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Week in Review: 3/21-3/27

This week is probably going to be missing a few things that I would normally put in because I am still catching up on the DVR. Amazing how a three day trip out of town can cause such a huge list on their! So sad...  Something I would like to point out about this past week's programs: Two (!) shows ended with someone jumping off a bridge! I don't point this out because I am overly sensitive about these things. Just that I find that even with the large number of shows I watch, two seems like a high number for one week! Just saying...

Anyway, on to the shows.  The majority of which do not end with bridge jumping. Woot!

THE PACIFIC: Sigh... this show is fantastic. I barely breathe while watching. The fact that any of these guys are alive is amazing! The highlight of Part Two: The badassness of Basilone (Jon Seda). When he picked up the barrel of that machine gun while it was still burning hot and then took out the entire platoon of Japanese soldiers.... Holy Crap. He went Jack Bauer in the jungle, and it was insane. That guy deserves his own statue somewhere. And then the fall- his friend, Manny, was killed. Sad doesn't begin to describe that moment when Basilone finds Manny in the jungle. One thing I will say about this and the Band of Brother series is they always know how to end an episode. Part One ended with the squad singing Happy Birthday to one of the soldiers while marching into the jungle. This week was even better: Leckie (James Badge Dale) and three other soldiers being served coffee on the boat that finally came to get them out of Gudacanal. As they sip their coffee (a gourmet masterpiece they treasure compared to the rice and maggots they had been eating) the crew member tells them they are heroes back home. An idea they clearly can not understand. Perfection.

LIFE: I looooved Planet Earth! I thought it was breathtaking. This is somehow even better. It's amazing how much technology has evolved that the cameras are even better. I hope you are all watching this, and in HD. It's awe inspiring. Those who did watch it: Am I the only person who got all weepy over the Octopus?

CHUCK: Negative: probably one of my least favorite episodes of the season. Positive: it was still totally awesome. Chuck is set to take the test to become a real spy. When he said he loves taking tests, and then yelled "Scantron!" I almost died. Love it. Sarah is the proctor of the test, which made for some fun. I particularly liked Chuck's stakeout ambiance to try to win Sarah back. But despite successfully completing part one of the test, Chuck finds out he is not a real spy - he needs to complete his Red Test aka killing a guy. First of all: why do all chases end in a train yard? I have seen at least a dozen train yards on TV and movies in the last month! Enough already! When it comes time, Chuck hesitates, but Casey, is there to pull the trigger for him. I love the moment when Sarah sees Chuck over the dead body, thinking he did it. It was a call back to the scene in season 1 where Chuck first sees Sarah kill someone. Made them both question their love for each other. I'm just hoping they both figure it out. Bonus to this episode: Shirtless Zach Levi. What. Up.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: This was classic HIMYM as it was about why these guys are all friends. Two highlights for me: When they kept calling Robin one of Ted's skanks. Anne Dudek! Why didn't we get more Anne Dudek?!?! I want more!!

GOSSIP GIRL: Ummmmm...... Little J has never seen Dirty Dancing?? Seriously?? It's not like Serena is 15 years older than her. She is 3 years older!! Ridiculous. I knew I didn't like Jenny! Excited Jack Bass is back. Not because I like Jack. He's a total douche. But I do love the actor that plays him: Desmond Harrington. Super nice guy, and so glad he is doing well! (When does Dexter come back?!) .................................Chace Crawford is pretty. sorry. couldn't resist.

24: Is there anything better on 24 than when Chloe gets her super annoyed face! Glad she saved the day, I was worried it wouldn't work out. Especially enjoyed when she told Hastings that she "doesn't do well with praise." No kidding. As for the idiot field agents that got killed: If Jack Bauer says to do something, you do it. Or you die. You both are stupid and deserved to die. Just saying... So happy Renee is back to save the day! She rocks! And I'm also kind of glad that Dana turned out to be evil. Still hate her and the storyline, but I'd rather she be evil than just plain stupid. Hope Cole gets to kill her in the end.
As for 24 getting cancelled. Good. I love this show, even through its ups and downs, and those downs have been waaaaay down. But it is time to let it go. 8 seasons is more than a lifetime for most TV shows. And now we can get the Jack Bauer movie. Kev and I have decided that there should be a spinoff: a half hour comedy focusing on Jack and Renee living in a condo in LA near Kimmy and fam. Jack is president of the HOA, Renee is in a book club. Hilarity ensues. Until the book club reads Anna Karenina and all the Russian crap gives Renee a PTSD episode and she kills everyone.

