Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST: What Kate Does

First, I just want to address some complaints I've heard about this episode, calling it "filler." I enjoy Damon Lindelof's reaction, "Seriously. Watch NCIS Los Angeles." Team Darlton has ALWAYS said they feel this show is about the characters more than anything else, so if an episode gives insight and progress into a character, how is that filler? I'm going to have to go by and trust in what the far-more-intelligent-than-me people in charge of the series have to say. Whatever to the haters.

Alright, let's split up the timelines again so I don't get an even bigger headache.

So we pick up where we left off - Kate holding Claire's cabbie at gunpoint.  Biggest moment for me in this scene was when Kate and Jack had some sort of moment from afar.  He stops his phone call when he sees her and she looks back seemingly unsure of what is happening there.  What was that about? Anyway, after nearly running over Doc Arzt (and he in turn giving his best Dustin Hoffman "I'm walkin' here" impersonation) they get away.  Barely outside the LAX terminal, the cabbie runs, and Kate takes Claire's bag and makes her get out. Kate gets her cuffs removed from a kinda creepy guy at a garage and finds that Claire's bag is full of baby stuff. Including a stuffed killer whale, which by the way, Kate and Jack also had for Aaron when they were taking care of him in that other reality. Kate goes back and finds Claire and takes her to the house of the couple that is supposed to adopt the baby.  However, plane crash or not, it turns out these people were never meant to have Aaron - Adoptive mom turns Claire away because her husband left her.  Hasn't she seen Juno?  You don't need an ass of a husband to adopt at baby from a too young mother! Claire goes into early labor because Kate is around, as this is how it supposed to happen. (I see a theme for the season!) They go to the hospital, because even when being chased by the cops, Kate's a good person.  Who is Claire's OB...... ETHAN!  AHHHHH!! RUN CLAIRE RUN!!! Seriously, I don't care how nice he seemed to be, he is evil.  And saying he didn't want to have to poke her with a bunch of needles - didn't have issue with that in the other timeline, did he??  Scary man.  Obviously Aaron is connected to the island.  I think when it comes down to it, Aaron is probably one of the more important characters on the show.  I've read theories that he (and therefore Claire, and probably Jack) is a decendent of the island (Jacob?). Claire calls the baby Aaron automatically (because that's his name!!) much to her surprise. She later covers for Kate with the cops, and then Kate leaves after a sweet goodbye. Kate goes off, inevitably to interact with another Lostie.  My guess is Jack.

Sooooo.... Sayid woke up and EVERYONE freaks out.  As much as I adore Sayid, Sawyer has a point when he loads on the saracasm and says, "He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitiely deserves another go around." But question is: IS it actually Sayid that is getting another go around? Obviously the MIB can take on the form of dead people.  He's Locke now, and he was Alex to convinve Ben of his plans. There is also the possiblity that he was Christian in the cabin and down at the big wheel. Sayid questions where they are, and Hurley and Jack give him the brief rundown, right before The Temple folk take him off for some "questioning" which turns out to be a hot poker and electrocution.  It was a test - he failed. Turns out Sayid is "infected." We never get a clear picture of what that is, but I'm guessing it is the same "infected" that Rousseau told Sayid about back in the day. Meanwhile, Sawyer decides he's outta here and Kate follows, along with Jin.  (Kate says to Jack that she will take care of Sawyer and he will take care of Sayid.  Kate and Jack have always been the mom and dad of the island.  And Sayid and Sawyer the crazy Uncles) And oh Kate! I just want to smack her! Hasn't she noticed that she always follows Sawyer, but he NEVER follows her?  Unless it was for sex.  Just saying. Anyway, Kate and Jin knock out their Temple guards (deja vu, for one of them, it seems!) and split up when Jin realizes Kate isn't going back.  Jin is more interested in finding Sun anyway.  So here's how the three diverging stories went from there:
Kate: She tracked Sawyer back to New Otherton where she found him in the house he shared with Juliet.  He was none too happy to see her.  He had pulled up a box he hid in the floorboards. In it was the ring he planned to use to propose to Juliet which he then throws in the ocean.  *tears!!* Kate finally realizes that Sawyer is not hers to worry about anymore, and he sends her on her way.
Jack: Asian Leader (Dogen) gives Jack a pill to give to Sayid (since Sayid trusts Jack) that will cure him of the infection.  Of course, Jack knows better than to have blind faith in anyone who lives on the island, so is up front with Sayid, and says he really doesn't know if he should take the pill.  Jack goes back to Dogen and asks what is in the pill (in my head, Dogen answers with "Ancient Chinese Secret" in a horribly stereotypical accent), Dogen doesn't tell him, so Jack in what was possibly the stupidest movie ever, swallows the pill.  Trying to kill himself, maybe?? I thought it looked like he spit it back out when Dogen was performing the heimlich (it's not a maneuver, more of a gesture, really.) but apprently not.  Dogen goes on to explain to Jack it was poison to kill the "darkness" that is growing inside Sayid.  When it reaches your heart you are evil, I guess.  How does Dogen know that? Because it happened to Jack's sister!!! Dun dun duuuuun.
Jin: Jin drinks water from the stream, like Bambi.  Then the two Temple guys sneak up on him, Jin goes to run, gets hit foot caught in a trap (ouchies) and falls down.  Just as the guards are about to shoot him, someone shoots them instead and it's..... CLAIRE (or is it?), in need of a comb and deep conditioning treatment!

So that's where we're at.  Here are my favorite lines of the night...

Hurley: It's the Others, dude.  They captured us.  Again.

Hurley: So, are you a zombie?
Sayid: No.  I am not a zombie.
(There has been a running joke with Team Darlton that eventually there would be zombies on the island)

Jack: Did I say something funny?
Glasses Guy (what's his name?!): I doubt it.  He doesn't really have a sense of humor.

And my absolute favorite of the night.  Or possibly ever:

Jack: What is that?
Dogen: It's a baseball.

I think this exchange is Team Darlton's way of saying that everything on the show does not have to mean something.  A message I'm sure they are hoping people pick up on.  Yes, it's mythology heavy.  (HEAVY!) But it doesn't mean every single thing means something. Sometimes, it's just a baseball people!

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Annette said...

According to the "enhanced" Lost repeat episode of the season premiere, the Glasses guy is called "Lennon".

Another one of my favorite lines from the episode: Miles "We'll be at the food court if you need us". I love how Dogen is Silent Bob-esque when he only speaks English when he is about to say something that is important.

A random thought, where did Sawyer get that engagement ring to give to Juliet? The Dharma Bubble Gum Machine? But seriously, that scene with him and Kate on the dock broke my heart. I don't like Sawyer to cry :(

I loved this episode and loved seeing more of Claire. These "Other" Others sure are creepy.