??)  Jack shows up at the meet with the WORST German accent known to man. Was it that important the guy be German?  Renee is American, why can't her buyer be American??  He transfers the 5 million and then henchman and friends go to shoot him, but Cole and his guys shoot the Russians first.  Jack then gives the second best line of the night, "Did you really think I would come to this meet alone?"

And the end.

NOTHING HAPPENED!  People drove around most of the time!  Whatever.  Hoping next weeks is better.  And I will hopefully have the blog up in a more timely manner. 

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