CASTLE: For those who read my Psych entries, you know that the season finale stood out to me because finally the case was difficult and it was more intense. Castle followed suit this week with Part 1 of a two-parter. Dana Delany proved to me that it is just the character, Katherine, on Desperate Housewives that I don't like and not her. She was so much fun. We also learned that the reason Castle's mom lives with them is because her ex took all her money! And thank goodness, because this show would be significantly less fun without Susan Sullivan, who was able to make use of those old Incredible Hulk episodes! I know Beckett isn't dead --- duh --- but the end had me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait for part two!!!

JUSTIFIED: The only thing better than a convict band playing at your party is requesting that the convict band play Freebird! Oh my God, I love this show! The characters are fantastic. Somehow this episode was even better than the first. And Kristin Bauer (Pam from True Blood) was on it, proving she is a fantastic actress because her character here was polar opposite of Pam. Can't wait for the next episode tomorrow.

DAMAGES: Wow. This show is on fire. I don't even care that they are adding what seems to be a completely unnecessary storyline with the Frobisher movie. Unlike other shows with useless storylines added in - this one is great. And it led to a great line between Frobisher and his son, Owen:
Ted: Not everything is black and white. We live in grey areas.
Owen: Not in Hollywood.
Couldn't be more true, and yet this show is the exception that proves the rule! Love Keith Carradine as The Architect. I can't wait to see what is hiding behind Patty's walls. Little thing that stands out to me on the show and I appreciate: Ellen still has that picture of her and David on her desk. I miss David. And then the end.... turns out Tom wasn't murdered. He appears to have killed himself. (Jumper #1)

90210: Yeah, I watch this show. So what? It's fun. Up front: I don't like AnaLynne McCord, who plays Naomi. She has always bothered me. However Naomi is growing on me. Especially when she says lines like this, and means it, "Check his email. Monitor his cell. Follow him around. You know. The usual."  Oh Naomi....

MODERN FAMILY: This show is full of gags that I can't possibly explain on here. You just have to watch. However this one is too good not to try. I still giggle thinking about it. Phil (the husband) likes to watch nature shows with his noise cancelling headphones on. He leaves them on the couch when he has to go help his wife with the kids. Then the youngest, Luke, who is, well I don't want to say dumb.... he's ummm.... anyway.... he goes and puts on the headphones and then starts saying, "I have these on so no one can hear me. Hhaha. I'm so smart and you are all so dumb." Funniest. Gag. Ever.

UGLY BETTY: Betty finally loses the braces. But of course, this is Ugly Betty, so it can't be easy! She first has an It's a Wonderful Life-type dream where she finds out what life would have been like if she had been born with perfect teeth. Highlight- at one point she slept with Daniel! Ha. Also fun: her "tooth-fairy-godmother," played by Kathy Najimy, wanted to give Betty the dream-like effect so she would make mystical "woooooo" sounds. Awesome. And in case you were wondering- this was all just a way to prove how pretty America Ferrera really is!

COMMUNITY: I want to watch Abed and Troy in the Morning! Make it happen, NBC!

PARKS AND REC: This show gets better every week. April is quickly becoming my favorite. The picture of her and Andy on the cover of the Parks and Rec guide... so sweet! Plus she gave the best line of the night. There was a slide of Tom holding an espresso cup and he had a thougtful look on his face and when asked what is he thinking, without skipping a beat, April said, "Why is my cup so small?"  Love.

30 ROCK: Um, there is no way to describe everything that was funny this week. If you didn't watch, for the love of God, hulu this! Great throwaway line, "They are Boston Irish Catholic. They mate for life. Like swans. Drunk angry swans."

CAPRICA:  JAMES MARSTERS!!! Having fun in this Spike-like (teehee) role. Also, it appears Mrs. Graystone died (jumper #2). Not really sad about it, because I did not like her at all. Sorry.  Big huge monster shout out to Alessandra Torresani as Zoe. She is wonderful. I think playing an Avatar of a dead girl stuck in a robot is probably pretty complicated.

Alright, that is all for now. You're welcome. :)

And for those who care about what I have to say, other than TV stuff: here ya go.

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