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PSYCH: Feet Don't Kill Me Now

Alright, going to blog as I go here. It basically worked out last time, though none of you commented on my fabulous skills at guessing the plot based on title and Chinese people. Don't be jealous of my useless skills people.  They are useless, remember?? :)

Let's get started.

Finally - the Dule Hill tap dancing episode! He was very excited for this. I'm excited to see it.

So at the crime scene and Lassie is being kinda a douche to Jules. Funny since he worked so hard to get her back. What the heck, Lassiter? Ok, Lassie, your look of "I can live with that" after Shawn said "Nothing shuts my pie hole but pie." Surprise - Shawn thinks that the dead chic was murdered. But since he has to get approval from Dad, it's not looking good for him to get on the case. Instead Gus decides to go to tap class leading to this fabulous series of questions from Lassiter:

"Is it court ordered?  Will it make you faster? Are you investigating some sort of dancing drug ring?"

Look! Gus tapping!! And there is Lassiter. HA! He wants to tap. Who else is excited to watch Lassiter make a fuool of himself. Hey everyone - that lanky white guy sucks at this!! Poor Gus. "I believe that people who carry guns should do what their theapist say." Words to live by Guster. I'm enjoying the Gus/Lassie dynamic so far. They are the tightasses of their respective duos, so fun to see them together. But to prove that Lassiter is the biggest ass of the 4, he somehow managed to not know that Gus worked in pharmaceuticals.  Awesome.

Shawn is outside with the fabulous news that KFC is giving away doubledowns.  (I'm assuming that coroners and funeral home directors are just waiting outside the KFC.) Lassiter tells Shawn he wants Gus, and only Gus, to help on the case, which Shawn assumes Gus will turn down. Which he doesn't because Gus likes to be appreciated for his skills - something Shawn isn't always quick to do.  I'm pausing to take a brief moment to point out one of my favorite things about this show. While Shawn has grown up some in the past 4 seasons, he hasn't completely outgrown is selfish and childish ways. He was SO selfish/childish at the start, it would be ridiculous to think he wouldn't be now. Besides, isn't it somehow part of his charm?  Anywho... back to the show.  Gus leaves with Lassiter, and "It's On."

Finally - theme song! "I know you know that I'm not telling the truth..... Gonna Psych you out in the end"

HAHA! At the lab Gus is weirded out by Lassie introducing him by his real name. Weirds me out too buddy.  The pills that were found with the dead body are fertility pills. Gus is turning out to be helpful, saying that there had to be another administrator with the pills because of double blind trials or some such nonsense. (Really we all know the cases are not why we watch this show... so who cares?!) Ummmm.... is anyone else slightly disturbed by Lassiter tumble into woman hatred while discussing Juliet?  Creepy. It is a good time to call the therapist.  HAHA!!! Shawn is the guy in the lab coat next to them. Shawn tries to use his skills, but it only gets him info Gus already provided.

Dad lets Shawn work the case too. Juliet jumps at the chance to "babysit" Shawn because she is pissed Lassiter is treating her like a rookie since she came back. Who else is overly excited for a lot of quality Shawn and Jules time?? HOLY CRAP!! Shawn watches Phineas and Ferb!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! Sorry. It's my favorite kids show.

Our two teams are both attempting to interview the lab assistant. As you can imagine it leads to bickering. How professional guys. Lab chic reveals that she didn't tell about her partner because Ben (partner) was providing his girlfriend with the pills under the table to avoid the crazy fees. Gus is offended because they aren't married....

Shawn: Get with the times. It's 2008.
Gus: It's 2010.
Shawn: Nice try. That would mean we're at war with the machines.

And they are off to find Ben. These kids are ridiculous. While the four of them argue about it Ben "the lead" Stevens drives off. And apparently he was in such a rush he decides that waiting for the garage door to open isn't worth the time and just drives on through it. See what happens when you can't get along?

Henry is very angry at these four and tells them to get on finding Ben. So they go off to figure out leads. Gus gets Lassie to do some more tap to clear his head, but doesn't close all the blinds, so Shawn and Jules watch. Happiness abounds for Shawn and Jules. When Shawn says Hamburger instead of hunch, Jules starts to laugh. Cuz her boyfriend is funny.

