Sunday, February 21, 2010

Psych: Death is in the Air

So I could do a huge blog on this one (including the fact that I just saw this storyline, but it was on an episode of Medium), but instead I will focus on the Shawn/Jules scenario because it is obvious that this whole episode's purpose was to prove that the writers have not forgotten that this storyline is important. Instead of going through the whole thing I will focus on three scenes.

Scene 1: Jules has a date. Shawn is jealous, as Gus points out.  Shawn basically says, yeah, I'm jealous but I have forever to work things out with Jules, so I'm not going to worry about it.  My reaction: Well this will obviously come back in the episode, because it is too good a tidbit to just be useless at the start of the show.

Scene 2: The reveal that crazy drunk lady had thornberg disease, a deadly virus. My reaction: Either Shawn or Jules will get the virus prompting Shawn to grow up and realize that he needs to man up and tell Jules he loves her.

Scene 3: I bet you can guess..... Shawn going to tell Jules he loves her.  Let me give you a play by play of how I watched the scene:

Shawn tells Gus he is going to tell her-- Me: YEEEEESSSSSS!!!
Judd Nelson tells Gus Jules is fine-- Me: OK, just as long as we keep it to ourselves for a minute.
Gus interrupting Shawn-- Me: NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! DAMMIT GUS! SHUT UP!!!
Shawn saying he still wants to talk to Jules-- Me: Whew!!
Gus getting the "Really?!?!" face and walking out-- Me: Slightly insane laughter because I have far too much invested into the characters.
Shawn's comparison of Jules to the prize at the bottom of a cereal box-- Me: Puddle of goo.
Shawn unable to spit out the word love a la the Miller commercial-- Me: COME ON, MAN!!
Lassie coming in and completely ruining the moment--  Me: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Shawn and Jules sharing a moment as he leaves the room-- Me: hopeful sigh.

As you can see I have an inappropriate level of reaction to the show because I'm neurotic. Whatevs.  I don't care. I love the episode and I'm hoping that Shawn tells Rachel Leigh Cook to go straight back to Africa when she comes back. Boo to her.  Let there be more Shawn/Jules development, please!

Other random fun from the episode:
-The reveal that Shawn hates Patrick Dempsey because he is jealous of his hair.
-Anything that is added on to the running gag of Jules saying, "You were right, Shawn." And Shawn responding with something ridiculous like this week's, "About what, Atlantis?"
-When Shawn called Axe Body Spray catnip for women and Jules gave him the "you are totally right" look.
-Calling the scientist Doc Brown and asking if the lab was shut down for getting the clock tower struck by lightning.
-Shawn saying the phrase, "Melissa, how many sexual partners have you had?" Just because I like when people say my name on TV, and in that context it was especially funny.

This could have been an awful episode (which is wasn't) but I still would have liked it for the progress in their relationship.  Woot.  I'm such a girl!  Looking forward to next week!

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Anonymous said...

I too loved this episode, and every point you made was friggin awesome. I LOVED the cereal box analogy, about peed my pants about Atlantis, and Ethan and I were totally stoked about the Back to the Future references. Love love love. Oh, and I love Patrick Dempsey, and I can TOTALLY see Shawn jealous of his hair. Especially since he references his own hair in nearly every episode. LOVE