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PSYCH: Romeo and Juliet and Juliet

HURRAY!! Psych is back! Time to brush up on your pop-cultue trivia, specifically that of the 80s variety. In case you forgot (and how could you?) last season ended with Yin (a serial killer) wreaking havoc on Shawn and his friends. Juliet almost died, as did Shawn's girlfriend, Abigail, who broke up with him because of it. And Henry, Shawn's dad, took a job with the SBPD as a consultant who deals without outside help for the department (aka Shawn and Gus)

Ok.... like SYTYCD, I'm just going to live blog this one. Press Play everyone! :)

The season picks up not long after the finale - Henry is just starting his job with SBPD, and Juliet has yet to return to work. Business is down at Psych investigations because Henry isn't sending any work their way.

The case begins at a Chinese festival (oooo! is that a ninja?) where a girl get kidnapped (her parents are obviously very important). Ok, time out. I make two predicitions based on this one scene at the festival.

1- That girl didn't get kidnapped. It's her boyfriend. Whoever his parents are, they are enemies with her parents. (Duh. Check out the title of the episode!)
2- Somehow the Triads will be involved here. Every movie/tv show that has cops/theives/spies etc, and has a storyline involving the Chinese always has the Triads involved someway. Trust me. It's coming.

Anywho.... while we wait for me to be proved correct (I know it is coming, I will quit blogging if it doesn't) let's get back to the show. Shawn and Gus go to the PD to help with the case but Henry shuts them out. This leads to an argument between father and son involving Easter Egg hunts from when Shawn was 8. Classic Psych. The show is off to a better start than last season. Except I miss Jules. Where the heck is she?

Shawn and Gus head to the missing girl's place and find a hidden coin. Shawn is off to take it to....

Oh, there she is! Jules works at city hall. I'm guessing this won't last long because knowing Shawn, Gus and Lassie, they will harrass her til she comes back. And so it begins! Already a helping! Down in the lobby is Lassiter also there to turn to Jules for help on the case. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! TRIADS!!!! Told you so!!!!!! Oh, and get this there are TWO COMPETING GANGS OF TRIADS in SB!! Gee... I wonder where that is going! So as of now, we know that the girl is missing and she had a coin belonging to the Triads. We also learned that Gus doesn't believe Michael Jackson is dead. He thinks Lisa Marie taught him how to fake his death, which she learned from her father, Elvis, who actually just died two years ago. Oh Gus.....

Shawn and Gus then turn to their just fired (after 4 days of working) assistant to help with info on the Triad. You know... cuz he's Asian. HA! (BTW- is anyone else shocked to know that Santa Barbara has such a large Triad community? Seriously?) Assistant is helpful and gives them the name of a bar that is a Golden Triad hangout. They follow a guy to the "headquarters" and immediately get caught. But Shawn is not worried because he "likes Yao Ming. That has to count for something." It's amazing how delusional that boy can still be. And guess who is the head of the Golden Triad.... Mr. Chang, the dad of the missing girl! Shock! (And I'm not mocking the show. It's not known for it's difficult mysteries, but more for it's humor)

Using a clue Shawn found in the Golden Triad offices (a drawing of a dragon) Shawn and Gus head back to Asian assitant and then Jules to find out what it means - the drawing is the tag of the Dragon Triads and is all over a martial arts studios. (It's wushu, not karate, thankyouverymuch) At the studio, Shawn accidently tries to convince the guy at the desk that he is signed up for the 5-8 year old class, which then leads to my favorite Gus fake identity ever- Lawyer Gus. OMG. This keeps getting better! AHHH! The waterfountain bit! Hysterical. Love it. "Which one can I use?" Fantastic. Of course, Shawn gets in and discovers this is the headquarters for the Dragon Triads.

Back at city hall, the chief finally shows to convince Jules to come back. But since the nice route isn't going to work, she gives her an evil assignment that will drive her back to her detective duties.

Night time and the wushu studio, and Shawn and Gus break in and end up in the middle of a martial arts fight where one guy takes down three other guys. Shawn and Gus follow the winner (who is the kidnapper) back to an apartment where we learn.... wait for iiiiiiit.... he is the kidnapper, but it wasn't a kidnapping, the daughter is his girlfriend and his dad is head of the Dragon Triads, and they are in love and having a baby, but their parents would shit a brick if they found out. I'm paraphrasing, of course! Hurray! I get to keep blogging!

The next morning Shawn and Gus head to SBPD to say it's not a kidnapping. Only problem - a picture arrived that morning of the girl tied up and obviously the victim of a kidnapping, and at the apartment there is a sign of a struggle. Shawn and Gus go back to Jules for help where they learn that Boyfriend has a brother who wants to be in charge and is using the situation (he knows about Romeo and Juliet) to move up the ladder. So Shawn and Gus go to the head of the Dragon Triads for help. Shawn tries to kiss up first, "I find your fire drill to be immensly entertaining" (HA!) and then plays a game of charades when he thinks this guy doesn't speak English. Then he brings in poor Asian Assistant!! Turns out the guy spoke English the whole time. Shawn and Gus get some info and then are off to save the day, but they want help from Jules.

Shawn calls Jules to try one last effort to break her out of her funk. He rightly points out that she wasn't the only one who was traumatized by Yin. He went after all of them, especially him, and she needs to get it together and live her life again (aka help Shawn and Gus with their shenanigans). Ok....instead of going through the entire last 8 mintues. Shawn and Gus fight the evil brother for a while (sort of) and then Jules shows up and saves the day! Hurray!

Looking forward to next week with lots of Shawn and Jules time.

OMG..... just watched the psych outs. I hope you all stuck around for those because they did a version of the Old Spice guy at the end because Dule (Gus) said to Maggie (Jules) to look at  "her man" James (Shawn). Which then turned into the whole "Look at your man. Now back at me. Can your man smell like me...." bit. (And yes, in case somehow you didn't know, James Roday and Maggie Lawson are a couple in real life, and have been for basically the duration of the series. Say it with me now.... awwwwww.)

So, what did you all think of the premiere to season 5?? Excited it is back? Anything you are hoping to see this season? Did you spot the Pineapple?? :)

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