Monday, March 15, 2010

Week in Review: 3/7-3/13

Ok. The Oscars. No I did not do an Oscars blog. I thought about it for 5 minutes, but I just didn't feel like it. I will give it an entry here with just a few things I liked, but aren't we all sick of talking about it by now? Something to look forward to, if I can figure out how to do it, I may live blog the Emmys.  But let's get through the season first! :)

THE OSCARS:  Or as I like to call it: The Night of a Million Surprises. Wink Wink. Congrats to all the winners. Not one real surprise, but all deserving nonetheless. Yes, we all wanted NPH to host, but I think Steve and Alec did a good job. And we still got our NPH opening number. Their monologue (dialogue?) was funny. I liked that they were able to mock without being rude. And I almost died when they told Crisoph "The Jew Hunter" Waltz that he found the motherload of Jews. One thing I loooved that was when Sandy Powell won for Best Costume Design that she gave a shout out to all the designers who do contemporary movies and dont get acknowledged. Always a class act, that Sandy! Overall, a good Oscars. Except for that horrid woman that interrupted Short Doc.  Wow.  Just wow.

HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA: An overall good ep, but I'm actually just putting this one in so I can include this quote for Sonya. (I don't know the characters names because one was new and the other I think was a one ep guy.)
Guy 1: I wanted to work this one myself but we booked a gig in Philly.
Guy 2: Ah Man, I love Philly, man. Cool city.
Guy 1: Nah. I'm from Philly. It's miserable.
(You're welcome, Sonya!)

CHUCK: What a great episode directed by Chuck himself, Zachary Levi. Not only was it well done, it was a real game changer! And it included the 3 things we have been waiting for all season: 1- The return of JEFFSTER! 2- Morgan finally learns the truth!! 3- A shout out to the corporate sponser that saved the show, Subway and their oh so delicious $5 foot longs.  The Best Buy guys were fun protecting their store, but nothing was as fabulous as watching Chuck finally come clean with Morgan and then better yet, getting his flash back. I heard NBC is thinking about buying 24 from FOX since they are cancelling it. Don't do it, NBC, just focus on Chuck. It is a far superior show nowadays.

24: Speak of the devil. Isn't it funny how in the end, it turns out Arlo is one of the least annoying things on the show? Best part of the episode was when Jack told the poor kid with the vest that he is Jack Bauer and if he knew anything about him, he would not screw with him. In other words, "I'm Jack motherf#%*ing Bauer, dammit."

HOUSE: Love: the Chase is too pretty story line. Hate: no Cuddy until 45 minutes in, and then only the one scene!

CASTLE: What a fun episode. Love the girls talking about bondage at the crime scene, much to Castle's delight. Plus, Brian Krakow (Devon Gummersall) and Lane Kim (Keiko Agena)!! Hurray for people from two of my all time favorite shows!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Love the "Bang Bang" song. It was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Barney and Robin are adorable! I was a little sad that the superdate was with Ron at the end, but not surprised. But it was more growth for Barney as a character. (Speaking of NPH, one of his songs on Glee is going to be Dream On. Squee!)

GOSSIP GIRL: Welcome back, Upper East Siders!  How I've missed seeing Chase Crawford's pretty pretty face. And it seems trouble keeps brewing all over the place! Lily and Rufus's marriage is already on the rocks. Chuck is obsessed with maybe-mom. Little J is a drug mule. Dan drove Vanessa away with that silly "I love you." But who cares because as I said before Case Crawford is really really pretty.

DAMAGES: I have no idea if Ellen and Patty's game has any purpose in the story or even for the characters, but I don't care. It is fabulous to watch. Also fab: Martin Short's performance in the nursing home. Just give him an Emmy now. He has been wasting his talent all these years doing those silly comedies!

THE GOOD WIFE: I hope that Alan Cumming takes down that nasty little witch, Becca. Loved his threat to get her to stop tweeting about Alicia, "Have you seen 'Drag Me to Hell'? It will be just like that." And winner for most bizzare reasoning goes to Alicia's son who said that hiding the photos of Peter from her was like "hiding Jews in your basement." Nice.