Shawn sends an unwilling Jules off with flirty lab assistant to have some sort of test performed on her while he goes and gets all "psychic" aka sneak around the empty offices.He finds some suspicious flower orders in Ben's email. One to the girlfriend (desiree), apologizing and one to the girlfriends mom (Mrs. Blake) sending sympathies.  Menwhile Gus and Lassie are checking out the car rental places. At Mrs. Blake's house she says that Ben is a cheater and she blames him for Desiree's death. Shawn sends Jules back to the office to create her pretty charts while he goes off to do something else. Which turns out to be also finding Ben's car. By tracking Gus with his GPS. Gus and Shawn both broke away from their new partners to follow a hunch that Ben is innocent. (Love that Shawn keeps doing the psychic move)  They find Ben who it appears is innocent (something about not being in a common law marriage so he wouldn't get any money). I love that Gus keeps turning around to whisper his thoughts to Shawn and that Ben just keeps walking around to hear him. Shawn promises Ben he can convince the cops he is innocent..... and then Jules and Lassie pull guns on him. Awkward.

All this lying and going behind each other's back (and text messaging every guy on Jules' phone a pic of her dog with the caption "this is you" - nice move, Shawn!) has lead to the partners switching back. Jules and Lassie going the way of Law and Order and Shawn and Gus going the way of Lying and Crazy. "Hamburgers!" And Japadogs. (By the way... Japadogs is a food truck in Vancouver that parks outside the Psych production offices. You're welcome.)

KURT FULLER!! One of my favorite parts of this show is when they go to see the coroner, played by Kurt Fuller. You can just see how much fun he has with the role. (Also it is funny to see it when I'm in the middle of watch Supernatural Season 5 where he plays a just slightly different character!) Coroner tells Shawn he would be honored to remove his heart if Shawn should ever roll in on a gurney. Nice. Desiree died from drowning, but there is no sign of struggle. Odd. Lab assistant has the records for who entered and exited the lab, proving that Ben didn't do it. Shawn and Gus don't hold back when showing it to Jules and Lassiter proving they were right about Ben. Of course then "Officer Dad" comes and ruins the party by pointing out that the killer is still out there. Boooo.

While eating Japadogs, Shawn and Gus discuss possible suspects. They realize that Ben never said who he cheated with. So they go to talk to Ben. But when they arrive, McNabb is zipping up the body bag of a dead surfer AKA Ben. Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn. (that's not on the show. I added it for effect. Too much?)

Back to everyone's favorite coroner! Turns out Ben also drowned but didn't struggle. Gus says it looks like dry drowing, which is something that can be caused by anesthesia.  Cue Shawn remembering slutty lab girl. Back at the lab Shawn and Gus find Jules and Lassie. Jules is not impressed with her overt flirting. Wonder why Jules..... But it wasn't slutty girl. It was lab partner (which I was pretty sure of to begin with because she was almost immediately thought to be innocent. Make sense? No? Read more Agatha Christie novels.) Ok... cue the wrapup! Lassie is tapping thru the whole thing only to have his one "moment" be the reveal that lab partner chose herself over Ben. Way to go, man!

And now my favorite moment of the episode. Shawn and Jules going to Gus and Lassiters tap showcase like good parents. (Bit o Trivia: Gus's dance partner aka the choreographer for the episode was one of Dule Hill's co-star in Bring in Da Noise Bring in Da Funk. Again, you're welcome!)

Shawn: The Black on is my partner.
Jules: They're both black.

And out comes Lassie with all the kids.  And in the middle of his routine (aka his thinking time) he realizes who the West Side Rapist is. Well done, Lassiter.

Another enjoyable episode of Psych. Except I want more Jules and Shawn. I know the show isn't really about that, but come on! We've waiting patiently for 4 seasons! Gimme something!! 

Comment me!!  Hope you managed to enjoy that blog. It seemed a little out of sorts this week. Better next week. Promise! :)

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