Thursday, March 4, 2010

LOST: Sundown

I'll be honest, as much as I love Sayid, I wasn't looking forward to the Sayid-centric episode as much.  Sayid has always been the loner. While Sawyer is the more natural choice for the "loner" role, it's always gone to Sayid.  Sayid is the one who trekked alone in the jungle and found Danielle. Sayid was the only one that never interacted with the other Oceanic 6 when they left the island. And when they returned - he ended up as the prisoner, not a part of the Dharma initative. And this week, he is once again singled out. Also, as Television Without Pity pointed out, it was also the week where we confirmed the Sayid Jarrah is actually Arabic for Jack Bauer.  Sayid kicks some ass. 

In the Locke Sideways reality, it looked as if he was on the same street that Nadia lived on in the Locke "flashback" story where he was an inspector at her house. (Follow that?) So my hope for this sideways was that we would see Nadia and Sayid married.  Instead, I give you my exact notes from the first few minutes of the episode, "Nadia! And she is married.... to Sayid's brother.... Awkward." So Nadia is Mrs. Jarrah, but unfortunately it's Mrs. Omar Jarrah.  But there is still the connection between Sayid and Nadia, because as we saw and those pesky kids pointed out, Sayid still carries around her picture.  Omar seemed unimpressed with that little nugget of information! Omar is a dry cleaner. But he is not just any dry cleaner, he's a dry cleaner that owes a ton o' money to a loan shark. Because instead of getting a bank loan, he decided this was the better way to go to open a second store.  Nice move, Omar. Now that he is in a jam, he wants Sayid to "take care of it," you know, Iraqi torturer style.  But Sayid said no, he's not that guy anymore.  And your an idiot, Omar.  He didn't say that last bit, but he was thinking it. Sayid is Uncle of the year, and takes the kids to the bus. They ask him to stay and say that "Mommy likes it when you're here." Yeah she does.  (Read that like Joey Tribiani would say it!) Nadia comes out of the house saying that Omar was mugged. At the hospital, Sayid decides to go find the thugs, but Nadia says not to, it is Omar's mess. Sayid goes home to take care of the kids, who broke a vase because Uncle Sayid thought it would be a good idea to bring kids a boomerang home from Australia. Any parent knows that is a stupid plan. We find out that in this reality Sayid pushed Nadia towards Omar because he didn't feel that he deserved to be with her. Say it with me now: aawwww.  The next day some friendly looking guys take Sayid to go meet with the loan shark. They really should know better. Long story short: The loan shark is the mercenary from the freighter, Martin Keamy (aka Alex's killer) because it doesn't matter what reality we are in - that guy is a douche. They try to threaten Sayid but he is friggin badass, and kills them all.  Even Keamy who forgives the debt. Because again, Sayid is badass.  Then he hears someone in the meat locker- it's Jin! Who in case you forgot "No English!"

Back on the island... Sayid confronts Dogen to find out why he was tortured and why Dogen tried kill him. His answer: "For everyman there is a scale. One side is good and the other is evil." Sayid's apparently hanging a little too far on the evil side for Dogen's style. Sayid isn't too excited by the answer since he believes he is a good man (as his sideways reality showed us) so they fight it out. Naveen Andrews' stunt double earned his keep this episode! But while they were fighting the "just a baseball" fell to the ground which causes Dogen to stop and decide to banish Sayid from the Temple. Meanwhile, UnLocke and Claire are chilling outside the gunpowder line. He sends her in to send a message, because as he points out, he can't do it himself. Darn that immpenatrable gunpowder! While Sayid is packing, Miles tells him that he was dead for two hours, and whatever brought him back, it wasn't these Temple guys. Enter Claire.  She tells Dogen that "he" wants to see him outside the Temple, to which Dogen essentially responds with "Are you crazy, bitch?" They lock up Claire for being a whack job. Dogen looks for Jack or Hurley, but when Lennon says they are missing, he settles for the "maybe evil" Sayid. He charges Sayid with the task of going out to the jungle and stabbing whoever he finds that looks like someone he knows who is dead in the chest. And for the love of God, don't let him start talking because you will lose. So off Sayid goes, and in comes Kate. Miles tells her that Claire is here, so off Kate goes to tell her about Aaron, something we know is a bad idea. In the jungle, UnLocke comes upon Sayid, obviously as Smokey first, but we don't see that. Sayid stabs him, but UnLocke seems more annoyed than everything! I'd like to point out that there didn't appear to be any blood on the knife. And in the end, UnLocke talked, promised Sayid his dead Nadia back, and count another one in the MIB column. Sayid goes back to the Temple and tells them that Jacob is dead and if they don't join this other guy buy sundown, they all die. Kate tells Claire about Aaron, and Claire gets crazy eyes. Sayid confronts Dogen and we find out he was a Japanese banker with a kid who played baseball. The kid dies, but someone came and promised him his son would live if he came to the island. Unmoved, Sayid drowns him! And the when Lennon finds them, he kills Lennon too! Nutty!! Bye bye guys, we will miss you! Sundown hits and Smokey comes. CHAOS! Pretty much everyone that hasn't left dies. Miles and Kate split up. Kate goes with Claire and eventually has Smokey go above her and she looks up in awe. Uh oh. Miles is found by Ilana, Sun, Ben and Frank. Ben goes to find Sayid... and finds him evil, so slowly backs away in the most unintentionally funny moment of the episode! He finds the gang, and they hide from Smokey by going thru the same glyph door that Hurley found. The end of the episode involves the most creepy/haunting version of the song "Catch a Falling Star" while Sayid, Claire and Kate survey the damage. And then they join UnLocke, including Kate, who has no idea what she is getting into. Again I say, Uh Oh.

Some quotes:
Dogen (referring to MIB/UnLocke): He is evil incarnate.

Miles (referring to Claire): She just strolled in a couple hours ago acting all weird.  Still hot though.

UnLocke: Now why'd ya go and do that?

UnLocke: You seem to have some idea about that since you stabbed me in the chest without even saying hello.

Claire: I'm not the one that needs to be rescued, Kate.

Sayid: I stabbed him the chest like you told me.  Then I let him talk to me.

So, while not as funny this week, a lot of craziness.  And next week: BEN!  I loooove Ben-centric episodes, so I can't wait to see what we find out about European History Teacher, Dr. Benjamin Linus!

Sorry this are long.  I'm thinking of changing it up. It's hard to break it down without talking about the whole thing.  Oh, LOST what will I do without you??


Annette said...

I was wondering at the end where Sawyer was. And YAY for Sun almost finding Jin now!! My favorite scene was Sayid taking out Keamy and crew...WOOT! Also, I was on the edge of my seat during that Sayid/Dogen fight. I still can't figure out Cindy and the Oceanic 815 kids...were they captured and brainwashed? Or was she always part of the Others?

Meaghan said...

Where do you think Sawyer was while all this was happening? Didn't we last see him following UnLocke around? How come Claire *had* to bring the message - when she asked him, Unlocke told her the others were busy... and then Sawyer wasn't there in the crowd at the end of the episode... did we see him ditch UnLocke, and I've just forgotten it? I thought he was a recruit.