Monday, July 26, 2010

WEEK IN REVIEW: 7/18-7/24

I have to say, I'm enjoying this summer season. Between HBO and USA alone I practically have a full plate of TV. Plus all the cheesy goodness on ABC Family! Remember when Summer was a dead zone of crappy repeats? Thankgoodness that time has passed.

ENTOURAGE: I love Scott Caan, but I can't wait for that storyline to end. While I find his character amusing on his own, his destruction of Vince is annoying me. But the one thing I do know, is like their female couterparts on SATC, the boys of Entourage will always come together in the end. So I guess I'll just let it play out. And enjoy all the Autumn Reeser this season! My only other complaint--- MORE LLOYD!!

HUNG: I honestly don't know if I'd recommend this show to anyone. It's good, at best. I think Thomas Jane's effortless charm is what I enjoy most about it. And his relationship with his children - something that is totally bizzare and they are finally tackling, thankfully. I won't be sad if this one doesn't get picked up for a third season, but I will miss Thomas Jane.

LEVERAGE: Hey look! Alona Tal! Gotta love the Veronica Mars/Supernatural alums! Loved that they finally came up with a case where Christian Kane would get to sing. He played the guitar occassionally on Angel, and I knew he could sing. Swoon.

HUGE: This week the camp had a talent show, and imagine my horror that Nikki Blonsky didn't sing!!! But never fear, she gets her moment in tonight's epsiode.  I'm hoping she sings "I Can Hear the Bells," but it seems doubtful.....

RIZZOLI AND ISLES: Donnie Whalberg! Sure, he's not Mark, but I'll take what I can get on a TNT drama! I hope they continue his relationship with Rizzoli. I think it was a lot of fun. She needs someone that is going to push her. I enjoyed this episode, even though I knew who it was and why as soon as the character was introduced. Though it made me think - so many shows have serial killers (there is one every other week in Phoenix, if you go by Medium's storylines). Thank goodness life isn't really like television! I can't imagine living through something like the Boston Strangler, Son of Sam or the Zodiac killer. How scary!!

COVERT AFFAIRS: At the start of the episode Auggie shows Annie the new offices - in other words "Hey! We got picked up! Fancy new sets and new characters!!" In the new character department we get the oh so handsome, Sendil Ramamurthy aka Mohinder from Heroes. His hair is looking fabulous, by the way. He is there to spy on Annie to see if Ben ever pops out to save her again. I hope he does... Eoin Bailey is yummy. The second episode was just as good as the first except for one, for me, HUGE plot hole. So they are at the kid's apartment and the doorbell rings. And then again, and then a knock. The MI-6 guy doesn't even make a move, or even ask Annie if they should get it, and instead just stays in the kitchen. Annie is at the door when the guy charges in and they tussle (this word always makes me think of Jennifer Lopez and Isaiah Washington in Out of Sight....) and only after at least a minute of incredibly loud fighting does MI-6 come out at shoot the assassin.  This doesn't strike ANYONE as odd?? WTF?  Sigh....

LOUIE: Louis C.K is a genius. This show isn't just funny. To describe that way would do it a disservice. It is hysterical and completely wrong. Much like Seinfeld, I can't tell you what it is about because it is truly about nothing. In this episode, Louis went to Alabama and did a show and then went out to eat where he met a crazy fan and her brother. Of the 22 minutes that make up each episode, usually an average of 5-8 are just his standup. That is OK with me. His standup is great.

WHITE COLLAR: I enjoyed all the extra Marsha Thomason this week! It seems she isn't the bad guy, but I still have doubts. I hope she's not though. I like her. And I'm also enjoying the secondary bromance brewing between Moz and Peter. Talk about opposites! And is Tiffani Theissen done with her maternity leave yet?? Because I want her back!!

MEMPHIS BEAT: Another episode, and another My Name Is Earl alum. This week it was Giovanni Ribisi, playing a very Giovanni Ribisi character which is always enjoyable. Now if we can just get Jamie Pressley on here!

TOP CHEF: I think with this challenge we proved once and for all that Angelo and Stephen are douches and Kenny is a class act. And the judges got to see that, hallelujah.

BURN NOTICE: While I enjoy the character of Jesse, his appearance is making all sorts of trouble for the core four of this show. I don't know where this is going or how it will be resolved, but it is causing a rift between Michael and Fi which pisses me off. These two were not a will they or won't they couple. They are a couple, and the constant need of the show runners to throw a wrench in their relationship adds unnecessary drama to a show that already has plenty of drama to go around. 

ROYAL PAINS: I didn't mention it last week, but how great was it to see Trevor again? I love that kid and his crazy girlfriend. I hope they bring him back more! As for this week: Get rid of Dr. Peck. Really? Do we need her?  And LOVE LOVE LOVE the word for word re-do of the Pretty Woman scene with Evan and Paige. Fantastic.  Could barely contain my glee at that sequence. Then as if it couldn't get any better, cue Evan calling himself a ''Dirty whore." (It was even cuter when Divya said it) Also, I loved Ian Gomez as the ass-hat mac and cheese guy. He's a comic genius! Made me remember how much I miss Cougar Town! Sad face...

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: AHHH! Loved seeing Lauren and Neil do their Wade Robson routine. It's still one of my faves. As for the no one getting the boot... well, I don't really know how I feel about that. I guess as long as Jose goes this week. While I do love Billy, I think it was stupid that he felt he couldn't even dance for 30 seconds for a chance to stay on the show. I don't know if he knows he isn't going to win anymore (Alex took that away week 1, and since he is gone, Kent basically has it in the bag) or if he really was afraid of hurting his knee, but it seemed like a crap move.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Oh Matt and Julie. You make me so sad. Other stuff happened too, but I got lost in the sadness of that secondary storyline this week. 

Alright... comment me people!! Seriously. I need it.

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erin said...

Well, I think I only watch SYTYCD (already commented) and Covert Affairs, oh wait and Rizzoli and Islez (whatever their names are). I like Covert Affairs, I was curious about that same scene, but then later figured it was something to do with his double agentness. So what is the deal with Ben, he is a former spy or what? I still adore the blind guy. I have only seen the first of Rizzoli, but Marky Marky!!! I cannot wait. =0) Go Brad on Food Newtowkr Star. And what is up with all the group shit on Next Design Star? I am still rdiing the high of nina going home last week.