Monday, July 19, 2010

Week in Review: 7/11-7/17

Alright, first week in review since I've been back. It's going to be relatively minimal. But I have a few shows I would like to discuss, so here it goes!

(BTW- Happy birthday to me! HAHA)

ENTOURAGE: The boys are back! This show isn't as great as it once was, but that doesn't mean that it isn't fun. I've especially missed Ari. My darling husband has missed Mrs. Ari. I hope these two crazy kids figure out their issues by the end of the season. They are two of my favorite marrieds on TV. I'm interested to see how far Vince's crazy spiral goes. And a little scared.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Well, it's official. This is the best guilty pleasure of the summer. It is full of soapy drama fun. The girls are all interesting - even Hanna. Unlike another ABC Family show, Make it or Break it, the obnoxious blond on this show actually has redeeming value and some sympathetic qualities. If you like Gossip Girl/90210 or any of those other fun CW shows, catch up on PLL! You won't be disappointed.

RIZZOLI AND ISLES: First - I enjoy Angie Harmon! A lot. She is fantastic on this show. Both of the leads are fun. I don't totally understand the background of their friendship yet - how long have they known each other? I'm sure it will be further explained. But for now it is an interesting cop drama. But is anyone else getting a weird romantic vibe between the two leads? Just me? Anywho..... Hope Billy Burke is back. Who doesn't love some Charlie Swan?

COVERT AFFAIRS: Another original USA program! And as far as I'm concerned, another winner! Nevermind Piper Perabo, who I think does a great job, check out that supporting cast. First of all, Peter Gallagher! I miss you Sandy Cohen. Then Kari Matchett, one of my favorite character actress of the past few years. I've seen her be perfection as cute and flirty, scary hardass, frustrated ex. Now she's kinda crazy. Looking forward to that. Christopher Gorham is fabulous! And ANNE DUDEK!! I miss Cutthroat Bitch! It's a very fun show and I look forward to this week's episode. It's amazing that there are so many of these shows USA and none of them seem old to me.  Who would have guessed it?

HAWTHORNE: Ok... this show isn't great, but it is good. I enjoy a lot of the cast. Especially Michael Vartan. Specifically when he breaks out the french. But for summer, it is a good hour of entertainment. If you like hospital dramas, check this one out.

MEMPHIS BEAT: Jason Lee is awesome. I'm glad he is back on TV after My Name is Earl was unceremoniously cancelled. The show is a fun cop show and keeps you on your toes. And thanks to Jason Lee and exec producer George Clooney it has a nice string of guest stars for a show in it's first season. But the best part of the series is Alfre Woodard, having a lot of fun as the Lieutenant of the precinct who is as much mother as she is boss to the cops on her force. The Alfre/Jason relationship is especially entertaining.

TOP CHEF: I love Top Chef. It is far and away the best cooking contest on television. This years batch of cheftestants are an interesting group, with two frontrunners. Kenny - the many of a million nicknames, and my personal favorite. Angelo - unimaginable ego wrapped up in an unfortunately good looking package. And while Angelo is the obvious villain this season for me, the guy that has to go is Stephen. Angelo may be obnoxious, but at least he has backed it up. Stephen is a douche and doesn't have the culinary skills to make it ok. Hope he is gone soon.

SYTYCD: I'm still sad about Alex. Just thought you should know. I read a blog where someone suggested that instead of bringing him back to compete next season (it's unfair to make him audition again, and unfair to the other dancer next season to compete against someone who already has several weeks expereince in competition) they should bring him back as an allstar. I'm all for it. Allstars get paid, go on tour, and we'd get to see him dance almost every week without having to worry about him being voted off.  And let's face it - after the hip hop routine with Twitch, he's earned the title Allstar. PLUS, it will give ballerinas a chance to get on the show and do their own style. Whatcha think? Should we start a petition?

WHITE COLLAR: My favorite bromance is back! I've so missed Peter and Neal and all of their friends. Once again Neal is working on a mission behind Peter's back, sort of. He wants to know who killed Kate. Question: until we see some sort of body, are we supposed to believe that Kate is really dead? Either way, Neal is working on it, but so is Peter. Both are only kinda aware of the work the other is doing, but I'm hoping between the two of them they figure out that Marsha Thomason is bad. At least that is what I think we are supposed to believe based on her having the music box. Right?

Alright, that is all for now.  Comment me. I've so missed the comments!!


Katie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Yay, a blog! Ive missed them! SOOOOO MUCH!

I love the shows on USA, White Collar is good and neal is so cute! I don't know if Marsha Thompson is bad or if she and Peter have the music box hidden from Neal. I wonder where they'll go with this. I though Covert Affairs was fun and I love the guy from Band of Brothers as her ex. Thank you for pointing out that her sister was Cutthroat Bitch, I could not figure that out.

I love Pretty Little Liars. I stopped watching Make It or Break It cause both blondes are annoying! And Crazy Nanny Carrie is on the show as another crazy person!

Rizzoli and Isles is good too. I don't understand their relationship either. From what I understand so far, the show picks up from the 2nd book in the R&I series. So they skipped the background book stuff to start. (I think) and YAYAYAYAY for Charlie Swan!

Glad the blog is back!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, and your present you asked for.

First - I love your blog. Have never read it before.

USA has many of my favorite shows - I like their originality. In Plain Sight has been a fav, but I think Covert Affairs is going to rival it. I like Piper Perabo so I can't wait to see more.

I liked White Collar alot in the first season, but so far the second season seems a little soft. It just isn't catching my attention. They've lost their edge - maybe Neal is just being to "FBI-domesticated". He doesn't have the zing he used to.

I love your take on Rizzoli and Isles. I like both the main actresses, but agree I want to see how it shapes up.

(I confess - I've never watched an episode of any of the others you've mentioned. However, with your good review on a few of them, I may just give them a chance!)

All in all - you have fantastic TV insight! Love it!


Melissa said...

Katie- Thanks! I've actually missed writing them a bit too! I figured it was one or the other with Marsha Thomason on White Collar. And yes, I LOVE Eion Bailey on Covert Affairs. I'm hoping somehow he gets bumped up to regular.

I think I heard that they were on the 2nd book of R&I. But I still think they should have given some sort of background. Hopefully they will do some sort of flashback to give us a clue into their relationship. Sometimes I think it's been a long time and sometimes I feel like they just met. Weird.

Marcy- HEY! Thanks for reading my blog! Glad you enjoyed it! I don't think any of the people that read my blog watch all the shows I do. :) I love my TV. But I hope you check some out. If you don't read my blog every week, be sure to check it out when the fall season starts up. I like to hand out my recommendations for new/returning shows. I also like to pretend that my recommendations carry any weight! LOL.