Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week in Review

This will be a little shorter thanks mostly to those silly Olympics.  Anywho....

24: It's official: Dana is the WORST storyline ever.  Seriously. Just come clean already.  It's annoying.  You are making me like Arlo, and he is clearly sleazy. And when did Dana and Cole get Southern and New York accents, respectively? We're several hours in, and they just decided they should have accents? Really?  Good thing about this episode: Jack kicked ass as always and looked extra sexy with the open shirt.  Hot. Something to watch out for next week: the 12 year old who is on Cole's team.  Where did he come from? That's a red shirt if I've ever seen one! (How geeky am I with that reference!)

ONE TREE HILL: Joe Manganiello looking all werewolfed out! Is it summer yet? I miss TRUE BLOOD!!

LIFE UNEXPECTED: If this show wants to survive, it needs to move more towards Gilmore Girls and away from 7th Heaven. We all enjoy a preachy show every once and awhile, but this is not what we want from this show. I want these people to be funny and flawed.

LEVERAGE: Congrats to this show! EVERY other show on the night went down in the ratings, including American Idol, but Leverage went up 12%! It was a great finale and Christian Kane looked especially hot this week kicking butt. Also, I've missed Sophie! Can't wait for June for this to start up again. It has improved so much from the start and I'm really going to miss it.

HUMAN TARGET: KEVIN WEISMAN!!! Oh I miss Alias! Watching this episode made me so miss the scene every week on Alias when Marshall would get all excited showing Sydney the new technology he came up with.  Marshall is one of my all time favorite TV characters! And Autumn Reeser was on with a sassy new haircut.  They were both tech savvy, so I am hoping they find ways to bring them back!

INBETWEENERS: Too Jazzy??  AHAHAHA.  Seriously, I can't believe that no one else is watching this! SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!! I can't say it enough! BBC America! Wednesday Nights.  WATCH IT!! DO IT NOW!

THE DEEP END: I'm kinda gonna miss this show when it is not picked up next season. Hopefully the cast gets new gigs.  Especially Norbert Leo Butz.  He's fantastic.  Something that has bothered me the entire time: The top name in the firms title is Sterling which always makes me think: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  And then I get sad and miss Mad Men. 

GREY'S ANATOMY: Great Episode!!  To be honest though, it could have been a horrible episode and I still would have loved it.  Why you ask? MISSI PYLE! GREGG HENRY!! SARAH PAULSON!! And best of all: J AUGUST RICHARDS!!!!!!  Oh Charles Gunn, how I love you! You made a great young Richard.  And Sarah Paulson was so Ellis Grey it was ridiculous! Loved the how Bailey became Bailey story. Also enjoyed the reveal that Karev and Callie slept together, especially the awkward moment when Arizona realized it.  But that storyline made me miss George.  Oh George....  For the future: let's please get Lexie and Hotness Monster to hook up!  Who's with me?!?!

PRIVATE PRACTICE: SARA RUE! Love her! More Sara on everything, please! Question: When did Dell become the voice of reason for these people? And when did they all become COMPLETELY SELFISH!? Especially Naomi.  Yes, she still came to the wedding, but these people have been driving me insane recently.  Ugh.

CAPRICA: This show is so intense and fantastic that I can't put it into words. I don't like the character of Amanda Greystone too much, but even she is growing on me after this week.  And to make the fantastic even better: in two weeks is the debut of James Marsters character.  Spike, I still swoon for you!

I miss my shows! I can't wait for the Olympics to be over and for them to come back.  Also can't wait for the "circle stage" part of American Idol to be over so it will stop being 3 nights a week and BONES can come back!!  I MISS MY BOREANAZ!

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erin rules the world said...

wholeheartedly agree with needing our Booth! At least I enjoy the Olympics.

Kylene said...

Oh Christian Kane just looked especially yummy this week! Oh how I will miss him until June! Ugh the wait is KILLING me, first Alex, now Christian. WHY God WHY?! Completely agree with you Sarah Paulson OWNED the young Ellis Grey! I missed George as well, I really felt him missing. And I agree Hotness Monster & Little Grey NEED to hook-up!