WHITE COLLAR: Is it summer yet? I already miss this show. Neal and Peter may be my favorite relationship on TV. When Neal was going to leave with Kate, Peter was not only sad that Neal was leaving him but sad because he knew that being with Kate was only going to hurt him. Their goodbye in the hanger... so sad! And then the plane blew up! Craziness! If there is some sort of "did Kate stay on the plane?" thing when they come back, I'll be annoyed.

HUMAN TARGET: I missed this show! The characters are all so charming. And this episode had Kris Marshall, the guy from "Love, Actually" that went to America to have sex with lots of women. He was great in that movie and even better on this episode. Best part of the series: that the people Christopher saves each week can come back later. And I hope so many of them do! Highlight of this episode: Winston and Guerrero when they thought the plane was going down! Chi McBride's signature "hell no!" reaction to Guerrero's confession was classic.

MODERN FAMILY: Another hysterical episode. The two best bits: When Cam pulls up alongside Mitchell at the stoplight and gets Mitchell to start singing "Shout" without him realizing it. I was practically crying. And then best line of the night: "I'm Colombian. I know fake crime scene when I see one." Sofia Vergara is the best!!

COUGARTOWN: Who wants to go noodling? Just kidding - I would so not do that! But what I woud want to do: Have Josh Hopkins as my neighbor. Yum!

GREY'S ANATOMY: "This message was brought to you by the Harper Avery Foundation." That Christina is always good for a laugh. Also exciting was Mer telling Owen she would kill him if he hurt Christina because Mer and Christina are a real team. I want Ben's kitchen. Yummy man and a nice kitchen? Marry him, Bailey! So doing the relationship math - if Owen and Teddy hook up and Izzie is leaving the show does that mean that I have to deal with more Lexie and Alex or will I finally get Lexie and Avery? Because hotness monster deserves love too! And Alex needs a time out.

30 ROCK: I don't know if Michael Sheen is going to be on more than one episode, but I hope so. He is soooo awesome.(For those that have not seen Frost/Nixon or The Queen, go rent them!!) When Liz called him pretending to be the Jamacian receptionist was hysterical, especially when she started "going Irish," as Kenneth said. I don't know how long Elizabeth Banks is on, but I adore her and she is great with Alec! More her! Where is Cheyenne Jackson??

CAPRICA: Adore. That is all.

SNL: The episode was "meh" however there were two highlights: Really?! With Seth and Jerry Because, Really?! Eric Massa, Really?! The other was Jude Law allowing them to have one of the skits be him going on a fake talk show and the host asking him about knocking up the nanny. Good for you, Jude.

Alright, that's it for this week.  Reminders: The Pacific started last night on HBO and repeats about 38529 times over the week if you missed it. Tuesday night at 10pm on FX is the premiere of Justified with Timothy Olyphant. Watch it!!! Amazing reviews, amazing cast and AMAZING creator! ;)


Erin is da bomb said...

Dude, I suck, I have watched only two of your shows. Either we watch generally very different things or you just watch way more than me (an amazing feet!). I do watch all the L&O's and all the CSI's, so that is 6 shows we do not mutually watch, that probably replaces the six here you talk about- hehe. NPH is grand and "Bang, Bang" was totally like Family's Guy "The Birds the Word", it won't leave my head! The Good Wife just keeps getting better. I love that they have so many directions and storlines.

Kylene said...

I totally thought of you for some reason when Christina said "This message is brought to you by the Harper Avery Foundation" I don't know why but I did. LoL! I agree the Hotness Monster needs love too, cause he is the pretty one & he is so perfect for Lexie.

You must be reading my mind when you watch Damages be cause after the nursing home scene I said "Just give Martin Short the Emmy NOW!" He keeps impressing me every single week. And my head keeps spinning with the whole Ellen & Patty game. I thought I knew where this was going but now forget it! Maybe that's why I love this show so much because just when I think I figure it all out something changes and I don't know where it's going, but I'm enjoying the ride.