Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week in Review

This week has already started, so perhaps I should get on talking about last week!  Woohoo for annoying school papers that take way long than I intended!!

MASTERPIECE CLASSIC - EMMA: For those familiar with romances set in the early 1800's you know there is always a ball where the heroine and her love interest dance, not always willingly.  This week they had that scene, and it is possibly my favorite ever.  And that is saying something. Serious swoon.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES:  Look it Darla! I mean Rita! I mean Robin! Hurray for Julie Benz finding another gig so quickly after Rita's unfortunate bathtub demise at the hands of the Trinity Killer.  I haven't actually seen that season of Dexter, but you have to live under a pop culture rock to not know that tidbit.  I dread seeing it happen.  RIP Rita, but long live Robin.  Julie Benz rocks!

GREEK: House fire story ended! WOOT! And they watch GH in the ZBZ house.  Those girls know whats up.

HOUSE: House picked up Foreman's brother from jail, much to Foreman's chagrin.  Glad to see Orlando Jones though.  Remember when he was this guy? Good times! Favorite bits from this episode: House doing his Hercule Poirot impersonation (only because it is slightly obscure) and Wilson saying, "you'd never sacrifice the flat screen!" Lucas is a bit of a douche, made more apparent in the episode 5 to 9, but I'll get to that next week.

CHUCK: This episode was quality.  Captain Awesome at his finest (or not, as the case may be) and even the Buy More stuff was funny.  Can't wait to talk about what happened last night because it was even better.

ONE TREE HILL: This was the John Hughes tribute episode.  While the storyline was fairly non-existent as far as moving the show forward, the little touches were great.  My particular faves: Clay wearing the John Candy Planes Trains and Automobiles hat on the pig truck, the avatar on the dating site wearing the underwear and cut off shirt from Weird Science, "Which one of you little maniacs....," Nathan standing by the red porshe.  Plus, CHEAP TRICK!

DAMAGES: Honestly, as always, I have no idea where any of this is going.  Except I saw the Tom and Ellen having an affair story coming since season 1.  PS I still miss David. Just saying....

THE GOOD WIFE: Mamie Gummer was the guest start this week, and was fantastic.  Probably genetic as her mom is Meryl Streep.  Gee, no resemblance at all, is there? The character makes a lot of references to her mother, which kept making me think "Did Meryl really say that?" even though she was speaking about her fictional mother.  I hope they bring her back. 

WHITE COLLAR: Hurray for more Diahann Carroll!  Love her, love the character.  Bring her back more! Best exchange this episode:
Mozzie: Never trust a New Yorker who doesn't take the subway.
Neal: I don't take the subway!
Mozzie: Exactly.

UGLY BETTY:  The winner for most ingenious casting ever: Chris Williams as a drag queen version of Vanessa William's character! And extra bonus: because Vanessa was going to inevitably have to fill in for him at the drag show, she got to sing multiple songs!  Had to get it in since the show is ending.  (BOOOOO!)

BONES: Love Joshua Malina! He got the guest spot by asking Hart Hanson for it on Twitter.  Yeah Twitter! Also, love Rusty Schwimmer (the mom).  Such a great character actress.  A little disappointed there wasn't even a tiny Buffy/Angel reference though. I mean they found a demon for goodness sake! And can I just say I live for the final scene in every episode of Bones where Booth and Brennan talk about the case or something meaningful.  It is always beautiful, makes me a little weepy and makes me want to throw something at the two of them and yell "JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY."  Ahhh... I wish I could sit in a diner and talk about things with David Boreanaz.

THE DEEP END: This show is growing on me.  My big fear with this was that the two girls were going to be rivals (they aren't - in fact they are friends) and the "adults" were going to be asses spent all their time telling the first years how stupid they all are (they are actually all supportive).  Sure, Billy Zane is a douche, but he is Billy Zane.  And for a Billy Zane character he is down right friendly.  Also, the mentor, Rowdy, is hysterical. (Side note: I saw the actor, Norbert Leo Butz, as The Emcee in a tour of Cabaret that hit San Francisco while I was living in CA.  So hurray for me!) Also.... Eggs from True Blood!

VAMPIRE DIARIES: I admit that Elena is growing on me. She is still no Sookie, but she's finally growing a pair. And props to Nina Dobrev - it's like Elena and Katherine are played by two different people. Pretty impressive for The CW.

NBC THURSDAY NIGHT COMEDY: So glad these are all back now.  Community was fun, but the best moment had to be when they all looked at each other while discussing how they were family without sexual boundaries.  Awesome. Parks and Rec: I want a DJ Roomba!! Office had Christian Slater's best role in years!!  And 30 Rock was great - I loved Jack's mom presentation. No. Slow. Go.

FRINGE: I miss it already! Finally, some Olivia and Peter love and then it is ripped away from us because she saw him glimmer.  Oh Walter! I feel so sad for all of these characters.  What a great and truly disturbing winter finale.  Is it time for it to come back yet?

CAPRICA: I'm really getting into this.  It is so well done, I can't explain it.  I didn't watch BSG, so I wasn't sure how it would go, but it is completely it's own show.  I do know enough to catch on to connections - Eric Stolz invented Cylons (good job, buddy! I'll give you a hint - in about 50 years people are really going to regret that you did that). Esai Morale is General Adama's (Edward James Olmos) daddy.  Everyone still says Frak. It's good stuff.  Catch up this week since there is no new episode.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: An "eh" episode, except for this.

And there you have it.  Maybe I will catch up this week.  Probably not.  Also not sure about keeping my 24 blog going since no one seems to care about that one.  :)  And this season is kinda meh.  It would be awesome if it was about Jack more.  I'm thinking about it...  Opinions always welcome. Comment me people.  I live for it!


erin said...

I really like The Good Wife and I did not realize that was Meryl's daughter- apparently she is never in US Weekly or I would have known (what does that say about me? don't answer). So did the guy kill his wife? I hate that he probably did, but maybe he didn't... I don't want her to get back with Big (he will never escape that and I watched him on L&O first, but Big he willa lways be). I was disappointed in The Office, it is either funny or it's not. Christian Slater was hysterical, Eric and I were both like what?!?! Bones never disappoints, I love them too much.

Kylene said...

I agree I saw the entire Ellen & Tom having an affair on Damages since the start as well, so that was no big surprise. I miss David too, I get sad when they show flashbacks cause he's not on anymore. I know this week's episode wasn't mentioned yet but I have more questions than answers and like you have NO clue where they are going, just when I thought maybe I did, forget it I have NO idea & I love it. I am just loving Martin Short this season, this week he was fantastic. I hope he gets some Emmy love come that time this year. (Nomination would be great!)

Annette said...

On House, were we supposed to know that Foreman's mom died? I know she had Alzheimer's but didn't remember her dying. Oh, and I totally giggled at Wilson's reaction to the opossum in his bathtub!

Anonymous said...

Oh holy crap! I didn't even realize the stripper was Rita!!! I haven't seen Dexter in awhile (and thanks for ruining the death of Rita for me, argh) but I just put those two together! HA! Crazy